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Welcome to Kashyap Skin Clinic! We offers Multiple Treatments
 sandeep Kashyap  
 19 August 2019  

KASHYAP SKIN CLINIC is a reputed skin and clinic in New Delhi offering all non-invasive dermatology treatments including acne scar removal, botox treatment, under eye dark circle removal, prp therapy, dermal fillers treatment, laser hair removal, vitiligo surgery, hair transplant, birthmark removal, mole removal, warts removal, wrinkles treatment, earlobe repair, nail surgery, Dermaroller, Electrocautery, Excessive Sweating, Injection Lipolysis, Melanocyte Transplant, Mesoglow & Mesolift, Mesotherapy, Microdermabrasion, Nail surgery – Nail Avulsion, Peeling, Skin Rejuvenation, Tatto Removal, Iontophoresis for Excessive Sweating, Removal or Corns, Warts, Skin-tags & Cysts, Venereal Disease & Sexual Problems and all other skin and laser treatments.Get more about laser hair removal at http://www.kashyapskinclinics.com/laser-hair-removal.htmlGet more about tattoo removal at http://www.kashyapskinclinics.com/tatto-removal.htmlGet more about prp therapy at http://www.kashyapskinclinics.com/prp-therapy.htmlGet more about Vitiligo Treatment at http://www.kashyapskinclinics.com/vitiligo-surgery.htmlDr. S. K. Kashyap having more than 10 year of experience in field of dermatology. He is a certified dermatologist in Delhi India and currently consulting at kashayp skin clinic.Kashyap Skin ClinicShop No. 5, First Floor, Manish Twin Plaza, Near VIP Showroom, Ashirwad Chowk, Sector 4, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110075Phone: +91-9718551800, 9582916169Email: drskashyap.v@gmail.comWebsite: https://kashyapskinclinics.com/

What Should You Know Before Getting Hair Transplantation Surgery?
 DermaClinix Chennai  
 10 September 2019  

If you are going for a hair transplantation treatment, then you should know some things before getting this treatment. When you are getting a hair transplantation treatment, then the dermatologist will use a small needle in order to remove a little area of yours call with the help of local anesthesia. Later on, he will use a scalpel to remove the round section of your scalp. This section is sewed and closed by the dermatologist.Later on, the best hair transplant surgeon in Chennai would remove the portion of that scalp into smaller sections with using a surgical knife and magnifying glass. After the implantation, these hairs will look like natural hairs.Tiny holes are made by the surgeon with the help of needle on the recipient area of your scalp. After this, hairs are placed in these holes gently. This one treatment session can plant around hundreds or thousands of hairs on your scalp and it totally depends on the quality of your hair follicles and scalp. To get best hair transplant surgery in Chennai, you can find out trusted clinic where you just need three to four sessions in order to get desired results.After the grafting session, your scalp is covered by bandages for some hours so that it can get recovered. All the stitches are removed after seven to ten days of your surgery. Make sure that you take the help of best hair transplant clinic so that you won’t have to face any risk.What are Different Types of Hair Transplantation Treatment?If you are going for hair transplantation treatment from Dermaclinix you can visit a website, then you will be provided to different hair transplantation procedure. Although there are a variety of different procedures for hair transplantation treatment. These are two main options which are considered by the professional dermatologist:FUE TreatmentThe follicular unit extraction treatment can be best for you because in this treatment each and every hair follicle is removed and then transplanted by the dermatologist. This takes a lot of time but it is one of the best methods to get long-term benefits.FUT TreatmentIf you are going for a FUT hair transplantation treatment, then you might find some large scars on the back of your head which might be noticeable later. In this treatment, the doctor needs less time and you might not need to spend a huge amount of money for it. If you are going to take the help of a professional doctor, then you might not need to hear about the scar on the back of your head.