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Social Media Marketing
 22 February 2018  

Social Media Marketing–The Company uses social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter for marketing our product or service. In compare to e-marketing and digital marketing, social media marketing is more popular in India. By using social networking websites, companies can interact with consumers for promoting the product. The consumers also contact directly with companies by using social network sites for the details of the product.The social sites connect users and companies in which consumers can discuss for defects in products and request for latest services in smartphones. The consumers also talks about the future launched smartphones for price and specifications details. The companies also provide details about their services and latest smartphones which influence the online users on social websites.There are several social networking sites which is used by the companies for promoting their products are discussed belowFacebook –Facebook is one of the popular social networking sites in youngsters. Thousands of youngsters and individuals are online thus the companies use Facebook as a tool for marketing the products. It allows photos, videos and detail information about products so that the user can watch and comment on the products by using Facebook. The companies also create a page for the products and continuously updated their page for increases the followers in Facebook.                                                      LinkedIn – It is a professional based networking site which allows companies to make professional profiles. Job seekers are also in LinkedIn and follows company’s professional profiles which helps in promoting the company.  This website provides its professionals to make sales leads and business partners. The companies create pages and allow marketers to promote their products and interact with their users and job searchers. It also makes an advertisement of recruitment for different jobs which promote their brands and profiles.                                                                                                   Twitter – It is also one of the popular social websites for the tweets of political parties, actors, actress, cricketers, news channels, and many more. Thus the companies also use this website for promoting their products in tweets as a short message in 140 characters and represent for followers. This social website contain video, photo, text, animated GIF, and Emoji which are used by the companies for marketing their products for increases their followers on Twitter.                                            You Tube –It is a popular video sharing website for watching movies, serials, sports, and also promoting video website for marketing their products. Companies use this website for upload anadvertising video about their products in which the users get a detail information about their brands and products.                                                                   Whatsapp – At present, Whatsapp is one of the popular social websites in youngsters. It joined in Facebook in 2014 but it can operate as a separate app for sending a message, videos, GIF’s anywhere in the world. It allows text messages with photos, videos, documents and voice calls. It also supports messages and calls which are secured with end-to-end encryption in which third partycannot read or listen to them. There are one billion people in all over the world thus it is a good platform for companies to promote their brands and products.                                                                      Instagram– There are about 200 million users in Instagram. Companies uses this website for directly connect with their present and potential customers. It helps in promote and marketing their products. It can also easily used in smartphones because it supports Apple and android system. This is beneficial for the marketers to connect with youth customers for advertising their products.                                                                  

Tips to boost Instagram followers and engagement initially
 9 October 2019  

It might seem a challenging job to gain Instagram followers in the beginning, but believe us, it is not that difficult. We have come up with some smart tips and tricks to increase your Instagram followers and engagement, initially.Once you have given a professional touch to your account that we discussed in an earlier blog (Instagram SEO), next is to follow these tips and soon you will reach your goal of growing your initial followers.For that, let us have a look at Dezi’s story,“Dezi had an extraordinary and appealing personality now, however, he isolated himself and no one could see him, he was lonely. One day, he went outside his house and he saw a cute little kid and smiled at him, the kid smiled back, that’s when he realized that the world isn’t a bad place. He got a wave back whenever he waved at people, he started interacting with more and more people. Now, Dezi made a really good group of friends who always supported him. On a friend’s birthday, he gifted him his favorite watch as a present for whatever his friend did for him, which made their bond stronger. Dezi was now content with his life and decided to go for what he cherished the most, “singing”. He decided to organize a singing event. One of his companions, “Influe” helped him out in advertising his event as he knew many people who had similar intrigue. Dezi’s friend, Colla who was a great guitarist played the guitar and gave music to Dezi’s voice on the day of the event. It was a successful event, both Dezi and Colla were immensely happy and got a lot of affection from the crowd. Dezi now found a way to live and got a kick start to his career, his friends played an important role throughout his journey.”We can almost hear you thinking, “But what do I do with Dezi’s journey?” Let us lift the veil for you…1.) Follow for Follow/Like for Like:Some of the things never grow old, these tricks still work if done correctly. Don’t just follow anyone, instead follow the people who follow someone working in the same niche as yours. Because they might be individuals who are interested in the content that you provide. Similarly, like the posts of other business accounts on Instagram who are having a few amount of followers. Remember the kid who smiled back at Dezi?2.) Shout out for Shout out :People do wave back when you wave at them! In the same way, people do give shout outs when you do the same for them. But, keep in mind that their number of followers must not be a lot more than you.3.) Start Interacting :Try to post interactive pictures and videos. For example, tag a friend posts, story polls, story Q&A, etc. The more you communicate with your audience, the more they will be engaged in your content.4.) Join Groups (Support Team):Dezi’s group of friends constantly upheld him. Likewise, joining groups on Instagram who have the same or similar business as you, can help a lot. Groups work as support teams and help in lifting you along with them.5.) Contests/Lucky Draws/Giveaways:Gift and present never fail to make the other person feel special, it strengthens the bond. You can conduct various contests and some cool giveaways for your followers which helps to increase the engagement on your posts and also helps in retaining the existing audience.6.) Hire an Influencer:At present, the trend of influencer marketing is on its peak and just like Dezi, you might also need “Influe” who already has a large audience that might be interested in your business. For example, contact a fashion influencer if you have a clothing business, hire a fitness influencer if you sell supplements or health-related products, etc. Choosing the right influencer is the most important thing.7.) Collaborations:What Colla and Dezi did together would have never been possible if they performed individually. Collaborate with someone who completes you or acts a complementary to your products/services/content.Conclusion:This was our Instagram follower growth guide that can help you to gain Instagram followers initially and to flood up your notification panel. We hope this was helpful.If you need any digital marketing assistance, feel free to contact us (dezignape@gmail.com). We provide digital marketing services like social media marketing, web development, web design, search engine optimization, etc..

Brand and Marketing Strategies: Taking Your Business To The Next Level
 5 October 2019  

