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Your search for attachment parenting
On Parenting
 Thomas Martinez  
 26 November 2018  

On ParentingIn India most of the people leaves their baby home alone so they can earn money to make assure their children's future by providing them material security ,this makes them feel the most successful parents .But this concept is 80% wrong,because it makes them overprotective in every way,and they very like to coddle up their children that ruin their mental freedom .Every parents wants their child in their image,this is natural but what they want is to see their children like a baby with tottering legs even he is 30 years old or married.If they can never give freedom even in their mind,then how a child can taste freedom in reality.Every child is born with their natural instinct,if their qualities are not nurtured well ,situation could be catastrophic.So every parent should allow their individualities to grow freely ,they need to accept whoever he or she is going to become.But to make them steady and wise they need to build some moral codes,some rules which helps them to be very straight and strong in mind.Time can change everything,it effects everything but it can't change someone's psych if those moral pillers are strong enough.The most common reason which ruins a child is a bad marriage.Teenage people wrongly caught up in spell called Love without knowing what it is.then they desperately wants to be a father or mother.which is completely wrong decision.when the spell is Broken they start doing compromise with their life but That child here becomes a victim of their situation,my question to them if you are so unwise about love and and future you hold then why you waste another life?.When a child grows up their physical dependencies turns into emotional dependencies.At the time when it wants to be free in its thoughts and emotions they find unhappiness in their family that made them caged in theirselves.because it can't share what it has inside and slowly die in silence,or goes into wrong hands.A child is very similar to an old person.both physically and mentally they are very vulnerable.they require special care in both aspect.but a child is more sensitive cause he is going to be a man one day.So your upbringing would decide what kind of person you want to make.Every parents should study their children's behaviors,the way they react to certain situations.Some time you need to create situation to study the way your child thinks because every child is born with different instinct so their actions might differ.Every minor response from them is important who knows which might reveal their biggest strength.A parent can only be best friend if they try a little bit to modernize their thoughts to cope up with their child.So they can understand whatever happens he or she will take care of me.but in 99% of cases they failed cope up with their new perceptions because they belong to a different time.Another thing is every parent should spend at least three hours a week to teach them about life.telling them some stories about positivity,and being strong in morality.something which they can apply in their life.you can say that we pay school for education , but they can't teach your child like you can.learning is not only about academic excellence but having true perceptions about life.Most of parents don't have time for this,but it's an important lesson which any parent needs to start from the age of 4,they may not remember the whole story but that lesson will always be in their subconscious mind.Which effects the way they are going to think and see things in their vision.Their are other Environmental factors which effects in certain ways but Home is the first school and parents are first teachers.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 5.7
 Dhwani Shah  
 12 December 2019  

Basic Question - In Gita Verse 5.7 One who works in devotion, who is a pure soul, and who controls his mind and senses is dear to everyone, and everyone is dear to him. Though always working, such a man is never entangled.Krishna tells Arjuna person who has surrendered himself to the whole, is spontaneous, compassionate. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone. Such person is never get attached.What does Krishna means by - a pure soul, and who controls his mind and senses: He talks about non-attachment, which is our basic nature. We are born with it.In the first place try to understand the meaning of the word anasakti or non-attachment. It is unfortunately one of the most misunderstood words. Non-attachment is generally taken to mean aversion, but it is not aversion. Aversion is a kind of attachment - the opposite of attachment.Someone is attached to sex and someone else is attached to its opposite - brahmacharya or celibacy. Someone is attached to wealth; he is running after wealth, and someone else is attached to renunciation of wealth; he is running away from wealth. One person is obsessed with the idea of looking handsome; another person is obsessed with the idea of looking ugly. But those who are averse to sex, money or good looks appear to be non-attached because their attachments are negative.Attachment has two faces, positive and negative. You can fancy a thing so much that you madly run after it, you cling to it - this is positive attachment. And you can be so much repelled by a thing that you want to escape it, to run away from it; then it is negative attachment. Negative attachment is as much attachment as positive attachment.Non-attachment is altogether different; it is freedom from both the positive and the negative kinds of attachment. Non-attachment means one is neither attached to something nor averse to it. Non- attachment is transcendence of both attachment and aversion.In the world of spiritualism there are many words like non-attachment, which have been badly distorted and misconstrued. Veetrag is one such word which means transcendence of attachment, but it has become synonymous with aversion. When someone goes beyond both attachment and aversion, he achieves the state of veetrag or transcendence. This word veetrag belongs to the tradition of Mahavira, while anasakti belongs to the tradition of Krishna, and they are synonymous.But there is a difference in the approach of the two.While Mahavira attains to the state of veetrag by renouncing both attachment and aversion, Krishna attains to the state of anasakti by accepting both positive and negative attachments. And these are the only possible ways. While their ends remain the same, their means are different. While Mahavira insists on renunciation of attachment, Krishna emphasizes its acceptance. So in a deeper sense veetrag is negative and anasakti is positive.A non-attached mind, according to Krishna, is one who accepts everything unconditionally. The interesting thing is that if you accept something totally it does not leave a mark, a scar on your mind; your mind remains unscathed and undisturbed. But when you cling strongly to a thing it leaves a mark on your mind. And when you are strongly averse to something you detest and deny it, then also it leaves a mark on your mind.But when you neither cling to a thing nor run away from it, when you become receptive to everything - good or bad, beautiful or ugly, pleasant or painful - when you become like a mirror reflecting everything that comes before it, then your mind remains unscathed and unmarked. And such a mind is a non-attached mind; it is established in non-attachment.According to Krishna, non-attachment is embedded in the very nature of a human being, in his very being. Non-attachment is our basic nature, our original face. So the real question is how one deviates from his nature. We don't have to practice non attachment, we don't have to do something to come to it. We have only to know how we have gone astray from our nature. This is our basic question.

