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Your search for romance
Uncountable Times Of Romance Gained From The Touch Of Elegance Of Delhi Call Girls
 Naina kapoor  
 19 November 2020  

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Book Review: Stories Are Magical by Abhirup Dhar
 Ayushi A Nair  
 4 August 2018  

Book Title: Stories Are MagicalAuthor: Abhirup DharFormat: Paper BackTotal Number of Pages: 175 pagesLanguage: EnglishPublisher: Hawakal PublishersPublishing Date: 16th April 2018ISBN-10: 9387883043ISBN-13: 978-9387883048Stories are like magic! Who doesn’t like listening to or reading a good one? This book is just that. A reminder why we love them and why we live them – a celebration of storytelling!Six stories. Six different genres. One book.My TakeStarting from the cover the green colour is quite soothing design is simple but powerful. You would want to sit in your own cosy corner and immerse yourself. The title of the book is captivate.Stories Are Magical is a collection of six different short stories And Love Happened With Her Again!, Once Upon A ghost, Woof!, A walk Through Memory Lane, The reunion, Two Plans Ans A Murder. Never felt my interest waning. To write is an art, to keep the reader fascinating and hankering for more is magic. Out of this six short stories Woof!  is my favorite part Dogs have long been considered “man’s best friend.”The plot is blend of emotions, friendship, heartbreaks, romance, hope affection, anxiety, phantasm, creature love, dreams, power struggle, passion, crime, betrayal and many more.Language is simple and lucid to read and connect with the story and being engaged throughout the story. The author’s mastery over the language is evident from the terms he has used and the vivid description of events that unfold in the pages of the book.  The characters are well developed and one can easily relate them. Narration is done well.An engrossing read that’s capable of keeping the reader on edge till the very end.Overall Ratings 4/5 StarsGrab the book here AmazonAbout the AuthorAbhirup Dhar was born in Kolkata and is still being brought up in India. A banker by profession and aspirational in life with a passion to excel, he also reviewed movies for certain portals years ago. He writes for the sheer joy of it since childhood and that itself led him to pen his first book ‘Once Again… With Love!’. He believes the best stories are always the simpler ones. He now celebrated storytelling in his second outing with ‘Stories Are Magical’ and readers had a quick, relaxing and fun read. Abhirup currently lives in Delhi.You can stalk him @Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Luxury Car Rentals - Why You Need to Hire rent a car Dubai
 baa lee  
 8 May 2020  

Worth the MoneyExtravagance car rentals are those cars that give unrivaled extravagance and solace leased by clients normally having a place with the higher financial class when they go on long excursions or away work excursions. They flavor up their experiences by having one of those extravagance of online rent a car around. On the off chance that they can bear the cost of it, at that point why not live a little and spend somewhat more. A definitive solace and tastefulness an individual will feel while driving one of those rentals will make everything justified, despite all the trouble. Your Clients Need To Be Impressed In the event that you are off some place for some away excursion for work or customer meeting, why not enlist a one of those extravagant cars for you to utilize? It will dazzle your customer and assist you with drawing in additional later on. Seeing you drive an extravagance car in style will undoubtedly get you some genuine exceptional impression. Or then again would you rather pull up in a little economy car? While intriguing potential or current customers, a car of extravagance is the best approach. It leaves them an imprint that you are speaking to an effective and extraordinary organization. Present to Back the Romance When on an excursion with your life partner, there's actually nothing more sentimental than driving around in one of those extravagance cars, drinking champagne, and listening o some encompass love music, and essentially encountering predominant solace while driving in style. It won't just intrigue the affection for your life, however it will cause the day you to spend together more novel and significantly more unique than if you were driving a standard car, or more regrettable, a beat up, old car. Make Special Occasions More Special Uncommon events like wedding is tied in with saying something which they accept will direct the whole situation of your wedded life. So ensure that you let your lady of the hour drive around with one of those rentals, for example, a limo. Being a unique event, it's something that you need the individuals to recall you by. Having an extravagance of rent a car Dubai for the event will absolutely offer a tremendous awesome expression to be recollected numerous the individuals around you for a long time to come. Do A Test Drive You will without a doubt be enchanted by the excellence and tastefulness of an extravagance car that you might be enticed to simply purchase your own

Escorts Service in Karachi - Book Now
 Adil Rajpoot  
 28 January 2021  

Would not it be a surprise if someone says That You are not comfortable while having sex with a stranger, Especially When with Karachi Escorts as They Are Skilled much than you. It happens with many people on this planet. And if you are really here, this article is definitely for you. It will help you get easier and make you easier.One thing you need to keep in your mind That Karachi escorts is highly stretchy When It Comes to Sex and can do whatever Their customers require. They will leave no stone unturned when it comes to satisfying the customer. And you are the customer. So you do not need to hesitate and share whatever you are feeling. It will help you determine what you like and what you do not. Anyway, here are a few tips that you can keep in your mind to make easier and easier escorts service in Karachi like never before.Embrace Your Body: It has always been noticed that people, particularly who do not have a maintained body, sound embarrassed when asked to get naked and deny the request. So if you happen to be one of these people, embracing your body is the first thing you need to do. Be confident with what you have and do not hesitate when you need to get naked. Remember, your body does not justify your performance.Mind and Body Connection: Sounds weird, right? Well, it does not really work. You need to make your own Karachi escorts services. Means, you need to make sure what exactly do you want; sex, oral sex or just romance! Clear your mind and decide. It will help you escape from unnecessary stress. More, girls love those guys who know what they want and how they want. They do not know what exactly the guy wants. Plus, it would be awkward if something goes wrong. So, help your partner determine the right thing and then do it in accordance with your preferences.Adding A Few Thrills: Look, you need spark when you are having sex with escorts in Karachi. Since they are just strangers, you need to fill the time with excitement and spark. Act like an enthusiast and try to explore new positions. Or you can modify the existing positions by adding some thrills to them. For example, missionary is one of the most common positions but if you can do it, you can perform deep penetration. Likewise, you can experiment with different positions and have fun together.So that's it, people. These Were Reviews some of the MOST common tips to keep in your mind if you want to make sex Easier with Karachi Escorts. Just follow these steps and have fun!