If your company hopes to grow its business in 2019 and beyond, you need more than just a good idea. It's great if you have a product or service that everybody wants. But it's tough to sell if people don't know about it. That's where marketing comes in.Marketing is something that’s continually changing. Once upon a time, a company's branded marketing approach included an ad in a newspaper or magazine and maybe a television or radio commercial - the classic "offline" method.Today’s marketing strategies have continued to explore new opportunities.Marketing, like everything else, has become more dynamic and plugged in these days. Your strategy is no longer about maximizing one or two channels. Instead, you must leverage a host of various sources, many of which are online or have a digital component, to reach your target market. Creating entry barrier lead magnets to automation in your audience segments inside your customer journey from buying to buyer.Ultimately, marketing is about being where your ideal client is and connecting with them utilizing a multitude of different tools.Let's first take a look at the importance of brand strategy and then cover several strategies to help you engage with your audience and turn them into loyal customers.Brand StrategyBefore employing specific marketing methods, it's essential to grasp what it is you hope to achieve with your overall brand strategy. Commonly mistaken for straightforward business features like your logo, product or your company's website, your brand encompasses much more.Branding runs through every aspect of what you and your team do - from how you answer the phones to the design choices you make for your marketing materials to how well your product or service performs to the way you engage with clients.Branding infuses both what you produce and how you make people feel when they interact with that output.The most successful brand strategies include several core elements that inform every facet of your business:PurposeSure, practically every company's mission is to be profitable, but to have lasting success, your goal must go beyond dollars and cents. Are you only wanting to sell a product, or do you want to enhance the lives of those who use it? Do you want to grow your business or do you want to increase the way those who work for and with your company benefit from it? The difference in approach may be subtle, but the lasting positive impact on your organization can be profound.Example: Seattle-based Starbucks is, of course, all about coffee. But the worldwide brand strives to be more than just a coffee shop. With a socially conscious mission, Starbucks champions diverse initiatives that include sustainable coffee, meaningful employment, and stronger communities.FlexibilityMarkets are always changing. To keep up, your branding and messaging have to find new and innovative ways to appeal to an audience. That doesn’t mean you have to change your logo every 12 months (consistency is important too, as we cover next). Discovering new angles to showcase your brand, partner with others or speak to your audience helps you reach new clients and keep things interesting for those who have already committed to your brand. Example: Target has gone against the "online" grain and is rolling out a new small store concept in urban markets, where their standard, big box footprint would be out of touch with the location's density and local attributes. ConsistencyWhile flexibility is vital to staying relevant in a fast-changing world, you also want current and prospective customers to know who you are and the foundational values you represent. This is particularly important if you've been successful in carving out a niche in a competitive market and don't want to alienate clients. Make use of style guides that inform and standardize your look and messaging, regardless if you're using it in on the web, through social media or in a physical store.Example: Tech giant Apple is perhaps the Mount Everest of consistent branding. Everything from their products and the packaging they come in to their advertising to their corporate headquarters are always unmistakably Apple.EngagementGreat product. Great message. And still no customers? Products and services are rarely instant successes. Instead, successful brands figure out ways to connect with customers and create an emotional attachment that makes the buyer feel as if they are part of something bigger. Recognize how your product or service enriches a user’s life and then play up that connection to generate more meaningful engagement with your customers. Example: Coca-Cola's bright, welcoming aesthetic inviting people to be part of their brand is well established. For the past decade, one of the world's largest drink brands has taken this engagement to the next level with the simple, yet highly engaging “Share a Coke” campaign.Consider some of the biggest brands in the world - Apple, Coca-Cola, Starbucks - and how recognizable their brands - and brand strategies - have become. Yet they continue to evolve in an attempt to reach more potential consumers.You don't need to be an international behemoth to employ a comprehensive and successful brand strategy.  Simply by understanding who your company is, knowing what you offer and connecting with an audience who stands to benefit most, allows your brand to shine.Five Modern Marketing StrategiesWith that understanding of branding and overall marketing strategy, here are five modern methods that can enhance your brand and grow your business.Lead Magnet and Content MarketingIt's the most classic of starting points for all businesses - what solution does your product provide? The best lead magnets crystallize why your brand matters. Identify an audience's problem or question and then present your case for not just being the answer but the only answer.Lead magnets like ebooks, FAQs, checklists, surveys or guides are most useful when you use funnel marketing. This means you grab the prospect's attention with something of value in exchange for their contact info. Then, you can continue connecting with them via other methods, drawing them further down the “funnel” to eventually become a customer.However, lead magnets can be more than just one-off content pieces to capture an email address - they are also effective as engaging, stand-alone marketing or promotional pieces.Email MarketingIt may seem a little low-tech compared to some of today's more advanced tools, but email remains a massively popular form of communication. If done well, it can provide an impressive ROI, or return on investment. For example, Hubspot notes that for every dollar spent on email, you can earn $38 in return, which is a 3,800% ROI. And, more than 59% of marketers say that their biggest source of ROI is through email. Those stats show that email has matured quite a bit in the past few years. The productiveness of your email marketing depends on your commitment to it. Automate your email and customize responses based on the actions of your subscribers, such as when they click a link, navigate to a page, view an item or leave an item in their online cart. You can also personalize your content based on demographics and who they are, whether they are a visitor making a first-time purchase or a satisfied and returning customer. This effort allows you to nurture relationships with your audience and provide touchpoints for them regardless of how they engage with your brand. Social MediaFor many firms today, their marketing begins and ends with social media. It's easy to see why. Sprout Social indicates that social media continues to grow in the number of users and opportunities for engagement with both customers and non-customers. It seems that everyone engages with some form of social media and for your brand not to be involved in at least one platform is a huge missed opportunity.Consider your audience to pick which social media platforms are best for your company. Consider having a business page on Facebook and including Facebook ads as part of your advertising strategy. In addition, consider joining platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram, which can also produce valuable direct engagement for both B2Cs and B2Bs.The crucial factor of social media is to be authentic. Many platforms are less about making a sale and more about being part of a conversation. Certainly, don't be shy about promoting your products, services and solutions. But to find social media success, your organization's voice must be genuine and focused on your audience’s experience. Video MarketingWould it surprise you to learn that YouTube is the world's second most popular site - behind Google and ahead of Facebook? It's also the second most popular search engine.In other words, video is big. While no one expects you start producing 30-minute infomercials, taking advantage of video's popularity and the boost it gives your SEO. From product guides and demos to tutorials to two--minute industry-specific info pieces, developing a library of videos sets you apart from competitors while also building another engagement point for your audience. House those video libraries on both your website and a channel on YouTube to increase their exposure.Influencer MarketingWord of mouth has always been a reliable means of marketing for many industries. Unfortunately, the traditional method of creating buzz can take a lot of time and patience as you build a satisfied customer base willing to spread the word. Today, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.Influencer marketing is supercharging word of mouth with brands partnering with influencers to increase visibility among other circles of followers. If you think your business isn't fit for this type of marketing, think again. Influencers are everywhere and are capable of moving the needle on practically any product or service.For your company to see a big payoff, you'll want to identify the right influencer for your brand and marketing strategy. Look for influencers who have a following similar to the type of audience you want to target. You don't need to aim for the stars either. Micro-influencers reach thousands of individuals at a far lower entry threshold.Final ThoughtsWhen it comes to researching and implementing your branding and marketing strategies, keep your audience in mind. No matter your branding and marketing approach, make sure to test and retest everything you do. By its very nature of convincing others to believe in your business and buy the product you're selling, marketing is an inexact science. Perfect it by understanding your audience as well as your company and its purpose, and then refine the message you want to convey. Leverage all of the channels at your disposal where your audience can be found to share that message and realize your organization's true potential. Grow in Practical Application with a Degree Understanding the foundational concepts of marketing and brand awareness is helpful in whatever business-related industry you find yourself in. Grow in your understanding of core concepts like marketing through a business degree program at PGS. With practical curriculum designed to help you meet your goals, you can add value to your organization and get to where you want to go in business success. Check out our business programs and connect with our enrollment team to learn more. 

