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Top Reasons Why You Should Visit India
 kk sharma  
 18 November 2020  

India, A Nation Which Is Widely Known For Its Generous Dimensions And The Places Inscribed In It. This Asian Country Has Everything That A Country Can Make Anyone Fall In Love With It. It Has Majestic Peaks, Lush Green Forest, Glittering Ocean Waters, And Many More Other Things. Below Are The Top Reasons Why One Should Oneself Visit This Impeccable Country.India Is Such A Vast Country.India Stands At The 7th Position In The World In Area Wise. With This It Has Lots Of Things To Cherish In North It Has Mountains, In The South It Has Beaches, In The West, It Has Excellent Desert, In The East It Has Green Tribal Forest, And In The Center, It Has Golden Triangle Tour 2 Nights 3 Days. Golden Triangle Tour Includes Three Main Cities Delhi, Agra, And Jaipur. And These Three Cities Have Many Monuments, Gardens, And Several Places To Admire.2. India Is A Great Value Destination.We Can Take India As A Place Where You Can See The Poorer And The Richer. It Is The Most Expensive Place And At The Same Time The Most Reasonable One, Also. You Can Go As Inexpensively Or As Luxuriously As You Need In India, Which Is Undoubtedly Essential For Its Allure As A Traveler Location. The Extravagance Fragment Of The Market Offers Some Hypnotizing Facilities, For Example, Authentic Castle Lodgings. On The Other Hand, You May Favor An Attractive Guesthouse Or Homestay. Alternatives, For Instance, These Spending Lodgings, Proliferate. Nowadays, Even The Explorer Inns Are Present-Day, Clean, And Inviting!3. Indian HospitalityThere Is A Smart Saying In India, "Atithi Devo Bhawa," Which Means The Guest In God. Indian To Everything To Please Their Guests, There's Nothing Like Indian Hospitality. As A Result Of The Growing Popularity Of Homestays In India, There Are Plenty Of Opportunities To Experience It. Many Homestays Are Far From The Humble Abodes You May Expect Too! Also, One Can Share This At Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour 4 Nights 5 Days.4. It Can Change Your Perspective.The Cultural Change At Every 50 Kilometers Makes Visitors Think About Life, And It Broadens The Visitor's Perspective. However, You'll Quickly Come To Appreciate What You Have Back Home And How Fortunate You Are. It's Impossible To Leave India, The Same Person As When You Arrived. It Will Change You For Better Or Worse.5. Explore SpiritualityWith Hundreds Of Religions, India Is Much Known For Spiritualism. Seekers From Around The Globe Came Here And Found Peace At Every Step Of Their Life. Many Great Spiritual Leaders Came Out From This Pure And Satisfying Country. This Country Is Very Inspiring And Refreshing For The Soul. Many People Come To India To Learn Yoga, Meditate, Or Spend Time At An Ashram. Another Moving Experience Is To Take Part In An Evening Aarti (Fire Worship) Along The Ganges River At Either Rishikesh, Haridwar, Or Varanasi.6. The FoodIndia Is Also Famous For Its Culinary Dishes; Many Came Here To Quench Their Taste Buds. South India, The Mughlai, And Desert Food Make Sense For Having Excellent Food.

Explore the beauty of Agra with the Delhi Agra same day tour
 kk sharma  
 21 January 2020  