5 Ways To Better Homeschool Your Teen
 Dennis Hung  
 25 April 2020  

For many parents, homeschooling a child can sound daunting, which is understandable as a quality education is crucial to a child's development. Luckily, there are a number of ways to acclimate to the task. Here are 5 ways to better educate your teenagers from home.1. Be Patient With Yourself and Your ChildBefore you do anything else, take a minute and acknowledge how taxing being an educator is. Indeed, if you're like most parents, homeschooling your child may be a new concept. By remembering first tries are hard and that nobody gets things perfect the first time, you're being your own best advocate. It's okay. New things are difficult. Share your concerns with your son or daughter, be open to hearing your child's own concerns, and do your best not to act as if school is a chore. If you treat education as just another thing to check off your list, so will your teen. 2. Join In the Fun and Include Family Lead by example and learn something new, too, or refresh on past knowledge. Invite your child to learn alongside you or bring in the whole family. A great subject that pleases everyone is nature, and with myriad documentaries available online, sharing new worlds as a family has never been easier. Plus, the appreciation and wonder of the animal and plant kingdoms make excellent discussion topics. Sitting down for family dinner will never be the same. 3. Don't Forget About the ArtsAn area often overlooked is art. Don't fall into the trap of believing this subject is less important than science or math. In fact, art projects not only help alleviate anxiety and stress but also encourage self-expression. Utilize the internet's smorgasbord of DIY projects. Making a birdhouse, painting a decorative mug, or designing a new board game, possibly in a topic related to history or government, are excellent ways to engage the creative side of your brain, not to mention your child's. Plus, art projects are great because in the end, there's physical proof of productivity as well as something new to hang outside, drink from, or play. 4. Utilize Online PlatformsGames can be particularly helpful for learning in subjects such as math. Many people struggle to find fun in the absorption of technical-type information, so presenting it in a form such as a game can be advantageous. For example, minesweeper tests players' deductive and reasoning skills, challenging them to pick up patterns in order to avoid various mines hidden throughout the board. The fact that the game is timed can add a sense of exciting urgency to the exercise, while its option to try again can remind your child that starting over is both normal and easy. 5. Remember the Importance of Socialization It can be terribly easy to forget how much of a school's atmosphere is lost without some type of socialization. Part of what makes homeschooling so difficult is that it can get lonely quickly, especially if your child isn't used to it. Try incorporating time for your son or daughter to socialize with friends either on the telephone or Skype. By sticking to this routine, you'll be promoting the importance of socialization and community. Another great way to add a token of normalcy to your new regiment is to find out what your child's friends are studying. By coordinating with the parents of your child's classmates, kids who are most likely in your son or daughter's own grade, you can collaborate on various projects from afar. This will help to make both you and your child feel engaged and supported. This can be especially beneficial in subjects that may not come naturally to you or your teen.ConclusionThough homeschooling can be trying, it's important to remember that new challenges can be beneficial and rewarding. By utilizing the above steps that best relate to you and your child's needs, you'll be better prepared to overcome new obstacles. 

Factors To Keep in Mind While Buying Toys for Babies
 Naeem Shaikh  
 12 June 2020  

How to make babies happy? Give them new toys, almost any toy, and they will be a happy kid.Apart from giving them a cozy spot to lounge and let them watch the world go by, kids do need time and space to wiggle, stretch and strengthen their bodies to master those little -milestones of early development. Baby Toys Online India should be more than just playthings, and they should be fun, they should also be age-appropriate, stimulating, and safe. Playing with toys is so essential for kids’ social, mental, physical, and emotional development.Factors to keep in mind: While choosing the age-appropriate toys for your kids, these factors should be taken into account. Keep It Simple: Baby Toys Online India that don’t allow kids to choose to use their own imagination should only be given when they are under 6-9 months, such as dolls and animals that talk or sing and toys like kids need to press the button. After 6-9 months, kids need to take charge of the play situation, and a kid should be directing the action. Because when a toy is too specific, it limits the kids’ imagination. The best toys are the simplest one like blocks as they allow kids to be creative and spontaneous. Put limits on electronic gadgets and toys: We live in an electronic world, and any parents think that they can keep their toddler away from electronic devices forever is like a joke. But for young kids, especially, it's crucial to put limits. According to research, electronic toys pose several possible dangers for children's growth and development, like hearing loss from toys with loud music, weight gain from being inactive while playing, etc. So, it is imperative to put limits on kids to spend more time on electronic toys or gadgets. Don't fall for those fake Baby Toys Online India that call themselves educational: The educational toy business is booming, playing on parents' emotions that their kids need to learn as much as they can as soon as possible for their better future. Not all such age-appropriate toys are inherently wrong, like CDs that expose kids to classical music or foreign languages are fine.  But many baby toy companies say that their toys can boost your kids' brain development or create early readers and mathematicians, then these are fake and not legit for your kids’ development. Keep only one or a few toys at a time: If you give too many toys too soon to babies, then they can have a hard time focusing on any one of them. The parents need to keep rotating toys in and out of a kid's toy box and reintroduce a toy after a few weeks when it feels fresh and new. And if your child has many toys of a similar type, let him/her fully explore one before introducing another. One Baby Toys Online India can also carry a kid through many different developmental stages, so don't be in a hurry to replace old toys with new ones. Some of the basic toys, such as blocks, offer so many developmental purposes that parents shouldn't be quick to replace them and switch to something newer.Choose Age-Appropriate Toys: Toys for kids’ need to match their stages of development and emerging abilities. Here are some suggestions: 0-6 months: Infants are fascinated with movement and sound. Appropriate toys for babies are: rattles, busy boxes, and anything babies can begin to grasp, swipe at, pull, kick, squeeze, or shake7-12 months: At this age, babies become movers, so they try to go from rolling over and sitting, bouncing, creeping, pulling themselves up and standing. The appropriate Baby Toys Online India for them are; plastic and wood vehicles with wheels, puppets, large balls, soft things to crawl over, etc. For one-year-olds: One-year-olds can walk steadily and even learned to climb stairs. They enjoy listening to stories, say their first words, and can play next to other children. They like to experiment, so give them the appropriate experience with books with pictures of real objects, crayons with large paper, toy phones, cupboards, etc. For two-year-olds: Toddlers who are of this age rapidly learn languages and have some sense of danger. They like to do a lot of physical testing, such as jumping from heights, climbing, hanging by their arms, rolling. They have the reasonable control of their hands and fingers and like to do things with small toys or objects. You can give them large and big balls for throwing, ride-on equipment, picture books with more details.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.38
 Dhwani Shah  
 4 August 2019  

Non-Attachment - In Gita Verse 2.38 Do thou fight for the sake of fighting, without considering happiness or distress, loss or gain, victory or defeat – and by so doing you shall never incur sin.Krishna is explaining through this verse to drop the attachments. Get up and act on your assignment of the Universe.The Buddha taught that attachment, which is the desire to hold on to a permanent state or keep a thing or person, generates craving, wanting, and insecurity, and he believed it is one of the main causes of human suffering.Non-attachment, on the other hand, aims to cultivate a mind free from these limiting desires. Once we do this we can then move towards a mind of oneness, which involves compassion, clarity of vision, and an understanding of impermanence.Not only do humans become attached to physical objects or things, but also to relationships, ideas, opinions, and success and failure. Most of the problems we face as a species and planet are a direct result of our attachment to one or more of these things.If there is one thing that remains certain in this life, it is change. As soon as we realize the impermanence of our existence it becomes much easier to let go of attachment. While in theory this sounds easy, however, even the greatest of masters struggle with letting go…Releasing Illusory StatesThe human mind is an aggregate of conditions, beliefs, experiences, and perceptions. We start building mental models of the way things should be. As most of us do not live in the present, we hang on to these illusions which exist only in our minds. When something comes along that doesn’t correlate with our illusory mental states, we again suffer and again experience pain. This is because we have anchored or attached onto some object, experience, or desire that we wish to possess.Watch Arjuna right now because of his unconsciousness he is in illusions. If we can watch Arjuna it will be an easy lesson for us as soon as we are in illusion all our thinking and actions are towards the problem. Give a wake up call to yourself whenever you find that your focus and actions are towards problem. Immediately you are in the grip of attachments. You will find many reasons not to act.Letting Go of Ego and IdentityWe also become attached to our constructed identities. The ego is the I, me, our personal identity. It is our perception of self, the separation of ourselves from others, our attachment to who we think we are. It is an illusion that we have created to distract us from the truth. We fear losing our identity, as this identity gives us something to cling on to. Many people have experienced this loss of identity more recently with the global financial crisis. Jobs, homes, and relationships have been destroyed. Our attachment to these physical objects and relationships has left many people empty and struggling to find some form of identity.Arjuna is now caught up in his identity the same way we are also trapped in our identity when we are unconscious. We don’t have to fight with unconsciousness, instead of that try to bring yourself in the present moment and your unconsciousness will be dispelled and you will be alert, self-alert.Attachment Restricts New Experiences and Limits PotentialNon-attachment and openness allows the individual to accept alternative ideas, possibilities, and change. This facilitates the cultivation of new ideas and opportunities and promotes the state of ‘beingness’ as opposed to ‘doingness.’ In this modern, 24/7 techno hyperdrive of sensory overload it is often difficult to detach ourselves because we have become too busy. We are busy being distracted and seduced by the next sound bite, the next gadget, the next thing.Once you drop the attachment, which is your ego, immediately you will find there are new possibilities opening up for you. This is the sign that in the present moment you have dropped the attachment. You will know the knack of working slowly and step by step you can drop your attachments.Krishna knowing well Arjuna who already had practiced in his life to drop all the attachments, like when he won the quest and got married to Draupadi and when Kunti told to distribute among all the brothers he had no hesitation and he followed it. So Krishna in this verse is reminding Arjuna.Remember we can remind someone who has practiced something. But we cannot ask someone to follow it. It’s the individual’s responsibility to be awake towards themselves. Never give advice, whisper them if they wake up it’s fine, if they don’t just move ahead.It will give you opportunity to drop your attachment, for your idea, thinking, as you will not force them to follow you. At least you realise you are non-attached.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 5.6
 Dhwani Shah  
 11 December 2019  

