Now-a-days Education System needs to be revamped.  The Admission Process to various UG Technical and PG Technical courses, including Management and other professional courses of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), is done through EAMCET Convener for those students who qualify in the EAMCET examination, and the students admission process done by ANDHRA PRADESH STATE COUNCIL OF HIGHER EDUCATION [APSCHE], TELANGANA STATE COUNCIL OF HIGHER EDUCATION [TSCHE] as per the stipulated and laid down procedure, and as per State Government orders.


It has been seen that many Engineering Colleges, MCA Colleges and MBA Colleges and B Pharmacy Colleges are established and approved by AICTE and are identified either to JNTU or OU or to any other University, particularly in Andhra Pradesh will get a seat, if they qualify in EAMCET examination, if not in first phase of admissions, at least in the last phase of admission process.Even then, many seats are identified as vacant, which finally the Convener, EAMCET would ask the College Managements to fill up as per stipulated norms then.  This is apart from Students Admission Process Thro’ Convener quota (A Category seats)/ Many Students who opt for their choice of Branch either in Engineering/MCA/MBA or any other approved course Management quota (B Category seats) /NRI quota/Associations) including Lateral Entry for 3-year Diploma Students. (All categories namely, SC/ST/BC/PH/Sports/NCC/CAP quota/Lateral Entry/Management quota).

The Students Admission Process goes on each year up to November or December and even some times it goes up to New Year January, as has been observed by everybody every year, which is not a new thing. Even then, some seats in some branches of stream are left unfilled more particularly in Civil Engineering Stream and in some cases Mechanical Engineering branch

Each year the Fee charged by the Colleges is increasing for these courses. Leave apart the Management Quota/NRI quota seats Fee is sky rocketing for these professional courses, especially for certain branches like ECE, CSE, Bio-Medical and also for MCA and Management Courses. 

It looks, out of reach for a common man and for a middle class man to bear such huge fee component.  Also Students who get the seats in their respective allotted College, such students have to pay again College Admission Fee, Library Fee & Book Lending Scheme, Caution Deposit, Transport Fee (Optional) and other Industrial Tour and Cultural & Sports Function amounts.

In spite of all these, Students have to purchase their Text Books from the market and to bear other miscellaneous and running expenses, for attending to their college.

This is on one side of story up to getting Students Admission. The other side of story of running the Professional Colleges especially integrated Engineering, MBA, MCA and other courses and followed with cumbersome procedures with time bound schedules stipulated by AICTE/APSCHE/CTE/Universities and other State Government Nodal Agencies.  

The following are some of the issues and points, which this writer has experienced during his span of service in Engineering/MBA/MCA Etc, is given below, for enlightenment to all the Students/Faculty/Parents.

Students Admission Process Thro’ Convener quota (A Category seats)/ Management quota (B Category seats) /NRI quota/Associations) including Lateral Entry for 3-year Dip. Students. (All categories namely, SC/ST/BC/PH/Sports/NCC/CAP quota/Lateral Entry/Management quota).

                                                          As per the laid down procedure, guidelines and also as per the eligibility of the seat quota earmarked to reserved and different category, a press notification would given in the leading daily news papers with date and time for the EAMCET ranking students, for the Students Admission for A Category seats and for B Category seats/NRI/ and for other reserved category quota.

Conduct of M.Tech/B.Tech/ /MCA/MBA/ and other Courses.

Administrative Support is needed from the College Management side especially from the Principal/Administrative Officer and his team of staff.  There are number of systems and procedures involved in the conduct of these courses.The administrative staff has to coordinate with the Management/Principal/Faculty/Academic Staff/Examination Branch in evolving the Subjects Time Schedules/Mid Examinations/Lab Examinations/Viva Voce and under the guidance and instructions of the Academic Committee of the College and as per the Almanac of the concerned University.

Documentation for additional UG/PG Technical courses/Intake seats, follow-up with AICTE/CTE/APSCHE/Education Dept/State Govt./JNTU/OU  Etc.

                                                          As per the laid down procedure of the concerned University/APSCHE/AICTE/Commissioner of Technical Education and Statement Government, the Documentation has to be done as per the requirements of the respective college for the additional Intake seats for Under Graduate/Post Graduate Technical Courses, Management courses, MCA courses and other professional courses.  These Documentation and procedural formalities are to be essentially done by the respective colleges with the required documents attached as Annexure supported with all the necessary photographs and Video clippings including financial statements etc, who are aspiring for additional seats for their respective course, fully supported by the infrastructural facilities like Laboratories, Computer Systems, Software, Library Books, Class Rooms, apart from able, efficient, and experienced Faculty Members and qualified PhD Professors. 

