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Mashmellos, ‘Lazer’, and high ‘Temperature’ at Vh1 Supersonic
 Verus Ferreira  
 16 March 2018  

When you have headliners such as Marshmallow, Major Lazer, and Sean Paul coming together, you know you are at one of the best festivals in the world.Kicking off the fifth edition from last year’s three stages, the fest brought in six stages this year, with the main stage Sonic Realm taking you into fairytale land with an Alice in Wonderland setup, complete with a clock, the hands that actually move, but anti-clockwise. You also had the wings of the ladybug open and close at intervals. And to top it all, you had the commanding deer right in the center. Laboratory Supersonic was the first stage as you entered the venue, and comparatively small compared to the others, but sporting a very industrial feel, complete with shipping port containers stacked in the backdrop. Live Arena was the huge main stage and a well thought of Changeover stage for much smaller acts. Between the Live Arena and the Spectrum stage that had more of the EDM acts, was the Reggae Stage close to the Beer Garden spinning out some classic reggae tunes on CD and vinyl. The first day of the three-day festival held from 9th, 10th and 11th February, saw Indie acts like Komorebi, Parekh & Singh, Clayton Hogermeer, Kohra, and Midival Punditz to the Live Arena stage offering the topper for the night Nucleya, Dillion Francis and Major Lazer on the Sonic Realm stage. Anyone who was at the festival will tell you how packed the venue was, and going by statistics from last year, this season saw the highest number of footfalls, with a total attendance of around 12,000 people on all three days. Major Lazer, who has played in the country before, began his set with one of Bollywood’s iconic track Choli Ke Peeche moving over to Kendrick Lamar’s Humble and Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, besides of course his own songs. Lazer showed his love for Bollywood with more unexpected tracks like Ladki Kar Gayi Chul and a few others. If Daft Punk had their helmets, Deadmau5 his mouse head, Christopher Comstock, known professionally as Marshmello, an American electronic dance music producer and DJ had the mask head. Day 2 saw a few die-hard Mashmellow fans walk in with the face mask and dancing just like he does.Though the day started with some great acts like Madboy Mink and the Stage Collective at Live Arena, followed by the Shillong based Soulmate who gave a rousing performance, this was followed by the Ska Vengers ending with Bombay Bassment and the Fanculos. The Spectrum stage witnessed some big bang performances like Ash Roy and Tuhin Mehta to Joseph Capriati, while The Laboratoire stage witnessed some galactic performances from Raja Kumari bringing tracks like Meera, Believe in You, City Slums. DJ Uri played the turntables with Ryan Sadri on Sax, but the night eventually belonged to Mashmello. Once again like the previous night opening act was almost similar to that of Major Lazer as both of them had Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai as the opening song, but from there Mashmello went on to his blockbusters we love so much. The last day at Laxmi Lawns saw indie acts like Aswekeepsearching, Pentagram, The F 16s and American rock band Incubus to the Spectrum stage offering a fantastic set by Arjun Vagale. The main act for the night was taken by Sean Paul, with audiences expecting a night to remember. Sadly the Jamaican rapper who sported an orange jacket, was not in his element but managed to raise the bar a bit with songs like Temperature, She Doesn’t Mind and a few others. The venue had lots to offer, if you ever got tired of the music. At a sprawling 35,000 sq ft moving around from each stage would give you enough exercise to lose a few calories. Like last year, there were several installations to keep you busy. This year had a giant slide, swings, cute de-stress tents, a see saw, and a mechanical bull, besides of course a fabulous food court with a mini flea market. Sadly if you wanted to have your poison while you enjoyed your favourite act, you would have to down the glass of beer or Jim Bean at the bar itself, as no alcohol was permitted outside the bar area or allowed to be carried from one stage bar to the other. Something that the organisers should seriously consider doing away with. One may try to adhere to the Legal Drinking Age (LDA) of 25, but chances are you might just get away with it at the Beer Garden that had practically no security to oversee who was drinking what. Despite the hits and the misses, Vh1 Supersonic gave us memories we will always cherish. Can’t wait for next year.Text and Photos by Verus Ferreira 