Renunciation - In Gita Verse 5.6 Merely renouncing all activities yet not engaging in devotional service of the Lord cannot make one happy. But a thoughtful person engaged in devotional service can achieve the Supreme without delay.Krishna is talking regarding the people who just renounce the world, objective world, but not turn towards himself, not become devotee, that person cannot be happy. But the person who will not renounce the world, objective world, and still who is devotee in all his action achieve the Supreme, means become whole.What is Renunciation?Renunciation is possible only if, in the first place, you accept that possession is possible. Non-Attachment is possible only if, in the first place, you accept that attachment is possible. A real man of understanding comes to know that attachment is not possible. Attachment is false, possession is false: it is not possible. It is impossible to possess. Then what is the point of renouncing? What is the point of becoming non-attached? Attachment simply disappears. If attachment disappears and there is nothing left behind, not even non-attachment – the idea of non-attachment – then you are pure and calm. If attachment disappears but now it is replaced with non-attachment, you have moved to the other extreme. When violence disappears, it is not that there is nonviolence in you. What is the point of nonviolence? Violence has disappeared, and nonviolence with it. The dualities go together. Now suddenly you are left alone, pure. If you get into one, you get into the other too.“Well, young man, I understand you want to become my son-in-law,” said the father to his daughter’s boyfriend, Mulla Nasruddin.“No sir, not exactly,” replied Nasruddin. “But if I marry your daughter, I don’t see how I can get out of it.”The man had asked, “Well, young man, I understand you want to become my son-in-law”; and said Nasruddin, “No sir, not exactly. But if I marry your daughter I don’t see how I can get out of it.”If you marry someone’s daughter you become a son-in-law too, at the same time. It is not possible to choose one out of the two; they go together. In fact to call them two is not right. They are one phenomenon just looked at from two sides.When you become violent, nonviolence comes in. When you become nonviolent, violence waits behind. They go together. All dualities go together. When sex disappears, celibacy disappears too – remember it. If you start claiming that you have become a celibate then sexuality still exists, and any day it can explode. You are sitting on a volcano. When sex has gone, what is the meaning of celibacy? Then it is simply meaningless, the word is meaningless. Celibacy can carry a meaning only in reference to sex.Buddha says when both dualities are gone, you are simply in the middle – silent, calm, pure. The way is attained. The way is the middle way.Finally, to make you remember it always, let me condense the whole thing into one sentence: whenever you are tired, frustrated, finished with something, remain alert – the mind will tend to go to the opposite.When the strings are too loose, the mind will tend to make them too tight – and there, again you miss. And when the mind is too tight, the strings are too tight, one day you will get tired of that too because the music will not be coming out of it. Then the mind will tend again to make them too loose.This is how life goes: one life after another, you go on moving from one pole to another. You become a volleyball kicked from this side to that, kicked from that side to this. If you want to get out of this game, this game of samsara, this game of the world, then be in the middle. Whenever a moment comes to decide, be very alert: never go to the other extreme. Remember to remain in the middle.If you can learn to remain in the middle you have learned all that is there to learn, and all that is worth learning. Buddha’s way is called majjhim nikai, “the middle way.” He is one of the most penetrating seekers of truth. He has made something very profound, discovered something which you can use. It is not a ritual, it is not a prayer. It is something to do with your awareness. His whole field of work is awareness.When Krishna is saying that - Merely renouncing all activities yet not engaging in devotional service of the Lord cannot make one happy - he simply says that this kind of people follow the scriptures and rituals. Because of the rituals they say that they are renouncing the world. But in fact they carry the world within. While the person who acts from surrender, from knowing and not to follow the scriptures but out of their own understanding when they become devotee from within, they surrender themselves to the whole and act they can achieve the Supreme without delay.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 6.35
 Dhwani Shah  
 31 January 2020  

Free Of Mind - In Gita Verse 6.35 Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa said: O mighty-armed son of Kuntī, it is undoubtedly very difficult to curb the restless mind, but it is possible by suitable practice and by detachment.When Krishna says detachment means - True detachment isn’t a separation from life but the absolute freedom within your mind to explore living. Living with right awareness.Right awareness means not only awareness – because awareness can become a strain – right awareness means awareness without any strain, relaxed. One can try to be aware but can create tension on the way, and that tension will destroy the whole work. So these two things have to be remembered: awareness with no strain, with no tension.Awareness is a flowering of relaxation. Wherever you feel any tension in the body, relax that part. If your whole body is relaxed, your awareness will grow faster. Just watch, just see, make no effort, do not strive; an effortless awareness. In the beginning it looks very paradoxical – effortlessness and awareness – but once you start working on it, slowly slowly the knack is learned. It is a knack. And once you have learned the knack, once you have known even a single moment of awareness without tension, you are on the right track; you will never be the same person again.Just relax and let things be as they are. A very very passive awareness – that is the meaning of meditation. If sometimes you forget watching, perfectly good! When you remember, you watch again. When you forget, you forget. This is relaxation, this is accepting life as it comes. Then great joy arises out of it. You are never tired and you are never distracted because nothing can distract you.In that passive awareness you’re experiencing true detachment or indifference:With that big question How we Know?It is not difficult to know. How do you know when you have a headache and how do you know when you don’t have a headache? It is simply clear. When you are growing in detachment you will become healthier, happier; your life will become a life of joy. That is the criterion of all that is good. Joy is the criterion. If you are growing in joy, you are growing, and you are getting towards home… If you are moving into detachment, love will grow, joy will grow, only attachments will drop — because attachments bring misery, because attachments bring bondage, because attachments destroy your freedom. But if you are becoming indifferent…. Indifference is a pseudo-coin, it looks like detachment, but it only LOOKS like detachment. Nothing will be growing in it. You will simply shrink and die…Beware. Whenever something goes wrong there are indications in your being. Sadness is an indicator, depression is an indicator; joy, celebration is also an indicator. More songs will happen to you if you are moving towards detachment. You will be dancing more and you will become more loving. Remember, love is not attachment, love knows no attachment, and that which knows attachment is not love. That is possessiveness, domination, clinging, fear, greed — it may be a thousand and one things, but it is not love. In the name of love other things are parading, in the name of love other things are hiding behind, but on the container the label ‘love’ is stuck. Inside you will find many sorts of things but not love at all.One more thing we all have to understand - If detachment is seen as being the opposite of attachment, then it is wrong. But if detachment is freedom from attachment, then it is right. This is a very delicate difference. If detachment is the opposite of attachment then there is something wrong somewhere, because that which is the opposite of attachment is definitely connected with attachment. All opposites are interconnected. If you love anyone, you go on remembering him. If you hate anyone, even then you go on remembering him. Hate and love are opposites, but they are connected. A friend you can perhaps forget, but you cannot forget your enemy; he goes on pricking you like a thorn. You are related with the friend; similarly you are related with the enemy too.Don’t ever think that an enemy is one with whom all kinds of relationships have been broken. No, if all relationships were altogether broken, then he would not be the enemy. You don’t have a friendly relationship with the enemy, but you do have a relationship of enmity with him: the relationship is not broken. If the relationship is really broken, then the friend is not a friend and the enemy is not an enemy. If the relationship changes, then a friend becomes an enemy and an enemy becomes a friend.How long does it take for a friend to become an enemy? It can happen in a moment. How long does it take to make an enemy a friend? Why doesn’t it take long? – because both are relationships. It is just a question of changing the direction a little. You were going to the east; you turned to the west. You were going to the west; you turned toward the east. Both are movements, just the direction has changed a little.Krishna tells us that with right awareness we can have freedom from detachments once we have freedom then it is possible by suitable practice to be free of mind.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.62
 Dhwani Shah  
 27 August 2019  