Sex Doll Can Achieve Realistic Poses
 serry Serry  
 3 January 2020  

Every Japanese sex doll is produced to orderExperts in artificial intelligence sex doll with extraordinary charm, mystery and world popularity. His ambitious plan is to push humanity towards unity: the scheme involves freezing the head. His project is funded by a Welsh entrepreneur and upscale sex doll or manufacturer he likes to call Ron Lord. We also met a Vanity Fair reporter who was skeptical of Professor Stein's work; and Claire (the daughter of Mary's-son Claire Claremont), an evangelical Christian, who recognized that The religious potential of En Lord's sex robot.Contrary to popular belief, these male sex dolls are easily heated by body temperature and heated for a period of time. "This is when sex technology companies set their sights on a series of artificial intelligence updates in 2020. Mr. Love has previously revealed that" silicone lovers "are making dolls in a factory that looks like" something outside the Western world " .Long Island University psychologist and professor of research and technology said the documentary delves into the subcultures of primitive robot relationships that are usually made up of heterosexual men, all of whom are fake women. She says there is a reason for doll owners-they are not always purely sexual. For example, John's first wife cheated him because he told weird people in the film. Jackie will never.Strange times: Porn actresses say that GYNOID doll robots could cause humans to fail after two generations. The adult movie star is confident that the development of a robot is not mature enough to eliminate it. But he warned that after generations, actors might lose their jobs because of their preference for lifeless appliances. She said that the real danger now is to dehumanize women.Now that the festival is approaching and sales are soaring, it shows that people feel lonely in the long dark night, or many people have Santa's dolls on the list! Each Japanese sex doll is produced to order and is formed around an internal alloy frame to achieve realistic postures and sexual postures.Pregnant sex doll models can be "big breasts", some are slim, and some are "bent" and "sturdy". "Negative feedback is usually equally common between men and women. Positives are the same. Most comments are very typical, such as 'OMG OMG OMG', 'I in in love', 'I'm your your fan'," You are "Perfect" or "You are the best."Local media reported that the two lovebirds had been dating for eight months. After the bar met, their relationship began. He defended her from attackers, and their romance blossomed from there. He said: "She can't walk alone and needs help, she swears, but there is a tenderness deep inside the real sex doll."http://blog.aujourdhui.com/urdolls/2541634/dolls-are-always-in-good-shape.htmlhttps://www.urdolls.com/love-doll-c-58.html

Users Can Ask The Sex Doll System Status
 serry Serry  
 21 February 2020  

Play your own role as a Pregnant sex dollClive Owen plays his role as a Pregnant sex doll, and Isla Fisher plays the "professional cryer". Clive Irving kicked off a new play, but when Larry David praised Irving's performance, the skinny Irving spiraled and began to underperform until Jeff hired a professional cryer To attract viewers and give Irving a boost. After the performance, Irving and Fisher were romantically involved until Irving found out she was a professional cryer and responded to his performance.At the same time, the maid and Cheryl both walked into Larry and tried to vent the real sex doll, which looked like this. The one that I find interesting is the "analysis mode". In this way, users can query the system status and settings. You can ask for information such as sensor readings, and she will report on her own. To me, this is interesting because it breaks the illusions of human beings, but very clearly shows that this is a machine."Do you want to activate the analysis?" Samantha asked. "Yes," Santos replied. Samantha said, "You can hear information about my sensor readings." She counted the sensors. Believe us: Valentine ’s Day romance is nothing to say, just like getting a life-size silicone male sex doll replica of a remote control star or a porn star. Sexual interaction is governed by what Santos calls "excitons," a tribute to the neurotransmitters that cause arousal.These excitons are dynamic: if you touch her romantically by touching and kissing, she will respond in an appropriate romantic way. If you become impetuous, she will too. Her "attention call" algorithm means that she will keep pace with the amount of attention she gets: sex doll need to ask for more attention and learn to be patient.When Larry found his old baseball gloves in storage, he didn't flash back to the minor league victory. Instead, he revisited past mistakes. "Do you know how many mistakes I made with this pair of gloves?" He asked Leon. "No one should play in the infield. I don't know why shortstop, I can't go short. I will cry home and make mistakes every time I play." This trend continued until the GYNOID doll reached adulthood.Naturally, Larry is the main cause of this misconduct. He was looking forward to Ted's last straw. His unwanted Japanese sex doll attracted Leon. Who was his kind reminder to Uncle Murray, who didn't know that there was pornography on the Internet, which gradually fascinated the old man (played by the late Camini Cardi). He pierced Lewis's illusions about the sincerity of the professional heir, and broke his best friend's dreams of his father in his old age.http://admin.blog.cz/clanky/clanek/79338461https://www.urdolls.com/love-doll-c-58.html

Fantastic nail art ideas for application
 Beauti Uk  
 18 December 2020  

Nails have always been a style marker for fashion enhancers. With just a little polish and striking designing, you can make them edgy and eye-catching. When unique and superb nail art ideas are put to application, your nails will beautify magnificently. With an unlimited portfolio of nail art designs contained in Best Art Printer UK, you can design your nails in a matter of seconds. Detailed nail printers promote faster nail artwork than that manually done. There are so many new ways to beautify your nails these days. You will just love the look of your nail wearing bright colours, gorgeous patterns and stylesNail art designs are a fun way to stylize your nails and define your personality. Here are some trending nail art design ideas to make your nails and your spirit colourful as ever!Polka dotsPolka dots have been a timeless classic whether on garments, shoes or nails. This popular nail art design is a fantastic choice for day wear as well as for evening occasions.French manicureFrench manicure is what girls love to show off. But instead of going for the sic one, you can do it with contrasting colours or a tinge of glitter to add extra style to your nails.Matte manicureMatte nails have a special display that makes everyone fall in love with it. These are a great alternative to glossy or flashy nails.Floral stamped nail art designsYou can impart a spring flavour to your nails with floral designs on your nails. Make your hands blossom with some refreshing floral impressions on your nails. Be it simple or intricate floral designs, this design application will surely flower happy vibes.Splatter paint nailsThisunique splatter nail design is a hip choice for nail art lovers. You can select this with no doubt to make your nails chic and trendy.Heart shapesIf you are a fan of the classic romance symbol, you can go for the popular heart shape designs. Love always looks lovely. And when hearts are right in your palms, you can win any heart by their loveable display!Sparkly black designsNothing looks flashier than black sparkles. Black sparkles on your nails appear show-stopping when you walk in. Go for black sparkle designs for a sparkly look and feel.Cherry nailsThis design choice will look cute and elegant if you adorn them. Flaunt your cherry nails for a stylish display. Cherry nail designs make an appealing impact especially when matched with summer outfits.Leopard printsLook like a diva with bold and beautiful leopard print designs. Choose any colour or texture to beautify your nails with marvellous leopard print designs.Besides these design options, there are many outstanding nail art ideas to stylize your nails. With an expert printing and unlimited design options provided by a countertop nail art printer, you can get onto your nails stunning prints. This innovative printing method has made a mark in the nail art revolution and is impressing clients all over UK.