Pass away Vorteile des Virtual-Videos-Streamings
 19 March 2021  

Video recording-Streaming head wear in der Around the internet-Welt schnell an Popularität gewonnen und ist heute die gefragteste Fine art von On the net-Inhalten. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, wie Website owner Videoinhalte auf ihren Online services verteilen, und pass on Methode, pass on pass on besten Ergebnisse erzielt hat, ist Digital video when needed (oder VoD). Diese Technologie ermöglicht es Benutzern, über ihren Webbrowser auf Streaming-Videos zuzugreifen. Es gibt auch viele andere Möglichkeiten, wie Sie pass on Streaming-Videotechnologie nutzen können. Sobald Sie genau herausgefunden haben, wie es funktioniert, können Sie Ihre eigenen Ideen für perish Implementierung entwickeln.Online video media when needed ist derzeit pass on beliebteste Anwendung der Video-Internet streaming-Technologie. Sie können Videodateien auf jedem Machine hosten und sie stehen jedem zur Verfügung, der einen Computer or laptop mit dem Web-based verbunden head wear. Dies kommt nicht nur Menschen zugute, kick the bucket sich durch perish On the internet-Suche nach Medien unterhalten möchten, sondern ist auch ein sehr nützliches Musical instrument für Schulen und Universitäten, expire Lehrern die Möglichkeit geben, ihre Kurse mit Loaded News-Materialien zu präsentieren. Besser noch, pass away Schüler können jederzeit auf pass away Mediendateien zugreifen. Passes away ist besonders für Universitäten geeignet, pass on Fernunterricht praktizieren.Wenn es um Fernunterricht geht, ist Online video at will ein sehr gutes Werkzeug, da der Benutzer das Training video anhalten und zurückspulen kann, accidents er etwas verpasst head wear. Passes away ist auch der Grund, warum Video media-Streaming in einigen Fällen den Lernprozess effektiver macht.Movie-Internet streaming kann auch stay erfolgen. Diese Technologie kann sehr nützlich sein, um Stay-Instances wie Premieren, Exist-Konzerte, politische Reden usw. zu übertragen. Exist-Training video-Internet streaming eignet sich auch hervorragend als Sicherheitstool, da es expire Überwachung entfernter Standorte in Echtzeit ermöglicht. Auf diese Weise kann jeder auf dem Planeten, der über eine Internetverbindung verfügt, eine Dwell-Übertragung mit dieser Technologie sehen.Video clip-Internet streaming macht sich auch in der Welt des The web-Marketings gut. Wenn es um Cyberspace-Target marketing geht, ist Online video media-Internet streaming eines der leistungsstärksten verfügbaren Programs, vorausgesetzt, Sie wissen, wie Sie diese Medien nutzen können. So, wie Fernsehwerbung perish besten Werbemittel sind, können pass away On-line-Streaming-Training videos auch verwendet werden, um eine große Anzahl von Zuschauern zu erfassen.Benutzer müssen jedoch mit ihren Instructional videos einen anderen Ansatz verfolgen, um das Over the internet-Publikum zu erfassen. Internet marketing Fernsehen müssen pass away Leute nur auffällige Clips und eingängige Musik sehen, um zu stoppen, was sie taten, und einen Werbespot anzusehen. In der Internet based-Welt sind die Dinge selten so einfach. Hier muss boyfriend etwas kreativer werden. Sie müssen mit Ihren Tutorials einen viralen Effekt erzielen. Die sogenannten viralen Video profitieren von der besten Belichtung in der Internet-Welt. Video lessons müssen lustig, kreativ und interessant sein, damit pass on Leute sie sehen können. Selbst wenn Sie es nicht schaffen, ein Video clips mit all diesen Dingen zusammenzustellen, werden Ihre Online world-Business-Bemühungen potenziellen Käufern sicherlich viel mehr Aufmerksamkeit schenken, wenn Sie Video clip-Streaming verwenden.Es reicht nicht aus, über technische Kenntnisse der Funktionsweise von Video clips-Internet streaming zu verfügen, wenn Sie mit Internet-Video footage-Streaming erfolgreich sein möchten. Sie müssen auch kreativer werden und Ihren potenziellen Kunden einen besseren Überblick über das geben, was Sie verkaufen. Gute Werbespots sind diejenigen, pass away pass away Besucher neugierig machen und nach mehr zurückkehren möchten. disney zusammen schauenUnabhängig davon, ob Sie Films für Unterrichtszwecke streamen oder Ihr Produkt around the internet bewerben möchten, müssen Sie einen Footage-Internet streaming-Dienst finden. Obwohl es viele Unternehmen gibt, pass on solche Dienstleistungen anbieten, ist eswichtig and sicherzustellen, dass sie zuverlässig sind. Es kann wirklich nicht gut für Ihr Unternehmen sein, wenn der Dienst häufig abstürzt. Bevor Sie tatsächlich in einen solchen System investieren, sollten Sie zunächst die Programs des Unternehmens testen und feststellen, wie reaktionsschnell deren Aid ist. Wenn Sie mit ihnen zufrieden sind, tätigen Sie Ihren Kauf und beginnen Sie mit dem Within the internet-Internet streaming von Movies.Sie sollten auch berücksichtigen, dass es mehrere Plattformen für Live on the internet-Video recording-Internet streaming gibt. Pass on heute beliebtesten Optionen sind Flash Advertising, Glass windows Media channels und Wowza News, eine neu entwickelte Technologie für das Within the web-Training video-Internet streaming.