Attachment, Lust And Anger - In Gita Verse 2.62 While contemplating the objects of the senses, a person develops attachment for them, and from such attachment lust develops, and from lust anger arises.Krishna is giving a hint how we grow in our unconsciousness. Step by step. When we are in objective world we become unconscious, we move towards attachments, from there to lust and from lust we totally become blind towards ourselves and get angry.In my several blogs I had written regarding attachments. Today in this blog we will understand our lust and how to transcend or come back to our awareness.When lust is transformed and you enter into the city of love, you enter unattached. Remember, that is their definition of love. If love has attachment in it, it is lust, If love has no attachment in it, only then is it not lust. When you are in lust you are not really thinking of the other, thinking of your beloved or lover. You are simply using the other for your own ends. And of course, attachment is bound to be there, because you would like to possess him, and you would like to possess him or her forever. Because tomorrow also you may need, the day after tomorrow also you may need. You need a lover and you want to possess him.LOVE is a gift. You give; you need not be worried about whether tomorrow he will be there to receive or not. Because a lover can give to the trees, to the rocks. A lover can give to the emptiness of the sky. A lover can simply flower and send his fragrance to the winds, even if nobody is there. Just think: Buddha sitting under his Bodhi tree, alone, full of love, overflowing.... Not that somebody is there to receive, but God is always there to receive, in so many forms, in so many ways.Lust is greed, lust is attachment, lust is possessiveness. Love needs no possession, love knows no attachment, because love is not greed. Love is a gift. It is a sharing. You have found something; your heart is full, your fruits are ripe. You hanker that somebody should come and share. It is unconditional; who you share with does not matter. But you are so full of it that you would like to be unburdened - as when clouds are full of vapour it descends as rain. Sometimes it rains in a forest, sometimes it rains on a hill, sometimes it rains in a desert, hence they the clouds rain. The fact where they rain is irrelevant. They are so full they have to descend as rain. A lover is so full he becomes a cloud, full of lovewater; he has to rain. That raining is spontaneous.If you cannot become self-alert in your lust then you will be in anger, which is peak of unconsciousness. From there also we can come back to our consciousness.Anger, jealousy, envy, greed, competitiveness...all our problems are very small, but our ego magnifies them, makes them as big as it can.The ego cannot do otherwise; its anger also has to be great. By its great anger, and great misery, and great greed, and great ambition it becomes great.But you are not the ego, you are only a watcher. Just stand by the side and let all the thousands of horses pass – let us see how long it takes for them to pass. There is no need to be worried. As they come – they are wild – they will go. But we don’t miss even a small donkey; we immediately jump on it! You don’t need thousands of wild horses. Just a small thing, and you are full of anger and fire. You will laugh about it later on, at how stupid you were.If you can watch, without getting involved, as if it is something on the screen of a movie house or of a TV screen...something is passing; watch it. You are not supposed to do anything to prevent it, to repress it, to destroy it, to pull out a sword and kill it, because from where will you get the sword? – from the same source as the anger is coming. It is all imagination.And when anger disappears without any struggle, it leaves behind it a tremendously beautiful and silent and loving state.The same energy that could have become a fight with the anger is left within you. Pure energy is delight – I am quoting William Blake: “Energy is delight” – just energy, without any name, without any adjective.... But you never allow energy to be pure. Either it is anger, or hate, or love, or greed, or desire. It is always involved in something; you never allow it in its purity.Every time anything arises in you, is a great chance to experience pure energy. Just watch, and the donkey will go. It may raise a little dust, but that dust also settles on its own; you don’t have to settle it. You simply wait. Don’t move from waiting and watching, and soon you will find yourself surrounded by a pure energy that has not been used in fighting, in repressing, or in being angry.And energy is certainly delight. Once you know the secret of delight, you will enjoy every emotion; and every emotion arising in you is a great opportunity.Just watch, and bring a shower of delight on your being.Gradually all these emotions will disappear; they will not come back again – they don’t come uninvited. Watchfulness, or alertness, or awareness, or consciousness, are all different names of the same phenomenon: witnessing. That is the key word.Krishna gave every step how we can go into unconsciousness, if you at any stage become watcher and can witness the present moment immediately everything will change into bliss, grace, and you are whole. Krishna is telling all these steps to Arjuna because he wanted Arjuna to know that what he is undergoing right now is very natural and normal . A Caliber person like you only becomes a watcher to the whole war and witness it.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 5.10
 Dhwani Shah  
 14 December 2019  