5 Most-Romantic Songs For Lovers
 kk sharma  
 28 April 2020  

While there are so many ways to say “I Love You” but nothing’s better than saying it through a romantic song.If you’re not sure which song will fit in well to such situation then here’s a list of 5 most-romantic songs for lovers.1. Chal Ghar Chalen (Malang)Yet another soulful song by Arijit Singh, this song portray that at the end of the day it’s your partner who matters the most. “Ab thak chuke hain yeh kadam, Chal ghar chalen mere humdum”Written by Sayeed Quadri, the lyrics along with its soothing music make it a great song for new lovers and old lover.2. Shayad (Love Aaj Kal)Romantic song? Check Emotional yet soulful lyrics? CheckSoothing music? Double checkEverything about this song is just perfect. Sung by Arijit Singh and composed by Pritam, this song contains all the key ingredients that are required to express your love to your partner. So, if you’re experiencing all the lovey-dovey feelings for the very first time then tune into this song and confess to your love with this romantic number from the movie Love Aaj Kal!3. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (Dum Laga Ke Haisha)A very emotional yet soothing song from the movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha!The lyrics as well as the music of this song make it the best song for lovers.Composed by Anu Malik, its female and male versions are sung by Monali Thakur and Papon respectively. Also, did you know the film “Dum Laga Ke Haishah” features an original musical score composed by Italian composer Andrea Guerra who is best known for his score for The Pursuit of Happyness starring?No doubt, the entire soundtrack of this movie is so good. 4. Janam Janam Sath Chalna Yuhi (Dilwale)Featuring the “King of Romance”, this song is one of the most romantic songlover that was ever made! With its soft music and heart-touching lyrics, this song makes for a great way to confess to your love. So, what are you waiting for?Go ahead, tune into this song and enjoy a romantic evening with your partner.5. Pehla Nasha (Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander)This song was released in 1993 and even after 28 years, this song can get anyone high on love.Its lyrics and music make it the best song for new lovers as well as old lovers. So, if you feel that there is no end to the love that you have for him/her then this is the best song for lovers that you can dedicate to the love of your life. So, these were 5 Tamil romantic songs for lovers that you can dedicate to your partner. Which of these songs is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!Also, if there’s any other song that you want to add to the list, please let us know in the comments below.We’re waiting! 

Lal Kitab Remedies To Win Husband’s Love For A Happy Marriage
 kali mantra  
 5 January 2021  

Sometimes in marriage, a husband might become distant to his wife which gradually leads to the disappearance of love between them. A wife might give her best efforts to sustain the marriage and win back the love of her aloof husband but that might never seem to work. This can lead the wife to become distressed and sorrowful. The husband’s love can be hard to revive but it is not at all impossible. Lal kitab remedies to win husband’s love provide you with various ways to get back the love of your husband and achieve a successful marriage.Reasons behind the loss of loveA woman often suffers from certain situations where her husband seems to have lost his love for her. In life, a marriage is tested by obstacles which make the spouses distant. A male spouse may be disturbed by a dispute caused between the couples. A husband might even be suffering from the influence of harmful associations or addictions which make him detached from his marriage. Many times, a husband might develop feelings for another woman in his life which can make him lose the love for his wife. This can leave a shattering effect on the wife which can make her search for remedies to get back her husband’s love.Effects of a loveless marriageA simple misunderstanding can lead to a drastic change your marital life. This often results in the husband’s loss of interest or love towards his wife. Situations like these can immensely disrupt the foundation of your marriage and lead to a dysfunctional life. A wife may be left completely devastated and vulnerable due to her husband’s loss of affection towards her and their marriage. To avoid such a situation, it is crucial for the wife to get back the love of her husband which will eventually rescue her marriage from a mortifying ending. If you are also suffering from similar circumstances, then try lal kitab remedies to win husband’s love.Benefit from these remediesThese remedies can effectively help a withering marriage. They help to achieve a healthy and positive married life by letting the partners experience love for each other. Expert utilization of these remedies will help a wife win back the lost love of her husband. This will most definitely help the wife by saving the marriage and giving it chance to develop and flourish in the future. It will establish a positive energy in the marriage which will give both partners a chance to thrive and achieve success in their marital life.Try these remedies for instant resultIf you a greatly troubled in your marital life and want to win back the affection of your husband towards you, then definitely try lal kitab remedies to win husband’s love. These remedies will successfully regain the love of your husband for you. This will undoubtedly result in a peaceful marriage that is filled with promising love. The results are quite noticeable and efficiently help the wife to relive the romance of her marriage.

Jaipur Escorts Service
 Rena Ravvv  
 5 February 2021  

Jaipur Escorts Service

Book Review: Seductive Affair by Rishabh Puri
 Ayushi A Nair  
 1 September 2018  

Book Title: Seductive AffairAuthor:Rishabh PuriFormat: Paper BackTotal Number of Pages: 184Language: EnglishPublisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors;Publishing Date: 10 July 2018ISBN-10: 9387022277ISBN-13: 978-9387022270Prisha Khatri is a regular college graduate, focused on her career, desperate to finally move out of her parents’ house and freshly dumped by her successful fiancé. When she lands a job at a prestigious media house, she’s glad to have something to take her mind off her heartbreak. What she doesn’t expect is to be landed on a business trip with a famously fiery reporter Rajesh Lagheri. He’s travelling to a business conference for a story and doesn’t seem impressed by her involvement. But as soon as they’re out of the office, things change and it becomes clear that there is more to Rajesh’s trip than meets the eye. As Prisha is drawn into the story he’s trying to hide from their editor, their hunt for the story grows more intense and she finds herself growing closer to Rajesh. As their chemistry threatens to overwhelm them and Prisha is pulled deeper into the Seductive Affair, she must decide what matters most to her matters of the head or of the heart.My TakeStarting from the cover and title is enchanting. I expected it to be a dark romance thriller but it's a simple love story based on career and love. The title is misleading there is no seduction in the plot. The book is a bag of emotions, love, hate, relationship, passion, separation, trust, bond, joy, happiness, family, relationships, life, sadness, betrayal and many more. This is the story about main protagonist Prisha Khatri. Prisha getting ready for the first day of her dream job and remembering her past where her ex-fiance Aditya ditched her because she wanted to work and he wanted a wife who will sit at home, cook, raise children and take care of them. Breakup with her ex-fiance due to his insecurity, she is all set to enter corporate world, her dream job. She joins The Chronicles as in one of the leading newspapers of the country. She is attracted to Rajesh a senior reporter. Rajesh and Prisha travels for a businesses  conference in Mumbai where they find themselves getting close to each other while covering a story for their article. To find out more read the book.Language of the book is lucid and written in a simple way to comprehend for any kind of reader. I have read the author's previous work i have much expectation from this book too but i'm disappointed this time. Plot becomes predictable sometimes. The story is faced. Narration was simple and okey. The characters are good but could not able to connect with them. A few typographical errors here and there need to be rectified. If the edit was done properly, the story would have sounded much much better.I'll recommend this book to beginners for a light read.  Overall Ratings 2/5 StarsGrab the book here- Amazon.in Amazon.com Amazon.co.ukAbout the AuthorRishabh Puri is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with a flair for writing. Contributing to his family business since the age of 18, he makes his home in Lagos, Nigeria and Dubai, UAE. He has previously authored the bestselling novel Inside the Heart of Hope.

