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Your search for hitler
Human Relations
 Lilly Thakur  
 20 March 2018  

All of us read newspapers and watch TV daily so I do. Every person has different choices someone would like to see the sports page first whereas someone may like to see the stock page first. The news that attracts my attention in the newspaper is which is based on human relations it could be on political grounds, social grounds or even personal groundsYou might have seen an advertisement coming these days on television where a boss called Mr. Hari Sadu throws a paper on his colleague the same person spells Hari Sadu asH for Hitler A for arrogant R for rascal and I for an idiot. While the person is spelling his name the face of the Boss just worth looking at the boss’s face becomes blankWhy so?Every person should watch this advertisement honestly and realize – If he is not Hari Sadu in all walks of life?It is very easy to point a finger at others but very difficult to understand that if I am pointing one finger at others at the same time my three fingers are pointing back at me.It is a fact that human relations in all walks of life have been affected badly because of many reasons these days if we try to find out the reasons we may make a huge list.It is not important to know what are the reasons, which are affecting human relations; a rather important thing is how we can improve themI am not a human relations expert but I certainly live in this world and am a part of relationships, therefore, I would like to share my views with you all1- Stress- How many of us feel stress daily? Almost all of us feel stress daily the reasons may be different for each individual. Some of us may be having stress in office may have a Boss like Mr. Hari Sadu. The stress felt in office becomes a part of home atmosphere when the person comes back to home and is gloomy, wife asks the reason why he is sad instead of answering her softly husband shouts back at the wife the anger which should have been given back to boss is thrown at the face of innocent wife who has no fault but since she is wife she has no option and hence she takes it as her fate and that is the first sign of bad relations between husband and wife.The situation could have been handled perfectly if the husband could have left his office stress in office only.We must learn to keep a difference between office and home atmosphere.CHANGE-- The other day I was watching a Sanjay Dutt starrier movie ShaqueHe spoke a very beautiful line—Log Kyun badal jatte hain kamyabi ke sath?Does it happen?Yes it happens almost in 90% casesCan you change your father, mother, brother, sister, wife? Of course you can’t changeBut you can certainly change your selfWe expect a lot from othersOften I hear one line very frequently – eisa mere saath hi quin hota hai mai hi kyun change karun yeh kyun nahi change hote?The answer is very simple-You cant change others better change your self immediately and keep on trying you will find positive results a very slow process but very sure one.FORGET, FORGIVE AND GIVE THANKSIs it very difficult to forgive?Seems yes?No, it is not all one need is courage to accept the facts and a will to understand the reason as to-What made another person to commit the mistake?If we put our selves in other's shoes and try to understand the conditions as to what made him to make this mistake and instead of firing we forget and forgive him the chances are that person will be careful in future and will try not to commit a mistakeForgive many things in others—but nothing in your selfIf you don’t forgive friends a day will come when you don’t have any friendsForgiveness is happiness forgive and forget very simpleBut we do not want to do simple things. We want to complicate our lives, as we become more and more successful. The decision to forgive and forget yourself or someone else is like taking any other decision. One can take it in one second or after going through years of agony and heartburn. The choice is yoursAlso, make a habit of thanking as and when required-How many of us seen Muna Bhai M.B.B.S?If seen then you must be remembering Jadu Ki jhapki?Very effective oneNever hesitate to give Jadu ki jhapki it works wonderfullyCertainly, don’t try with young girls may work otherwiseTRUST AND CONFIDENCE-Trust and confidence are two words we have often say and listen in daily life but do we know how to trust or do have the courage to trust? It is a million-dollar questionAlmost 90% problems today can be solved if we start trustingAsk your self a simple Q- Do you trust your friends, relatives or even employeesNobody will deny it but if we are honest with our selves we will notice we lack thisVery few have the courage to trust and have confidence in relations. Someone find it difficult to admit the mistake or desire thinking if I tell how will other take it.It is a human tendency we assume a lot we assume that if I tell my mistake or my desire to my partner he/she will shout at me and my relations may start becoming worse day by day which results in 1- we suppress our desires2- we try to full fill our desires by hiding these from our partnersIn both the cases, we are the losers In the first case, we killed our desire and become looserAnd in the second case, we have taken the wrong path by hiding it and have started living in an atmosphere of uncertainty that always has a fear what will happen if he/she comes to know?What will happen if someone comes to know and tell my partner?Now you are living a life where neither you can enjoy fully nor you can sleep happilyI have a friend very jolly man is about 100kg in weight