Compliance Reports submission and ratification arrangements- practical implementation for the benefit of students and Management.

          Based on the shortfalls and deficiencies pointed out by the AICTE/University/CTE/APSCHE, such deficiencies are to be rectified by the concerned college.The deficiencies may be in the form of Lack of Class Rooms/Benches/Library Books/Audio-Visual Equipment/Computer systems & Software/Fixtures & Furniture/Potable water & Electricity/Toilets/Students waiting room/Cafeteria/Laboratory Equipment & Consumable parts and finally Faculty Members and Staff.  Based on the AICTE/APSCHE/CTE/University Inspection Teams Report, about fulfilling the shortfalls and deficiencies, the concerned authorities will give green signal and will ratify the student’s admission list and will be given the University Affiliation by the concerned University, on payment of specified amount per student per year, after completion of all these formalities.  Thus, the new batch of students enrolled into the college will be ratified and such list will be enrolled into the concerned University Examination Branch.


          Most of the Top Ranking Colleges having full-fledged infrastructural facilities and Faculty & Staff with all the required Labs and other paraphernalia can go in for National Board of Accreditation (NBA) Certification, subject to having prescribed norms fulfilled and documentation completed with supporting attachments. Such colleges who are opting for NBA Certification have to strictly adhere to the specifications and guidelines prescribed by NBA.  After several rounds of inspections on different occasions by the Inspection Teams by different Nodal Agencies, NBA certification will be given.  NBA Accredited Colleges are said to be reasonably well established ones having the required and sufficient facilities to run the college efficiently.

ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFICATION– Processing and arrangement.

          Most of the Colleges go in for Indian Standards Organization (ISO) 9001-2000 Certification.  For this also, all the college Managements have to comply for certain norms and procedures laid down by the ISO organization on certain prescribed payments.This will take several months depending upon the availability of systems and procedures in the college.  Also the Inspecting Authorities would ensure the correct and systematic procedures are being following by the college or not.Based on the recommendations of the Inspecting Authorities, this ISO 9001-2000 Certification would be given. Having this ISO Certification by any College will enhance the reputation of the college and students would opt for such colleges for admission purpose.

Student(s) same branch mutual transfers from one college to another from 2nd year onwards (for B Tech students only) subject to full payment of Tuition Fee for the leftover study years. – Applications processing - NOC, CTE/APSCHE, etc for Approvals & Ratification.

          After students taking admissions into the college, due to one reason or the other some of the students would like to shift from their existing college to another college of interest, subject to receiving end College should have vacancy position, as per the intake seat sanction to the college.  For this, some procedural formalities are to be complied with which includes full Annual Fee payment for the left over years at the existing college and also to pay at the transferred college.  Also, such students opting for this type of transfer have to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the existing college to the effect that the College has No Objection to relieve the student.  Also the receiving end college also has to give a No Objection Certificate to taking the student into their college.   Necessary request Applications for mutual transfers is to be generated by the college Management and would forward the same to the CTE/APSCHE/and to other agencies. Appropriate action would be taken for issuing an order at appropriate time subject to correct and complete documentation is done by the college. 

No. of Class Rooms arrangements for all the subjects, each year for the existing courses and addl. courses of Engineering/MCA/MBA Etc. (Apart from Labs of all branches including for JKC Program.)         

          Each College should have required Class Rooms for each Course, as per the subjects. The Class Rooms should have  specified dimensions, as per the specifications of AICTE Guide Lines.

          Also all the Labs, Computer Hall, Library Hall, Staff Room/Office Room and other rooms including Ladies waiting rooms and sports room, are essentially needed, which should be as per the AICTE specifications & guidelines.

Conduct of Students Mid, Lab, End examinations.- As per ALMANAC

          As per the University stipulated Almanac (Academic Calendar Schedules) The College Principal & Faculty Members & Lab Staff are to conduct the Mid Examinations, Laboratory tests (Practical exams), Computer based exams & viva voce and semester examinations/yearly examinations, as per the University Almanac. For smooth conduct of all the examinations including Laboratory examinations, the concerned University would arrange for the required Invigilation staff drawn from the different colleges and sent to oversee the examinations at each college to avoid mal-practices and copying.At the end of each examination, the Invigilation staff deputed for such examination purpose would submit their Report to the concerned Branch at the University on the same day along with the sealed Answer Scripts and sealed Lab Marks List for evaluation purpose by the concerned University.