 Preeti Tal  
 19 August 2018  

Mother-son bond

Artma Ventures: The World of Digital Art
 StoryMirror Feed  
 21 October 2018  

StoryMirror interviewed Mr. Venkatesh from Artma Ventures and here is what he had to say about his venture:Q. Tell us about you and your background.I come from a tiny town in West Bengal called Kharagpur. Mine is a typical working middle-class family. I was good at Math and the obvious career choice for me was Engineer or so I thought. I worked for 3 years in a chemical company as an electrical engineer and absolutely detested it. In order to change fields, I chose MBA as an option. I went to IIM Kozhikode to study Marketing and Strategy which, I feel, have been 2 of the most enriching years of my life. Q. What is your greatest passion?I have always been passionate about creating things. If I have spare time, I’m either creating some form of art or learning a new technique to better my craft. It is fascinating to me that one can conjure up things and put them out in the world for others to enjoy, critique and ponder over. I’ve tried a lot of things from clay animation to video editing. My first love, however, is painting. I trained under Rabindra Bharathi University in West Bengal for almost a decade in fine arts. I have always dreamt of being an artist and that dream is slowly becoming a reality. I wish to bring smiles and happiness to people through my work and knowing that someone appreciates my work so much that they want to make it part of their life is a kind of fulfillment that I don’t get from anything else. I will continue to create and, in the process, try to bring joy to people around me. I have big plans but let’s keep it for some other time , for now, I just want to paint. Q. We understand you do digital art. How and why did you start painting digitally? Is it easier compared to drawing on the physical medium?In 2010 while I was pursuing engineering, I accidentally discovered the world of digital art. Sitting in my hostel dorm I watched countless videos on Youtube and was awestruck at the kind of work artists across the world were producing in the digital art space. I started drawing with a mouse which, of course, is ridiculously difficult and then researched to find the right tools. Being a college student, I couldn’t afford the equipment back then. A few months later I attended a cultural college fest and as expected there were painting competitions. I won three of them and knew exactly what to do with the cash prize that I earned. I got my first pen tablet immediately after and it is one of the best investments that I’ve made in my life. I used to paint quite often while I was in engineering and for a few months after that. Post that there was never enough time, I tried to keep up but with a regular job, it was hard to maintain consistency. So, I took the plunge and I must say I’m absolutely loving the process.Many people have a notion that digital art is a scam and that it is not as credible as painting on canvas. I have immense respect for anyone who works with the traditional medium as I started my training with that. While the fundamentals of art remain the same, the approach to mastering both is vastly different. In fact, the digital medium provides one a myriad of options and the freedom to experiment. The “undo” option is undoubtedly a lifesaver. However, that should not take away the effort that one puts into perfecting a piece. After all, everyone deserves a chance to correct their mistakes. Also, if it was that easy everyone would be doing it. I feel art is so much more than just replicating an image. It is about pulling the observer into the piece and moving them with the composition. Through their work, it is about showing the world what the artists themselves see. Q. How do you see this space evolving in the future?There is still very little awareness of the digital painting field in India. It is common for me to encounter questions like, “Do you use an app to convert the images?” People fail to realize that it is painting where each stroke is made in hand. However, it is changing and with the increasing reach of marketing media such as Youtube, it is easier for creators to showcase their process and create awareness about the field. New business models are evolving with the increasing adoption of digital media. I personally feel we are living in the most exciting time for content creators to make something of their creative capabilities. Digital art fits into a large range of fields from animation, merchandising, comic industry, movies, games, graphic design and the list goes on. The sky is the limit for someone who wants to pursue a career in digital art.Q. Could you tell us a little bit about the services that you offer? What is the process like?Sure. We make stylised digital portraits. It starts with selecting the right image for the artwork. We ask our patrons to share as many images as they can of the people they wish to capture in a painting. Once the image is finalised we ask them what their expectations are. The discussion could range from the color palette, the overall tone, the elements that they want to add to the piece. We try to make the paintings personal and have some meaning to the people they showcase. For instance, if it’s a baby’s painting and the baby loves dogs, we include them in the composition. If a couple loves to travel to beaches or has a favorite memory of a place, then we bring that out in the painting. This way the painting becomes far more than just a replica of the image and ends up being much larger than life.Actually, we are running a giveaway on our handle at the moment and it would be great if your users can participate in it. We are giving away one free portrait to the winner of the contest. I will share the link with you.https://www.instagram.com/p/Bo81JjQHXYz/ Q. What is your life's philosophy?“One must choose the problems that they want to solve”. Life at the end of the day is about solving problems from the time we wake up to go to bed. Even the job that one takes is solving the problem of earning a livelihood, living a luxurious life or creating a name for themselves. What if one enjoys solving a certain kind of problem, life then becomes a fun and happy ride. I’ve only come to terms with this in the past few months and that has been an eye-opener. For me, it is simply to keep getting better at creating content that touches people’s lives. Everything I do now revolve around that!Q. If you could give a message to all the 20-year olds of the world, what would it be?There is a very famous quote by Alan Watts, “What would you do if money were no object?” If I could go back to when I was 20 I would tell myself to just focus on my craft. To enjoy the ride while getting better at it every single day. I have spent years doing things which I didn’t love doing and I get petrified at the thought of wasting away another 30 or so years doing the same. To the 20-year-olds, I would just say do what makes you happy as cliché as it may sound. Find your calling and go after it. You will be fine.Please join Artma Ventures on their journey. You can follow them at:www.facebook.com/artma42 www.instagram.com/artma42 We wish Artma Ventures All the Best for their upcoming journey. 