loves fun and love to have beer al the time's wife too is very beautiful love to have parties and very talkative once in a party I asked her why don’t you stop this man from drinking too much? She replied he is grown up and knows what is good for him I need not interfere in this. The same answer my friend gave when someone told him that I saw his wife traveling in a car with someone else. He simply replied I know her she won't do anything wrongTHAT IS THE TRUST AND CONFIDENCE WE NEED TO HAVEOne must realize one thing trust is never built in a day it may take full life to build up relations but it will take one second to break the relations if trust and confidence is hurt therefore one must be very careful when trust and confidence is at stakeTo lead a happy life—shak ko relations me nahi aane deejiye share kariye feelings rasta zarur niklega

Bhagavad Gita Verse 1.45
 Dhwani Shah  
 26 June 2019  

Cowardice - In Gita Verse 1.45 Better for me if the sons of Dhṛtarāṣṭra, weapons in hand, were to kill me unarmed and unresisting on the battlefield.Arjuna’s unconsciousness made him coward.He was born in Kshatriya. For them war is part of their duty for their society and nation. There should not be any question coming to him to kill himself unarmed.No society or nation will forgive their army if they drop their arms before the war had started. Forget about the universe, even the society and nation will not forgive that army.This is how the ego goes on maintaining itself, just stepping out of the circle. When the back is turned, when death is not looking at you, then you step. And not only once, thrice! And you feel good. Everybody is standing in a corner forming a circle around him. You stand inside the circle and sometimes you step out just to feel that you are not a coward. But the ego is a coward, it cannot be otherwise. You cannot see a fearless man with an ego - it is impossible, it is not in the way of nature.Why is it impossible? How can the ego be fearless? It cannot be eternal, it cannot be immortal, death is bound to happen. The ego is a created phenomenon, created by you; it is going to disappear. And when death is there - a certainty - how can you be fearless? Sometimes you may step out of the circle, that is all. But with ego there can be no fearlessness. So remember three words: one is coward, another is brave, and the third is ‘fearlessness’. Cowardice is part of the ego, the deeper part, the real thing; and bravery is stepping out of the circle thrice. It is also part of the cowardice but hidden, decorated. It is a wound with flowers upon it, a wound hidden by flowers. Bravery is nothing other than cowardice decorated and refined; inside every brave man you will find a coward. Even your Napoleons, Hitlers and Alexanders are cowards. Their bravery is nothing but stepping out of the circle thrice - inside you will find the same trembling coward. Just to hide that coward, you project bravery - bravery is a trick. And now psychologists also know about it.Religion has always been aware that to hide something you project the opposite. If you are a fool, you will try to project some wisdom around you to hide the fact. If you are ugly then you will beautify your body, your face, your hair, to somehow hide the fact that you are ugly. With clothes and ornaments you will try to hide it. If you are inferior inside, you will project superiority, just to show others that “I am not inferior.” If you feel a nobodiness - and everybody feels it because with the ego, everybody is a nobody - then you will try to project, and enforce and emphasize that you are somebody.Cowardice and bravery are two aspects of the same coin: fear is in both, they are two faces of fear. One is simple and direct, another is cunning and hidden - a brave man is a cunning coward.How can we overcome our Cowardice:You have fear - don't ask why; just look into the fear, go into it, watch. Don't be in a hurry to analyse, to explain, to interpret, because if you bring in your interpretations, your explanations, the purity of the fear will be lost; you will start molding it into certain patterns, to fit into certain theories. You will start giving it shape and form and labels. You will start distorting it - it will no more be the natural, wild phenomenon that it was. You will start training it, conditioning it, and sooner or later it has to agree with you - it is your fear. It is your shadow; it is bound to agree with you. But you have destroyed a beautiful experience that may have led you into new spaces.Let this fear which has no object become the object itself. Don't ask why - why you are afraid. This is a wrong question. Ask 'What is this fear?' Ask what it is not to find an explanation but to go deep in it: What is this fear? 'What' is the right question.And don't be prejudiced from the very beginning that 'fear is wrong', 'it should not be'. If you have that attitude you will not be able to enter into its innermost core. With no judgment enter into it and experience it in its totality, and you will be surprised - it is just the beginning of a new space in you. And everything new makes the mind scared: the newer it is, the more fear. If it is absolutely new then one is really scared to death.What was the difference in Arjuna when after hearing the conch shell from Bhishma and right now to die unarmed?After Bhishma blew his conch shell before Aruja blew his conch shell he first took his position. What does it indicate ? It just indicates that Arjuna was well aware of his fear but he did not interfere or object the fear. He allowed the fear it’s way, and with his awareness he took his position first and then blew the conch shell. As he took his position first he conveyed that for him war is part of his duty and assignment towards his society, nation and universe. He is playing his role.Now when he says that “Better for me if the sons of Dhṛtarāṣṭra, weapons in hand, were to kill me unarmed and unresisting on the battlefield.” He is caught up in fear by holding it or not allowing the fear it’s way.Same person will become coward and can be fearless - the difference is only of awareness. I am not saying regarding brave or coward - I am saying about fearless. Fearless has different quality by which you act with awareness of fear.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 6.29