If you are someone who has the goal of traveling to some of the most amazing destinations in the world then you may have heard of the great white monument, Taj Mahal. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and is the monument that finds its way to the to-do list of travel enthusiasts from all over the world.This beautiful monument is located in the city of Agra that is known for being the capital of the great Mughal Empire. It was built in the early 16th century by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. For decades this monument is one of the most visited destinations in India and your trip to northern India is not completed before visiting this amazing monument. If you are visiting India for the first time then we would suggest that you take a pre-planned tour package for a convenient and safe experience. Being the most popular tourist destination of India the city of Agra also attracts a lot of frauds and scammers and a reliable and credible travel advisor can save you from all the potential scams. There are many different types of tour packages available for this city, you can ask your travel advisor and he/she will help you find the travel plan that will fit your budget and time. Some of the most popular tour plans for the city of Agra are Delhi Agra Taj Mahal day trip, Delhi Agra day trip packages, and the same day tour by car or train. These travel plans are ideal for you if you do not have too much time and just want to visit the prominent tourist attractions of this city. The tourist destinations that you will get to explore in this city of Agra through these travel packages are as follows:Taj Mahal:As already mentioned above, the Taj Mahal is the most popular destination in Northern India. Millions of tourists and travelers from all around the world visit this place to explore the beauty of ancient Indo-Islamic architecture style. Agra Fort:Located at the distance of 2.5Km from the Taj Mahal the Agra fort is another gigantic monument that you will get to explore in your Agra day trip packages. It is made from red sandstone and was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar. It is considered a UNESCO world heritage site and is a sight to behold with. Here in this fort, you will get to see a lot of ancient weaponry and beautiful gardens, etc.Fatehpur Sikri:It is another UNESCO world heritage site that is located on the outskirts of Agra city. Before Agra, this place was the capital of the Mughal Empire but it was abandoned due to lack of water. Here you will get to explore the beauty of ancient architectural style that has been forgotten with time. So, with this your Jaipur Agra day tour to the city of Agra will come to end, so make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

Golden Triangle Tour -Road to Indian History
 kk sharma  
 7 December 2020  

Have You Ever Taken A Road To The Epic History Of Some Countries? This Feature Of A Country, History Makes That Country Fruitful In Tourism History. As The People Have To Start Their Quest For World Exploration, They Have Also Added This Feature To Their Bucket List. And India Has Nicely Captivated Its Feathers. A Golden Triangle Tour 4 Nights 5 DaysCan Show You That Road To Epic India's History.Well, India Has An Immense History That Could Need Years To Get Fully Explored. And There Are Thousands Of People Who Just Wanted To Get Into The Country They Are Studying In No Time. So, A Golden Triangle Tour 3 Nights 4 Days Is The Best Thing Anyone Can Do With A Country Like India. This Tour Is The Journey From The Medieval Period To The Modern Period Of India's History.Golden Triangle Tour – Road To Indian HistoryGolden Triangle Is The Name Given To A Congregation Of Three Cities, Delhi – The Capital, Agra – The Capital Of Mughals, Jaipur – The Capital Of Rajputs. At This, You Will Relish The Realms Of These Cities. They Have A Powerful Connection With The History Of India. From The Building Like Humayun's Tomb Standing Last From 400 Years To The Building Like Taj Mahal, The Wonder Of The World. These Cities Are Having A Handsome Amount Of Things That Can Be Able To Give A Memorable Time.Delhi –When The Delhi Sultanate Era Came, It Was The Late Medieval Period, Around 1200 To 1600 AD. The Sultanate Of Delhi, Qutub-Uddin-Aibak, Commissioned Many Buildings, But Qutub Minar Is One Of Those Who Could Able To Grab Attention Amazingly. A 72-Meter Long Minaret Is Embellishing The Area With Fantastic Architecture. Then Mongols (Mughals) Invaded India And Took Over The Delhi Sultanate, And Spread Their Reign Over India. Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Humayun's Tomb, Parliament House, President House, India Gate, And Others Like Chandnichowk Are Delhi's Attractions.Agra –Mughals Took Agra As Their Capital City. The Third Mughal Emperor, Akbar, Has Taken Command Of Agra City, And He Has Ruled India From This Very City. He Has Made Several Buildings That Are Now One Of Those World UNESCO Heritage Sites. Agra Fort And Bulanddarwaja In Fatehpur Sikri. And At The Time Of Emperor Shah Jahan, India Was At Its Golden Era In Architecture. He Has Commissioned Buildings Which Are Having A Fantastic Piece Of Artwork. Taj Mahal Is The Best Example Of That Petra-Dura Art.Jaipur –It Was A Princely State In The Alliance Of Rajputana Agency During The British Period. The City Shows The Royals' Richness, And Several Things Let You Have A Great Time At This Golden Triangle Tour 2 Nights 3 Days. Places Like Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, And Jantar Mantar Makes The Time More Memorable And Worth Having. When People Visit Jaipur City, They Find It A Royal City Full Of Vibrant Markets And Unique Places To Have A Good Time.