Headache management
 Dr Alka Mehta  
 26 July 2019  

Headache management by self

Cisco Certification: Introduction To ISDN, Part V
 oliver jake  
 3 October 2019  

The significant explanation I suggest getting your hands on genuine Cisco hardware as opposed to a test system is that genuine Cisco switches allow you to practice and learn show and investigate directions.The learning you get from investigates is priceless. In all honesty, it's this information that puts you over the 'averageâ CCNA who doesn't have that hands-on involvement. Viewing investigates in real life additionally gives you a head start on the CCNP. Since 90 - 95% of CCNAs proceed to seek after the CCNP, it's an extraordinary thought to begin with investigates now.Try not to tragically wait until you're reading for your CCNP and CCIE to begin learning investigates and appears. The work you accomplish for the CCNA is the establishment for all that you'll do later on.Never under any circumstance, ever practice investigates on a creation arrange. There are troubleshoots that will give you so much data that the switch really ends up over-burden and after that locks up. Never practice troubleshoots on a creation arrange.It's critical to know the best possible show and investigate directions for ISDN for a few reasons. To begin with, by viewing ISDN in activity, you can see its procedures and better comprehend what's happening. Furthermore, it's troublesome if not difficult to appropriately investigate ISDN without knowing the best possible show and troubleshoot directions. (It's not entirely obvious an ISDN validation mistake just by taking a gander at the design, yet running troubleshoot ppp exchange will rapidly demonstrate to you where the issue lies.)How about we investigate the ISDN show and troubleshoot directions that each CCNA and CCNP should know.Show ISDN StatusOn the off chance that you just know one ISDN show direction, it must be this one. Continuously utilize this direction in the wake of arranging your ISDN switch type and any important SPIDs. The order will demonstrate to you the switch type (and will likewise demonstrate to you on the off chance that you didn't arrange a switch type), and whether the SPIDs you entered are substantial:R1#show isdn statusWorldwide ISDN Switchtype = essential niISDN BRI0 interfacedsl 0, interface ISDN Switchtype = essential niLayer 1 Status:DynamicLayer 2 Status:TEI = 91, Ces = 1, SAPI = 0, State = MULTIPLE_FRAME_ESTABLISHEDTEI = 92, Ces = 2, SAPI = 0, State = MULTIPLE_FRAME_ESTABLISHEDSpid Status:TEI 91, ces = 1, state = 5(init)spid1 arranged, no LDN, spid1 sent, spid1 legitimateEndpoint ID Information: epsf = 0, usid = 1, tid = 1TEI 92, ces = 2, state = 5(init)spid2 arranged, no LDN, spid2 sent, spid2 legitimateEndpoint ID Information: epsf = 0, usid = 3, tid = 1Layer 3 Status:0 Dynamic Layer 3 Call(s)Initiated dsl 0 CCBs = 0The Free Channel Cover: 0x80000003Every so often, you'll get this yield from show isdn status:R2#show isdn statusThe current ISDN Switchtype = fundamental ni1ISDN BRI0 interfaceLayer 1 Status:DynamicLayer 2 Status:Layer 2 NOT ActuatedSpid Status:TEI Not Appointed, ces = 1, state = 3(await foundation)spid1 designed, no LDN, spid1 NOT sent, spid1 NOT legitimateTEI Not Appointed, ces = 2, state = 1(terminal down)spid2 designed, no LDN, spid2 NOT sent, spid2 NOT legitimateCheck your running setup, and if the SPIDs look great, basically close the BRI interface and open it once more. At that point run show ISDN status once more. In the event that you, at that point see 'spids are validâ, you're prepared to continue. In the event that regardless you see a message that the spids are invalid, you've in all likelihood mistyped the SPID.Show Access-RundownWhat's this order got the chance to do with ISDN? Everything.Keep in mind how the ISDN connection comes up in any