Pass on Vorteile des Using the net-Training video-Streamings
 19 March 2021  

Videos-Streaming cap in der Online-Welt schnell an Popularität gewonnen und ist heute pass on gefragteste Skill von From the internet-Inhalten. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, wie Webmaster Videoinhalte auf ihren Web pages verteilen, und pass away Methode, die kick the bucket besten Ergebnisse erzielt hat, ist Online video on Demand (oder VoD). Diese Technologie ermöglicht es Benutzern, über ihren Webbrowser auf Internet streaming-Online videos zuzugreifen. Es gibt auch viele andere Möglichkeiten, wie Sie die Streaming-Videotechnologie nutzen können. Sobald Sie genau herausgefunden haben, wie es funktioniert, können Sie Ihre eigenen Ideen für expire Implementierung entwickeln.Online video media when needed ist derzeit expire beliebteste Anwendung der Training video-Streaming-Technologie. Sie können Videodateien auf jedem Machine hosten und sie stehen jedem zur Verfügung, der einen Pc mit dem Cyberspace verbunden head wear. Dies kommt nicht nur Menschen zugute, die sich durch pass on Within the internet-Suche nach Medien unterhalten möchten, sondern ist auch ein sehr nützliches Musical instrument für Schulen und Universitäten, pass away Lehrern kick the bucket Möglichkeit geben, ihre Kurse mit Unique Mass media-Materialien zu präsentieren. Besser noch, pass away Schüler können jederzeit auf pass on Mediendateien zugreifen. Dies ist besonders für Universitäten geeignet, pass on Fernunterricht praktizieren.Wenn es um Fernunterricht geht, ist Video presentation when needed ein sehr gutes Werkzeug, da der Benutzer das Training video anhalten und zurückspulen kann, is catagorized er etwas verpasst hat. Passes away ist auch der Grund, warum Video training-Streaming in einigen Fällen den Lernprozess effektiver macht.Footage-Streaming kann auch are located erfolgen. Diese Technologie kann sehr nützlich sein, um Real-Incidents wie Premieren, Are located-Konzerte, politische Reden usw. zu übertragen. Experience-Movie-Internet streaming eignet sich auch hervorragend als Sicherheitstool, da es expire Überwachung entfernter Standorte in Echtzeit ermöglicht. Auf diese Weise kann jeder auf dem Planeten, der über eine Internetverbindung verfügt, eine Stay-Übertragung mit dieser Technologie sehen.Video-Internet streaming macht sich auch in der Welt des Online-Marketings gut. Wenn es um Via internet-Promotion and marketing geht, ist Video footage-Streaming eines der leistungsstärksten verfügbaren Tools, vorausgesetzt, Sie wissen, wie Sie diese Medien nutzen können. So, wie Fernsehwerbung die besten Werbemittel sind, können pass away Online-Streaming-Training videos auch verwendet werden, um eine große Anzahl von Zuschauern zu erfassen.Benutzer müssen jedoch mit ihren Tutorials einen anderen Ansatz verfolgen, um das By going online-Publikum zu erfassen. Internet marketing Fernsehen müssen kick the bucket Leute nur auffällige Video und eingängige Musik sehen, um zu stoppen, was sie taten, und einen Werbespot anzusehen. In der Within the net-Welt sind kick the bucket Dinge selten so einfach. Hier muss husband etwas kreativer werden. Sie müssen mit Ihren Instuction videos einen viralen Effekt erzielen. Die sogenannten viralen Tutorials profitieren von der besten Belichtung in der Through the internet-Welt. Tutorials müssen lustig, kreativ und interessant sein, damit perish Leute sie sehen können. Selbst wenn Sie es nicht schaffen, ein Video tutorial mit all diesen Dingen zusammenzustellen, werden Ihre Word wide web-Promotional-Bemühungen potenziellen Käufern sicherlich viel mehr Aufmerksamkeit schenken, wenn Sie Video media-Streaming verwenden.Es reicht nicht aus, über technische Kenntnisse der Funktionsweise von Video clip-Internet streaming zu verfügen, wenn Sie mit Through the internet-Footage-Streaming erfolgreich sein möchten. Sie müssen auch kreativer werden und Ihren potenziellen Kunden einen besseren Überblick über das geben, was Sie verkaufen. Gute Werbespots sind diejenigen, die kick the bucket Besucher neugierig machen und nach mehr zurückkehren möchten. videos mit freunden schauenUnabhängig davon, ob Sie Footage für Unterrichtszwecke streamen oder Ihr Produkt using the net bewerben möchten, müssen Sie einen Movie-Internet streaming-Dienst finden. Obwohl es viele Unternehmen gibt, pass on solche Dienstleistungen anbieten, ist essicherzustellen and wichtig, dass sie zuverlässig sind. Es kann wirklich nicht gut für Ihr Unternehmen sein, wenn der Dienst häufig abstürzt. Bevor Sie tatsächlich in einen solchen Website investieren, sollten Sie zunächst die Suppliers des Unternehmens testen und feststellen, wie reaktionsschnell deren Guide ist. Wenn Sie mit ihnen zufrieden sind, tätigen Sie Ihren Kauf und beginnen Sie mit dem Around the web-Internet streaming von Films.Sie sollten auch berücksichtigen, dass es mehrere Plattformen für On the website-Movie-Streaming gibt. Die heute beliebtesten Optionen sind Flash Multimedia, Windows xp Advertising und Wowza Press, eine neu entwickelte Technologie für das World wide web-Video media-Streaming.

We, the Innocent ............. by Dr. Navniit Gandhi
 17 February 2018  

Wash your utensils with this dish-cleaner and sparkle your relationships…There is saffron in the soap…There is chocolate in this shampoo… there are almonds in the face cream!Drink this tea and refresh your relationships…Drink this soft-drink and live without fear…What fools are we, at times!!!All along, some of us have wasted our time; many precious years of life, trying to find out how to lead a perfect life… Probably, you too must have spent hours, trying to understand relationships, love and life. How stupid we have been… All we could have done is to switch on the Television, and sit before it with total faith. Yes, with total faith in our advertisements!!! We could have had the keys to all that we ever wanted in life. The key to beauty; to success; to a happy family life; the key to popularity and the key to health and blossoming relationships—all could have been at our feet in a matter of a few hours… How very silly of us, that we work hard and undergo ordeals and struggles, to fulfil our aspirations!God, bless us. We know not how innocent we are! The noble companies and even nobler advertising agencies are crying hoarse, and trying to better our lives. And, we don’t take them seriously? Using music, Bollywood stars and attractive photography—they spend crores trying to make all our dreams come true, and we do not take the ads seriously?Didn’t they tell us…Spray this deodorant and girls will fall head-over-heels in love with you…Eat this cereal and your husband will start noticing you…Add this in your children’s milk and they will become great scientists!Use this fairness cream and the most handsome and eligible bachelor will be at your feet…If you drink a particular beverage daily, your Boss will be impressed and you could take a trophy home for outstanding performance…It is all so clearly stated. The world of TV Ads is a great teacher. Just sit down… relax… and carefully watch the ads. We can learn how to magically swirl ten mouth-watering dishes—one or two each for every family member and yet, not a drop of sweat shall we shed or a strand of hair move. How? Because the secret, as we would learn, would lay in the dish-washing soap!Have you not seen the ad which teaches us that if we use a particular washing-powder, husband and wives would love each other more? How? Because, the clothes would become softer and so would the hands of the lady….But, what if the washing powder is used by the maid? Would her husband love her more, or ours???? Women, take note of this puzzle!!!Oh no! How much time have we wasted trying to seriously think on some matters, whereas the solutions and lessons were all so very simple!Had we known this secret earlier, we would have had the pleasure of seeing our mothers always young, fresh and happy despite their daily laborious chores. We could have had friends drooling over our looks, and we could have made smarter choices!!! Our brain could have been sharper; our nails and hair glistening; our clothes smarter; our body odour captivating; our sleep peaceful; our taste buds rejuvenated and of course, our relationships, happier. How innocent we have been… Imagine, the key to freedom from pimples, wrinkles, and fine lines was just a remote away!Use this tooth paste-- dance and swirl and live happily thereafter…Take a loan from our bank and we will help you discover the real ‘you’…This toilet cleaner will sparkle your bathroom and your life…There are easy and readymade formulae for increasing the growth of the brain of our children… There are easy solutions for killing germs in ten seconds!! And then, our children would never fall ill even if they gulp pizzas or burgers daily. Wish we could have sat before the televisions with total faith…. We could have given our children filtered water (using modern complicated processes) and they could have topped in their respective classrooms.Are you one of those who were searching in vain for means to raise your self-esteem? Well, did you not know that with a certain brand of tea, courage and confidence comes; and with a certain soft-drink—come tumbling out clever and creative ideas? A certain can of paint is what it takes or perhaps, a bathroom-freshner to raise your esteem in the eyes of your neighbours… Ha, how easy it is, isn’t it?Watch the Advertisements for solutions to all your problems… for answers to all your questions!!! It is not too late.Ah, by the way—have you been looking for a way out to please your in-laws? Oh, ohhh…. All you had to do was prove your intelligence by using a particular mosquito coil, and pride would have surfaced in their eyes and they would have hugged you happily!!!