 Dhwani Shah  
 25 January 2020  

Emperor Of Ourselves - In Gita Verse 6.29 A true yogī observes Me in all beings and also sees every being in Me. Indeed, the self-realized person sees Me, the same Supreme Lord, everywhere.Why Krishna says that A true yogī observes Me in all beings and also sees every being in Me. As person who is practicing yoga they know that the whole consists of nothing but sound electrons - which is AUM.The Basic Element of Existence for Yoga Is Sound:Just as physicists think that the whole consists of nothing but electrons, electric energy, yoga thinks that the whole consists of nothing but sound electrons. The basic element of existence for yoga is sound because life is nothing but a vibration. Life is nothing but an expression of silence. Out of silence we come and into silence we dissolve again. Silence, space, nothingness, nonbeing, is your innermost core, the hub of the wheel. Unless you come to that silence, to that space where nothing else remains except your pure being, liberation is not attained. This is the yoga framework.They divide your being into four layers. I am speaking to you; this is the last layer. Yoga calls it vaikhari; the word means ‘fruition’, flowering. But before I speak to you, before I utter something, it becomes manifest to me as a feeling, as an experience; that is the third stage. Yoga calls it madhyama, ‘the middle’. But before something is experienced inside, it moves in a seed form.You cannot experience this ordinarily unless you are very meditative, unless you have become so totally calm that even a stirring in the seed which has not sprouted yet can be perceived; it is very subtle. Yoga calls that pashyanti; the word pashyanti means ‘looking back’, looking to the source. And beyond that is your fundamental being out of which everything arises. That is called para; para means ‘the transcendental’.To us it is very easy to understand like this. We don’t need any reason or explanation that children from the same parent feel that they are one, they are not separate. They can feel and see their brothers and sisters in themselves and themselves in their brothers and sisters.Now the person who has experience himself as transcendental had his own experience that everyone is born from AUM. Now even NASA says the same thing. So for self-realized person sees Universe, the same Supreme Lord, everywhere. Not only Supreme Lord, everywhere but he will find himself everywhere and everything within him.Krishna is saying that self-realized person is Omnipresent.Inside, nothing is needed. Inside, you are perfect. Inside, nothing is to be done, everything is as it should be, it is already the case.The search is for this inner being, and that inner being is omnipotent. No power can become a substitute for it. You may become a Napoleon or a Hitler or anybody you imagine, but you will remain powerless. Unless you become a Buddha or a Jesus, you cannot become omnipotent, you cannot be all-powerful. You may become an Einstein or Bertrand Russell, but you cannot be all-knowing. You may collect as much information as you can, but your inner ignorance will remain the same unless you become a Jesus, a Zarathustra; then you become all-knowing.The search is for omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence. Remember these three words. They are derived from the Sanskrit root, AUM. In Sanskrit, AUM is the symbol for the whole universe. It carries three basic sounds: A-U-M. Through these three basic sounds all the sounds have evolved. So AUM is the basic sound, the synthesis of all the basic roots. That’s why Hindus have been saying that AUM is the secret mantra, the greatest mantra, because it implies the whole existence.The three English words, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, are derived from AUM. They mean one who has become as powerful as AUM, one who has become as knowing as AUM, one who has become as present as AUM; one who has become universal, one who has become the all. And unless the all is achieved, there cannot be any contentment, there cannot be a deep, ultimate satisfaction. You will remain a beggar, and you will go on begging from one life to another; you will move like a beggar, you cannot be the emperor.Krishna wants all of us to be emperor of ourselves. He is not interested in the emperor of some piece of land. But emperor of ourselves. Who is omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence. Where you are in all beings and also sees every being in you. When Krishna uses the word Me he doesn't mean separate from you. He simply means you and me as universe.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 10.16
 Dhwani Shah  
 28 May 2020  