Admissions & Processing of Applications for students under Lateral Entry Scheme who have completed 3-year Diploma Courses in the related branches of Science & Engineering.

          Students who have completed their 3-year Diploma Courses in their related branch of field and who those like to join Engineering Stream in their respective field and branch, and subject to qualifying the related Entrance Examination for entry into the UG Technical Courses approved by AICTE, are entitled for first year exemption and can likely  take admission directly into 2nd year in their relative branch of field, subject to fulfilling all the norms and documentation, including required payment of admission fee..

Application processing/payment of Renewal of Affiliation Fee for Current year 

          For each current year, each College Management has to obtain the Renewal of Affiliation before the stipulated period of time, by paying the required Renewal Fee to the concerned University (total No. of students x amount prescribed per student). Unless otherwise such Renewal of Affiliation is given by the concerned University, it is difficult for such college student’s examination applications are processed by the University.

Getting Affiliation Renewal Clearance from JNTU/OU Academic Branch

    Each year, each College has to obtain and take the Affiliation Renewal Clearance Letter from JNTU/OU or from concerned and relevant University, without which the Colleges are not permitted to further process the students examination application forms and other documents. This Renewal Clearance has to obtain in the stipulated time prescribed by the concerned University, after paying the prescribed fee and on completion of the specified and required documentation/Application.

Payment of Inspection Fee to respective Universities/JNTU/OU 

Processing of Application & Follow-up with Inspection Teams.

Sometimes, for new and old colleges, Inspections are being done by the relevant Nodal Agencies, each year, as per indicated dates of inspection.  Even, surprise and sudden Inspections would take place without giving any intimation or notice to the colleges.  For such Inspections also, the Colleges have to remit the prescribed Inspection Fee and complete the Application meant for such purpose, as stipulated in the guidelines and circulars of AICTE.  Also, the College Managements have to complete the Rectification of Deficiencies & shortfalls and submission of Compliance Reports and Mandatory disclosures to AICTE/CTE/APSCHE/JNTU/OU/concerned University, for facing surprise random Inspections and for anytime-round-the-year approval processingMostly, these Inspections are meant for new Institutions and for other Institutions seeking for additional intake seats in each branch and for seeking for new courses.

Agreements/Contracts/MoUs/Tie-ups with Foreign Agencies/Institutions   for B.School for Degree and Diploma Courses in Management etc.

          Some of the Engineering Colleges are having Tie-up with foreign Universities and enter into Contract or have Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), for PG Technical courses or for Management courses, for their students.  Also, some colleges have Tie-up and MoU with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi.  There is a provision for studying and acquiring simultaneous qualifications from IGNOU, for the subjects offered by IGNOU, subject to student’s eligibility.  Some of the Foreign Universities are offering the students Management Courses viz. Master of Business Administration (MBA), immediately after completion of their Engineering Course. There is a provision for acquiring dual qualifications simultaneously, if a student desires so.

Student Rail concession Tickets during Summer Holidays –Obtaining permissions & approval from SCR

          All the Students can avail the benefit of having Rail Concession Tickets during Summer Holidays from SCR.  This facility is available for students’ utility. For this College Managements have to apply for Permissions and Approval from SCR.For this, some procedural formalities are to be completed by the College Managements. 

Job Placement sources for “Final Year Students” & identification thro’ Job Web 

                    Sites, Job Fairs and at Campus Selections by S/W Leading Firms/thro’ known sources or offering Jobs at same College.

Leading S/W firms and other major MNCs organize Job Fairs and selections made for the Final Year Students at the College Campus or at an appropriate selected place. This facility has been utilized by many a student each year, so that they can get selected and join the companies on completion of the final year examinations.

          Even students can try for themselves through Job Web Sites. 

Project Work Placements for students of 3-II Semester & MCA/MBA students

All the eligible students are given Project Work Placements.  It has become easy for them to complete the given Projects from the established and reputed firms. 

Co-ordination with JNTU Academic Cell, Exam Branch, Nodal Cell, Admission Branch, AICTE, Commisionerate of Tech. Education, APSCHE, OU, JKC of IEG,  for compliances and multi-related matters.