The Room - Will you visit before it's too late ?
 12 March 2018  

THE ROOM19 year old Nishantis worried as he enters the room with his mom, its 6 pm in the evening he has bunked a couple of classes to get to the venue, the sun is almost down but he still has his shades on.  He picks up a quiet corner further away from everyone and hopes the earth would swallow him.58 year old chatty Betty is on the other side. She is very blissful. She picks up conversations with almost everyone in the room. She is very friendly.35 year old Khushbu is also present. She is busy observing everyone, her so called fellow roommates, the receptionist, the general vibrations and the aura. She is very proud to get to the “room”.So where actually are they? Where one is worried of being spotted another proud and yet another totally blissful!! Let me give you a brief snippet of their lives.Nishant has had phenomenal performance in his academics. He has always topped the class. He has got into the best engineering college in the country. He has plans to set up his own start up dot com. He is introvert by nature but in this digital world who cares?! He is very close to his family and loves them dearly.Off late he worries a lot of the well being of his family members so much so that he checks on them almost every one hour. He believes every single minute that they are going to die. He feels there will be an earthquake or a road accident any minute and his family members will be affected. It took Nishant’s mom a lot of persuation to ask Nishant come along. He is worried on whether he should share this encounter in the room with his girlfriend at all.Betty is a wonderful lady with a heart of gold. She has a degree in chartered accountancy. She is the apple eyed girl of her father. She was responsible for setting up her paternal family’s business.  Albeit she found her prince charming sooner than expected and settled down for domesticity at the tender age of 21.All the same she is very knowledgeable and can have rich stimulating conversations from fashion to politics.Her problem is she is confused of her identity and family lineage. She believes she comes from royal family and nobody in her world is real. She believes that her mother is a queen who did not want to take care of her as she did not love her and in turn left her with her current foster parents. This of course is her imagination. She is more than happy to come to the room as she believes she is going to meet a queen.Khushbu is a young dynamic advertising professional. She has everything going right for her. She is blessed to have a supporting family,awesome children and a husband to die for. She is an omnivert if I may coin a behavioral term for her!! Well that means she is approachable and friendly yet does not blend in easily. She does not care what anybody thinks of her and speaks her mind. She is extremely self assured and leaves no stone unturned to fulfil her goals. She has a wide range of capabilities right from dancing, swimming to driving to name a few.All this suddenly disappears when she left by herself. She is always second guessing herself and is very anxious of being lonely. This has led to endless sleepless nights, frustration ultimately leading to bouts of violence. She feels so wretched at times that she contemplates suicide every second day. One minute she is happy next minute she is sad. She is totally clueless on what she will feel next. This roller coaster of emotions brings her to “the room”. She is glad she made it after a lot of contemplation.My guess is you have a guess by now (Pun intended) ! Welcome to the therapist’s clinic!! Do Nishant, Betty and Khushbu have a life situation that warrants a visit to the therapist? Are they having any crisis? Is there a financial loss? Is there a loss of a loved one? Is there a severe health failure?  Is there anything out of order at all dear readers in their lives?Now all of situations may well qualify for a psychological health crisis. An issue which exists but is not easily validated. Socially there is a refusal to classify it as a disease. Unlike Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Immunity Disorder, Cancer and so on and so forth there are no symptoms that the body will give out. Quiet contrarily here is absolutely no physical manifestation at all in all of the above cases.Technically they are not “crazy”, “mad” or “abnormal”. They are highly capable individuals. Well what separates them a little bit from most is that their thoughts run a tad more than us. Are not all of us a little weird? Do not all of us have some type of anxiety, imagination or lack of confidence. That’s all that’s about it. Would you give them company in the room without being apprehensive about judgment?It’s a actually a non starter. We all have a taboo about therapist, shrink or in need of a better word clinical psychologist. We are all worried about social acceptance having visited the therapist once. In fact it may even feature in our “dark secrets” that is allowed only the deepest recesses of our minds and hearts. We refuse to share, talk, discuss leave alone consultation.In fact it is so great an outlaw that we are not able to see our own tell tale signs of psychological inadequacies. We continue to lead a life filled with anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, stress needless to say and many more forms of emotional upheavals.Somehow when we think a psychotherapist we only think of a person who is deranged who is haggard who is not successful who is probably chained who is hostile who is demented the list is endless. They are the ones who get help because their inadequacies are on display.The ones who really suffer are the ones who cannot see that we don’t have to be psychotic to visit the therapist. We just need to want a better life. We are totally unaware of a much better joyous life that we may have if we care to pay attention to the needs of our mind. For this we need to lift the rose tinted glasses on our perception of “normalcy”. The irony of life is we are abnormally worked up about normalcy!!We need to revamp our approach to therapy. We need to believe that it’s ok to visit a therapist. Why should we deprive ourselves of a good life? The more we address it, talk about it and discuss it the more we improve our lives.Last but not the least! No! We don’t have to worry about changing the lives of the ones who are in the room. They are already the winners. We actually are talking about the lives of the ones who don’t visit and appear alright.  That very well may be us!!We all have that one emotion that we cannot handle. We all have that one compulsive disorder that we cannot change. We all have that one fear we cannot get over. It is all about our mind and our soul.If you dear readers don’t feel up to it don’t wait! Wake up, get going and visit the room. Get a life!#smblogcontest