Spend Amazing One day at Agra
 kk sharma  
 28 January 2020  

When you think of India, various images of monuments, cities, cultures and festivals come to your mind. Taj Mahal no doubt is amongst the first ones to pop up in that list and just can’s wait to see it. A tour to the Taj Mahal in Agra can be as long as you want to spend time leisurely but it can very well easily have all the fun in a single day as well.Taj Mahal is aptly rated as truly being the most beautiful monument in the world and everything about it boasts perfection, so as your trip should. And when you can make your own same day Agra tour including all the best thing it has to offer based on your interests and likings, why wait for when Agra has various options and facilities on almost everything that can fit into either a low-cost budget or even a high-end Taj Mahal tour by car. So, start reading and get ready to jot down all this article has to offer, to plan your own same day Agra tour by car and even bonus tips on how to make it memorable.  Major tourist attractions in Agra  #1 Surreal Taj Mahal at Sunrise  Witnessing the Taj Mahal is often a surreal experience for many and visiting it during sunrise makes it even more beautiful. Taj Mahal tour by car takes you to an early sunrise visit to the Taj Mahal when the sunrays are peeking through to light up the wondrous white monument. The serene Yamuna River flowing by and beautiful Mughal gardens laid out surrounding the Taj overwhelm anyone who set his eyes upon this breath-taking scenic view.At the Same day Agra tour, you can enjoy the spectacular views in the soft hues of early morning and pleasant breeze. To get better insights and interesting facts about the architecture of Taj Mahal, book a professional Taj Mahal tour by car guide who also knows best spots for photography that are less crowded and offers best views of the Taj.Try to reach the Taj Complex by 5a.m. in the morning, in order to avoid long lines and get easy access to the entry tickets. All your morning sleep would instantly fade away as you gaze upon the mesmerizing Taj Mahal bathing in the morning hues of the sunrise of beautiful colors. Take it all in and enjoy your time at the majestic Taj Mahal with the soft sun rays of early morning.  #2 Agra FortThe second in line to visit in your Taj Mahal tour by car is Agra Fort. Agra Fort stands as the testament to the proud Mughal rulers of Agra city. It is a proud beacon of Mughal Architecture and reflects the grandeur, royalty of its past rulers.Agra Fort is about 15 minutes’ drive from the Taj Mahal. Soon enough you are the Agra Fort which also goes by the names of “Lal- Qila” and “Qila-i-Akbari”, is a symbol of power and fortitude offering great views of the overwhelming facades and mighty minarets.Accompanied by a professional and pre-bookings Same Day Agra tour by car saves you from the hot auto rides combined with pollution and dirt. Save your energy on getting hassle free transport with this tour so that you can enjoy same day Agra tour even more.#3 Treat your taste buds at Mughal restaurantsEnjoy the exotic cuisines and dishes at luxury hotels and classy cafes and get a brief break off of complete relaxation and rest. Agra is not only a city of monuments and historic legacy but also a very rich and satisfying cuisine.Whilst being on your Taj Mahal tour by car, it’s almost criminal to not to enjoy the tasty Indian cuisine and Mughal dishes at one of the suggested restaurants and cafes’. Relax and enjoy the great ambiance with great food to get rid of all the fatigue and carry on the same day Agra tour.Things to take care when on tour#4 Reliable transportation Have a reliable and good transportation service with you on your same day Agra tour by car to save time and get around different destinations in Agra on time without any hassle.Make sure to have pre-bookings of your pick-up spot and time to pick-up. When on the Taj Mahal tour by car, you need to have an early start and pre-booked pick-up to catch that early morning Taj Mahal view with a professional driver. By hiring professional drivers and air-conditioned cars you save a lot of energy on same day Agra tour which you can invest in enjoying the sightseeing. Have an amazing Taj Mahal tour by car and make your road trip through Agra as comfortable as possible.  #5 Hydration is importantAgra gets unusually hot in summers if you are planning to visit during that time. It’s crucial to remain cool in the hot atmosphere of Agra to enjoy the same day Agra tour. Battle the hot weather of Agra easily by having air-conditioned transports and being hydrated. Carry fruits and water bottles with you while visiting monuments and enjoy them with a full stomach and happy faces. #6 Ends’ well so All’s wellTo have the perfect ending to a sunrise taj mahal tour, its best to make reservations ahead to get hassle free drop off at your departure locations as after all the Agra sightseeing. Even a Taj Mahal tour can be really exhausting. There are many good tour and travels companies that provide easy and comfortable drop-off points at various locations. Do you need any other excuses to delay this amazing trip to the city of Taj? Since now, you got everything to plan your own luxury Agra tour, get ready to pack everything you need and get moving on your heels to reach Agra and enjoy everything this beautiful city has to offer in a single day by following the tips of these articles. Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions below if got something to help other fellow readers and travellers.