Principal/AO/Faculty Members have to closely monitor with JNTU/OU Academic Cell, Exam Branch, Nodal Cell, Admission Branch, AICTE, CTE, APSCHE, OU, Jawahar Knowledge Centre (JKC) of IEG for compliances and multi-related matters, for the benefit of students.  Most of students’ grievances and redressals are to be handled by the Office staff or concerned Faculty Member or by who ever are visiting the above Agencies.But, however, from time to time the Staff of the college

Would be dealing the students problems and solve them positively to the benefit of the students.  Even in some cases, Brilliant students some times get lower marks or even can fail in some cases.  Such of the cases are also brought to the notice of the concerned University.  Even Principals would meet and discuss with Vice Chancellor in the Vice Chancellors Meeting. 

Formation & Monitoring of Constituted Committees effectively and follow up actions PLUS implementation thereof.

          Most of the AICTE approved UG Technical and Management Colleges are not having Committees officially.  They have to constitute the Committees for smooth running of the Academic year, as per the Managements strategy. This will facilitate the burden on the Management/Principal.  There will be a systematic functioning, if the Committees are formed and effectively actions taken without confronting any type of problem.Lest, there is a possibility of landing in the problems, as sometimes small problems become big problems and become head-ache to the College Managements, for which Management/Principal would be solely responsible for bad events.  Depending on the need for formation of the Committee, the Managements/Principal can constitute the need based committee, as per Time Management.


  1. College Academic Committee
  2. Anti-Ragging Committee
  3. Library Committee
  4. Disciplinary Action Committee
  5. National Service Scheme Committee (NSS Program)
  6. Recruitment/Selection Committee
  7. Students Industrial Visits Committee
  8. Examinations Committee
  9. Grievance Committee
  10. SC/ST/BC Scholarship Processing Committee
  11. Training and Placement Committee
  12. Planning & Development Committee
  13. House Keeping & Maintenance Committee
  14. Capital Equipment Procurement Action Committee
  15. Anti Sexual Harassment Committee
  16. Addl. Courses/Intake Seats Processing Committee
  17. Sports & Cultural Committee
  18. Welfare Committee
  19. Medical Committee
  20. Transport Committee
  21. Canteen Committee
  22. Departmental Promotion Committee
  23. Spot Valuation of Answer Scripts Committee
  24. Syllabus Completion Monitoring Committee
  25. Advertisement Committee
  26. Survey/Study of  Engineering Colleges Committee
  27. Software Procurement Committee
  28. Electrical Maintenance Committee
  29. Guests/Public Relations Committee
  30. Recruitment/Promotions/Selections Committee
  31. Printing and Stationery Committee
  32. Publicity/Marketing/Advertising Committee/Contract
  33. Annual General Body Meeting Committee
  34. Society Directors / Honorary Members/Advisors Committee
  35. Malpractices Prevention Committee
  36. College Vigilance Committee
  37. Office/Company Vigilance Committee
  38. Security Systems committee & Fire
  39. Fighting/Consumables/Raw Material, Stationery Etc.
  40. House Keeping Committee
  41. Landscaping and Gardening Committee


          To appear in all Advertisements as Foot Note “Ragging is prohibited as per the decision of the Supreme Court of India in W.P no. © 656/1998” and in College Prospectus and Brochure and on all Notice Boards.  

          More Wardens (both Gents and Ladies) are to be deployed in each floor of the College building, at least for first six months, to have and observe more watch & ward on the students activities and movements.  Also more security personnel to be deployed in key areas and some remote places of the college and in College Bus Stands and in College arranged Transport Buses. This will avoid problems, to some extent and prevent ragging in Institutions.

Maintenance of Student “ACADEMIC REGISTERS “full information / particulars (with Photo), Branch-wise and for each Academic Year-wise (Academic Marks & Practical Lab Marks secured, Etc).

          Most of the Colleges are not having Academic Registers maintained. All the Registers to have Student Photo, and Branch wise and also for each Academic Year-wise Marks & Practical Lab Marks secured by each student. Of course, all such matters are also to be fed in the Computers Hardware. But, simultaneously, manual records are also advisable to be maintained in the Colleges.This will facilitate easy information made available to students/parents/Management, whenever needed.

AICTE Scholarships to GATE qualified students pursuing M.Tech and payment processing & distribution to students under Time-bound scheme.

          Students who are interested to pursue Graduate PG Technical courses viz,  

M Tech and other Programs, AICTE Scholarships to GATE qualified

Students are given in terms of cash.  All the College Managements will pursue the applications of such eligible students and get the scholarships to them.  This is a time bound scheme.

