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Your search for Disability
How to Overcome Disability Grief and Built Disabled-Friendly Environment
 28 October 2019  

The idea of easy mobility solutions concentrates on aiding access for people with disabilities or special needs; providing access by the use of assistive technology, research, and development in accessibility provides benefits to everyone. This is about making things reachable to all people, whether they have a disability.There are following ways to make your surroundings or workplace Disabled-friendlyProvide awareness andinvest in this concern.Allow the use of assistive technology.Consider outside support.Make accessibility a priority.Be honest with appraisal and feedback.Focus on health and well-being.Being disabled can be hard, but it does not mean it is the end of your life journey. There are various ways to accept your condition and overcome disability barriers. We are alive on this earth for a reason, and we do have the authority and capability to achieve and do whatever we desire or want with our lives. The truth is that everyone fights their own demons in everyday life in one way or another. It is about staying positive and creating the best of what you have.Here are some ways to overcome disability barriers listed below:Focus on the positive sides instead of the negatives.Do not give up.Trial yourself and try new things every day.Every day ask yourself if you are happy, and if not, then why?.Smile every day.Do not compare yourself to others.  Celebrate your little accomplishments.Be polite and keep calm with hateful people.Let yourself sorrow and pass through all five stages of grief about disability.Accept your disability.Every day do your best.Technology has always provided a helping hand for people with disabilities such as speech impairment, visual impairment, people with motion disabilities or disorders. There are some apps and gadgets that can help ease everyday tasks ofpeople with disabilities; few are mentioned below.DotDot is a wearable that is the world’s first Braille smartwatch. Dot is an applied solution that is more reasonable and less expensive than regular e-Braille devices, which may cost thousands, yet still works well for the blind. Dot helps the blind access messages, tweets, even books anywhere and at any time.StairliftStairlifts deliver an easy and safe way to get up and down from the stairs. All stairlifts have a basic switch that controls their movement. The lift moves up or down the stairway when the rider pushes and holds the switch. The chair will beep once, and stop automatically when the stairlift reaches the end of the track.

Autism: What is Autism?
 24 June 2020  

Autism is a disability which could be diminished by adopting structured and processed methodology.  Love is the cure for everything . Love your child, the way they are. If you are firm and follow structured approach ,you can do wonder for others!!!  Keep faith!!!        অটিজম কি এই অটিজম ,কেন আমার দুয়ারে তার আগমন?কেউ যদি বলে দাও ,কি করে করি তা প্রশমন?ভেবেছিলাম ,হবে সে সর্বগুণের কর্নধার এই সন্তান তো নিয়ে এলো এই ঘরে শুধুই আঁধার ।।পারে না কিছু বলতে ,না পারে একটু শান্ত থাকতেশুধু থাকে উদ্ভান্ত্রের মতো সারাদিন পাক দিয়ে  ঘুরতে ।।ঘুমের  মাঝেও থাকে অনর্গল দুর্বোধ্য শব্দ বলতেযেখানে সেখানে মলমূত্র ত্যাগ করে থাকে তা নিয়ে খেলতে।।লোকে বলে এসেছে এক পাগল জীবন দুর্বিষহ করতেপরিবারের নাক কাটিয়ে ,অন্ধকারে সবাইকে ঠেলতে।।ওর অপার্থিব ব্যবহারে সবাই হয় অসন্তুষ্ট আর বিরক্তরোজ চড়, ধমক, মার চলে, পরিবেশ হয় খুবই তিক্ত।।এই  সপ্তবর্ষে  পড়াশোনা তো গেছে গোল্লায়কিছুই বোঝে না যে ,নেবে তাকে কে এই মহল্লায়?মা-বাবার মাথায় হাত, নিত্য তর্কে আসে নানান অজুহাতকার দোষ কার ত্রুটি ,এই খোঁজেই  সব হয় মাটি।।অবশেষে এলো এক গুণী, দূর করতে সমস্ত ভীতিধাপে ধাপে কিভাবে খেলাচ্ছলে  শেখাবে ওকে মানব রীতি।।হতে হবে তোমাকে  ধীর ,শান্ত,নিপুণ  কলাকারঅবোঝ ওই মাথায় দিতে হবে  নির্ভূল শানিত  আকার।।সব গুণ আছে সুপ্ত ওই  মাথায় লুকিয়ে  রাখাধীরে ধীরে ভালোবাসার ছোয়ায় দূর হবে সব বাঁধা।।করবে তোমাকে নাজেহাল, হয়ে উঠবে অতিষ্ঠকিন্ত হতে হবে তোমাকে একনিষ্ঠ,তাই উদ্যোগ চাই বলিষ্ঠ ।।মনে রেখো ধীরে ধীরে করবে ও  নদী পারধরে রেখো শুধু ওই হাতদুটো বারবার।।কোরো না কোনো  তুলনা , দেখো না কোনো অগাধ স্বপ্নের পাহাড়সচ্ছ কোমল মন এনে দেবে তোমার মনে খুশির বাহার।।ওই দেখো , পেরিয়েছে ও  কুড়িটি  বসন্তভাষা আর শিষ্টতা  পেয়েছে  অফুরন্তএঁকে চলেছে চিত্র  সব অনবদ্য আর  দুরন্ত ।।