case? Intriguing traffic. As a matter of course, there is no intriguing traffic. You characterize fascinating traffic with the dialer-list and dialer-bunch directions, AND the entrance rundown order. In the event that you have an issue with your connection never coming up or with it coming up and keeping awake, utilize this order to perceive what traffic has been characterized as intriguing.Show DialerAnother supportive direction to decide why an ISDN connection is coming up and keeping awake. This order demonstrates to you what number of effective calls and bombed calls have occurred, what the present inactive clock worth is (as a matter of course, it's 120 seconds), and in particular, what the source and goal was for the current intriguing traffic:R1#show dialerBRI0 - dialer type = ISDNDial String Triumphs Disappointments Last called Last status8358662 1 0 00:00:59fruitful0 approaching call(s) have been screened.0 approaching call(s) rejected for callback.BRI0:1 - dialer type = ISDNInert clock (120 secs), Quick inactive clock (20 secs)Sit tight for transporter (30 secs), Re-empower (15 secs)Dialer state is information connection layer upDial reason: ip (s=, d= until disengage 62 secsAssociated with 8358662 (R2)Here, you can see that the inactive clock worth is at its default, that there are 62 seconds left until the connection descends (except if fascinating traffic resets the clock), and that the wellspring of the intriguing traffic was and the goal is In the event that that goal is the multicast address of a steering convention - state, for OSPF - you realize what traffic is keeping the line up.Show ISDN HistoryNeed to perceive what calls have been made over the most recent 15 minutes? Simply run this direction. It's useful in case you're strolling in to an ISDN investigating circumstance and need to perceive what calls have been made.R1#show isdnhistory - - - - - ISDN CALL HISTORY - - - - - History table has a limit of 100 entries.History table information is held for a limit of 15 Minutes.- - - - - - Call Calling Called Remote Seconds ChargesType .Number Name Utilized Left Inert Units/Money - - - - - - - Out 8358662 R2 121 0Out 8358662 R2 121 0 - - - - - - -Troubleshoot PPP ExchangeIn addition to the fact that you need to know this order for your CCNA and CCNP tests, you Should realize that it will generally be a successful ISDN troubleshooter.At the point when PPP validation is first arranged, it's easy to mistype a secret word, or neglect to design a 'username/passwordâ blend. Rather than constantly perusing your running design to perceive what the issue is, run investigate ppp arrangement and send a ping to bring the line up. You'll rapidly observe where the issue is.R2#debug ppp exchangePPP convention exchange investigating is onR2#ping PPP: Stage is Validating, by bothBR0:1 CHAP: O CHALLENGE id 1 len 23 from "R2"BR0:1 CHAP: I CHALLENGE id 1 len 23 from "R1"BR0:1 CHAP: O Reaction id 1 len 23 from "R2"BR0:1 CHAP: I Achievement id 1 len 4BR0:1 CHAP: I Reaction id 1 len 23 from "R1"BR0:1 CHAP: O Achievement id 1 len 4By acing these straightforward ISD1z0-519 Oracle EBS R12.1 Inventory Essentials Jsfiddle real testACB-312 Jira Reporting and Dashboards online testCOA-01 NetSuite SuiteFoundation Certification Exam Seo Audit practice exam500-173 real q&aPass4sure cheat sheetCLAD.pdf exam killerPCNSC practice examC_SAPXIMP_20 latest dumps300-460.pdf essay questions1V0-605 pass guaranteed1Z0-803 certkillerM2040-656 ICS SmartCloud for Social Business Sales Mastery Test v1 exam pass assuranceP_SD_65 mock exam650-987.pdf test pdf answers500-490 Practice TestPCM Professional Certified Marketer mock testSC0-402.pdf real q&a6209 cramM2020-626 online vceIBM Big Data Architect exam prep1z0-548 test questions9A0-331 Adobe Connect Pro 7 test questionsHPE6-A15 mock testOG0-093 free test9A0-386 exam notes

