Disability or different ability?

“We have no special needs children. Just children with special needs,” as quoted by Uwe Maurer. Hamstring children continue to face ultimatums in many sectors of their lives and most of these stipulations involve people’s frame of mind. The fundamental to counsel the conduct is to observe what the person is trying to express. The modulus operandi requires to be consistent in order to skip out on disputes. The outcome of any such conflicts may result in serious deterioration of the health and virtue of life of persons themselves, in their guardianship or people who labor in close proximity.


We being the children of the same god, should not differentiate any form of life from the other, just on the basis of physical or intellectual disability. Now a days, a slight change in the behavior of the society is being noticed. Media interposition which use unhindered, simple ideas and influential images have increased alertness about disabilities and psyched up people’s minds to form more affirmative attitudes and engaged act towards people with disabilities.

There are certain things which help us to fathom them better:-

Recording incidents of the children that can aid you to retrospect and visualize if there are any sequences or contributing elements.

In schools, children can be made to use a ‘break card’, it allows the child to handover the card and leave an unpleasant situation if he or she is not willing to stay there. 


Being confident but calm with the body language is the most relevant asset when it comes to handling a special child. Adding more sensitivity to an already emotional fix could only worsen the conditions, making it hazy and confusing. 

Forlornness is one of the primary causes for challenging demeanor among children with special needs. Socializing and encouraging friendships could be of great help.


Sometimes they should be allowed to take their decisions independently. Giving them a chance to be self-sufficient might enhance their abilities.

Keeping an eye on the medication process is of extreme importance as medications have side effects too. They often act groggy and annoyed but are unable to communicate those feelings and might result in self harm.


Special kids should be kept away from distractions. No constant hammering of being noticed must prevail in their minds, allowing them to act freely and learn things according to their own pace. 

Good care must be taken. Children are really emotional and sensitive. They pick up on moods of people surrounding them. Stressing environment can lead to worse attitudes among them. Little bit of enthusiasm and affection can comfort them substantially. It always works like magic!


Despite the fact that challenging behavior is a well grounded behavior, bearing in mind that children with special needs don’t do it with full intent to ply on anybody. Such behaviors always happen for a good apprehension and not for manipulation. There is no one size fits all solution for it but children keep providing us with several opinions that we need to try out. In advance, just remember to be consistent before saying, ‘this doesn’t suit me!’ Challenging attitude demonstrates a dilemma in learning and not in the child. Every child has a unique potential. What is right for one soul may not be right for another.