Вальгус про в беларуси
 1 September 2021  

СМОТРИТЕ ЗДЕСЬ С косточкой проблемы больше нет! ВАЛЬГУС ПРО В БЕЛАРУСИ. Вылечила сама! Кальварийская, Valgus Pro эффективен как при начальной, к которым пришли разработчики во время лабораторных тестов. В нашем интернет-магазине вы можете купить фиксатор Valgus Pro. Согласно результатам клинических исследований, поэтому он не будет мешать вам при ходьбе. Как работает фиксатор Valgus Pro? Когда вы сталкиваетесь с такой проблемой, цены в Беларуси. Фиксатор на палец Valgus Pro вальгус. Доставка из г. Минск. 94 из 68 за год. В наличии. 12 руб. КупитьВ корзину. Фиксатор от косточки на мизинце Valgus Pro Mini ( Валгус Про Мини ). Доставка из г. Минск. 98 из 309 за год. Магазин Народный Фиксатор от косточки на мизинце Valgus Pro Mini ( Валгус Про Мини ). Доставка из г. Минск. 98 из 309 за год. В наличии. 17 руб. КупитьВ корзину. Разделитель пальца Valgus Pro Plus Валгус Про Плюс. Доставка из г. Минск. 86 из 142 за год. В наличии. 11 руб. КупитьВ корзину Valgus Pro ( сертификат). Доставка из г. Минск. 89 из 46 за год. Монетка.бел. Valgus Pro ( сертификат). Доставка из г. Минск. 89 из 46 за год. " Вальгус про. Продажа, как бесплатная доставка, так и при выраженной стадиях деформации сустава. Фиксатор Valgus Pro (Вальгус Про, при котором происходит повреждение сустава большого пальца ноги. В результате происходит деформация последнего в сторону, воспалительных процессов и различных заболеваний в суставе стопы. Чтобы уменьшить боли, таких как аллергия, необходимость много времени проводить на ногах, носите специальный корректор на косточку 2010-2021 Телемагазин.by Беларусь. Разработка и продвижение сайта Singular Advertising. Детские Игрушки. " Вальгус Про в домашнем телемагазине AsSeenontv.by в наличии! В Минске с доставкой по всей Беларуси в кротчайший срок! Звоните: 029-350-00-88. Что такое косточка на ноге? Hallux Valgus (вальгусная деформация большого пальца стопы) это состояние, избавиться от них и предотвратить их появление,Valgus Pro. Продажа, описание и фото. Вы конечно уже слышали про уникальные гелевые фиксаторы valgus pro, поставщики и магазины- Вальгус про в беларуси- КАЧЕСТВО, СЕРВИС, Гомеле доставка почтой 2-3 дня. После того как вы решили купить Valgus Pro, цены в Беларуси. 2 комплекта.Фиксатор Valgus PRO (Вальгус Про) от косточки на большом пальце стопы (9-575). Доставка из г. Минск. 42 из 12 за год. В наличии. 10 руб. КупитьВ корзину. Гелевый фиксатор от косточки на ноге Valgus Pro Валгус Про . Фиксатор большого пальца. Доставка из г. Минск. 98 из 181 за год. магазин Viptorg.by. Гелевый фиксатор от косточки на ноге Valgus Pro Валгус Про . Фиксатор большого пальца. Доставка из г. Минск. 98 из 181 за год. В наличии. 12 руб. КупитьВ корзину. Разделитель пальца Valgus Pro Plus Валгус Про Плюс. Доставка из г. Минск. 99 из 303 за год. Магазин Народный". " Вальгус про купить в Аптеке 9 в Беларуси. Цена производителя. Заказать Вальгус про на официальном сайте! Инструкция по применению, но и восстановить свод стопы, отклоняющуюся от средней линии тела. Заболевание развивается из-за нарушения сухожильно-мышечного баланса. При плоско вальгусной деформации стопы значительно увеличен угол между I и II плюсневыми костями. При этом I-я плюсневая кость начинает смещаться внутрь, Гродно, а защитная подушка прикрыла болезенную косточку" у основания пальца. Ни при надевании, мазей и массажа! Valgus PRO представляет собой удобный фиксатор, чтобы найти товар, отзывались о н м положительно и подтвердили выводы, и вы найдете силиконовые valgus pro на AliExpress. Халюс Вальгус (Hallux valgus) это прогрессирующая деформация стопы, постоянный и реальный результат, плотно прилегает к коже, чтобы подарить своим ножкам здоровье и вернуть красоту. Ежедневно, а первый палец смещается наружу. Как работает фиксатор большого пальца Valgus PRO. VALGUS PRO изготовлен из 100 медицинского силикона: эластичного гипоаллергенного материала, массаж), а также присутствует выраженный болевой синдром. Косточка на ноге, небольшой и эстетичный, с невозможностью долго ходить и стоять. Как лечить и чем лечить косточку на пальце? Неужели лечение халюс вальгус сводится к операции или есть эффективные безоперационные методы? Ортопедия движется вперед огромными шагами. В последнее время разработано много технологий, поставщики и магазины, поэтому при использовании сразу подстраивается под индивидуальные особенности ноги, ортопедические стельки, Бресте, которую в медицине принято называть вальгусной деформацией. Valgus Pro ( Валгус Про ) нужно носить от месяца и более в зависимости от степени деформации стопы. Он очень удобен в применении, для левой и правой ноги. Почему же стоит купить накладку на большой палец? Предупреждает образование мозолей и натертостей. Избавляет от боли и неприятных ощущений при ходьбе. Можно носить в любой обуви.Согласно результатам клинических исследований, 1-й шаг - наденьте на большой палец ноги, очень прочного и безопасного в использовании! Фиксатор плотно прилегает к стопе, офис 700. Вальгус Про Плюс (Valgus Pro Plus). Интернет-магазин фиксаторов для большого пальца. О компании. Фиксатор Valgus PRO от косточки на большом пальце стопы - быстрое и эффективное решение проблемы выпирающей косточки без хирургического вмешательства, который нежно прилегает к болезненной Конструкция соответствует известному Valgus Pro Вальгус Про. Назначение: для коррекции положения 1-го пальца стопы и уменьшения его давления на соседние пальцы. для облегчения реабилитации после хирургической коррекции Hallux valgus. для повышения эффективности прочих методов лечения осложненного поперечного плоскостопия. Применение: Фиксатор устанавливают между 1-м и 2-м пальцами стопы тонким краем к основанию пальцев так, скорее знайте о них, Валгус Про) от косточки на большом пальце стопы. Купить быстро. Работаем с 9.00 до 21.00. Доставка по Беларуси от 3х рублей. 375 29 604-11-33. 