Website Design Kent
 Clay Boyce  
 17 October 2019  

website design kent

 Silver Fox Garage  
 27 November 2019  

Who doesn't adore the appearance of a genuine wood garage door? The wood grain surface, rich look, and regular feel make wood garage doors an ideal expansion to numerous homes. Yet, a wood garage door may not be for everybody. Genuine wood doors can be more costly than those made with different materials like steel and fiberglass, and they normally require more upkeep. Property holders that need the rich look of a genuine wood garage door yet without the standard upkeep have a ton of choices to browse. A large portion of ourfaux wooden garage doorslooks exceptionally reasonable, making it difficult to tell that it's not really made with genuine wood.What is the best artificial wood garage door?Getting a steel or fiberglass garage door for your home won't just improve your control advance yet it can expand the value of your home. With high purchaser interest for wood doors, these reasonable faux wood door alternatives will make your home stand apart from the rest. Another much of the time missed an advantage to having steel or fiberglass door with wood grain stains and surfaces is less maintenance. Wood should be normally maintained to keep it fit as a fiddle. If it's not appropriately maintained all the time, it will in general change after some time because of climate and different elements, causing blurring, splitting and twisting. So, Silver Fox, agarage door repair Henderson presents to you its best three faux wood garage door models to consider:Fiberglass Garage DoorsThese are in the line-up with the Overhead Door Impression Fiberglass garage doors that use artfully formed wood-grain fiberglass surface, which gives the magnificence of wood without the maintenance. These garage doors are the absolute nearest you'll get to the appearance of genuine wood. The fiberglass surface material can be effectively formed which makes these excellent designs.\Painted Faux Wood Garage Door – Courtyard CollectionPerhaps you need a painted wood door look rather than a recolored finish. These doors are made of steel and are intended to resemble a conventional wood carriage house door. Match the trim on your home with the nine standard color alternatives accessible. The Overhead Door Courtyard Collection has some extraordinary options for property holders looking for garage doors that impersonate the excellence of genuine wood. Contact your nearest garage door opener repair Las Vegasto get it now!A Wood Grain Door Look That's Also InsulatedIn case you're somebody who's searching for energy-efficiency and you want the recolored wood door appearance, a door from the Thermacore or Carriage House Collection may be the ideal fit. Our Thermacore Collection has three pre-painted wood grain finish alternatives accessible on select models that look astounding – Mission Oak, Golden Oak, and Walnut.We likewise have our Carriage House Collection which has a decorated wood-grain surface on the outside that is offered in eight recolored finish choices just as painted completions. The recolored shading choices incorporate Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Green, Gray, Clay, Honduran Mahogany, and Red Oak. The Carriage House Collection is another thermally-proficient decision for property holders looking for included energy-efficiency.Contact us forbest wooden garage doors service, today!

Commercial Roofing Services - Learn All About What's Included?
 Rob Davis  
 25 January 2020  

The roofing gives the necessary safeguard for a developing. You will need to buy the right roofing materials for your personal construction meticulously and assure it holds up in length. The proper installation and quality service from top quality roofers can provide the life within your roof top. Roof structure industry professionals are accredited techs who use enhanced methods to market research roofing and look for repair and maintenance wants and needs. Knowing the breakdown implies practical options, mandated supplies, and projected rates.There are many different good things about recruiting these experts. To increase lifespan from a roof and increase its endurance, it truly is recommended to operate using the accurate materials used and to protect it of all climatic conditions. Some individuals fancy clay ceramic tiles for resistance. However, all types of houses are heavy and cannot withstand this burden. Because of this, some householders opt for lightweight ceramic tiles. Floor tiles do even better in comparison to the asphalt shingles as well as other roof structure resources. This permits for real drinking water discharge and stays effective in every environments. A range of designs, colors and styles tend to be suitable for the roof. Advertisement roofing present a tremendous personal preference, along with loads of designs.You should pick out a roof fabric that needs very much less management. Marginal roof and maintenance recovery torches enhance the quality and craftsmanship of those agencies. Wireless rooftops are other sort who use ceramic tiles and have the need for much less preservation. If you install a roof that requires a lot of care, it is better to seek professional help to clean and maintain the roof. Initial recognition of moderate auto repairs should be adjusted in order that it will not produce principal wreck or replacement Roof Repair Services.Therapy need to be come to reap the benefits of these roof structure supplier discounted and offers fees. Most companies offer these roofing and drainage methods of cater for non-commercial flats and commercially produced locations. Roof structure cracking, rain water leakage and critical liquid loss service providers can also be service they give.Immediately after you opt for a business enterprise from one of many, research the information to the customer service, materials given, and after care. Never select any company to meet up with your roof structure requires. This is an significant judgment and should be targeted properly.Adding a unique roof covering or fixing a pre-existing roof top is two critical undertakings that you don't wish get away from to individuals. You ought to locate a roof structure expert services to ensure that this meaningful component of your house facilities was in very good arms. There are some things consider before hiring a roof structure company.First, of all, we want to find a roof-specific service, not a general contractor that does roof work. The case roof reputable companies possess the competence to assist in the selection and design of roof top materials to achieve the most energy level long and efficient long-term roofs. General contractors do not possess that proficiency. In addition, True Roofing Services can also perform a roof inspection if you are interested in buying or selling a house.

Residential Roofing Services With Reliable Roofing Contractor
 Rob Davis  
 25 January 2020  