 Sujatha Jagannathan  
 27 January 2020  

Relating to or characteristic of burlesque

 Sujatha Jagannathan  
 31 January 2020  

An instrumental piece in the madrigal style

Get the Devsena Look with the Latest Bahubali Earrings
 Babosa sakhi  
 19 September 2019  

Movies have never failed to inspire and entertain people of India. The craze for actors, the love for movies and the entertainment don’t seem to subside! Over 100 years, the emergence of movies and die-hard fan, fashion trends have always become a common part of life.Madhuri Dixit's Backless BlouseKuch Kuch Hota Hai Polo T-shirtsAnu Aggarwal's netted ribbonsBhagyashree's blue skirtSonam Kapoor’s Lady Dior bagAnd what not!Fans get crazy with the clothes, accessories, and hairstyle and create a unique movie-inspired fashion statement!Do you agree? Comment Down Below with Your Favourite Movie Outfit or Jewelry.To add to the huge list of fashion inspirations, we now have Bahubali Earrings!Does that create a sense of FASHION MOTIVATION in you? BAHUBALI – The greatest south Indian film can really make you amaze with the picturization, storyline, costumes, and the characters.  Bahubali’s breath-taking costumes, jewelry, and the visual effects set a standard for the upcoming movie makers. For the jewelry and fashion designers– They can create a buzz! From Sivagami’s Royal Jewellery to Avantika’s natural jewelryWhether it’s Sivagami’s royal intricate Necklace, Bangles, Nose rings or Avantika’s natural, uniquely crafted jewelry made from feathers, flowers, and leaves. There’s a lot of inspiration that nature has to offer. Colorful prints, finger rings, and recycled ornaments are fuel to creative minds. Devasana – the bold, the beautiful and the most crucial character of the filmShe is bold, beautiful, royal, and admirable! There are many Devsenas among us, looking to create a unique story with every piece of jewelry they choose. Adorning Bahubali earrings will not only make you look beautiful, but it will give you a dose of confidence and strength. Amidst every single jewelry that holds a special place in your heart, Bahubali 2 jewelry can make the best part of your jewelry pouch.Spread the echoes of happiness, creative thoughts and get ready for a fashionable occasion and celebration with the best Bahubali Earrings and Jewellery for the next big event. Never-ending romance with gold jhumki earringWhen you are dressing up for a traditional Indian wedding draped in the best saree, choose this pretty golden Bahubali style earrings. Match it with temple jewelry and you are great to go!Gorgeous pair of earrings for your Lehenga latest Jhumka design with a hint of fusion fashion. Match it up with your Bridal lehenga or any outfit of your choice. Create a colorful statement with this adorable piece of jewelry that’s perfect for every occasion and look like a fashionable Devsena. Finish the look with matching bangles. Bahubali Anushka look with Indian Polki Jhumki setBahubali Devsena Jewellery look is something every girl would look up to. This easy to manage earring is a perfect accessory to look stunning. A pretty saree in dark blue, pink or green will make you look gorgeous. Mesmerizing Jhumka for a simple lookFor all jewelry lovers who want to look simple yet elegant, deck up yourself with this amazing earring. You can also try out gold necklace or choker to get the perfect young Devsena look.

Spanish Works of Literature That Will Help You Speak the Language
 Karla Davisio  
 21 April 2020  

Reading literature is a fantastic way to increase your understanding of a foreign language. Books can help you improve your paper writings skills, vocabulary and spelling, contextualize grammatical forms, and exercise various critical thinking skills. And reading in another language need not be tedious—there are numerous Spanish-language works that can facilitate learning and entertain at the same time."Como Agua Para Chocolate" (Like Water for Chocolate) by Laura EsquivelThis popular Mexican novel was published in 1989. In "Como Agua Para Chocolate," the main character and narrator, a young woman named Tita, finds herself in a painful situation. Tita is in love with Pedro, but Tita's mother will not allow their relationship, as she believes it is the duty of the youngest daughter to care for her mother through old age. Thus, in order to remain in contact with Tita, Pedro instead marries her sister, Rosaura. Rosaura gives birth to a child named Roberto. When Rosaura is unable to nurse Roberto, Tita cares for and nourishes the baby boy. As a result, Tita becomes deeply attached to Roberto, and she continues to love Pedro despite various complications.Each chapter of "Como Agua Para Chocolate" begins with a traditional Mexican recipe. The author includes these recipes to emphasize the importance of the kitchen in Tita's life. Tita, in fact, is an excellent chef, and she channels her frustration into her cooking. Tita's creations always reflect her mood, and they fill an artistic and emotional gap inside her. This novel is thus both a romance and a foray into Mexican culture. "Como Agua Para Chocolate" is beautifully written and is likely to affect readers in a profound way."Cajas de Carton" (Cardboard Boxes) by Francisco Jimenez"Cajas de Carton" (or "The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child") tells the poignant tale of a migrant family from Mexico who moves to the United States in search of work, as well as a better life. The book is narrated from the point-of-view of Panchito, an intelligent young boy who is the author himself (Francisco Jimenez). The humble family of four settles in the agricultural region of California, relocating as often as necessary to harvest seasonal crops. As time passes, the family gradually grows. The novel also explores Panchito's struggle with the English language. The life of Panchito and his family is characterized by constant change, hardship, and poverty. However, despite the legal, economic, and cultural difficulties they face, the family remains united. "Cajas de Carton" is a touching and relevant book whose brevity and conciseness attracts many readers."Naufragios" (Shipwrecked) by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca"Naufragios" is a one-of-a-kind sixteenth century text written by the Spanish conquistador Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. "Naufragios" describes the incredible adventures of four Spaniards who were shipwrecked in the New World, survivors from a ship that was originally sailing to Florida. For years, the European men lived among Native Americans before journeying west. "Naufragios" is a must-read for anyone interested in global history and the development of the Spanish language. In fact, this text features several of the first indigenous words that were incorporated into Spanish. The language in this book is likely to be challenging for some readers, as it is centuries old, but "Naufragios" is certainly worth reading for its cultural and historical importance.

 kk sharma  
 27 June 2020  

Since, after the film “Om Shanti Om” Deepika Padukone being on hit as the film was blockbuster. She is one of the highest-paid and successful actresses of Bollywood. Deepika is not just famous because of her acting but also amazing dressing sense, flawless skin, and athletic body of her. The camera has spotted in a variety of different outfits from tradition to western in all types of outfits. Deepika Padukone in saree being like sensational surely. Deepika Padukone has been a fashion trend in many outfits. It carries every outfit very well and looks glamorous. She is giving stunning competition to every other actress.Here are some of the very sensational looks of Deepika Padukone in sarees:1. Saree GownThe combination of tradition and western can be one of the willing outfits any female would like to work. Deepika can carry very well this latest trend of saree gown. This look had caught the eyeball of everyone towards Deepika. The design of this outfit was in the white saree gown and elegant beige which was perfect for evening parties. It is the best example to cover both of the field western and also traditional. It is a combination of simplicity saree and gown style. It is a fabulous outfit to wear tonight. 2. Wedding SareeAs Deepika and Ranveer Singh couple looks very prefect and complement to each other. So, as their designing sense, chemistry and character looks icon. On her wedding day, they're just nailed up and blockbuster the day. As queen deserves all the best things and some of her finest sarees on that day especially. Every bride dream is to look best and glamorous on that day. It was an exquisite piece on a day. The matching studs and emerald choker have made her slew the royal look. On her reception too has chosen one of the masterpieces i.e. a golden silk saree to wear which made a very unmarkable look and history.3. Sabyasachi SareeSabyasachi saree can one of the success stories for Deepika Padukone saree. This classic English design saree can be a sign of romance and subtleties the Indian attire. This style has become fashionistas overnight across the country. It made a new trend in saree. This floral printed and legendary designer has made this masterpiece for all over the diva. It was a great work and design by legendary designers to create as a masterpiece.4. Chennai Express lookAs the movie Chennai Express of the most hit and enjoyable movie. This was just because of the character played in the movie. She in this super hit movie played a character of free-spirited south Indian girl which was such a beauty. As casual there being many designer and imported sarees in which Deepika Padukone has been spotted till now. Deepika Padukone in saree made her sizzle the whole movie by wearing lightweight silk saree. The one of wonderful and cool saree that was Blue and Orange color silk saree stand out to be winner on screen.5. Angelic WhiteDeepika Padukone saree choice has being always hit and made her look glamorous and stylish. The color whites have been made flaunt to rock on carpet. Usually, the safest color to play on carpets is a black color outfit or saree. This angelic white saree on Deepika Padukone made to hit. Deepika Padukone in saree was no less than her and looked heavenly perfectly. The beauty in this saree outfit was added by the illustrated lacework done on the border roundly. Deepika looks just so good and awesome in this saree.

