All of us read newspapers and watch TV daily so I do. Every person has different choices someone would like to see the sports page first whereas someone may like to see the stock page first. The news that attracts my attention in the newspaper is which is based on human relations it could be on political grounds, social grounds or even personal grounds
You might have seen an advertisement coming these days on television where a boss called Mr. Hari Sadu throws a paper on his colleague the same person spells Hari Sadu as
H for Hitler A for arrogant R for rascal and I for an idiot. While the person is spelling his name the face of the Boss just worth looking at the boss’s face becomes blank
Why so?
Every person should watch this advertisement honestly and realize – If he is not Hari Sadu in all walks of life?
It is very easy to point a finger at others but very difficult to understand that if I am pointing one finger at others at the same time my three fingers are pointing back at me.
It is a fact that human relations in all walks of life have been affected badly because of many reasons these days if we try to find out the reasons we may make a huge list.
It is not important to know what are the reasons, which are affecting human relations; a rather important thing is how we can improve them
I am not a human relations expert but I certainly live in this world and am a part of relationships, therefore, I would like to share my views with you all
1- Stress- How many of us feel stress daily? Almost all of us feel stress daily the reasons may be different for each individual. Some of us may be having stress in office may have a Boss like Mr. Hari Sadu. The stress felt in office becomes a part of home atmosphere when the person comes back to home and is gloomy, wife asks the reason why he is sad instead of answering her softly husband shouts back at the wife the anger which should have been given back to boss is thrown at the face of innocent wife who has no fault but since she is wife she has no option and hence she takes it as her fate and that is the first sign of bad relations between husband and wife.
The situation could have been handled perfectly if the husband could have left his office stress in office only.
We must learn to keep a difference between office and home atmosphere.
CHANGE-- The other day I was watching a Sanjay Dutt starrier movie Shaque
He spoke a very beautiful line—Log Kyun badal jatte hain kamyabi ke sath?
Does it happen?
Yes it happens almost in 90% cases
Can you change your father, mother, brother, sister, wife? Of course you can’t change
But you can certainly change your self
We expect a lot from others
Often I hear one line very frequently – eisa mere saath hi quin hota hai mai hi kyun change karun yeh kyun nahi change hote?
The answer is very simple-
You cant change others better change your self immediately and keep on trying you will find positive results a very slow process but very sure one.
Is it very difficult to forgive?
Seems yes?
No, it is not all one need is courage to accept the facts and a will to understand the reason as to-
What made another person to commit the mistake?
If we put our selves in other's shoes and try to understand the conditions as to what made him to make this mistake and instead of firing we forget and forgive him the chances are that person will be careful in future and will try not to commit a mistake
Forgive many things in others—but nothing in your self
If you don’t forgive friends a day will come when you don’t have any friends
Forgiveness is happiness forgive and forget very simple
But we do not want to do simple things. We want to complicate our lives, as we become more and more successful. The decision to forgive and forget yourself or someone else is like taking any other decision. One can take it in one second or after going through years of agony and heartburn. The choice is yours
Also, make a habit of thanking as and when required-
How many of us seen Muna Bhai M.B.B.S?
If seen then you must be remembering Jadu Ki jhapki?
Very effective one
Never hesitate to give Jadu ki jhapki it works wonderfully
Certainly, don’t try with young girls may work otherwise
Trust and confidence are two words we have often say and listen in daily life but do we know how to trust or do have the courage to trust? It is a million-dollar question
Almost 90% problems today can be solved if we start trusting
Ask your self a simple Q- Do you trust your friends, relatives or even employees
Nobody will deny it but if we are honest with our selves we will notice we lack this
Very few have the courage to trust and have confidence in relations. Someone find it difficult to admit the mistake or desire thinking if I tell how will other take it.
It is a human tendency we assume a lot we assume that if I tell my mistake or my desire to my partner he/she will shout at me and my relations may start becoming worse day by day which results in 
1- we suppress our desires
2- we try to full fill our desires by hiding these from our partners
In both the cases, we are the losers 
In the first case, we killed our desire and become looser
And in the second case, we have taken the wrong path by hiding it and have started living in an atmosphere of uncertainty that always has a fear what will happen if he/she comes to know?
What will happen if someone comes to know and tell my partner?
Now you are living a life where neither you can enjoy fully nor you can sleep happily
I have a friend very jolly man is about 100kg in weight loves fun and love to have beer al the time's wife too is very beautiful love to have parties and very talkative once in a party I asked her why don’t you stop this man from drinking too much? She replied he is grown up and knows what is good for him I need not interfere in this. The same answer my friend gave when someone told him that I saw his wife traveling in a car with someone else. He simply replied I know her she won't do anything wrong
One must realize one thing trust is never built in a day it may take full life to build up relations but it will take one second to break the relations if trust and confidence is hurt therefore one must be very careful when trust and confidence is at stake
To lead a happy life—shak ko relations me nahi aane deejiye share kariye feelings rasta zarur niklega