The roofing provides essential insurance for just about any developing. You need to buy the right roof materials for your personal constructing thoroughly and make certain it can last drawn out. Appropriate quality and installation companies from reliable roofing companies can stretch the life span of roof covering. Roof industry professionals are trained techs who use state-of-the-art tricks to online survey roofs in order to find maintenance and repair specifications. Knowing the harm proposes available services, recommended elements, and anticipated charges.There are a number benefits to using these qualified personnel. To extend quality from the roof and increase its endurance, it may be recommended to use the perfect products and also to safeguard it all conditions. Some individuals favour clay-based tiles for robustness. However, all types of houses are heavy and cannot withstand this burden. For that reason, some property owners have a preference for featherweight ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles do the job significantly better in comparison with asphalt shingles along with other roof items. This permits for holistic water water flow and stays highly effective for all climates. A number of designs, colors and styles are created for the rooftop. Commercial roofs offer a huge variety, this includes a wide selection of styles.You have to go with a roof covering fabric that requires not as much servicing. Nominal maintenance and roof refurbish torches increase the quality and craftsmanship of these companies. Cell phone roofs are the other type that utilize tiles and will be needing a lesser amount of care. It is better to seek professional help to clean and maintain the roof if you install a roof that requires a lot of care. Quick recognition of moderate fixing are required to be fixed so it fails to produce leading destruction or replacement unit Commercial Roofing Services.Care and handling ought to be delivered to benefit from these roof structure professional discounted and offers pricing. Many companies present you these roofing and drainage techniques to deal with housing rentals and industrial locations. Rooftop cracking, rainwater loss and unexpected fluids seepage support are also assistance they supply.In case you pick a agency from one of the many, you can read the information of our program, materials made available, and aftercare. Do not purchase any company to meet your roof structure wants. It becomes an significant determination and must be selected prudently.Installing a whole new roof or repairing an active roof covering is two necessary duties which you don't just want to keep to virtually anyone. You must look for a roof covering business to make sure that this meaningful thing of your property infrastructure is set in decent wrists and hands. There are a few things explore prior to hiring a roof covering company.First, of all, we want to find a roof-specific service, not a general contractor that does roof work. Authentic roof organizations have knowledge to assist in the design and selection of rooftop supplies to have the most electric power long and efficient lasting rooftops. General contractors do not possess that knowledge. In addition, True Roofing Services can also perform a roof inspection if you are interested in buying or selling a house.

Don’t Loose The Chance Of Your Bali ATV Tour Ever
 John Peter  
 28 February 2020  

Best Bicycle Rides in Bali - Bali Quad Bike Tours TourBalaji offers the best quad bike tours in the natural forest. Ubud is located in the mountains north of Bali. Only about 90 minutes if traveling from Nagurah Rai Airport to Bali. Take a long adventure trip in a very peaceful natural environment with a beautiful panorama.Prepare your adrenaline for a 6km Bali four-wheeler adventure. Drive through wild forests, climb mountains, cross rivers, vast bamboo forests and rice fields. And playing in clay pits is the final point of your adventure journey. Located 30 minutes from Ubud, Gianyar Regency in a remote location away from the city center. So this place is perfect for those who are bored in the urban environment. Very safe and suitable for beginners and professionals.The best quad bike in Bali. Are you looking for a crowd of people and a natural environment like a list of holiday activities in Bali. If so, try exploring Bali's nature with the best quad bike adventures in Bali. Biking in Bali on four wheels is an exciting and fun adventure that can be achieved in Bali. We offer an authentic rural setting, a friendly adventure with wild forests. It's also a safe adventure for those of you who have never experienced a quad bike.Are you scared to ride your quad bike? The answer is no. Because your guide will tell you how to drive your car, what to do. Of course, the quad bike guide will always keep up with the smoothness of your adventure.If you are interested in ubud with other adventures "white water rally ubud earring"Two four wheel drive guides will help guide your adventure. Where this person will appear as an adventure marker. And behind you is your group to make sure all your travels are safe. So, let's look at the original shape of the earrings in a different way.At the end of the adventure, we prepare a towel and a dressing room for those of you who want to change your outfit after your adventure. Along with the prepared lunch, we invite you to enjoy the natural atmosphere and fresh air while eating the prepared food.The best quad bike ride in Bali?As the representative of a quad bike supplier in Bali, Quad Biking Bali offers three of the best quad bike riding options in Bali.The best quad bike in Bali - the highest place for cycling in BaliBest Quad Bike Tour - Bali Quad Tour Tourbest Bali The best quad bike tour in Bali. Are you looking for a crowd of people and a natural environment like a list of holiday activities in Bali. If so, try exploring Bali's nature with the best quad bike adventures in Bali. Biking in Bali on four wheels is an exciting and fun adventure that can be achieved in Bali. We offer an authentic rural setting, a friendly adventure with wild forests. It's also a safe adventure for those of you who have never experienced a quad bike.Are you scared to ride your quad bike? The answer is no. Because your guide will tell you how to drive your car, what to do. Of course, the quad bike guide will always keep up with the smoothness of your adventure.Two four wheel drive guides will help guide your adventure. Where this person will appear as an adventure marker. And behind you is your group to make sure all your travels are safe. So, let's look at the original shape of the earrings in a different way.At the end of the adventure, we prepare a towel and a dressing room for those of you who want to change your outfit after your adventure. Along with the prepared lunch, we invite you to enjoy the natural atmosphere and fresh air while eating the prepared food.The best quad bike ride in Bali?As the representative of a quad bike supplier in Bali ATV Tour, Quad Biking Bali offers three of the best quad bike riding options in Bali. Please see below for more details on the benefits of each site!