Sponsorship Programs to Faculty for Graduate PG Technical courses/Higher Education, under JNTU/OU/other University Programs. 

          AICTE and the College Managements has given a provision and introduced the Sponsorship Programs to Faculty for Graduate PG Technical courses.  This will enhance the image of the students and the Management.  This is a Job-cum-Study Program Scheme as per eligibility.

          In this program, even some of the colleges have given paid leave to complete the programs and write examinations.

In-house Training Programs for Faculty/Staff/Lab. Assts.

          Many Training Programs are conducted by a few colleges within the College premises or at their Corporate Offices in city or at a central place For Diploma/PG Dip. Courses viz. PR, PM&IR, DBA, DBM, DCA Computer courses, Accountancy courses etc. in association with AP Productivity Council/NGOs/Autonomous Bodies/Education Consultants/State Recognized Agencies. Also for Students are nominated by their Heads of Department subject to having good % of Attendance and Discipline.

JAWAHAR  KNOWLEDGECENTER (JKC) Programs of Institute of Electronic Governance (IEG) 

          For the benefit of intra/inter collegiate students –Training & implementation of working system as per IEG/ JNTU/State Government Guidelines are being conducted.  Most of the Colleges are setting up exclusive JKC Lab with Residential facility for Students and Faculty members with boarding facility.

          Most of the Colleges Nominate Faculty for Inter/Intra -State-Technical Training Programs with Training Fee and To & Fro. 2nd class Train Fare Given. Also for Brilliant students are entertained for these program

Planning and Co-ordination for Tech. requirements for College Progress.

                The Management or the Committee will look into the aspects of these things for the progress of the college. However, Managements are to ear-mark the budgetary provisions for this purpose.

      Annual General Body Meeting

          Convening Society Board of Directors/Executive Directors Annual General Body Members Meeting, as per AICTE guidelines and Society Bye laws and AICTE approved Governing Body Meetings are to be held timely. Drafting of Agenda points / Minutes drafting and implementation of decisions by HoDs/staff are looked into by the concerned Principal/Administrative Officer.


          Processing and making proposals for GRANT-IN-AID SCHEMES   for Financial Assistance from the relevant Ministries concerned especially for Technical Education-Aid and Sports & Games Aid offered by the Govt. of India thro it’s Nodal Agencies. (This is subject to College having good Infrastructure). Application processing for these schemes is to be made by the College Management with the help of Principal and AO/Office staff.


                Application and Processing for COLLEGE MINORITY STATUS (Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist or Parsi communities) and also obtaining Scholarships for Minority Students, under Section 2(c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act 1992, (Min. of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India) Processing of Transcripts College Principal or his/her nominated staff and office staff Process of Transcripts (Marks sheets) Certification from JNTU/OU Authorized Signatory for submission to foreign Universities for students seeking higher education viz. MS/M.Tech/PhD and other programs.

Tie-up and MoU with Foreign Universities

         Management/Principal/AO would process Tie-up and MoU programs with Foreign Universities for admission of students into MS/PhD /MBA/Diploma Courses and for B School Management and other programs under Govt. Protocol Agreements and Tie-up/MoU with Global Universities &Indian / Global Corporate Giants.


          College Management will take up Revaluation/Recounting of M.Tech/B.Tech/MCA/MBA Students Answer Scripts of various Colleges/Universities– Making arrangements. (It is an honor to the Institution for this system). In such programs, Professors/Associate Professors/Asst. Professors will take up these matters and accordingly monitory benefit would be given to them, as per the laid down norms and procedures of the University.

     Condonation of Shortage of Attendance

          Office Staff will take up Processing of Applications for Condonation of Shortage of Attendance of Students with JNTU/OU Exam. Branch at the time of mid/End exams, as per University laid down procedure.(with Doctors certificate and also with Fine. 

          The condonation of attendance shortage is allowed for a certain amount of percentage, as per norms and guidelines of the University,  Finally, it is up to the College Principal will decide in the matter in consultation with the Heads of Groups and the concerned Branch Faculty Members, whether to allow the student for the examination or not.Such Reports will immediately be forwarded to the University.

      Serial Numbered Answer Sheets + Addl. Sheets

       Exam Branch of the College will collect blank and Serial Numbered Answer Sheets + Addl. Sheets & other stationery from the Exam. Branch of the University before the mid/End examination, as per JNTU/OU Almanac Schedules and return of unused sheets.