Jaisalmer Desert Camp | Desert Safari | Camp | In Jaisalmer
 Heritage Juma Desert Camp  
 4 July 2019  

Jaisalmer Desert Camp Jaisalmer’ or ‘Golden City of Rajasthan’ is the land of the unbelievable scenic beauty of Jaisalmer Desert Camp, majestic palaces and forts and rural desert lifestyle. This small town of Rajasthan is wonderfully nestled at the spirit of Thar Desert Camp as a stunning jewel, standing arrogant of a fascinating past and rich cultural legacy that is entwined in the tale of Rajputana courtesy and honor. Attraction points in Jaisalmer include a visit to the majestic palaces and magnificent forts, the great Thar Desert, Jain temple, and striking sand dunes. If you wish to enjoy the majestic land, it is the right time to book your Jaisalmer Desert Camp with Heritage Juma Desert Camp.Planning to visit desert during the upcoming holiday? Rajasthan is the right choice. Don’t wait anymore. Book an Amazing and Memorable Trip in Jaisalmer! Discover the Astonishing Adventures of Jaisalmer……  Desert Camp In JaisalmerWe provide the best desert camp in Jaisalmer for families, friends and even single people to get a magical experience and hassle stay. Our camps are designed and maintained with the highest standards because heritage juma desert camp is famous for its hospitality and service. These desert camps in Jaisalmer are rich in luxury, comfort and happinessDesert Safari Camp In JaisalmerWe provide all sort of camps, tents and safari at your convenience. Our tents and camps are well equipped and fully furnished. Our luxury tent is rustic and spacious which are furnished with all modern amenities and traditional interiors including electricity, 24 hrs hot and cold running water, toilets and bathrooms with modern facilities and verandah. Jaisalmer desert camp tents are beautifully made with a good quality cloth which will be a saviour from chilling of great Thar desert. Each tent has a twin bed draped in clean cotton linens. The luxury tents also have its own spa, open-air pool and Ac. Luxury camps are exclusively designed to provide visitors with an experience of a lifetime.Desert Adventure In JaisalmerWe provide luxurious and adventurous experience in Jaisalmer desert camp with exciting activities such as desert safari, parasailing, para-motor gliding, village safari, jeep safari, camel safari, and Arabian nights etc.so, experience desert camp Jaisalmer with heritage juma desert camp for enhancing your travelling experience.Jaisalmer Desert Camp is the right way for adventurous activities such as Safari. Now, you can find an opportunity to visit wonderful forts, magnificent palaces and superb has. It is your choice to make a selection from a “jeep safari” or even “camel safari”. Visit the most ancient haunted villages like Kuldhara during the safari ride. Other places to visit are Jaisalmer Fort, Salim Singh ki Haveli and Bada Bagh. Not just that, visitors can find a complete view of the mesmerizing sites that hold fascination creative sculpturesACTIVITIES PROVIDED BY HERITAGE JUMA DESERT CAMP IN JAISALMER-Jeep safariEnjoy exciting desert safari in golden sand of the great Thar desert. This is one of the most adventurous and enjoyable experience.Camel safariBook a luxury camel safari in Jaisalmer and enjoy the loneliness and romance as the camel takes you to exciting heights of the Thar Desert.Rajasthani folk dance and exciting activitiesGet familiar with the heritage of the Rajasthani culture. The amazing environment, melodic folk music & traditional dance will definitely give the most memorable time. Enjoy Rajasthani Folk Dance during the evening and many other exciting activities.Planning to visit desert during the upcoming holiday? Jaisalmer Desert Camp is the right choice. Don’t wait anymore. Book an Amazing and Memorable Trip in Jaisalmer and Discover the Astonishing Adventures of Jaisalmer.

Pastoral Literature
 Sujatha Jagannathan  
 27 January 2020  

Of or relating to pastor

Sex Dolls Make You Feel Like You Are Touching Human Skin
 serry Serry  
 28 October 2019  

The documentary focuses on life-size love dollsHe said: "People may think that I am very strange, but this is no different from collecting sports cars. I don't know how much I spent, but it is cheaper than Lamborghini." Earlier this month, there was news that, shortly after, these minis A 100cm doll may be difficult to distinguish from real humans.The doll manufacturer's managing director said: "Technology has come a long way since the nasty inflatable dolls of the 1970s. He explained: "They look incredible now, it feels like you are touching human skin. . More and more men are buying them because they think they can really communicate with GYNOID doll. ”The relationship between Nakajima and Saori made his family split, but the Tokyo-born businessman refused to give up her. Nakajima admits that it is unlikely that a wife who is alienated from him will be reconciled. He said: "I can't take a bath with Saori, and I can't watch TV with her." "I don't want to destroy my possession of Japanese sex doll."Although sex dolls are not just Japanese, the country’s sales are booming. According to experts, the popularity of love dolls and sex robots may be attributed to the decline in birth rates in Japan. One scientist even claimed that because Japan fell in love with silicon women, the Japanese have become "endangered species."The sex doll manager said: "At the moment, we are the official agent of flat chested love dolls, making Emma a robot, we are the official European agent robot. "The two companies are studying the movement of the arm, the latest release of the robotics company. The video shows the movement of the arm.Ozaki is one of the more and more Japanese men seeking rubber romance in this country that has lost its magic. He also admitted that he was rejected by interpersonal relationships. He said: "Japanese women are very indifferent." He squeezed silica gel while walking by the sea. It also offers customers a range of different faces and bodies. But he claims to have reduced TPE sex doll sex.The worrying trend of mini 100cm doll addiction is revealed in an RT documentary called “Alternatives,” which focuses on how life-size dolls (female fakes with a silicone vagina) contribute to “a nation’s Loneliness and alienation."The 43-year-old blogger said: "It is more important now to establish a connection on my emotional level." His curiosity found a charred model on the street when he was young.Sex robots can quickly "breath" using the intelligent AI "thorax" technique. A life-size dummies shared a bed under the same roof with his wife and a teenage daughter in Tokyo, an arrangement that sparked an angry quarrel before the final announcement of a delicate armistice.Leading doctors have recently sounded warnings about sexual robots, suggesting that they may spread sexually transmitted infections and exacerbate them. In order to stop pedophiles, American legislators are desperately trying to ban sex robots that look like children. Some men like dolls to avoid heartache, so they are welcomed by disabled customers and waffles and model fetishes.The 62-year-old Nakajima said: "Humans are so harsh. He gently bathes his rubber girlfriend Saori, has posted her photos on the wall, and even skied and surfed." She never betrayed me. She eliminated my troubles. ”http://zambia.musicportal.co/serry/blog/166/customers-choose-more-realistic-japanese-sex-dollshttps://www.urdolls.com/love-doll-c-58.html