How much time does it take to explore Agra city?
 kk sharma  
 3 January 2020  

It is one of the most prominent questions that always comes in the kind of a tourist. Whenever we plan any holiday or trip at first we want to know the time duration so that we can plan everything easily. Can you imagine travelling any city in just a single day? It may sound impossible to some people but with us it is possible. We are providing a wonderful and hilarious one day Agra tour to our customers so that they can enjoy their trip without any time issue.What we are going to do in a single day? There are lots of things that one can do after visiting Agra, this list of few things is mentioned below:1. Enjoy Sunrise at the Taj MahalTaj Mahal is the major attraction places to visit in Agra, one can enjoy the beautiful Sunrise view from the Taj Mahal. If you wanted to enjoy this view then for sure you need to leave for the city early in the Agra. But in another case if you can't make it early then the best option is to enjoy the sunset view from Taj. We are very sure that with this same day Agra tour you are going to gather lots of memories from this eternal symbol of love. 2. Enjoy sightseeing places in AgraThere are several places to enjoy in Agra but most of us are only familiar with the Taj Mahal. In this same day Agra tour we are going to explore other places also. You can enjoy visiting different locations like:Agra Fort We all are familiar with the Red Fort which is situated in Delhi. Agra Fort is also similar to the Red fort and looks like an exact replica of it. After visiting there you will definitely amaze the great architecture of the monument. It will remind you of the history of Mughals. The carvings on the walls are marvelous. Fatehpur SikriIt is another sightseeing place in Agra that one can enjoy viewing. Fatehpur Sikri is located at the outskirts of Agra city and is most famous for its tallest pillar. It is also a sort of ancient Fort which is having the tallest pillar of century known as "Buland Darwaza". While going back to Delhi you must make a visit to the magnificent Fatehpur Fort. You can enjoy viewing it with this same day Agra tour. Mughal GardenIt is its own kind of place from where one can enjoy the outer view of both the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. The Mughal Garden is not very far from the Taj Mahal you can take a walk to their and rest yourself in the lap of nature. We are sure that you are going to enjoy here. Baby TajAre you aware with it that there is one more replica of Taj Mahal which is known as the Baby Taj? If not then in your same day Agra tour by car you should definitely make a visit to the Baby Taj. 