Be Unattached - In Gita Verse 5.10 One who performs his duty without attachment, surrendering the results unto the Supreme Lord, is unaffected by sinful action, as the lotus leaf is untouched by water.What Krishna says If you are unattached, then moment to moment you move without any fixation.Every moment life will bring new happinesses, new miseries. There will be dark nights and there will be sunny days, but you are open, you don’t have a fixed mind. When you don’t have a fixed mind even a miserable situation cannot give you misery because you don’t have anything to compare with it. You were not expecting something against it so you cannot be frustrated.You get frustrated because of your demands. You think that when you come home, your wife will be just standing outside to welcome you. And if she is not standing there outside to welcome you, you cannot accept it. This gives you frustration and misery.You demand, and through demand you create misery. And demand is possible only if you are attached. You cannot demand with persons who are strangers to you. Only with attachment does demand come in; that is why all attachments become hellish.Patanjali says be non-attached. That means be flowing, accepting whatever life brings. Don’t demand and don’t force. Life is not going to follow you; you cannot force life to be according to you. It is better to flow with the river rather than pushing it. Just flow with it, and much happiness becomes possible. There is already much happiness all around you, but you cannot see it because of your wrong fixations.But in the beginning this non-attachment will only be a seed; in the end non-attachment becomes desirelessness. In the beginning non-attachment means non-fixation, in the end non-attachment will mean desirelessness, no desire. In the beginning no demand, in the end no desire.But if you want to reach to this end of no-desire, start from no-demand. Try Patanjali’s formula even for twenty-four hours, just for twenty-four hours, flowing with life, not demanding anything. Whatsoever life gives, feeling grateful, thankful. Just moving for twenty-four hours in a prayerful state of mind, not asking, not demanding, not expecting, and you will have a new opening. Those twenty-four hours will become a new window. And you will feel how ecstatic you can become.But you will have to be alert in the beginning. It cannot be expected that non-attachment, for the seeker, can be a spontaneous act.With growing desirelessness, sometimes the person becomes outwardly inactive. Is it lethargy and dullness? Why does it happen?Many things are possible, and it will depend. Certainly many desires will drop and many actions also. Those actions which were just caused by desires will drop. If I was running for a particular desire, how can I run if the desire has dropped? My running will stop. At least the same running on the same route will stop. So when a person becomes desireless, at least for an interim period, for an interval – and how long it will be will depend on the individual – he will become inactive. The desires will have dropped – and all the actions that he had been doing was concerned with desires, so how can he continue? They will drop.But by dropping desires and actions, energy will be accumulated – and now energy will begin to move. When it moves, how it moves will vary from individual to individual, but now it will move. There will be a gap, an interim period, an interval. This a pregnancy period. The seed is born, but now it will gestate for at least nine months. And it may seem strange, but it happens. This nine months period is meaningful. Near about this, eight months or ten months, will be the interim period, and you will just become inactive. This inactivity will also vary. Someone may become so inactive that people may think that he has just gone into a coma. Everything stops.Zen monks also transfer, but before transferring they prepare the ground. A person can be made ready to receive the energy, then this reaction will not be there. He may feel lethargic for some days, for some months, but no one will feel outside that inside everything has become inactive.So it depends. Inactivity is bound to be there – more or less, but it will be there, a period will be there. And only then can you be reborn, because the whole mechanism has to change completely. The mind drops, old roots drop, the old habits drop, the old association of consciousness and desires, consciousness and mind, drops – everything old drops and everything has to be new.Krishna’s guidance is so simple. Be unattached and you will be desireless. You will be born again. Only thing is required is our own wisdom to understand. It cannot be borrowed. He in this verse says that if you follow the knowledge then your act will be sinful, but when you follow your wisdom, you surrender to existence and you become lotus leaf. You live in this world but the world cannot touched you. You are nourished by world as lotus is nourished by mud, but like lotus you will not be touched by the world.

StoryMirror in conversation with author Rohini Prajapati
 StoryMirror Feed  
 26 February 2019  

Q: Please give details about your initial education and forming years of life.A: BCom honours and MBA in HR with 10yrs of corporate experience.Q: How did you get interested in literature? What inspired you to write?  A: Break in my career made me write. My daughter is my inspiration as I started my writing with real time parenting blogs.Q: What difficulties did you have to face with respect to literary work? A: Making a positionQ: What is your view about the present-day literary work? A: Quality is missing. Anyone is writing without proper knowledge and flairQ: Do you think that the emergence of digital and social media has given a new opportunity to creative writers? A: YesQ: Please tell us something about your literary work. My first book A: A Little Girl and her big world' is a collection of short stories between a mom and her little oneQ: What was your first literary work and how was it published? A: ‘A little girl and her big world'Q: How many ways literature can contribute to society in future? A: As said, Pen is mighter than sword, literature can do wonders, bring love and patience that is required in today's world.Q: Where do you see yourself after 5 years in the literary world? A: As a renowned and loved authorQ: What ways would you suggest to build a community for poets? A: Headhunting good poets through social media and making a communityQ: What message would you like to give to aspiring new writers? A: Please use correct language. Omit errors, read and do proofreading repeatedly.Q: How was your experience of writing on StoryMirror?  A: WonderfulQ: Would you like to say something about StoryMirror? A: Best platform for Aspiring writers.Here is the link to read my content https://storymirror.com/profile/lwp76dii/rohini-prajapati/stories

H31-124 HCIP-Carrier IP V2.0 Training Guide
 cinder tan  
 23 July 2020  

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Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.25
 Dhwani Shah  
 1 October 2019  

One Consciousness - In Gita Verse 3.25 As the ignorant perform their duties with attachment to results, the learned may similarly act, but without attachment, for the sake of leading people on the right path.Krishna explains that everyone is required to act then what is the difference? He explains the difference between the ignorant person who act from attachment and experienced person or Buddha who act from non-attachment.Non-attachment means your act is responds to the present moment, without any resistance.Non-resistance is vital because as long as you are in resistance to the present moment, you will be trapped in the little egoic will. The egoic will needs to subside – that’s surrender to the present moment, and surrender to what is. When you align yourself with what is internally, it looks at first almost like a position of weakness, and it can be misinterpreted as something that prevents you from taking effective action. But the acceptance of what is, is totally compatible with responding to whatever the present moment requires. Whatever wants to be created, manifested, done, at this moment – to be aligned with that, you need to first accept whatever form this moment takes.Single out this moment only. For example, when you are ill, you don’t say “I need to accept this illness, the fact that I am ill, that I am suffering from this” because that is a whole conceptual story. All you need to accept is this moment as it is. There is never actually an illness in this moment, there is only a physical condition. There may be pain, there may be weakness, disability, discomfort. Those things may be there, and that’s the only thing you accept. This moment is as it is now.If you are stuck in the mud somewhere, you don’t say, “Okay, I am in the mud, I have to accept it, and here I am – I’m not taking any action because I have to accept what is”. This moment is already always as it is, and there’s nothing you can do about that. That’s what you accept. Then, action that arises has a different energy to it. The will that flows into what you do is no longer egoic. When you have not accepted this moment, the will goes against the Universe – that is what the ego does. It is negative, it fights something that it says shouldn’t be there. If you use negativity, you are trapped in ego. The “little will” has to subside for the more powerful will to flow through and deal with the situation. It creates, it is not isolated from the totality. It is one with the totality. When that operates, another word for that universal will is intelligence. It’s only when you look at a situation, completely accept the is-ness of this moment, and then of course action may be required.Once the opening is there, through acceptance, the next step that you take will be much more powerful. There’s a Buddhist term “right action,” that can only arise out of the right state of Consciousness. You have to get out of the ego first before you can have the right action. The Buddha was talking about that which flows from the awakened state of consciousness. To surrender the little will is to say ‘yes’ to the present moment. It’s not a big thing, just say yes to what is – because it already is anyway. Why complain about something that is? It’s insane, but normal.To give up the egoic will, all you have to do is not complain about what is. Be aligned with the isness – people, situations, whatever – this is already as it is. It’s the inevitability of is. Become friendly with what is, and you become intelligent for the first time.With the simple act of surrender to the inevitability of the present moment, another energy comes. You could call that universal will, you could call that intelligence, you could call that the creative solution to whatever the so-called “problem” is. You could call that power coming in, that is greater than the limited power of your mind. Or it may use your mind, and suddenly you say the right thing, if that’s what the situation requires. Suddenly the words come – where do the words come from? You don’t know what you’re going to say next. They come from a deeper level because that intelligence uses the mind.You and the Universe become one, and as such it creates through you as this form. That’s the beauty of it. When the unmanifested flows into this world, it assumes form. Most thoughts that people have in the unawakened state are repetitive old thoughts, conditioned thinking, conditioned by the past. All you can rely on then is what you have accumulated in the past, you deal with things through conditioned thinking. When the simple act of surrender opens your mind, it can then be used as an instrument. Then, a thought may come in that is original and fresh and new. That is the birth of form. The birth of thought creates the birth of form. The Universe uses you as a vehicle or a channel through which to create. You are one. It can use your mind, and become thought, words, physical things. That’s the way in which the mind can actually be a helpful tool – alignment with the greater Intelligence, the One Consciousness.Krishna tells Arjuna circumstances and act is same to everyone, the difference is attachment and non-attachments. Once you act without resistance your act will be non-attached, alignment with the greater Intelligence, the One Consciousness.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.26
 Dhwani Shah  
 2 October 2019  