Invigilation Duties

          Principal and Invigilation Committee will look after the Planning & deployment of Faculty Members for Invigilation Duties during the Examination dates, numbering HT Nos. on Tables, as per University Exam. Branch Guidelines. 

External examiners

               Principal and Examination Branch of the college will make arrangement of  other College/University Faculty Members as External examiners for all branch(s) Lab Exams. or as per University Guidelines/Circulars/Notifications also by arranging Transport pick & drop facility.

Exam Invigilation Duty Remuneration

          Examination Branch of the College will look after the

Disbursement of Exam Invigilation Duty Remuneration amount to those engaged on such purpose (for both Teaching and Non-Teaching) after the completion of the exams, after Managements Approval.    

          Receiving University Nominated Observers during Semester/End Exams, as per University Exam. Branch guidelines/Notifications.

     Hospitality to Inspection Teams

          College Management/Principal/Administrative Officer will Provide hospitality to Inspection Teams of various Agencies including AICTE/CTE/APSCHE/TSCHE/JNTU/OU/State Govt. and other officials of various agencies/Universities/Ministries, Etc. who visit the college for various purposes including Inspection purposes.  During Inspection time, all the Staff and Teaching staff and sub-staff are to be available at the College premises, along with all the relevant documents, registers, and other papers, for Inspection Teams perusal.

College Academic Committee

          College Academic Committee decisions are to be implemented in Toto

By the Principal and all the Teaching staff and office staff for the benefit of the Management and the students, to improve upon the coaching standards and various other works conditions.

Annual Maintenance Contracts for Office Automation and Equipment.

          It is feasible to have Annual Maintenance Contracts for various office automation and Computer Systems, and other machinery and Laboratory equipment.

     Management Strategies

         Principal/College Teaching Staff and Office staff has to implement the Management Strategies and Policies for betterment of various purposes.

English Language Lab

         Computer Department and the Library have to Set up English Language Lab with availability of books.  Even such Departments are to keep open on holidays and Sundays for the utility of the students residing outside and also for Residential students. For this Faculty and Library staff deployment is to be made available.

Conduct of Online Exams

         Principal and the Computer Division Faculty Members will provide Training to Students regarding the Online Exams as per JNTU/OU Exam. Branch guidelines. Every student should know how to operate the computer system and frequently JNTU will conduct these exams online, in a stipulated time frame.

     Computerized Digital Library system

          Most of the Colleges are having Computerized Digital Library system. New Institutions need to have this Digital Library system for the benefit and utility of the students. 

          Contributions towards National/International Journals including IEE/IEEE, Technical and Scientific Journals and Memberships with various Technical/Scientific Agencies/Associations for the benefit of Students/Faculty Members. Colleges to have Annual

Magazines/Souvenirs/Bi-monthly/Quarterly News Letters/National News Papers/Catalogues

          Some of the Colleges are having Book Lending Scheme (optional) for the benefit of the students. If they return the 1st year Text Books, they are given the 2nd year Text Books. This will facilitate the poor students and unaffordable students. 

          Students have to pay College Admission Fee/Infrastructure amount/Registration Fee/Caution Deposit/Transport Charges and Book Lending Scheme charges (optional)/Any other miscellaneous amounts.

Procurement of Stationery and Printing

          During the Academic Year beginning and no sooner the College class are commenced, the College should equip with Stationery. Printing of student/staff ID Cards, Library Cards, Letterheads and other voucher books/receipt books, student Lab Record Books, Library ID Cards, and other posters, banners, hoarders are necessarily to be made ready and available for all the Departments/staff/students.  

          It has been observed that many Colleges do not have sufficient Stationery or office automation and even students ID Cards and Library Cards, leave alone Library Books.  Even there are no communication facilities like Telephone lines and power lines and Generator.

       Also College Managements/Authorities are to issue Press releases/advertisements/TV Channel advertisements /College banners/ catalogues/brochures/ Pamphlets during the Sports & Cultural Programs and also during Seminars and Symposium programs.

     Marketing of Management Quota/NRI Quota

          Many of the Engineering/MBA/MCA Colleges are doing marketing and making admission of students in the Management quota (B Category) seats, Convener un-filled (A Category) seats conversion to direct admission seats at normal tuition fee, with prior approval of Convener, EAMCET/APSCHETSCHE//CTE/JNTU/OU and Ratification. The fees collected are beyond once imagination.  No college is following Government fixed rate for this quota.Common student or middle class student cannot get this quota, because high amounts are involved could be in lakhs. 