Existence Is Opulent - In Gita Verse 10.16 Please tell me in detail of Your divine opulences by which You pervade all these worlds.Arjuna wants to know what is the religiousness hidden in the Opulences, as existence is opulent.Existence is opulent but there is no hint of any intoxication, any ego, in that opulence. This is a bridging of the opposites. Even a little opulence creates ego, so mathematically, if the opulence is great it should create a huge ego. But religion is beyond the language of mathematics – when opulence is absolute there is no ego.It will be easier to understand it with the language of psychology. In the West, Adler, a great psychotherapist, based his whole psychology on the concept of the inferiority complex. He said that all the activities of man arise from his feelings of inferiority. When someone feels himself to be inferior he longs to reach a high post. To avoid the feeling of inferiority, he tries to occupy a high position.Nobody suffers from inferiority complex more than politicians. Adler said that whether a Hitler, a Lenin or a Lincoln, all of them suffered from some kind of inferiority complex. To compensate, they rushed to politics. Lenin’s legs were very short and the upper part of his body was much longer. Whenever he would sit on a chair his feet would not touch the ground. He suffered very much because of it. By sitting on the high throne of the great Czar, he showed that even though his feet might be not be touching the ground, they had reached the throne! Adler said that Lenin’s inferiority complex always haunted him. It is probably true that Hitler was impotent, so his impotence became a hunger for power. It became so strong that he wanted to hold the world in his fist and challenge others’ potency.An inferiority complex creates a desire to move in the opposite direction. If somebody is ugly he tries to compensate in some way to cover the ugliness. If somebody is blind the whole energy of his eyes becomes available to his ears. This is why the blind man can hear much better than anyone with eyes can hear. Blind people quickly become musical experts because the energy of their eyes rushes to their ears; their ears begin to do the work of eyes. Wherever something is lacking, we cover it by doing something else in another direction.Adler has also said that man’s ego is created because of an inferiority complex. If love is lacking in your life, you fulfill it by madly accumulating money. Those who did not receive the gift of love will begin to collect gold.It is very interesting that someone who is full of love cannot be a miser. And a miser cannot be a lover because actually, a miser is fulfilling his longing for love through money. Someone whose life is full of love feels secure – he knows that he will not die of hunger; he knows that even when he gets old somebody will look after him.But someone whose life is loveless will be afraid and insecure. He knows that when he becomes old nobody is going to look after him. That fear will make him accumulate money because money is his only security. One whose life is missing the security of love will get a feeling of security by hoarding money. You are simply hiding, covering up, compensating. If you look deeply into your whole behavior, Adler seems to be right.Because all is available to existence, it has no inferiority complex. Hence the nearer a person comes to reality the less egoistic he is. The more a person has the less egoistic he becomes; the less a person has the more egoistic he becomes. Ego is poor, it is a beggar.Egolessness is the indication that you have become an emperor. Naturally, one who has the whole existence available to him will have no need for any “I.”Yama says “Who better than I can know this divinity which does not swell with pride at its own opulence?” Only death can know godliness. Why? Because unless you die, disappear, dissolve, you cannot become one with existence. As long as your ego is not burned to ashes you cannot become one with the quality of egolessness. If you want to be one with it you will have to be the same as it; only the same can meet the same.A real religious person says, “If you turn around you will find the sun. First transform yourself – give up your ego.” This statement of Yama’s is very valuable: except for him, who else can be as capable of knowing godliness? Hence Yama is for those who are ready to die and become nobodies. Jesus has said: Those who lose themselves will be saved, and those who try to save themselves will not be saved by any means.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.13
 Dhwani Shah  
 5 July 2020  

Practice Meditation - In Gita Verse 11.13 At that time Arjuna could see in the universal form of the Lord the unlimited expansions of the universe situated in one place although divided into many, many thousands.When Krishna revealed his mystic opulence Arjuna can see the whole universe is in Krishna. In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.10-11, Blog I wrote even now science has proved in a scientific way that the whole universe is an organic unity.Pythagoras’s contribution to western philosophy is immense. For the first time he introduced vegetarianism to the West. The idea of vegetarianism is of immense value; it is based on great reverence for life. The modem mind can understand it far better now we know that all forms of life are interrelated, interdependent. Man is not an island: man exists in an infinite web of millions of forms of life and existence. We exist in a chain, we are not separate. And to destroy other animals is not only ugly, unaesthetic, inhuman, it is also unscientific. We are destroying our own foundation.Pythagoras was not only a mathematician but an enlightened master with his own mystery school. Life exists as one organic unity. Man can exist only as part of this orchestra, just think of man without birds and without