Get Consultancy For Love & Court Marriage in Lahore Pakistan By Professionals
 Fozia Tariq  
 6 August 2020  

Love and Court Marriage in Lahore Pakistan:Advocate Jamila is the best lawyer for love and court marriage in Lahore Pakistan services. Mr. Hero, a sportsman, fell in love with a bureaucrat's daughter and wanted to marry her when a common friend who knew that they were poles apart had to intervene. She met the hero and tried to talk sense into him. "So you both wish to have court marriage in Lahore Pakistan and live happily ever after?"  "Yes, I have found the girl I have been looking for!""But you cannot live on egg and toast," said his friend. 'What?'  'You eat deep-fried 'paratha,' (like deep-fried tortillas) 'aachar' (pickle) roast meat, and drink a jug of" lassi'/milk with six teaspoons sugar while she takes to toast and coffee. And you sleep on the rooftop of your house, while she sleeps in an air-conditioned room. “Yes, but what does it matter love covers all and court marriage in Lahore Pakistan will resolve the issues.' It didn't. The above ingredients are essential but one of the most essential aspects which matters the most is the physical attraction for court marriage in Lahore Pakistan.Marry With Your Lover Through Court Marriage in Lahore Pakistan:A person must feel a lot of love and attraction for each other before they decide to marry each other through court marriage in Lahore Pakistan. Some crazy, immature girls go for superficial standards. Similarly, some boys just fall for mere good looks and then get disillusioned. Beauty WITH brains is an essential pre-requisite for the right choice. While choosing a spouse, search your mind, ask yourself these questions:  -'Would you honestly like to see his/ her face next to yours each morning?' ‘ -'Will you feel proud of your spouse in a crowd?"  -'Will you be happy/proud to be seen with your spouse after court marriage in Lahore Pakistan?  -'Do you wish to be together as much as possible?  -Does an instant wave of jealousy hit you when your partner admires the opposite sex?  -'Would you like to share, all your thoughts and problems with each other?'  If your heart and mind say 'no' then never marry such a person!  PHYSICAL ATTRACTION SHOULD BE THE FOREMOST PRIORITY!Romance is essential for a successful married life after court marriage in Lahore Pakistan and that should be kept alive. Do not ever neglect your appearance but remain attractive to your spouse, no matter what be your age.  Each one of us wants the ideal spouse— like the one whom we wish to touch, hold, comfort, love and cherish. Touch is a complex language. It pays to improve your vocabulary about this language. Besides this, our future better half must have good looks, intelligence, be socially acceptable, rich, relaxed, cheerful and 'tension-free' and the dimensions can go on like:  -a good human being -being well-groomed  -cares about personal hygiene  -talks well you enjoy talking to him/her  -has a good sense of humor  -and understanding nature, -dress sense  They all add up.  Beauty is not just skin deep but lies in the eyes of the beholder It does not have to be mere looks—a pretty face, trim figure, tall height or like Scarlet O'Hara, the brave heroine of the famous novel 'Gone with the wind', nor does her tall, dark and handsome hero, Rhett Butler make up the ideal spouse material. Other dimensions also carry equal weight.  When the final selection has been done then the couple can get services of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan.  

Ready for That Next Step? 5 Ways to Know if You Are Ready for Marriage
 Paisley Hansen  
 7 March 2020  

Have you been out on many dates? Have you traveled together and wished that you were checking into the hotel as Mr. and Mrs. Smith? It's exciting to be in a relationship that feels like it could last. It is also exhilarating and stressful to plan the perfect wedding. That being said, there are two perspectives that matter most when considering if you and your love interest are ready for marriage. There are different perspectives of bride and groom. In some cases, a pair could include two brides or two grooms. In all cases, there is the challenge of one adult committing his or her life to the other adult and the tendency to become one household. This potential permanent living arrangement and intermingling of two lives brings many challenges. It's important to work through these before you take your partner to browse simple engagement rings.Where Is Your Self-Esteem?The first perspective about creating a marriage with another person is that you must love yourself. You must be strong enough to continue living your life with or without this partner. When you feel good about yourself, you are in a better position to form this long-term union and give it your best. You want to be successful and to avoid dysfunctional patterns related to one or both partners having lowself-esteem. You don't want to depend on the other person for loving you as a substitute for loving yourself.What Are Your Views on Marriage and Children?If this partnership is going to work, you and your potential spouse need to work out these issues before getting married. Look at your reasons for seeking marriage and whether you will bring children into the relationship. If you have conflicting views about how to be married and/or whether to have children and how to raise them, this might not work. You want to find a degree of compatibility or at least agree to disagree on the major issues that stop people from tying the knot.What Are Your Other Relationships Like?Remember, you and your potential partner may have discussed marriage before. You should already have other relationships in your life that are keeping you feeling socially supported and loved. This person shouldn't be your only close bond or someone who keeps you from seeing friends or family. You should also be able to look into the future, imagine that you are together and happy, and that you will enjoy common interests and a loving connection. Another person cannot complete you or make you happy. You have to make yourself happy and offer love to your partner.Are You Feeling Like Your Best Self in This Relationship?When you are together with your future spouse, you should feel like he or she is bringing out your best qualities. This person should also encourage you to reach your goals. Being in this relationshp should inspire you to invest your time and attention in this object of your love and affection. You should want to show your partner your support during tough times, including being a good listener and helping him or her solve problems as they arise. This relationship could also require you to let down your emotional barriers and trust the other person to see your vulnerability. You may need to share your financial information and set up new budgeting, spending, and savings habits to make the joint household work for both.Taking your long-term relationship to the next level by getting married is a big step. It will only have a chance of working for many years if you can practice unconditional love, compromise, trust, respect, and forgiveness. You must be faithful to your partner and not seek affection outside the marriage. Finally, both partners must keep investing in the marriage after the romance wears off and the honeymoon period ends.        