Don’t Judge - In Gita Verse 3.26 So as not to disrupt the minds of ignorant men attached to the fruitive results of prescribed duties, a learned person should not induce them to stop work. Rather, by working in the spirit of devotion, he should engage them in all sorts of activities.Krishna tells Arjuna it's a big responsibility as you grow in your consciousness not only towards yourself but towards others as it becomes your responsibility that ignorant people don’t become prey of any belief, attachments.In my blog Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.10, I wrote regarding Kissa Gautami, who went to Buddha in despair. Buddha has choice through his action that he can make Kissa her followers, means she will believe her blindly, by giving life to her son. But he did not do that. Even though Buddha was capable of doing that. But he asked her to bring Mustard Seed from a house where nobody has ever died, by which at the end of the day she own her own realize that eternity of life, she got initiation from Buddha. Buddha has not made her follower but seeker.Imagine when someone comes to us for any help how eager we are to exhibit our capability. This is not a sign of maturity. Mature person takes pain on himself and guide others to take their decision, they don’t need any kind of rewards for that. As mature person known that everyone is like him to take his or her responsibility.To grow old is not to grow up; to become old is not to become mature. Maturity has nothing to do with old age, nothing to do with age at all. Maturity has something to do with becoming more and more conscious, becoming more and more silent and aware, becoming more and more watchful of what you are doing and why, where you are going and why.Maturity is another name for realization: you have come to the fulfillment of your potential, it has become actual. The seed has come on a long journey, and has blossomed. Maturity has a fragrance. It gives a tremendous beauty to the individual. It gives intelligence, the sharpest possible intelligence. It makes him nothing but love. His action is love, his inaction is love; his life is love, his death is love. He is just a flower of love.Take incidence from Krishna’s life - Krishna and Putana.When Putana was taking baby Krishna on her lap, both Yashoda and Rohini were present, but they did not forbid her because she was so beautifully dressed and because she showed motherly affection towards Krishna. They could not understand that she was a sword within a decorated case. Putana had smeared a very powerful poison on her breasts, and immediately after taking the baby on her lap, she pushed her breast nipple within His mouth. She was hoping that as soon as He would suck her breast, He would die. But baby Krishna very quickly took the nipple in love. He sucked the milk-poison along with the life air of the demon. In other words, Krishna simultaneously sucked the milk from her breast and killed her by sucking out her life. Krishna is so merciful that because the demon Putana came to offer her breast-milk to Him, He fulfilled her desire and accepted her activity as motherly. But to stop her from further nefarious activities, He immediately killed her. And because the demon was killed by Krishna, she got liberation. When Krishna sucked out her very breath, Putana fell down on the ground, spread her arms and legs and began to cry, "Oh child, leave me, leave me!" She was crying loudly and perspiring, and her whole body became wet.As she died, screaming, there was a tremendous vibration both on the earth and in the sky, in all directions, and people thought that thunderbolts were falling.Putana came to Krishna with her bed intention but as she offer her milk without any resistance, judgement Krishna accepted her as mother and not only drank the milk but he liberated her, gave her Moksha. We always accept others with our judgements. This is the difference. Krishna or Buddha or any mature person they don’t accept others with their judgements or with any kind of fear.When one grows in maturity they are not only liberate themselves from all the attachments but they liberate others from their attachments. I gave two examples one is Kissa gautami and Buddha, which may be very much appealing to you as it fits in your belief system, but Krishna from every act of his was guiding us without any attachment, judgement when you act not only you librarte but other also liberate from their attachments. Also remember that each circumstances are different and always give us fresh opportunity to act from non-attachment. Look at to Arjuna when he was non-attach towards the war he was alert but as soon as he caught up in attachments he was in grief, mercy, helpless, etc.Krishna reminds Arjuna his maturity and responsibility to liberate many people from their attachments. As for war, we have a lot of judgements, we all can see that when war was taken from non-attachment and with attachment what difference in Arjuna. As soon as Arjuna became judgemental regarding war he caught up in attachments. Non-attach person surrenders himself to all the present moments act without any judgement.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 10.31
 Dhwani Shah  
 12 June 2020  

Ultimate Freedom - In Gita Verse 10.31 Of purifiers I am the wind, of the wielders of weapons I am Rāma, of fishes I am the shark, and of flowing rivers I am the Ganges.Krishna’s this verse says that freedom is only religion. Ultimate religion.The Prophet is a unique book by Kahlil Gibran. In it a person asks, “Speak to us of love.” And the hero of this book, Almustafa, answers, “Love each other, but don’t possess each other. Be near each other, but not too near. You should be like the pillars of a temple which hold up the same roof and yet remain far from each other. If the pillars of the temple come nearer, then the roof will fall down. Keep a little distance from your lover so that there can be some free space between you two. If this empty space is completely lost then you will be trespassing on each other, attacking each other.”But all these things are written in books. In real life we take away all the freedom from the person we love because we are afraid that his love may turn somewhere else: “Somebody else may become the possessor of my love.” We are always afraid of losing whatever we have. If we have money, then we are afraid of losing money. If we have love, then we are afraid of losing love. Because of this fear, freedom becomes impossible.The flower of freedom blossoms only in a state of fearlessness. The only yearning one has is for freedom. Everyone’s inner search is for liberation.Wherever you get this freedom, you will be overjoyed. Whenever you feel bondage, you will become sad. If you are sad, then the reason is very clear: you wanted freedom but got chains; you wanted the sky but ended up in a prison; you wanted wings for flying but even your feet were cut off; you wanted ultimate freedom and you staked and lost everything you had for it. There is no chance of getting what you hoped for. That is why you are sad.The meaning of the word God can only be moksha. That is why the great enlightened people have not used the word God. Mahavira talks about moksha and not about God because there are many illusions connected to the word God, and even the word itself has created prisons. Buddha also talks about nirvana and not about God because even the word God has created new bondages – of being a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian. A Hindu is tied down to being a Hindu, a Mohammedan is tied down to being a Mohammedan. Somebody is tied to a temple and somebody is tied to a mosque.Religion is the ultimate freedom. That is why there cannot be any temple or mosque of religion. The day you become really religious, you will see the divine in the temple as well as in the mosque. Then sometimes you will pray in the temple and sometimes in the mosque. Actually, there will be no need for you to go to the temple or the mosque; you will be able to see the divine in your own house, you will see it everywhere.You can understand this last sutra of Shankara only if you keep in mind that religion is the ultimate freedom.Dropping sex, anger, greed and attachment, meditate upon yourself.Sex, anger, greed and attachment, these are the four bondages which keep your moksha, your freedom, suppressed. The base of all these four is sex. Because sex creates attachment, attachment creates greed, and anger is born toward the person who creates an obstacle to the greed. The basic disease is sex.You must understand the meaning of sex. The meaning of sex is the hope of getting happiness from the other. Sex means “my happiness is outside myself.” And meditation means “my happiness is within me.”Krishna says - The journey will become very easy if you understand these two definitions properly. The meaning of sex is: “My happiness is outside of me, in someone else; if the other gives, then I can get it. I cannot find happiness alone. It is miserable to be alone, and it is a pleasure to be in the company of the other.” That is why you don’t want to be alone. You are afraid to be alone. You feel uncomfortable when you are alone even for a short time. As soon as you are alone you start throwing all types of garbage into yourself. You start reading the newspaper all over again – you don’t mind if you have read the same paper three or four times! Or you switch on the radio so that there can be some noise to save you from being alone. Or you play cards or you run to a hotel or a club – anywhere, anyhow.But only the person who has tasted meditation can sit idle.The person who knows and lives as his happiness is within him, he has experienced ultimate freedom.