Tips to plan the best One Day Agra Tour
 kk sharma  
 16 September 2019  

Have a tight schedule on your visit to India and just cannot stand to miss a visit to the majestic Taj Mahal in the city of Agra. Here I have prepared all the answers to your How’s, Where’s and What’s to plan the perfect one-day of Agra tour. All the best places to see and things to do in Agra are packed in this awesome Same Day Agra tour with enough time for each of them. You excited to see how much you can make the best of out of a single day in the city of Agra?Must-Visit Destinations in Agra1. Taj MahalMake sure you wake up at sunrise to watch Taj Mahal in the soft sunlight of early morning and soft hues of colours shining over the white mausoleum. You definitely want to witness the beauty of one of the wonders of the world in the early hours of subdued sun in the sky shining on the majestic structure.Sunrise Taj Mahal tour is worth all your time, especially if you are visiting Agra on a hot day and also to avoid the long lines and the overbearing crowd. Taj Mahal complex opens at 6 a.m. but make sure to reach a bit early than that to get hassle-free tickets and avoid long que.Witness one of the most beautiful monuments built ever in the world on your Sunrise Taj Mahal tour. Set like a fairy-tale on the banks of Yamuna river with breath taking lush Mughal Gardens all around, Taj Mahal is a white marble mausoleum adorned with excruciating carvings.  Get a guided tour so that you can make each moment count at the Taj Complex and don’t waste time on finding the perfect spots to click loads of photographs. Sunrise Taj Mahal tour provides with a professional guide who takes beautiful pictures of you with Taj Mahal and shows you the crowd free areas within Taj Mahal.Just don’t forget to take it all in and enjoy the moment. After all, one does not visit the majestic Taj Mahal every day.#2 Agra FortSecond thing which is a must visit to on your Same Day Agra tour is the grand Agra Fort. It is the most popular building in Agra after the Taj Mahal. Agra Fort holds huge significance in the history of the nation as it was the primary residence of the emperors of Mughal Dynasty for a long period of time. My recommended Same day Agra tour is a guided tour with comfortable transport between the two spots. With this tour, save yourself from the hot auto rides combined with pollution and dirt. Save your energy on getting hassle free transport with this tour so that you can enjoy Same Day Agra tour even more. 3. Baby Taj Mahal/ Tomb of Itimad Ud DaulahEver heard of Baby Taj or Itimad Ud Daulah? This monument is the hidden gem in the city of Agra that you can afford to miss after Taj Mahal at your Agra Tour. Baby Taj is referred so because it is believed to be a draft of the original Taj Mahal. Visit this beautiful white Mughal mausoleum in the city of Agra and learn more about the history of this Mughal city.4. Fatehpur SikriIf you got the time and want to skip any of the previous options, you can also visit the great red sandstone city of Fatehpur Sikri; the third world heritage site, also called as “the city of Victory” built by the Great Mughal Emperor; Akbar. Lots of spots and monuments in Fatehpur Sikri are included in the tours offered by the Incredible Taj such as Buland Darwaza, Jama Masjid, Tomb of Salim Chishti, Panch Mahal, Birbal’s palace and many more.Lunch at the Mughal restaurantsTake a dig at the delicious Indian cuisine at the most famous restaurants in Agra for their great service, food and ambience. Enjoy your lunch at one these restaurants, though a bit expensive they are totally worth it if you want to enjoy the true taste of Mughal food and beverages. Relax and enjoy the great ambience with great food to get rid of all the fatigue and carry on Same Day Agra tour by car.Shop at local bazaarsDon’t think Agra is just about great food and amazing monuments. It also has some interesting local bazaars with unique handicrafts and artifacts to take back home with you. Get these unique items at cheap prices on your Agra tour and enjoy the local streets reflecting the true nature of Indian Culture. Get overwhelmed by the colorful and vibrant shades of the local bazaars of Agra and take home some best memories of this city with you on this Same Day Agra Tour with Fatehpur Sikri. And with this, all things available in Agra that are worth your time gets summed up and that too even in your budget. If you are efficient enough with your time and transport choices, you can also witness sunset at Mehtabh Bahg with the sun setting beside Taj Mahal giving a perfect ending to your Same Day Agra tour. Just pack everything you need and get moving on your heels to reach Agra and enjoy everything this beautiful city has to offer in a single day by following the tips of these articles. Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions below if got something to help other fellow readers and travelers.

