The idea of easy mobility solutions concentrates on aiding access for people with disabilities or special needs; providing access by the use of assistive technology, research, and development in accessibility provides benefits to everyone. This is about making things reachable to all people, whether they have a disability.

There are following ways to make your surroundings or workplace Disabled-friendly

  • Provide awareness and invest in this concern.
  • Allow the use of assistive technology.
  • Consider outside support.
  • Make accessibility a priority.
  • Be honest with appraisal and feedback.
  • Focus on health and well-being.

Being disabled can be hard, but it does not mean it is the end of your life journey. There are various ways to accept your condition and overcome disability barriers. We are alive on this earth for a reason, and we do have the authority and capability to achieve and do whatever we desire or want with our lives. The truth is that everyone fights their own demons in everyday life in one way or another. It is about staying positive and creating the best of what you have.

Here are some ways to overcome disability barriers listed below:

  • Focus on the positive sides instead of the negatives.
  • Do not give up.
  • Trial yourself and try new things every day.
  • Every day ask yourself if you are happy, and if not, then why?.
  • Smile every day.
  • Do not compare yourself to others.  
  • Celebrate your little accomplishments.
  • Be polite and keep calm with hateful people.
  • Let yourself sorrow and pass through all five stages of grief about disability.
  • Accept your disability.
  • Every day do your best.

Technology has always provided a helping hand for people with disabilities such as speech impairment, visual impairment, people with motion disabilities or disorders. There are some apps and gadgets that can help ease everyday tasks ofpeople with disabilities; few are mentioned below.

  • Dot

Dot is a wearable that is the world’s first Braille smartwatch. Dot is an applied solution that is more reasonable and less expensive than regular e-Braille devices, which may cost thousands, yet still works well for the blind. Dot helps the blind access messages, tweets, even books anywhere and at any time.

  • Stairlift

Stairlifts deliver an easy and safe way to get up and down from the stairs. All stairlifts have a basic switch that controls their movement. The lift moves up or down the stairway when the rider pushes and holds the switch. The chair will beep once, and stop automatically when the stairlift reaches the end of the track.