Finding House For Rent and Sale in Ikoyi
 Rob Davis  
 2 February 2020  

The policies of demand and supply tends to be realized by ladies with awful education. If you find a shortage (insufficient give), the value of the product will raise to be sure that the one that prefers the piece could possibly get the product. If there are more products available for sale than demand, the price will drop because the supplier has to destock, on the other hand.The Ikoyi excursion explains to as much as 16 complex structure assignments at several stages of conclusion.In the former Ikoyi, once a reserve officer of government officials, multinational embassy and corporations officials, the supply of property was limited because owners of the property were not interested in selling them. It owned the effects of parenting price tags and hire premiums close to $ 150,000. Most of Ikoyi's development was high-end luxury condominiums, rented only to those who could afford it, as a result houses for rent in ikoyi.The situation has changed recently, however. The Government of Nigeria has for sale beyond 800 housing ingredients and over 4 extremely high-elevate towers in elegant housing spaces. The embassy while the Substantial Commissioner who relocated to Abuja also sold their property. As discovered, most buyers of these properties were developers and investment speculators, although in general, this may not have had a significant impact on the market. The idea would be to get a wide range of houses, demolish them, construct skyscrapers, book or maintain real estate for a period of serious amounts of then sell it off.The old Ikoi has become a great building construction site, and there are hundreds of undeveloped Ikoi in the market for sale, as a result of all of the above.Industry professionals are convinced the potency of the marketplace (estate source) can provide a different training of assets programmers focusing the center group, at which pricing for condominiums or contains with terraces are linking 70 and 90 million. These developers may not have come across the lease segment. Quite, these are generally directed at all who have a sentimental longing for Ikoyi's location. These builders put together tactics considering the belief that your middle-class will give up VGC, Ikeja GRA, and Lekki 1 compounds for compact rentals in Ikoyi. However, there are differences. These "middle-class" homes are quite obvious, mature equipment instead of just large-conclude condominiums with marble and granite finishes, swimming pools, fitness centers in addition to comforts. His assertion is that the Old Ikoyi market can cater to all luxury apartments, but if they are the only type of real estate, they cannot do it by themselves. The marketplace are required to extend to allow for the center course.Analysts from another group with completely different opinions say that those who own such a property have a large pocket and wait until the desired buyer / tenant comes at the right price before negotiations I think I can get through.

Transformation of Young-Child Learner into Future Leader
 Abdul Kaleem  
 30 March 2020  

Experts suggest that the early age learning approaches or the education plays a crucial role in transforming young children into future leaders. Yes, what and how you make your children learn today, will surely serve as a building block in their future.If you treat them aggressively then surely they will turn into an aggressive leader. If you teach them to act politely, they come up as the polite leader. What you sow is what you gain.Besides of home-schooling, the remote learning also plays an important role in the development of children and help in shaping a better future. If you are interested in knowing the tactics with which you can transform a young child into a successful leader then we can help you with the tricks which you must use while educating them.Power of acceptanceThis plays the biggest role in the leadership. We all know that of course, young children make mistakes and this is not something to get surprised about. But, one thing which is not common is the power of acceptance. Teach them how to accept things. They got bad grades? No problem. Instead of yelling, try to make them accept and own it. Besides this, if they are not efficient in mathematics and provide them instant assignment help instead of criticizing them. That’s how you mold attitude.Group learningAgain, this is the most crucial thing. In the educational sectors, the only reason students are encouraged to work on group projects is because this way, they learn how to lead groups or how tackle situations in difficulties or how to cope conflicts. Of course, everyone have different psyche and each one thinks differently. When children work in groups this way they get to understand human psychology in different manner.Build up confidence Do you know why teachers focus on presentations, speeches and debates? This is because all of these thing help children to build up confidence and to speak up in front of everyone without getting nervous. In line with this, it also assist in making eye contact with the individuals and help in building confidence. And we all know what role the factor of confidence plays in our life or in professional career.Improved communication skills Of course, being a leader one has to develop improved and persuasive communication skills. Have you ever thought that how these educational systems work in improving your child’s communication skills? Why those spelling-bee competitions and other relative programs are initiated. Because all of these things work in shaping good yet persuasive communication skills of children.If you want to transform your child into a future leader then you must assure that parenting and as well as the schooling of your child is being done accurately. Because, the way you educate your children is the seed which you sow for his career. Education makes an equal impact in the personality development of children.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.56
 Dhwani Shah  
 21 August 2019  

Attachment - In Gita Verse 2.56 One who is not disturbed in mind even amidst the threefold miseries or elated when there is happiness, and who is free from attachment, fear and anger, is called a sage of steady mind.Krishna says once you become Pure Consciousness, you have transcended mind, become pure transcendental consciousness. In the middle of all the present circumstances and all the mind made misery there will be happiness, bliss. This will not make you hyper, anxious, but allow you to take action from your wholeness, universal - self. Which is not separate. Separation is our mind ego.Generally we all have a question - Are mind and consciousness separate things? Or is the silent mind, or the concentrated mind, what is called “consciousness”?It depends, it depends on your definition. But to me, mind is that part which has been given to you. It is not yours. Mind means the borrowed, mind means the cultivated, mind means that with which the society has penetrated you. It is not you.Consciousness is your nature; mind is just the circumference created by the society around you, the culture, your education.Mind means the conditioning. So, you can have a Hindu mind, you cannot have a Hindu consciousness. You can have a Christian mind, you can’t have a Christian consciousness. Consciousness is one: it is not divisible. Minds are many. Societies are many, cultures, religions are many and each culture, each society, creates a different mind. Mind is a social by-product. And unless this mind dissolves, you cannot go within; you cannot know what is really your nature, what is authentically your existence, your consciousness.To struggle for meditation is to struggle against the mind. Mind is never meditative and mind is never silent, so to say “a silent mind” is meaningless, absurd. It is just like saying “a healthy disease.” It makes no sense. How can there be a disease that is healthy? Disease is disease, and health is the absence of disease.There is nothing like a silent mind. When there is silence, there is no mind. When there is mind, there is no silence. Mind, as such, is the disturbance, the dis-ease. Meditation is the state of no-mind – not of a silent mind, not of a healthy mind, not of a concentrated mind, no. Meditation is the state of no-mind: no society within you, no conditioning within you – just you, with your pure consciousness.Who can be free from attachments:Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.Less Pain and Suffering:Humans tend to hold on to things, but this futile grasping, this attachment, most often leads to pain and suffering. This is because we internalize possessions, relationships, or other objects of desire. Let me explain. Suppose I have access to something or someone from whom I derive pleasure, happiness, or some form of enjoyment, then suddenly this access is taken away. What happens? If we are attached, we suffer; we feel like we have been robbed. We feel like something that was once ‘ours’ is no longer. Hence, we suffer and experience pain.In Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.52, I have explained in detail what is pain, and how to transcend the pain by seeing everything as a whole and not in a compartmental way.The man who is not disturbed by the mind who can see everything happening as process and whole not as compartmental like seed, tree and seed. Then man will not be attached to anything. They will just become part of the universe and play its role. Like in the movie each actor will play their role to create the whole movie, same way to without giving any meaning of our knowledge and information or the objective world the person will take only to play their role in totality.Krishna is telling Arjuna to be total in his role towards war.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.34
 Dhwani Shah  
 12 October 2019  