Conversion of NRI to Management Quota (B Category) seats

          The NRI Quota is supposed to be given to foreign students or for NRI status students.If no student is joining the college, such of the seats are being filled up with Management quota seats.  For this prior approval from the concerned authorities are to be taken.  

          Most of the College Managements do not following the procedural formalities for filling up this NRI quota. If foreign students are interested to join, they are to be given preference for allotting a set, subject to having Study Visa, Valid Pass Port, Financial backing and sponsorship from the relevant authorities and other valid documents subject to student(s) completion of Government formalities for staying in India during the course of study period. 

Organizing Induction Program for new batch of students.

Generally, all the College Managements will arrange Induction Program 

      for new Batch of Students on the day of commencement of the classes or even before depending the convenience, preferably on a holiday or Sunday.  For this Parents/Guardians are also invited.  This will facilitate for the understanding of the college serene area and college premises. 

      During this time, all the College Staff, Faculty & Management would be present and would clarify all the doubts of the Students and Parents

Corpus Fund Deposit Resolution

          College Society Resolution is to be submitted to AICTE for Corpus Fund Deposit and sign the Affidavit & Agreement, as per AICTE Norms and Guidelines.For this, some documentation is to be completed, subject to giving AICTE green signal for this Deposit.  This is for of new establishments and for seeking additional courses by the existing Institutions.


          Assistance and follow-up for NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME (NSS) Programs, includes Pollution Free Environment and Rural Development Programs, Polio/TB Eradication,Blood Donation, Health & Tree Plantation AND Green Revolution, Free Eye/Bone Density Testing Programs & Free medical facilities at Rural area people/and free Hepatitis B vaccination for Adults, AIDS Awareness Program, Neat & Green Program/Child & Adult Free Education/Natural calamities, Awareness for National Integration and other programs in consultation, assistance and in association with JNTU NSS Wing, Charitable Clubs & Institutions, Service Organizations  And NGOs + Red Cross Society/WHO/UNICEF Etc. 

          All the Colleges are to organize these programs for the benefit of the Society and Rural people.  

Ratification of Students Admission List

          Ratification of Students Admission List and obtaining approval from JNTU/OU Admission/Exam. Branch & Clearance from Exam. Branch is necessarily to be done well before the scheduled time fixed by the concerned University and to complete all the formalities laid down as per the procedure of the University

SSS Program (M.Tech)

          Most of the Colleges are entertaining Higher Education to eligible Faculty Members under SSS program (M Tech) and other schemes sponsored by JNTU/OU/ Universities in A.P/India. (With full pay leave-Summer Sequential School). This is a good gesture and will improve the reputation of the college Management.

     Management/Society Tie-up with IGNOU (Distance Mode), New Delhi 

For the benefits of students all the Colleges could have a Tie-up with IGNOU (Distance Mode), New Delhi, for students option of pursuing Dual degree/Certificate/Diploma (UG/PG) both Academic and Technical courses simultaneously. Students to be enlightened. There is a provision for this which could be utilized by all the College Managements.

SC/ST/BC/Social Welfare Scholarships

          SC/ST/BC/Social Welfare Scholarships- Processing and distribution to eligible Students each year subject to having 70% Class Attendance.

All the College Office staff would deal these matters.

          Students Bank Loan Fee follow-up from Banks- Fee adjustments will be done by the College Staff.  Also Office staff will remind and follow up the Banks for early release of students’ fee loan amounts at the time of Academic beginning of the year.

Managerial Skills for Excellence

          Providing and Impartation of special training programs for Students/Faculty belonging to SC/ST/BC/Minority/NCC/PH/CAP and OC candidates. (Managerial Skills for Excellence viz. Personality Development Program, etc)

Up-gradation of Labs

          Concerned Branch Faculty and Lab Assistants are to

Up-grade of all the Labs including Computer Science Labs. with latest technology, hardware/software, charts/posters/display items and boards, procurement of items & spare parts for practical Lab. Exams. In addition, to maintenance of Lab. Records for each student by the respective Lab. In-charges – Follow up with Management & HoD’s/Faculty/all Lab In-charges.

      In addition to the above, the following jobs are to done by the office 

      Staff under the guidance of Principal and AO

          Preservation of Students/Staff/Faculty Members Originals and other Certificates/Documents/Agreements. Etc. In addition, opening of each Student/Staff/Faculty Members individual file files.

         Collection of Syllabus Books from JNTU/OU Etc. and distribution to Admitted Students into the College.