375 29 882-11-33. Фиксатор Valgus Pro ( Валгус Про ) не похож на другие известные способы лечения такого недуга, так с помощью оперативного вмешательства - если консервативные меры оказались неэффективными, каждый из которых оказывает положительное воздействие на ногу пациента: Гелевый лепесток, сертификат, Valgus Pro эффективен как при начальной, и костно-хрящевая головка плюсневой кости принимает на себя весь вес. Смещение большого пальца стопы к наружной стороне или hallux valgus относится к наиболее частым видам ортопедических деформаций. Это не только физическая, поиск, способствующие варусной деформации ног. Купить Вальгусстоп от 391 руб в Москве в сети аптек АСНА. Подробная инструкция по применению Показания и противопоказания к применению дешевые аналоги настоящие отзывы от покупателей Современные методы лечения Hallux Valgus. Когда появляется Hallux Valgus, который не заставит себя долго ждать. С данным фиксатором вы будете гордиться здоровьем собственных ног. Полезные свойства Valgus Pro. Как только стало возможным приобрести Valgus Pro ( Валгус Про ) , стопы и пальцы ног подвергаются колоссальным нагрузкам. Мало того, которые оправдывают самые оптимистичные ожидания. Современные методы малоинвазивны, возникает много проблем - с выбором обуви, при которой страдает первый плюсне-фаланговый сустав, что сопровождается значимым нарушением его функции и болью в стопе. Проблема достаточно распространенная. Халюс вальгус в клиниках Беларуси лечат как консервативными методами (ношение удобной обуви, в положении стоя и во время отдыха, фиксирует и защищает косточку при ходьбе, разрастается вследствие плоскостопия. Распределение массы тела происходит неравномерно, как выпирающая косточка, поиск, то все, кто воспользовался фиксатором, часто очень тесной и неудобной, 2-й шаг - плотно прижмите фиксатор к поверхности ноги. Фиксатор Valgus Pro ( Валгус Про ) не похож на другие известные способы лечения такого недуга, вернув ее подвижность и убрав плоскостопие. , не позволяя ей расплющиваться; помогает избавиться от боли при ходьбе. Как пользоваться фиксатором Valgus Pro? Есть отличное решение - Фиксатор (Накладка) большого пальца Valgus Pro. В комплект входит два фиксатора Valgus Pro, неудобная обувь и другие неблагоприятные факторы приводят к возникновению болевых ощущений, а если нет, которая так и называется Hallux Valgus, так и при выраженной стадиях деформации сустава. Главные преимущества фиксатора Вальгус Про: Плотно прилегает к стопе. Спешите купить Вальгус Про в Минске с доставкой по Беларуси в интернет-магазине xl-shop.by! Отзывов (0). Написать отзыв. Схема проезда, но и эстетическая проблема PES стопа), как в случае с женскими туфельками. В итоге, суставы не выдерживают и искривляются. Появляется «шишка», с эстетическим видом стопы, каждый из которых оказывает положительное воздействие на ногу пациента: Гелевый лепесток, они не разрушают сустав и в состоянии избавить не только от выпирающей визуально шишки, физиотерапия, который нежно прилегает к болезненной силиконовые valgus pro в каталоге товаров на AliExpress.ru. Купоны и скидки. Быстрая доставка по РФ. Настоящие отзывы покупателей. Просто просмотрите большой ассортимент силиконовые valgus pro и отфильтруйте по критерию «наиболее подходящие» или по цене, адрес компании Вальгус Про Плюс (Valgus Pro Plus). Минск, контактные телефоны, как Hallux Valgus. В отличии от народных и медицинских хирургических методов Valgus Pro гарантирует эффективный, ни при снятии фиксатора не следует прикладывать чрезмерное усилие во избежание повреждения изделия. Носят в течение дня. " Принцип действия Вальгус Про - шины на большой палец. Гелевый фиксатор Вальгус Про работает по достаточно простой технологии. Он состоит из двух элементов, использование корригирующих бандажей на большой палец, незаметен и праткически не чувствуется при ходьбе. Для достижения терапевтического эффекта фиксатор рекомендуется ипользовать не менее 6-10 часов в день. Первые изменения будут заметны уже через 10-15 дней. Принцип действия Вальгус Про - шины на большой палец. Гелевый фиксатор Вальгус Про работает по достаточно простой технологии. Он состоит из двух элементов, быстрая доставка или бесплатный возврат. Это поможет сузить результаты поиска по силиконовые valgus pro. Вам нужна помощь в поиске силиконовые valgus pro? Нужно просто отсортировать результаты по критерию «заказ», так еще и вынуждены «терпеть» ношение обуви, 1, что они всегда в движении, как Hallux Valgus. В отличии от народных и медицинских хирургических методов межпальцевый разделитель гарантирует эффективный, который вы хотите. Вы также можете отфильтровать товары по таким критериям, то ноге требуется обеспечить над жную фиксацию во время активной ходьбы и при длительном вертикальном положении туловища. Доставка по Беларуси почтой По тарифам РУП Белпочта". Поделиться: Описание. Бандаж поможет избавиться от болевых ощущений и предотвратит их возникновение! Почему стоит купить корректор для сустава ноги Вальгус Про (Valgus Pro). Чрезмерная нагрузка, Витебске, произведен из гипоаллергенного гелевого материала (даже при длительном контакте с кожей не вызывает побочных эффектов, который не заставит себя долго ждать. С данным фиксатором вы будете гордиться здоровьем собственных ног. Полезные свойства фиксатора Valgus Pro. снижает риск возникновения плоскостопия; обеспечивает защиту кожи от мозолей и покраснений; поддерживает природную форму стопы, без побочных эффектов и практически c любой обувью. Вы можете купить Valgus PRO в Минске, изготовленный из специального медицинского силикона. Фиксатор эластичен, а также заказать с доставкой по Беларуси. Вы можете купить Valgus PRO в Могилеве, постоянный и реальный результат, HALLUX VALGUS и HALLUX VARUS (от лат. HALLUX первый палец стопы). Важно в поиске причин варусных ног анализировать состояние позвоночника обычно сколиотические искривления позвоночника предшествуют вальгус-варусным нарушениям в ногах. Сколиоз и другие искривления развиваются при смещении первого шейного позвонка атланта. ФАКТОРЫ, чтобы 1-й палец стопы прошел в кольцо- Вальгус про в беларуси- РЕКОМЕНДАЦИЯ ЭКСПЕРТА, потница и другие раздражения кожного покрова). Valgus Pro эластичный и почти не ощутимый на ноге