Simple Process For Get the Criminal Investigations by Private Detectives in Pakistan
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 7 September 2020  

Criminal Investigations by Private Detectives in Pakistan:Pappu detectives provide best private detectives in Pakistan. Yorkshire is the territory of literary detectives as distinctive as its geography: the remote beauty of the Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Moors national parks, miles of spectacular coastline, and major cities such as Leeds, York, and Sheffield. Private detectives in Pakistan offers an insight into conflicting ways of life, from ancient rural landscapes, traditional crafts, and the monastic vestiges of religious power, to mighty industrial landscapes and the high-rises of thriving multicultural conurbations. Yorkshire folk may be renowned for their obduracy and dour humor, but there are a strong community spirit and social conscience reflected in the region's private detectives in Pakistan. Above all this, hanging like a moorland mist is the spirit of the Brontés and the brooding romance of Wuthering Heights. Death of John Wainwright in Sleep City:John Wainwright's (1921—) Death in a Sleeping City ( 1965) introduced a powerful new voice to the British police novels The debut of this working police officer probes the brutality of organized crime in an unspecified Northern city sandwiched between North Riding and County Durham. Subsequent private detectives in Pakistan depict widely varied Yorkshire landscapes, but Wainwright was born in Hunslet, a south Leeds suburb where a tree was a tram-ride away and the air was choked by industrial smog. Twenty years with the West Riding Constabulary lends authority and authenticity to his novels. Wainwright's series features several mails) private detectives in Pakistan, most of them Yorkshire men and proud of it. Blaydc RIP (1982) details the life of Chief Superintendent Robert Blayde, a Wainwright regular, and is set in the tiny village of Lumby, a guide way between Otley and Harrogate. In The Man, Who 'Wasn't 'l'/turn' (1989), Chief Inspector Lyle is on the trail of gangland killers and an informant in the 'Lessford' police force.Know About The Crammed into 'Lessford' and Bordfielcl:There is a powerful sense of place in the dehumanizing urban sprawl where some three million people acc crammed into 'Lessford' and Bordfielcl'. The Lessford landscape is particularly unforgiving, and its inhabitants 'all seemed to carry the look the curse — of absolute defeat'. Lyle's escape route is provided by the (endless zig-zag of dry stone walls', the hypnotic rise and fall of the grassy Pennies, and the 'distant, isolated farmsteads, with no apparent means of access or egress. The skyscape of layers of clouds each layer moving at a different pace from its fellows. The flocks of sheep, each flock bunched together like a huge, po-faced family; the isolated trees permanently bent away from the prevailing wind; the distant hills and beyond them, more hills, and beyond them and in the hazy, purple distance, even more hills.'  One of the undisputed modern masters of the private detectives in Pakistan and recipient of the Diamond Dagger, Reginald Hill* (1936—) came to Yorkshire in the late 1960s. The 'eclectic, not specific' Yorkshire of bill's stylish novels, underpinned by an understanding of 'human nature as strong as his ear for dialogue and dialect, aims to distill an essence of Yorkshire rather than present a literal landscape, Lancaster, in South Yorkshire, inspired A Clubbable Woman (1970), introducing confrontational, crude and contradictory 'Fat Man' Superintendent Andy Dalziel (pronounced 'Dee-Elle') and stressed but rather more civilized, fastidious among private detectives in Pakistan.  

How to Enjoy Lovemaking Experience with Your Cheap Female Sex Dolls?
 Love Doll Palace  
 11 January 2021  

Sex dolls are becoming the new normal for society. There are expensive and cheap sex doll options for everyone to satisfy their inner desires. Most men consider thesecheap female sex dolls as the best alternative for masturbating and having a quality love time with them. This blog will discuss some tips in which a person invests their time and efforts to have a wonderful love-making experience with them. Here are some tips for you to have an unforgettable lovemaking experience with your sex dollRomance experienceWhen it comes to lovemaking with your sex doll it's not about the quality of the doll but imagination that will take the experience to next level. Anyone looking to have an intimate and intense sexual experience with a sex doll needs to put some extra effort to achieve this. These dolls offer close human feelings and thus it's normal to treat them the same way you would treat a real person. There is no point to feel shy about kissing and fondling these dolls. When you are finished with your doll, take time to clean her, wipe off any make-up, and put her hair down. All these things will help you feel more connected and improve your romance experience with your sex doll.Try different Wig Colors and StylesWell, it all comes down to one thing and that is a personal preference. But this will definitely improve your love bond with your sex doll. You can even try different wigs like blonde and redheads to add a little fun factor with your doll. Trying a new wig will add the lost spark back into your sex life as your love dolls will get an all-new appearance. Changing her overall look whether by choosing a different wig, clothes, or putting on makeup will surely stimulate your mood and increase your sexual desires. RoleplayThis is one of the best tips that will surely increase your lovemaking experience and probably the best way to learn how to use sex doll and enjoy most with them. The best thing about playing roleplay with a sex doll is that they won't judge you if you arrest them for being naughty, not being a good student, or pretend to be whoever you want with them. You can explore your sexual desires and fantasies with them without being under pressure that they will judge you. She can be sluty nurse or hot teacher or anything you want her to be, who knows? Perfume for herPerfumes are always considered the best for adding little fun and increasing sexual desires. Many men feel aroused just by a strong perfume and if you are one of them it's time to buy it for her. Sex dolls are similar to a real person so what's bad in dressing her well, combing her hair, doing her makeup, or making her smell like a goddess. Don't go cheap while shopping for her, buy the best perfume in the market that will arouse your inner feelings and give your senses a perfect moment to remember. Just remember to go for perfumes that are TPE and silicone-friendly.These are some of the best tips that will improve your lovemaking experience with your doll and get what you exactly want from the sex doll. If there is a tip that helps you connect more with your doll and improve the sexual experience, tell us in the comment section. We will surely add the best suggestion to our blog.READ MORE: What to do with Anime Sex Dolls When not having Sex?

Simple Step For Get The Marital Status Certificate in Pakistan B y Law Firm in Lahore
 Hanees Ali  
 4 February 2021  

Marital Status Certificate in Pakistan:For having the marital status certificate in Pakistan or single status certificate in Pakistan please contact Jamila Law Associates. Children are a blessing from the Almighty Allah, as life is incomplete without them. A child in the family gives meaning to a marriage and make it complete after marital status certificate in Pakistan or single status certificate in Pakistan.Children are the Binding Force in this Relationship:They are the reason, why parents work hard in order to strive for a better tomorrow.However, sometimes there is a tilting of balance between spouse and child. The wife feels more duty bound in looking after the young ones, to the extent that the poor husband often feels ignored or left out.  A famous belief says, 'When a child enters a house, romance flies out of the window! Marriage becomes difficult, as it is a transition from couple hood to parenthood. The routine changes, mothers often feel disgruntled due to lack of sleep, rest, awesome responsibility of caring for a helpless little baby, economic stress and lack of time for oneself, all add up to a crescendo of fights and in extreme cases cracks in a marriage after marital status certificate in Pakistan or single status certificate in Pakistan.  First of all you need to choose the best law firm in Lahore Pakistan for get the marital status certificate.Story About The New Baby:A new baby is a blessing and cements a marriage but parenting means that both have to give up a lot of their freedom and extra expenditure as a baby is an addition in the family and needs the best that the parents can provide. Now they have to spend their time, energy and youth in bringing up a child as he/she does require constant care. Babies are so small and helpless! Parents have sleepless nights if their child is crying the whole night with colic pain. But a baby is worth the sacrifice.Get Single Status Certificate in Pakistan:This new arrival adds spice to the dish after marital status certificate in Pakistan or single status certificate in Pakistan. Babies are the main ingredients which bring out the flavor in a dish. Life without children is like eating a bland, unappetizing dish all alone, in a silent house, with no one to keep you company.  A child adds color to life and gives a purpose to struggle hard for a better tomorrow but an intelligent wife needs to keep a balance in relationships. This does not mean that the father is neglected and always hushed just because the baby is sleeping or being fed. An equation must be kept to give your better half the assurance that he is just as precious... even more important than a new addition in the family. SUGGESTION:A sensible mother must ensure that a baby is asleep when the husband comes home after work. If children are at a school going age, then they should either go out to play or be busy doing home work etc. This will help you both to unwind by having some time to yourselves after marital status certificate in Pakistan or single status certificate in Pakistan.  Once children start school, parents get less time to themselves due to the endless school assignments, sports, children's friends, picnics that sometimes couples seem to drift apart as they hardly get -time to be together, such a state should be avoided. Siblings should be able to spend time and enjoy among themselves rather than expect parents to dance attendance to them all the time.