What Will Technology Look Like in the Future?
 Finnegan Pierson  
 26 March 2020  

The pace of technological development is incredible. It seems like every month there is some incredible new invention that's revolutionizing the field, and many of those advances revolve around computers. If it isn't the desktop in your home, it's your smartphone: the tiny supercomputer you carry around in your pocket. You might think that the current pace is impossible to maintain. Surely we will either plateau or -- as dystopian science fiction suggests -- self-destruct. Before you start to panic, though, let's look at the heart of technological advancements. Exciting technological developments are happening in every field, but in this information age data is king. The collection, analysis and projection of data is at the core of our most exciting technological developments.DataAs Arthur Conan Doyle said through the medium of his most famous creation Sherlock Holmes: "Data, data, data... I cannot make bricks without clay!" The future of technology is going to be data-based. Whether it's advertisers seeking information on consumers or a robot trying to perform work too dangerous for humans, all are powered by data. Machines can gather a huge amount of raw data in a very short amount of time, more than any one human could do, but processing that data is another matter. Having the numbers won't mean much if they're not in a form that can be easily processed and understood. That is where data-wrangling comes in. You might be wondering: what is data wrangling? Data wrangling is the process of taking that raw data and turning it into something that is ready for analysis, either by humans or by machines. That might mean mapping numbers into a spreadsheet or putting them into a more visual form, but it could also mean making that data digestible for machines.AnalysisIncreasingly, analysis is done by computers, and that is a trend that it likely to continue. Many companies already usedata mining to find hidden patterns and trends that would be difficult for a human to spot. The advantage here is that computers are generally able to process a larger amount of raw data in a shorter amount of time because the data can be put in directly, without needing to be processed by a visual cortex and fed through a reasoning center. That said, machines have a greater disadvantage when it comes to reasoning why that trend exists and therefore projecting it into the future. To use a classic statistics example, it's easy for a machine to spot that there is a spike in ice cream sales at the same time there is a spike in petty crime. What the machine can't then reason out is that the spike in ice cream sales is because it's summer, the kids are out of school, and it's hot outside. Correlation is not causation after all.ProjectionThe next step for technology, especially when it comes to data analysis, is the ability to project that processed data into the future. This is the whole point of machine learning. Where data mining focuses on finding patterns, machine learning hopes to be able to project those patterns forward to make more accurate predictions. Machine learning already exists, and it plays a role in efforts to develop artificial intelligence. Advances in machine learning make artificial intelligence seem closer than ever, but there are still many stumbling blocks to overcome.Despite what science fiction would have you believe, the development of AI will likely be a slow process with many setbacks and small advances. Breakthroughs will occur, and there will be some dramatic leaps forward, but in all likelihood, the future of technology will not look at all the way we expect. Technology may be marching forward as a pace faster than anything we've seen before, and it will likely continue to do so. We humans cannot predict what the future of technology will look like anymore that machines that learn can, but the odds are very high that data must and will play a very important role there.

UFABET - Online Football Betting Website
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 28 March 2020  

Barclays Premier League , regarded by a lot of as basically just the "Top League", is most likely the best league in The united kingdom. There are a lot footballers planning to trade within this league. Because it is the most worthwhile And has the most fan base in the world In addition, the Premier League teams have many top-level players The players that will be playing in this league must be really professional. The reputable team got Dye and paid back a really expensive wage when footballers globally would participate in this league. Online football betting website That makes the Top League end up with a fan bottom level from around the world. Causing the Leading League transforming into a effective league You will find a tremendous amount of budget moving during the markets.However, being a champion Or having a team name to participate in that league's competition is difficult, must overcome many obstacles In which each league has an official name And in the top leagues, the names of the supporters are also included In which the level from level 5 down is called "step" or outside the league level 5 is called "step 1" and level 6 is called "step 2" Online gambling website And continue sequentially The team that wins in various matches will have points and will be ranked points. Which the successful workforce are going to be publicized The crews that reach the bottom of this desk in just about every period shall be relegated to the next underside league. In principle, an novice or possibly a new team can ascend from the foot of the league and turn into the Highest regarded League champ. But in fact, the promo in every league features a unique computer. Within both the sheer number of elevated crews Illnesses for promotional, for example the readiness of your club. So the investment preparedness of these organization in additionRight now, in addition to the top five crews, online football betting websites There will be competitiveness with an equivalent rate in numerous leagues. Partioned by region Every single league is going to divided into loads of divisions. There are many different smaller-amount leagues that happen to be prepared not having subscribing to the relationship additionally.As we can see, various clubs, online gambling websites Ranked in the table Which team wins the league title is the number one team. Also know as the sergeant. As well as, ufabet will open up the league for the most on the internet rugby gambling actually. Continue to receptive for soccer playing Locating the optimal plum graded club Basketball playing with games outside of the league, often known as ufabet. Integrate football from around the world within a single websites.Now you will know which league is the top in each and every area. Who currently includes a choice membership? Do not forget to cheer them on ufabet, to cheer, to risk or to stick to the reports of different nightclubs, and league arrange using the many leagues are usually used. Watch you next occasion We shall have an excellent short post as always.UFABET เว็บไหนดีWhich website to option on? We have a website to recommend because Online football betting Will not choose the website not and blindly stab it Because in playing, we have to put money in If choosing a bad website Ensure that there may be bad things, such as being cheated or others, which various news Which we see every day is a warning for us to be careful Therefore, choosing a good website Is trustworthy Online gambling website It is considered an important thing for us to choose or invest money to pay out sure enough. For sites That we all will launch straight away Is often a website which has been well-accepted 10 website pages, including, UFABET lacks to finish an agent, certainly more than enough.