Beyond The Senses - In Gita Verse 3.34 There are principles to regulate attachment and aversion pertaining to the senses and their objects. One should not come under the control of such attachment and aversion, because they are stumbling blocks on the path of self-realization.Krishna warned Arjuna: If not conscious, Arjuna, these senses are so turbulent that they can lead astray the mind of even a vigilant human being. From the senses either you become attach or aversion. Self-realized person don’t get controlled by senses. They definitely uses all the five senses. But they don’t create any attachments or aversion by it.If you will use your senses in totality you will become self-realized. Say you are listening to musics, to total in listening it, allow the whole body to move with the music, feel the sensation happening throughout the body.After the music you will feel certain silence in you. Certain awareness in you. This awareness is not because of the objective world. There will be some kind of difference you will find in it. It calm downs you, till the time you are connected with that awareness you will feel that emotions like anger, hatrate, anxiety are not there in your action but fragrance of love, prayerful heart is there.This silence also can be heard in the form of Aum, the sound of the soundless.I only gave you the example of one senses but you can try with all your senses. Be total when you are eating and fully enjoy the taste of food without any judgement, feel the sensations in the body, allow the body to move when you are totally enjoying the taste, then watch yourself suddenly you will find all the thoughts disappeared, after having food there was with satisfaction of food calmness was also there.Try with all your senses be total in your touch, smell, and sight. Be total you will become silent.This moment of serenity is the fragrance of meditation. It is born out of absolute emptiness with no desire for anything. Serenity has to grow in meditation as Zen Master Hung Chin says, “Silently and serenely one forgets all words, clearly and vividly that appear before him. When one realises it, it is vast and without edges, in its essence, one is clearly aware.”Shiva says, “Listen to the primal soundless music of Aum that is vibrating within the body.” This has a deep meaning. The serenity arises, the soundless music plays only when you are empty, thoughtless and totally devoid of desires. The serenity is the Buddha and the Buddha is the serenity. In the vast emptiness of the Buddha, God appears, flows through your being, playing the sound of silence.Being totally thoughtless may be the toughest thing to do but it is the only state in which you can listen to the sound of silence — Aum. This is the only sound which appears when all your thoughts are gone and your innermost core is drenched in serenity, calmness. Aum is a symbol of silent music in the inner being full of bliss. If one reaches that state, transcending the mind, dropping all thoughts and instead becoming a watcher of the mind, the silent music will surface within.Osho says the delightful sound of Aum vibrating within you is the ultimate truth and it plays only when everything else disappears from your being and you have become calm. But you cannot reach that state by simply chanting Aum as a mantra, because the mind is still functioning when you are repeating it.Different self-realized masters with Shiva tell how the same senses are experiences from within when we are total in it. In the process we become empty means empty of judgements, ideology, identifications etc, there is no attachment or aversion.Krishna says to Arjuna self-realized person don’t become attached by their senses but they grow in consciousness and become self-realized through their senses.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 4.20
 Dhwani Shah  
 13 November 2019  

Gorakhnath - In Gita Verse 4.20 Abandoning all attachment to the results of his activities, ever satisfied and independent, he performs no fruitive action, although engaged in all kinds of undertakings.Krishna's words we will understand by teaching of Gorakhnath.He releases his embrace and shatters illusion… Gradually drop attachment, infatuation, greed, because whatever you are holding onto outside will be taken away by death.In a very simple words Gorakhnath says that to drop or come out of attachments is only way to know that our attachments are illusion. So it is better to release them, which is your death. Death is not of the body but when we live with the attachments that is death. Our attachments are maya. When religion says that world is maya we have taken it literally that world is maya, they only says that the our attachments for the objective world is maya.Once you understand through your knowing that our attachment is our death, our greed, infatuation, everything will be gone with death. In Buddha’s word with this knowing immediately you will be in middle. You will eat but only to survive the body not for taste, in that process you will enjoy the taste but you will not overeat. According to Krishna this act is ‘he performs no fruitive action, although engaged in all kinds of undertakings.”If you let go on your own before death takes it away from you, you are immensely rewarded, you are blessed. Death never comes again to one who leaves everything behind before death comes. Then you have nothing which death can take away; you have dropped everything on your own. This is called sannyas, renunciation.Dropping does not mean escaping; someone who runs away is still holding on. This is why he runs away, otherwise why should he run away? If somebody leaves his wife and escapes to the forest it only means that he is attached to his wife. Otherwise what is the fear, what is he scared of?If things can be dropped right where you are. The idea of running away is a mistaken idea. Running away is cowardice. Letting go does not happen through running away, it happens through waking up. Just look with awareness. Slowly, slowly become conscious and you will find that, in the light of your awareness, that which is worthless looks worthless, and whatever is seen as worthless you won’t be able to hang on to, your embrace will be released.According to Gorakhnath - He releases his embrace and shatters illusion: Vishnu the sustainer washes his feet.The great god Vishnu comes to massage his feet. Daring statements! The person who was able to say this was certainly a man of courage. Someone who makes Vishnu massage people’s feet has some daring, some courage. He is no ordinary man.Die, O yogi, die! Die, sweet is this dying. Die this death that Gorakh embraced and awakened. In love one has to die. Love is death. And someone who dies attains to the eternal, to the immortal.Gorakh is very simple man with his own extraordinary understanding. When you drop your attachments, which is illusion, you have become very ordinary person with extraordinary understanding, one who has achieve this understanding for him even the God Vishnu comes to massage his feet and he will not resist as he has dropped his attachments for the God also.He is not saying to strengthen your ego his words only says what Zen says - when you eat - eat, when you walk - walk, when you sleep - sleep. As I have mentioned in my this blog you will be in middle, you will eat but not for the taste but for the requirement of body, in the process you will enjoy the taste but because of taste you will not overeat.Krishna tells Arjuna to dropped all your attachments including for yourself and then you will performs no fruitive action, although engaged in all kinds of undertakings.