The lightboom band gig in Makati, Manila
 19 February 2019  

Makati is the city that is known for it's coffee pubs, cultural glory and equal set up by the way it responds to the cultural nights and that is what we had been hoping for when in the early evening as a musical band we prepared ourselves for the Musical gig. Generally uptil now people had come to know what the 'The lightboom band' does and we were up for the challenge as we also had to perform up to the task with experts coming to analyse and thence a poetry night was also planned later after the musical performances which had to be kept in mind while performing on stage. In such basic conception what was the major concern that we should keep ourselves up to the time limit set as when the fb event was created we had expressed ourselves very clearly for what time introductions, musical night and poetry sessions would go on and we had to keep ourselves into that time frame to set up all core meetings with hussle and bussle happening with more people coming to the event and making it a cracker.When we started the show though we were very great to see the early impression and thence having certain time limit on hand with all the musical systems getting set the night was going to be a cracker with every musical person of the team responded with loud cheers, jeers and delight and thence we took the advantage and launched on to make it a cracker by all means. First the introduction of the people from the academic group proceeded in which the 8 faces from India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia were included who introduced themselves gracefully and explained their cause. Once that was settled, the multigenre writers including me went to the stage and raising our hands into the stands we introduced ourselves and the genre for which we had been here which was phenomenal in all respects. However there was a small hiccop and the old poetry friend Nick sir felt deranged himself deciding later to quit from our co-author project thus the poetry book titled 'Winner's love' has to be disposed of and now it shall be my own responsibility to write a book by my own commitment separately titled 'Culture of World ward 2' by myself which I announced on stage and it was equally congratuated with loud cheers. Besides the third introduction had certain great writers from England and they had come to review the event thence they introduced their cause to the night where it was also met with great cheers. After that a short evening supper time was announced and all who have gathered hardly felt eating themselves into the great cultural night thus in the food gathering it was now all settled for the musical night that was approaching on all fours now. After the supper was over, everybody was curious enough and all the people that had come went back to their seats now waiting for the musical night to come and let the Indian music rock into the stage that was set for our singers to perform and make the most of it by their musical voices. As planned before there were exactly four musical songs written and composed by ourselvss that had to be performed with the introduction of the team so that went great with complete agreement. First the musical instruments launched to the musical gears and thence the singers took on making the most of it which was great in all respects. The momentum they had required was on and hence with huge cheers, loud night voices and gearing move the musical team has impressed all which was the need of the hour and it went fantastic in all respects. Finally after the musical night it was getting late and time was running out thus without any hesitation the Poets were asked to come on stage and Nick sir was also invited amongst all of them for his self-poetry book 'Winner's love' now who's poetic lines he would be reading for which from inside he was pleased no dout though he was still confused with all the performances of Indians going around with Hindi on it's top gears. In the poetry session around 8 poets recited their poems on basis of the alphabetical order and it all went great with the people smiling around, the crowd was thinning but still interested and it was a cracker. On my part I got the chance to read poems of 'Asian Winds' and I did it with great joy feeling elated to get such a great response. Ultimately it was time for closing and for that honorary owners of the Corner Tree Cafe went to the stage and by their gratitude, thank you note and our acknowledgements to them the night was almost over with all went well. We are extremely thankful to our parents, family, and all who have trusted and supported our judgement in this musical cause which was great to see and the smiles are great on those faces who have been faithful to continue backing us on. However for those who not trust or get confuse now also I have said it countless times that for me 'Community first' approach is the key and if they don't believe it no matter what be the situations then they dont count for us and in our community approach only those things matter that are trusted on us. Finally I am highly obliged to the Corner Tree Cafe, their owners and they have agreed also to host a charity event next day for local Disability circle that is pleasing, Thus it is great to see you all contributing with such enthusiasm and we shal be happy to you for yor great support. For now it's goodbye Makati, thank you all for your love and turning up in such huge numbers, it was a great experience by all accounts... 

