It is a plant and the flower has a medicinal property.

The flower helps to prevent muscle spasm.

Start menstrual periods.

Reduce fever.

Calendula spray helps in reducing odor in foot ulcers of diabetic people.

Calendula ointment helps to reduce diaper rash in babies.

Calendula ointment reduces pain in people suffering from anal fissures.

Calendula ointment stops peeling lips if applied continuously for a period of 15 days.

Calendula tincture decreases bleeding, inflammation of gums and plaque if used for a period of six months.

Calendula ointment reduces radiation dermatitis in breast cancer patients.

Calendula tea made with flower petals helps in urinary tract infections.

Calendula tea can be used as a gargle in sore throats as calendula has anti-inflammatory properties.

Calendula tea helps to soothe  a yeast infection.

Calendula tea compress helps in healing and reducing scarring in wounds and cuts.

Calendula tea helps to regulate periods and lessens cramping during periods.

Calendula tea helps to get rid of itchy eyes due to allergy, dryness and Pink Eye.

Calendula tea can act as an astringent skin toner and prevent acne.

Calendula cream, when infused with coconut oil works as anti-fungal.

Calendula creams are useful in treating varicose veins.

Calendula oil is used in the treatment of ear-aches.

Calendula is a wonder herb which can be used as gel ,tincture,cream,compress and tea. It is eaten in salads and stews.It is the strongest anti-viral herb which helps in health issues ranging from skin inflammation to cramps and even in cancer.