in june 2011, it was heavy rains of the mansoon day.the torrential downpoured full across the city.It had entered into the many houses and had brought with them many diseases; one of them was malaria epidemic, that made everyone's life on a havoc in life.

It had been raining heavily consecutively for three days. The rain-soaked area and surrounding,it was  battered and hitting normal life,disrupting rail road life.  Mumabi  was known" A curse of God" malaria epidemic area.

the working class area was reported and diagnosed as malaria spot.the news got leaked like wild fire.Rumour got everyone feared.

The Dawn brought  for everyone horror and fear.

The state run hospital had a sudden surge of and spike in count of malaria.government run hospital crowded with patients.private doctor hushed up and welled up money from patients into bulky lacked reserved bed for patients, some patients admitted into hospital veranda and open spaces.having had injecting syringe of glucose bottle hanged on stand  stood on beside patients.

In such situation, Bodhi lived  in chawl.He  played out as Samaritan into chawl life.the living condition of chawl was very critical and dangerous.had faced poor sanitation, the issue of water sanitation,lacking hygienic condition in the chawl.around their home lacked repellent equipment.the chawl constructed for sweeper worker.He was son of the sweeper worker.the rooms were single small room measures 200sft accommodating and consisted  10 of family member.They had a little privacy.A series  of mosquitoes attacked in the evening.circled around the corner in the room at night.only women would sleep in room at night.remaining  member would spread bed next to gully or open space out of room. 

His morning started like  such incident. The whole was areas infected  by mosquitto. It was basic problem here. Local government took action extricate it.fogging and pest control all over chawl every also failed.
His mother was bed stricken since two years.he used  to pay rent every month.wife didn't have    permission for  job.  Because they just got newly meagre income,  it was  difficult to run family. every situation has solution;  but it had not.
The disease and Illness it did not   have apply theory and  method. He lived into very critical situation. He worked as sales executive in train marketing company. Whatever he sold  in train. 
The marketing product he used to sell out  and he had to skill to bargaining .His earning was  depend on the that  sales Basis daily .He was first time marketing acupressure ring on the price of ten rupees. Next was  massage machine. It was  rapid give result products.  It  profited him daily on hundred rupees per piece. It was good earning from travelling and  give smart response to  earn and sales daily besis.

He wanted to hawk new product In his mind. A new product which had been just company was a ultra sound machine.

When we get in the trouble,we go any extent to get rid of them. Then result in fail at last.when Such like incident came across. When malaria like diseases abrupted.everyone took advantage of that tragedy.

Including quack,apothecary or fake doctors, made mockery or disguise  face of well wishers and jumped  onto the race.public unblindly attracted  toward sweet word suddenly.

He one day found solution over it.He bought in bulky stock that product.He demonstrated his brand of malaria dispeller machine in train.

He  started to advertising his product in train. whoever was a while victim of malaria hearing his speech in train.that He charmed all passenger with his talks and speech.and product which was very cheap and affordable to expenses.

Now He showed his product, he said, that ‘this is a mosquito repellent” has ultrasound system...that condemn mosquitto to get in the room and prevent them”.....this sound only manufactured by china company,putting mental activity of indian people and malaria insects, to operate this is simple….first plug into electric board and switch on”

He got tired that day.his selling average was crossed the mountain.He went late night home.took left turn and caught way to home, in that time he stopped at near sheetal medical at ganesh chowk.he purchased body lotion to apply over body to save from mosquito bite.It was late 11p.m. in the night,when reached at home. the street dogs was barking near chawl gate, dogs sniffed him and confirmed his  existence of that area person, they  left moving his tails. 

When he  came night late, home door was slightly ajar, family half asleep.bed stricken old woman sensed  his present. he got  refreshed himself.had dinner finished.then laid  on spreaded blanket near wife.he put out light, except ultrasound machine put on.a sound emerged from it was only sense by insect.human could not sense and hear.he slowly closed his eye, took a big sigh and slept.


 Suddenly a sound of a wailing came from the cot.on it  laid his mother, who had been bed stricken since last 2yrs.she was caressed by family.she would feed by family and would cleansed by family.everything done on cot.she could not move anyhow.

He got up by hearing moaning sound suddenly.she pointing at kitchenside. indicated at something.he understood her indication.he brought in glass water.her throat was thirsty.she drank water in one gulp.he guessed that his old mother could not see tomorrow day anyhow.he was sad by his guess.he was feeding her spoon by spoon water.He sat beside her for a few minute. he moved his  finger over her forehead. He confirmed that her death come near. He did not wake anybody….thought that next early morning when day broke, he would touch news to first his wife,after water filling was done.

Once again he, took a deep sigh and looked at toward that machine,he purchased in train.He did not  feel  mosquito bite.he never got bite rash over his body part.he confirmed that machine was working well.its effect was growing rapidly.that night he delved into got asleep on the bed.

Next morning when he woke up, he exclaimed loudly,when opened his house door, he saw that,insects gathered around door frame,,cockroaches, worms,stranded dogs ,cat, rats ,roddens, all surround and circling around door in one row.ants climbed on the window,mosquitto gangs, circled around ultrasound machine stuck into it.rats standing still on the drainage line...all of them had took one's position like soldier raids on terrorist.

Meanwhile,bed ladden old woman, who had been bed stricken since last 2 years was now could move on the bed and started to speak.she tried to move and speak to family member.

“It's a miracle of machine!”..or anything else.he mumbled in mouth.

When he switched off the button of that machine in very excitement of victory of his machine, at that moment very sadful event happened, as soon as he switched off machine, all thing changed like nothing happened before.everything erased from a sweet dream,....a bed stricken old woman took a last sigh.

She was dead!!!

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