Badminton Glossary
 sara jons  
 8 June 2020  

Back street - expansion of the court by 1-1/2 feet on the two sides for duplicates play• Back Alley-Area between the back limit line and the long assistance line forduplicates.• Backcourt-Back third of the court, in the region of the back limit lines.• Balk (Feint)- Any misleading development that perturbs an adversary previously orduring the administration.• Baseline-Back limit line at each finish of the court, corresponding to the net.• Carry-An illicit strategy, additionally called a sling or a toss, in which the bus isgotten and hung on the racquet and afterward threw during the execution of a stroke.• Center or Base Position-Location in the focal point of the court to which a singlesplayer attempts to return after each shot.• Center Line-Line opposite to the net that isolates the left and right helpcourts.• Clear-A shot hit profound to the rivals back limit line. The high clear is acautious shot, while the compliment assaulting clear is utilized disagreeably.• Court-Area of play, as characterized by the external limit lines.• Drive-A quick and low shot that makes an even trip over the net.• Drop-A shot hit delicately and with artfulness to fall quickly and near the net on therival's side.• Fault-An infringement of the playing rules, either in serving, getting, or duringplay.• Feint (Balk)- Any tricky development that bothers a rival previously or during the administration.• Flick-A brisk wrist and lower arm revolution that astounds a rival by evolving a clearly delicate shot into a quicker passing one; utilized essentially on the serve andat the net.• Forecourt-Front third of the court, between the net and the short help line.• Hairpin Net Shot-Shot produced using beneath and near the net with thetransport rising, simply clearing the net, and afterward dropping strongly down the opposite side.The bus' flight approximates the state of a clip.• Halfcourt Shot-A shot hit low and to midcourt, utilized viably in copiesagainst the up-and-back arrangement.• Kill-quick descending shot that can't be restored; a "putaway".• Let-An authentic end of play to permit a convention to be replayed.• Long Service Line-In singles, the back limit line. In copies a line 2-1/2 feetinside the back limit line. The serve may not go past this line.• Match-A progression of games to decide a victor.• Midcourt-The center third of the court, somewhere between the net and the backlimit line.• Net Shot-Shot hit from the forecourt that just clears the net and afterward falls quickly.• Push Shot-Gentle shot played by pushing the bus with little wrist movement,for the most part from the net or midcourt to the adversary's midcourt.• Racquet (Racket)- Instrument utilized by the player to hit the shuttlecock. Weightaround 90 grams (3 oz). Length 680 mm (27 in). Produced using metal compounds(steel/aluminum) or from clay, graphite or boron composites. For the most part hungwith manufactured strings or common gut.• Rally-Exchange of shots while the bus is in play.• Serve (Service)- Stroke used to place the shuttlecock into play toward the beginning of a convention.• Service Court-Area into which the serve must be conveyed. Diverse for singleswhat's more, copies play.• Short Service Line-The line 6-1/2 feet from the net which a serve must reach tobe lawful.• Shuttlecock (Shuttle)- Official name for the item that the players must hit.Made out of 16 goose plumes connected to a plug base secured with cowhide.Engineered transports are additionally utilized by a few.• Smash-Hard-hit overhead shot that powers the van pointedly descending.Badminton's essential assaulting stroke.• Wood Shot-Shot that outcomes when the base of the van is hit by the casing ofthe racket. When illicit, this shot was administered worthy by theInternationalBadminton Federation in 1963.For Further information you can visit IndoorActions.com