          Maintenance of Leave Registers (Teaching, Non-Teaching and Sub-staff)/Leave and other Applications / Students Fee Registers showing full particulars and outstanding due amounts Etc.

         Circulars drafting from time to time for its wide circulation/Notice Boards.

          Arrangement of Meeting for Time Table preparation and Syllabus completion – Bi-monthly action plan and Revision, thereof.

          Review of syllabus and special classes during recess period.

          Display of all Pamphlets/Clippings on all prominent Notice Boards.  Separate Notice Boards for Library/Computer Lab/other Branch Labs.

         Dealing with Students day-to-day matters/counseling and issue ofLetters/Certificates/Fee Quotations or other study certificates/Letters, which will not purport any liability on the Part of the Institution/Organization.

        Special Classes for “weak-in-study and Less % attendance students.”

Principal-Faculty-Parent-Student one-to-one Meeting arrangement.

           Making available OHP/TV/16 mm Screen/Scanner/Slides etc. at CSE Dept. Multi Media Presentation using LCD Projector/FAX/Xerox/Lamination machines /cyclostyling machine/Printers/Latest Ink-jets Etc. 

Sponsorship arrangement, encouragement and motivation to young talented Musicians/Singers/Sports & Games/Athletic /Gymnastic students for representing College in the events leading to District/State/National Level Performances. To identify and encourage students inner aspirations

Intimation of Students attendance % thro’ Notice Boards.

Intimation of Mid Exam Marks to student’s thro’ Internal Marks Memo.

          To follow-up with JNTU/OU Exam. Branch on discrepancies of students Results/Hall Ticket Nos./Marks Memos/any other problems.

*Handling Suppliers/Parents/Customers/Guests/Dignitaries/visitors Etc.

*Visiting AICTE, Chennai & Delhi/Bangalore, for pending papers/documents follow-up and clearance & to have regular contacts.

*Statistical & Budgetary Reports.-Support to Management

*Accounts and Bookkeeping / MIS, Inventory Control.

* Office Management/Administration/Staff deployment/Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff Attendance Registers, Cash Books/Registers, Vouchers/Receipts and Cash Handling/Cash Management/Pay Roll/Cash disbursements and payments to customers & Security Staff/Bank Reconciliation Statements and Cash Adjustments, Statutory deductions/Payments/Remittances, and Payment of Power/Taxes/Petrol & Diesel Bills/Overheads and Miscellaneous Bills, Etc.

* Nominating Faculty Members/Lab.Asst/Staff Members on Election Duty    as official duty. (as per Govt./JNTU directives on the prescribed days).

*Over-seeing Sports & Cultural programs -plus- Annual Celebrations.

*(Awarding Certificates, Prize Distribution and other Scholarships / Cash Prizes for Meritorious Students and Invitation to Chief Guest).

*To follow the Dress Code (with Managements Approval).

Procurement of Eqpt./Furniture/Items/Spares for Technical Requirements.

*Monitoring running of Bus fleets, Petrol & Diesel Management.

*Expansion Programs – Master Plan implementation –follow up actions.

*Earmarking Budget for existing & future programs and fund utility.

*Handling Bank Current A/c’s separately each for (1) Exam. Branch A/c (2) Admissions A/c (3) Transport A/c (4) Scholarship A/c (5) General & Salary A/c.

Appointment of ‘College Chartered Accountant’ by the Society Board of Directors and Resolution thereof.

*Follow up for Certification of Accounts/Statements with Chartered Accountant and for Audited Accounts.

*Handling of Cash and Imprest Amounts.

*Arrangement of Medical Dispensary/Clinic/Medical apparatus & kits and regularly used medicines with locally available phone-call away Panel doctors, for attending to emergency cases & regular medical check-ups by visiting at least weekly once on a prescribed working day.

*Fighting Equipment/Suggestion Boxes/Generator with Diesel availability/Canteen facilities/Ladies Waiting Room/Water Coolers/drinking water/Distilled water arrangement/Land Scaping & Gardening/Notice Boards–All in working Conditions.

*Arrangement of Security Systems/Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems in all key areas and Speaker Systems in all the Class Rooms/Staff Rooms/Office/Labs/Library etc. with controlling place from office and Fixation of Electronic Siren.

*Independence Day / Republic Day Celebrations & Events and other programs.

All the above points in this Article will do good governance in the administration of running any educational college/university, more particularly in Engineering colleges, MBA colleges and other colleges and including in Vocational Training Centers.