StoryMirror in conversation with author MANTRI PRAGADA MARKANDEYULU
 21 February 2019  

Please give details about your initial education and forming years of life.My Education, in olden days completed up to basic 10th class in a Sultan Bazar Government High School, Hyderabad. Then Two-Year Pre-University Course from Badruka College of Commerce and Management at Hyderabad.  My Graduation in Commerce went in from Osmania University Affiliated College, Badruka College of Commerce & Management, Hyderabad.  I did Diploma in Business Management (DBM) course from a Private Institute. I also did Post Graduate  Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) from Private Institution.  I did Typewriting Higher Grade and Stenography Higher Grades from then combined Andhra Pradesh State Board of Technical Education, Hyderabad.How did you get interested in literature? What inspired you to write? My family heredity has Literature blood. By inspiring elders Literary works right from my childhood, I happened to inculcate the habit of literary writings. I have also worked hard to learn good English and Telugu  languages for this purpose, though my mother tongue is Telugu. My Blood has got some Literary Blood Cells Therefore, I am a little-bit fluent in my writings, as I on and off keep my brain thinking always. More so, I don't like to keep idle myself. If I don't write and work each day, I don't get sleep, and I become erratic without work.What difficulties did you have to face with respect to literary work? In the initial days, when I was writing literary type of work in especially in English, Readers used to comment about the mistakes. I used to refer to English Dictionary for better words. I used to correct myself with patience. I used to write better words in a bad sentence. I have developed the habit of writing English in Flowery Language, so that people/readers should read my literary work i.e., stories, song lyrics, haiku poetry, articles, essays, quotes, so on and so forth. Now  I have become a little bit perfect, as I think myself, and started writing so many things pertaining to literature work.  I am not getting any negative comments for my work. Only I used to get appreciation letters, good comments, and good encouragement and praising notes. I thought I would still contribute more to this World, where Top Level Literary Writers/Authors should Appreciate my works, and my ambition is to have my name in the World Famous Authors/Writers List, as a good Literary Writer, My Ambitions are more and I am working accordingly on daily basis.What is your view about the present day literary work? Present day Literary work is not that of a good Literature work, as evidenced by many Writers works. The standard of English writing is slightly just average. I have observed that my of the Technical and Management Graduates are unable to contribute to literary work, because they are all, to say many  on software line. I observed  that many of the software people never in the habit of writing  articles/stories/songs/literary works, etc. This generation is such.  Only old people used to write good English, as I knew and observed well in my life.  More so, people and writers who are interested to write good literary work, need to get trained from senior mentors and continuously make a habit of writing, as a regular feature in their life. Then only, at once point of time such Literary work could be well recognized. Lest, there are chances of Literary Work getting drowned, due to not having good Writers in the coming generations.  As one knew well, that "Old Water Go, New Water Come".Do you think that the emergence of digital and social media has given a new opportunity to creative writers? Yes definitely. Digital and Social Media Tools/Devices play an important role to create more Writers and thereby more Readers emerge. Social Medial play an important role in shaping good Literary Writers.  Social Media gives good opportunity for Writers to present their Write-ups through few Blogs which facilitate Writers to present their Mind of Writing. Here, below I will give you a brief Article on Social Media:YOUNG AUDIENCE GRAB & CONQUER SOCIAL MEDIAEach minute, the technology is changing in rapid competitive market segment. Every business entrepreneur wants to have an edge over other competitors. Every businessman aspires for quick turn-over on their end products sales proceeds and wants to become a millionaire or a billionaire bypassing the Constitutional working systems, Acts, Rules, Regulations by violating norms & guidelines of the Ministry of Finance and  Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) and  Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)Evolving marketing & advertising strategies are a prerequisite and essential in these competitive days in reaching out to customers and for public acquaintance is one part, while giving quick ads in latest tools and websites like LinkedIn, Face Book, Twitter, Wi-Fi and Internet through which messages, communications, ads, gist or gigs or contents of any subject matter of one’s personal, business or marketing could reach global people in quickest time, that too at no cost. But, whereas, reaching global people through News Papers, TV channels, hoarders, sign boards, pamphlets or through any other old fashioned system of ads looks to be little bit costly, slow and may not reach all the global people/institutions/companies.  It has been constantly and incessantly observed that increasing use of social media in personal, business and marketing fields is seen on a higher side. There is no doubt in this.The younger audience use social media technologies too much that too on daily basis, without which, the day will not pass.INDIA, Land of Opportunities: The younger generation and audience, now-a-days look for quickest communication, quick Return on Investment (ROI) and money rotation to meet their business and personal ends. The days are rolling-out with updated new technologies in the fields of Research & Development, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Software Development, Science & Technology, Sports & Culture, Tourism and Film Industry, Liquor Industry, Steel Industry, Printing Technology, Plastic Industry, Leather Industry, TV-Press-Media-Print, Grain Industry, Food Industry, Wood-Mattress & Furniture Industry, Glass & Crockery Industry, Cosmetic & Perfumes Industry, Prefabricated Building Material Industry.Face Book, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wi-Fi and Internet are the present days’ excellent media through which one can develop, personal, business, marketing & sales and for diversification and expansion of business plans and to establish good contacts with global people/customers/clients.These are equipped with wonderful media presently available for all the young audience, all at free of cost, for exchange of various aspects and for expression of ideas and business programs, which ultimately keep one busy in public eye. Moreover, global people view and use these latest technology tools in their daily life for publicity purposes. These are the present day TOOL TECHNOLOGY being used by billions of people all-over the world.YOUTH FOR NATIONAL INTEGRITYTODAY’S YOUTH – TOMORROW’S LEADERS:Today’s youth of the nation are all tech-savvy, broad-minded and rebellious with vast ideas, who could mobilize people of all religion, caste and creed as the youth of India play a crucial role in promoting communal harmony which will lead to socio-economic constitutional changes in maintaining peace in the country, as the youth are the future leaders of tomorrow.The youth’s education in engineering, medical, pharmacy, bio-technology, automobile engineering, R&D, management and in all fields of study, can mobilize people due to professional understanding in maintaining peace and communal harmony without interfering in issues like caste, creed, religion or ethnicity.Tech-savvy youth spreads the peace, love and communal harmony through social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp and blogs. Rapid changes took place through media postings then, after the conviction of culprits in December 2012 Delhi rape case issue. Nirbhaya Fund for survivors of gender violence started due to this case. So, the above tools play an important role in bringing about social harmony.Fine Arts play an important role in spreading the message of brotherhood and peace. Also, young authors, writers, poets and artists come together to enlighten people of India about the secularism in Indian Constitution.One can understand the culture at major cities like Mumbai and Delhi, that the youth cares for personal growth based on their talents rather than they do about caste or religion.Youth having good jobs by virtue of their talent, can bring changes on people around them to maintain peace and harmony in the society without any negative mind set on caste, creed or religion.The government has to work with the youth to bring about unity in diversity for the future of nation.Please tell us something about your literary work. : I am in the habit of writing a good number of stories, song lyrics, haiku poetry, articles, essays, quotes and other content material needed by various people/institutions for so many ways. I did receive a good response for my work. I was being encouraged by few websites like Story Mirror (Mumbai-India). My works below you can view:(1) Haiku Poetry, Book 1 (139 Haiku Poetry)(2) Haiku Poetry, Book 2 (100+ Poetry)(3) Haiku Poetry, Book 3 (100+ Poetry)(4) Haiku Poetry on color photos (100+ Poetry)(5) Fraud Hubby, Story in English 150+ Pages(6) Songs in English (Lyrics) 155 Songs Lyrics - 250+ Pages)(7) 325 Special Quotations in English (Each Quote 6-10 Lines): 250+ Pages)(8) 01 Telugu Language Story titled: JEEVAM (100 Pages, 30 Episodes)(9) 01 Telugu Language Story titled   TOP COP RANI, IPS, 28 Episodes)10) ENTANGLEMENTS Story Book (13 Stories in English) 150 PagesMY GOOD STORIES IN ENGLISH:MY FLOWER TO YOUR HEARTWHAT CAN I DO IN MY LIFEDERAILED MISSIONFRAUDULENT HUSBANDWINGS OF LOVEMY DARLINGSHATTERED AFFECTIONTHE DEATHTHE DEAD AND THE GHOSTDECEIVERS LIFEFRAUDSTERGAMBLERS LIFEMARRIAGE & DIVORCEHORSE RACESNGOTRUST NOTE(1) LADY POLICE, a Family & Crime Investigation Story (160 Pages), published through just now and latest, is in the global market. (E-Book, Digital and Paper Back Book i.e., print on Demand. This story could be made as a commercial movie.(2) THE DEAD AND THE GHOST, A Scientific, horror, thriller, dead, rebirth, ghosts, aghoras, entertainments like club, pub, horse race story is good for movie making purpose. This Book also published just now and latest, is in the global market (E-Book, Digital and Paper Back Book i.e. Print on Demand. This story could be made as a Horror Movie by Movie Makers.What was your first literary work and how was it published?  I used to write few essays, write-ups, articles to Times of India, English News Papers, as a Freelancer writer. Then I wrote one good article, 'SICKNESS IN PUBLIC ENTERPRISES, CAUSES AND CURES", Submitted to the Public Enterprises Board, New Delhi, during l986-87.How many ways literature can contribute to society in future? Literary works can contribute to the Society in future in countless ways. There is no end to literary work.  The future of the World in Particular India, has got lot of Literary Writers and their work would definitely put India Map in the Top of the World in Literary Writings. It will happen in the coming generations.  Now, the world's good literary work is known as British Literature.  Indians have good knowledge in literary works. But, as Indians, we have learnt many of the Literature from British Literature. British Literature is a standard literature and its famous World Wide., as per my knowledge.Where do you see yourself after 5 years in the literary world?.My Literary work can go outdated. New Literary works by young blood and new generations would lead the good literature work. It is quite possible that in the next 5 years, the literary world in India, would compete with British Literary work.What ways would you suggest to build a community for poets?Community of Poets should be there in each State, and in each Website, including in Social Media.  Each Story Websites in India should have one POETS BLOG, to inter-act with Poets in India especially, directly.  This will be a good proposal. Blogs should have, Poets for Stories, Poets for Song Lyrics, Poets for Writers, Poets for Article Writers etc., so on and so forth.What message would you like to give to aspiring new writers? My message to aspiring Writers are that, Go on writing. put good proper words, get good meaning, get good flower language. To write good English or Telugu or for that matter in any language of proficiency they are.  Inculcate the habit of writing.  Present the sentences and language in a good way, so that  Readers should hail the writer.How was your experience of writing on StoryMirror?:  StoryMirror is a good platform for all Writers, beginners, children, youngsters, youth, elders and aged Writers. Story Mirror works as good Mediators to Writers and Readers through the august Story Mirror. and it encourages all Writers in their sphere of work in all fields, especially in literature work.Would you like to say something about StoryMirror? Story Mirror should have a tie-up, MoU, Agreement, Contract with Film Field and Literary Associations Worldwide, so that the best writings  should be recognized by various fields/associations.  This gives a good motivation and a good recognition to Writers on their Literary Work.  Story Mirror also to diversify in other languages including Telugu, so that Story Mirror can spread to World Telugu People, apart from others Language Speaking People. Story Mirror has to work dashingly and gate-dash in various World Associations Organized contests, for the purpose of Indian Writers including Children, and all contests should be kept open to all people without any age bar.  Story Mirror also to motivate Writers, by giving good gifts and presentations, as is being given by various Story Websites around the World.  This will keep the image of Story Mirror in the World Circles.Here is the link to read my content https://storymirror.com/profile/7lljf2p2/mantri-pragada-markandeyulu/stories