animals and without fish, that life will be very very boring; it will lose all complexity, variety, richness, color. The forests will be utterly empty, the cuckoo will not call, and the birds will not fly, and the water will look very sad without the fish. Life in its infinite forms exists as one organic unity.We are part of it: the part should feel reverence for the whole. That is the idea of vegetarianism. It simply means: don’t destroy life. It simply means: life is God, avoid destroying it, otherwise you will be destroying the very ecology.And it has something very scientific behind it. It was not an accident that all the religions that were born in India are basically vegetarian, and all the religions that were born outside India are non-vegetarian. But the highest peaks of religious consciousness were known in India and nowhere else. Vegetarianism functioned as a purification. When you eat animals you are more under the law of necessity. You are heavy, you gravitate more towards the earth. When you are a vegetarian you are light and you are more under the law of grace, under the law of power, and you start gravitating towards the sky. Your food is not just food: it is you.What you eat, you become. If you eat something which is fundamentally based on violence, you cannot rise above the law of necessity. You will remain more or less an animal. The human is born when you start moving above the animals, when you start doing something to yourself which no animal can do. Vegetarianism is a conscious effort, a deliberate effort, to get out of the heaviness that keeps you tethered to the earth so that you can fly, so that the flight from the alone to the alone becomes possible. The lighter the food, the deeper goes the meditation. The grosser the food, then meditation becomes more and more difficult. Pythagoras was the first to introduce vegetarianism to the West. It is of profound depth for man to learn how to live in friendship with creatures. That becomes the foundation. And only on that foundation can you base your prayer, your meditativeness. You can watch it in yourself: when you eat meat, meditation will be found to be more and more difficult. Buddha was born in a non-vegetarian family. He was a kshatriya, belonged to the warrior race, but the experience of meditation, slowly slowly transformed him into a vegetarian. It was his inner understanding: whenever he ate meat, meditation was more difficult; whenever he avoided meat, meditation was easier. It was just a simple observation. Vegetarianism has nothing to do with religion: it is something basically scientific. It has nothing to do with morality, but it has much to do with aesthetics.It is unbelievable that a man of sensitivity, awareness, understanding, love, can eat meat. And if he can eat meat then something is missing, he is still unconscious somewhere of what he is doing, unconscious of the implications of his acts. But Pythagoras was not heard, not believed, on the contrary, he was ridiculed, persecuted. And he had brought one of the greatest treasures from the East to the West. He had brought great experiment, if he had been heard, the West would have been a totally different world. The problem that has arisen today, that we have destroyed nature, would never have arisen. If Pythagoras had become the foundation for the western consciousness, there would not have been these great world wars. He would have changed the whole course of history. He tried hard, he did whatsoever he could, it is not his fault. But people are blind, people are deaf; they can’t hear a thing, they can’t understand a thing. And they are not ready to change their habits. People live in their habits, mechanically they live. And he had brought a message of becoming aware. Great meditative energy would have been released in the West. It would have become impossible to produce Adolf Hitlers and Mussolinis and Stalins. It would have been a totally different world. But still the same old habit persists. We cannot change human consciousness unless we start by changing the human body. When you eat meat you are absorbing the animal in you, and the animal has to be transcended. Avoid it if you really want to go higher and higher, if you really want to go to the sunlit peaks of your consciousness, if you want to know God, then you will have to change in every possible way. You will have to look all around your life, you will have to observe each small habit in detail because sometimes a very small thing can change your whole life. Sometimes it may be a very simple thing, and it can change your life so totally that it looks almost unbelievable.Try vegetarianism and you will be surprised: meditation becomes far easier. Love becomes more subtle, loses its grossness, becomes more sensitive but less sensuous, becomes more prayerful and less sexual. And your body also starts taking on a different vibe. You become more graceful, softer, more feminine, less aggressive, more receptive.Vegetarianism is an alchemical change in you. It creates the space in which the baser metal can be transformed into gold.When Buddha became enlightened he left non-vegetarian and became vegetarian - why? Meditation gives you capacity to look inside of you. When you go inside you will find that even though everything looks separate in this objective world they all are part of me. Definitely no-one will like to kill themselves. Most of the animals also kill other animals only if they are hungry. They will not kill other animals if they are not hungry or they need to protect themselves from someone. If we want to see what Arjuna had seen then we need to practice meditation.