HEADACHE               one of the common problems of the head.It can be due to  many causes like tension,insomnia,cold exhaustion, high blood pressure, migraine.We go to a doctor and take the prescription and get relief but if we take a little pain we can find herbal remedies which give relief without any harm just have a look and find out that what is the cause of your headache and get the remedy for it go ahead , below are listed some types of common headaches and their remedies ,

In case of headache due to cold or exhaustion , drink herbal tea to feel fresh.

For headache due to cold (Sinusitis) , warm water gargles for sore throat ,nasal cleansing with warm water and steam inhalation are very effective.

The exercise SHIRODHARA a panchkarma procedure where warm oil is poured over head in a flow gives relief from headache.

If the headache is in half of the head put 2-4 drops of clarified cow's ghee into both the nostrils for seven days and see the difference.

For headache due to HBP,high blood pressure, avoid tea,coffee,heavy meals ,fried foods and alcohol.

For headache due to constipation or gas in the abdomendrink warm water in larger amounts than you drink, do VAJRASANA after meals .

For headache due to cold air , drink hot milk,tie  your head with a cloth to improve blood circulation and apply a warm cloth on forehead.

For headache due to hot air and sun,     Apply a bandage immersed in cold water on the forehead.

Apply sandalwood  paste on forehead.Rest in a cool environment.

HEADACHE due to excessive studies or eyestrain due to driving,watchin television characterised by palpitation or pain in the temporal region

1.sprinkle cold water on eyes,

2.Apply a clay bandage,

3.Grape juice is beneficial for all kinds of headaches,

4.Taking watermelon juice mixed with sugar cures headache due to excessive heat,

5.Coconut mixed with sugar candy in equal amounts cures headache to a large extent.

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