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.25
 1 October 2019  

One Consciousness - In Gita Verse 3.25 As the ignorant perform their duties with attachment to results, the learned may similarly act, but without attachment, for the sake of leading people on the right path.Krishna explains that everyone is required to act then what is the difference? He explains the difference between the ignorant person who act from attachment and experienced person or Buddha who act from non-attachment.Non-attachment means your act is responds to the present moment, without any resistance.Non-resistance is vital because as long as you are in resistance to the present moment, you will be trapped in the little egoic will. The egoic will needs to subside – that’s surrender to the present moment, and surrender to what is. When you align yourself with what is internally, it looks at first almost like a position of weakness, and it can be misinterpreted as something that prevents you from taking effective action. But the acceptance of what is, is totally compatible with responding to whatever the present moment requires. Whatever wants to be created, manifested, done, at this moment – to be aligned with that, you need to first accept whatever form this moment takes.Single out this moment only. For example, when you are ill, you don’t say “I need to accept this illness, the fact that I am ill, that I am suffering from this” because that is a whole conceptual story. All you need to accept is this moment as it is. There is never actually an illness in this moment, there is only a physical condition. There may be pain, there may be weakness, disability, discomfort. Those things may be there, and that’s the only thing you accept. This moment is as it is now.If you are stuck in the mud somewhere, you don’t say, “Okay, I am in the mud, I have to accept it, and here I am – I’m not taking any action because I have to accept what is”. This moment is already always as it is, and there’s nothing you can do about that. That’s what you accept. Then, action that arises has a different energy to it. The will that flows into what you do is no longer egoic. When you have not accepted this moment, the will goes against the Universe – that is what the ego does. It is negative, it fights something that it says shouldn’t be there. If you use negativity, you are trapped in ego. The “little will” has to subside for the more powerful will to flow through and deal with the situation. It creates, it is not isolated from the totality. It is one with the totality. When that operates, another word for that universal will is intelligence. It’s only when you look at a situation, completely accept the is-ness of this moment, and then of course action may be required.Once the opening is there, through acceptance, the next step that you take will be much more powerful. There’s a Buddhist term “right action,” that can only arise out of the right state of Consciousness. You have to get out of the ego first before you can have the right action. The Buddha was talking about that which flows from the awakened state of consciousness. To surrender the little will is to say ‘yes’ to the present moment. It’s not a big thing, just say yes to what is – because it already is anyway. Why complain about something that is? It’s insane, but normal.To give up the egoic will, all you have to do is not complain about what is. Be aligned with the isness – people, situations, whatever – this is already as it is. It’s the inevitability of is. Become friendly with what is, and you become intelligent for the first time.With the simple act of surrender to the inevitability of the present moment, another energy comes. You could call that universal will, you could call that intelligence, you could call that the creative solution to whatever the so-called “problem” is. You could call that power coming in, that is greater than the limited power of your mind. Or it may use your mind, and suddenly you say the right thing, if that’s what the situation requires. Suddenly the words come – where do the words come from? You don’t know what you’re going to say next. They come from a deeper level because that intelligence uses the mind.You and the Universe become one, and as such it creates through you as this form. That’s the beauty of it. When the unmanifested flows into this world, it assumes form. Most thoughts that people have in the unawakened state are repetitive old thoughts, conditioned thinking, conditioned by the past. All you can rely on then is what you have accumulated in the past, you deal with things through conditioned thinking. When the simple act of surrender opens your mind, it can then be used as an instrument. Then, a thought may come in that is original and fresh and new. That is the birth of form. The birth of thought creates the birth of form. The Universe uses you as a vehicle or a channel through which to create. You are one. It can use your mind, and become thought, words, physical things. That’s the way in which the mind can actually be a helpful tool – alignment with the greater Intelligence, the One Consciousness.Krishna tells Arjuna circumstances and act is same to everyone, the difference is attachment and non-attachments. Once you act without resistance your act will be non-attached, alignment with the greater Intelligence, the One Consciousness.