Explore The Heritage Sites of Agra With A Pre-Planned Tour Package
 kk sharma  
 26 February 2020  

India has some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it has everything from high treks and beautiful mountains to ancient heritage sites, you get to see everything here. Out of all these heritage sites, one monument that stands out from the rest is one of the Seven Wonders of the World Taj Mahal.Located in the ancient Mughal capital Agra, the Taj Mahal was built in the early 16th century by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memories of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is due to this it is also known as the symbol of eternal love. This great white monument is completely built from white marble; it has intricately crafted design around it making it a sight to behold with. Besides this there are many other tourist attractions and activities that one can do in the city of Agra, it is due to this; many new travelers and explorers tend to get extremely confused. If you want to avoid all the potential scams and frauds and wish to experience the beauty of this city in the most comfortable and convenient way then you should consider getting a pre-planned same day taj mahal tour by train package. You can easily find pre-planned tour packages for the city of Agra from any travel agency around the world. There are many different types of travel plans that you can choose from such as Same day Agra tour by car and Same day Agra tour by train. These same-day tour packages are the ideal choice if you don’t have enough time in your hand and want to experience the best of the city in a single day. Both these travel plans give you a slightly different experience than one another; in a car, you will get to travel around this city in your private car or an AC bus and in the train tour you will get to travel in the most luxury rails of India i.e. Gatimaan and Satabdi express. Besides Taj Mahal these are the other two destinations that you will get to explore in your same-day Agra tour: Agra Fort:Situated at the banks of Yamuna river, just 2.5Km away from the Taj Mahal; Agra Fort is a gigantic monument that is considered to be one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar as an army camp but later it was further enlarged and beautified. It has plenty of gardens and old arms making it a great place to spend your time in. Fatehpur Sikri:Located on the outskirts of Agra city, around 45Km away from it; Fatehpur Sikri is another UNESCO world heritage site that you will get to explore in your trip. It is a ghost town that was once the glory of the Mughal Empire but it was abandoned due to lack of water. With this your same day Agra tour will come to an end, we hope that this article will help you pick the right travel plan for your trip.

Explore The Beauty of Agra to Fullest with Pre-Booked Services
 kk sharma  
 22 November 2019  

Agra is one of the most enticing cities in the world; it is filled with a lot of ancient architectural monuments that make it an ideal place to travel. Millions of tourists and travelers from all over the globe visit this city in order to explore these centuries-old Mughal heritage sites. One of the most popular heritage sites and a wonder of the world Taj Mahal are also situated in this beautiful city.Taj Mahal alone garners more visitors than then rest of the monuments of India. If you are someone who is always planning a visit to this majestic city, then you should plan your entire trip carefully because there is so much that you can do and explore in this city, and if you plan it in a hurry, then you will miss out on a lot.One way through which you can enjoy the beauty of this city to the fullest is through same day Taj Mahal tour. You can easily book same day Agra tour by carwith the help of specialized service providers available.Through this Sunrise Taj Mahal tour from delhi, you can enjoy your trip to Agra to the fullest. Even if you do not have that many leaves with the help of drivers who are exceptionally trained and are aware of every nook and cranny of the city, you can travel all of the heritage destinations of this city in less than a week.All of the registered drivers of car in same day Agra tour by car are familiar of the region who are well aware of every short-cut and routes to all of the monuments available in this area. So, with cabs in Agra services, you do not need to worry about getting stuck in the traffic or anything like that.We are very sure that with this same day taj mahal tour by car you are going to enjoy this journey a lot and will rejoice every moments of this single day. Some of the most visited monuments of Agra which you can explore in your trip are as follows:Agra Fort: Located in the proximity from the Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort is a gigantic monument made from the red sandstone. It is filled with a lot of beautiful gardens and mosques, all of which are maintained by the government. This fort is also considered to be one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.Fatehpur Sikri: This is a small town located in the outskirts of the Agra city, this tiny city is also considered to be one of the UNESCO world heritage sites due to the fact that it was once the capital of the Mughal Empire and the architectural design of the buildings present here cannot be seen anywhere else.Besides these two there are many other monuments and heritage sites that you can see in this city. So what are you waiting for browse through the websites of such service providers right now and book your trip to Agra.