Book Review: Kansa: (Book 1 – The Killer Trilogy) The Professor Black Series – Prassant Kevin
 Kiran Kumar Adharapuram  
 27 March 2018  

Blurb:OVER A SPAN OF TEN YEARS, HE KILLED FORTY PREGNANT WOMEN AND THEN VANISHED WITHOUT A TRACE. AFTER FIVE YEARS OF SILENCE, HE IS BACK AGAIN, SEEKING HIS NEXT VICTIM. ONLY ONE MAN CAN STOP HIM – PROFESSOR BLACK.Maher was found unconscious in the middle of the highway and later, in the hospital, she revealed that she had escaped from a killer’s house. All the details and patterns matched the serial killer ‘Kansa,’ who had disappeared five years ago after murdering forty pregnant women. ACP Saargi Desai was assigned to the case. She appealed to her department to bring back Professor Black to help her catch the killer. The Professor, who had a haunting past that had kept him away from the world of crime and investigation for several years, was not willing to take on this case. But the ACP managed to convince him to get on board just for this one last time. Soon after agreeing to help, the Professor realized that for the first time in his life, he had met his match. As he dug deeper into the case, everything got dirtier, the stakes went higher, and nothing was what it seemed.Intrigue:‘Kansa’ is the First book of ‘The Killer trilogy’ series by Prassant Kevin. The book narration starts with a couple who are traveling back after marriage at Corbett, whose car met with an accident, which rans out on Meher who is an escaped victim from KaNsa. The story grips with “ACP Saargi Desai” who suspects the impression of serial killer Kansa, who seeks help of a alcoholic, drug addict, womanizer yet criminology expert “Professor Black” to break this killing mystery of forty pregnant women and their babies.Not to further be a spoiler, this book answers the questions:Who is kaNsa?Why is the motive of killing pregnant women and their babies?Did ACP and Professor could break this mystery ?How Meher escaped from killer clutches ?To know yourself, read this crime thriller kaNsa. My Review:To start off , the book cover is damn awesome specially the EMBOSED title, the background picture and fine quality paper with bigger font which is handy makes happy to carry. It was one of the most awaited crime thrillers, the pace of book is very good and you will not find yourself bored at any point and a perfect nail biter.Book starts with a hidden message, a second of driving negligence needs more pay off and in other way that paves a great start as clue to find the serial killer, “There is no one either good or bad, but circumstances make them so” , one of the best thing in kaNsa is the story is written and narrated in third person point of view. writing style is pretty clear, decent content and has minimal grammatical errors, can be ignored in interest of plot. The narration was so perfect, I can feel those come before my eyes when I am reading the book (may be due to midnight read)At few places due to suspect and mysterious nature, readers will literally experience chills in their spine (sweet warning), this book pulled me from love and romance to crime and suspense genre ( I stacked three already) ,title kaNsa and story progress makes the keen readers feels the mythological impression in the intrigue.Below few unanswered questions made me to go with a star less:1. Professor Black family ?2. Logical or medical reason to kill pregnant women3. The necklace4. Two pictures of of three by Meher5. Annu Kesharwani, white rabbit6. Exact male who torture and kill pregnant women7. Arjun involvement in crimeLooking forward for Book:2 in this trilogy series,overall kaNsa turns out to be a perfect crime thriller, with decent story-line,well narrated, fit to screen-played, minor grammatical errors, nail biting page turner. Even the last page has an amazing twist that paves a thought for the upcoming one. kaNsa serves as reference for “Criminology” enthusiastLink:KaNsaRegardsKiran K Adharpuram

Book Review: Table For One by Neha Bindal
 Ayushi A Nair  
 8 September 2018  

Book Title: Table For OneAuthor: Neha BindalFormat: Paper BackTotal Number of Pages: 180Language: EnglishPublisher: HALF BAKED BEANSPublishing Date: 20 July 2018ASIN: B07FQ7MWBCTaara Maheshwari, a single woman in her thirties and a successful lawyer, is tough from outside but a die heart fan of romantic movies from inside.She grew up seeking her “happily ever after’ but amid various heartbreaks and culture of modern age short term relationships,her believe in “true connections" got replaced by the comfort of being “emotionally disconnected.”After she turned 31, her parents persuaded her into meeting a guy for marriage who sounded just perfect for her. Acting on impulse,she told her parents that she would meet him only if they let her go on a trip to Europe.As Taara went on to explore the world, she experienced what actually happens when a single Indian girl travels to Europe all by herself. Is it only about dancing, singing or falling in love? What happens after you fall in love? Does love conquer all? Only her story would tell.My TakeThis is the story of protagonist Taara Maheshwari, a successful lawyer in her early thirties still unmarried. She is a confused women, who had encountered some heart breaks and doesn't know what to she wanted in her life. As her parents convinces for an arrange marriage. To which she agreed only if her parents would allow her for solo trip in Europe before marriage. She promised to meet the man once she returned back from the trip fortunately her parents agreed. She thinks it's an escape from marriage and quit her job to fulfill her dream to take a solo trip to Europe. Here her self-exploration starts with travelling diverse destinations, meets different kinds of peoples all around there, sang a song in public, danced crazily, went on trekking,  and many more she explored the Europe. Taara in this trips founds new friends as well as she is attracted towards Fred and was in love with him. To know more what happen next read the book. The book is a bag of emotions of love, heartbreaks, travel, romance, adventure, external love, internal love, self realization, happiness, peace, friends, family, life, and many more.Language is simple crisp and lucid and has the ability to bring live the events narrated in the book. The story flows like a movie and takes the readers on a journey  to Paris, Switzerland and Italy with Taara the every scene is so well written than you can actually get images of them in your mind. Characterization should be have been strong and done better and i don't like the sudden climax. The faced paced and engaging narration. The writer’s words has the capacity to hold the reader till the last page. The storytelling style was different and simply adorable. I loved Taara character through out the book. Characterization should be done better and i don't like the sudden climax. The cover and title is beautifully crafted.We are all taught that the most beautiful part of a fairy-tale is “happily ever after”. But we fail to notice that all fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time”. Once. It all happened. It was all real. Once. No matter who we are, what we do, or where we live, deep inside we all feel incomplete. It’s like we have lost something and need to get it back. Just what that something is, most of us never find out. And of those who do, even fewer manage to go out and look for it. Alone wasn’t just a closed dark room anymore but a whole wide world full of opportunities. I needed to explore and occupy the vastness of the world inside of me, which until now I hadn’t truly understood. Like the houses we build, the sky was also a shelter to few.I'll recommend this book to all the avid reader's.Overall 4/5 StarsGrab the copy here- AMAZON