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Your search for ferocious
Bhagavad Gita Verse 4.7
 Dhwani Shah  
 28 October 2019  

Angulimal - In Gita Verse 4.7 Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion – at that time I descend Myself.Krishna takes birth for others, in compassion. While in compassion Krishna take birth to give, no expectation. For him irreligion means when human being is stuck in duality, their animal nature. To guide the humanity to grow in consciousness he takes birth.In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.2, I wrote regarding Only compassion is therapeutic. How? Let’s understand this by Buddha and Angulimal’s story.There was a man in Gautam Buddha’s time whose name was Angulimal. He had taken a vow to cut off one thousand heads, and to take one finger from each dead person and make a garland of one thousand fingers. Angulimal means the man with the garland of one thousand fingers.He was a ferocious man. People stopped going close to him. The road that passed by the hill where he was staying was no longer being used. He had already cut off nine hundred and ninety-nine heads; he was waiting for only one more. The road that passed by his hill was utterly empty, nobody was coming. And then Buddha came to pass. That road was the shortcut, but people were going the long way around, just to avoid Angulimal. Naturally, Buddha took the shortcut.His disciples said, ”Bhagawan, you don’t know what you are doing! Haven’t you heard about that madman, Angulimal? It is better to go the long, roundabout way, rather than to take the shortcut.”But people like Gautam Buddha never turn back. He said, ”I cannot turn back, now even more than before. If I had not known about Angulimal, perhaps I might have taken the other road. That poor fellow is waiting for only one head! My work is done; I have known all that can be known, I have experienced all that can be experienced. Now there is no reason for me.... If I can be of some service to that poor man, it will be good.”He went. Angulimal saw him. Buddha’s disciples, who were always clambering around him, by and by started creating a distance between him and themselves. If he was caught, at least they could escape. Angulimal saw Gautam Buddha coming. Even that dangerous man, who had murdered nine hundred and ninety-nine people already, felt for the first time that he also had a heart. Gautam Buddha was looking so innocent, so childlike and so beautiful in the early morning sun.Angulimal shouted, ”You please turn back, because only one head is missing! Perhaps you are a stranger... but looking at you, something in me says ‘Let this man go – there are many idiots, I can cut off their heads.’ Even if my mother comes here, I will cut off her head! But you please go back. Don’t come close to me – I am dangerous! Do you see my sword? It is waiting for the last head.”Gautam Buddha continued. He stepped off the road and started moving into the mountains, closer to Angulimal.Angulimal said, ”It seems you are more mad than me. Why are you going on and on and on?”Buddha said, ”Angulimal, I stopped going anywhere a long time ago. I am not going anywhere, it is you who are.” Angulimal was standing there – Buddha was walking!Angulimal said, ”Certainly you are mad. You are walking, moving, and you say you have stopped a long time ago. I am standing, and you say, ‘You are moving.’”Buddha said, ”Just try to understand. Your mind is moving, thinking. My mind is silent, there is no movement. And you will not get a better head. It is really a joy to fulfill your vow. Prepare your sword.”Angulimal could not understand what kind of man he was. He was in a great shock; he had never come across such a man! He was ashamed of himself for the first time in his life. He could not look at Buddha eye to eye, because those eyes were radiating compassion, love, grace, joy, blissfulness, ecstasy – things that he had never known, but the fragrance was reaching him.He said again to Buddha, ”You please go, sir. I don’t want to kill you. You are unnecessarily insisting that I do something that I don’t want to do.” But Buddha went on coming closer and closer. And finally he was standing before Angulimal.Angulimal said, ”I used to think I was a stubborn man – you are a thousandfold more stubborn. Now I cannot help you, I have to cut your head.”Buddha said, ”It is an old tradition and convention to fulfill the last wish of a person who is going to die, and I have a very small wish. You fulfill it and then kill me.”He said, “What is your wish? Even if it is the biggest thing, I will manage it for you.”Buddha said, ”No, it is a very small thing. Just cut off a branch of the tree under which you are standing.”Angulimal said, ”What kind of thing are you asking? But okay, if that is your wish.” With his sword he cut off a branch.Buddha said, ”Now, put it back. Let it be part of the tree again. Let it blossom again.”Angulimal said, ”That is impossible. How can I join it with the tree?”Buddha said, ”If you cannot even join a small branch to the tree, do you see the implications of it? Any child could have broken that branch off the tree, and you are a strong man – you have not done a great job. You can cut off my head, but can you manage to give me life again? And if you cannot create, what right have you to destroy?”There was a moment of silence. The sword fell from Angulimal’s hands. He threw away that garland of nine hundred and ninety-nine fingers, and fell at Buddha’s feet. He said, ”I never thought about it, that destroying something – any mediocre person, any coward, any idiot can do that. The real genius is creative – you are right. Please accept me as your disciple.”Buddha initiated him.When people like Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira takes birth they take birth out of their compassion. They guide humanity to grow in consciousness from every circumstances. They don’t choose the circumstances they create opportunity to guide the humanity from any circumstances to grow in consciousness. Person like Angulimal can turn in so why can't we?

 Sujatha Jagannathan  
 24 January 2020  

Ordinary writing as distinguished from verse

Bhagavad Gita Verse 8.1
 Dhwani Shah  
 14 March 2020  

Why Technique - In Gita Verse 8.1 Arjuna inquired: O my Lord, O Supreme Person, what is Brahman? What is the self? What are fruitive activities? What is this material manifestation? And what are the demigods? Please explain this to me.After listening to Krishna Arjuna asks the question to Krishna what is Brahman? What is the self? What are fruitive activities? What is this material manifestation? And what are the demigods? Why?As not only for Arjuna but for all of us also, techniques are important as we can unconsciously do that. Krishna is saying that become aware and Arjuna when asking all this question thinks that if he will get techniques he will become Brahman, Self.We need to remember that Witnessing is Not a Technique:Searching for spiritual growth they come across a teacher who gives them a technique. The technique helps them to become more silent, more calm, more quiet, to have a great well-being, but then the technique becomes absolutely essential. They cannot leave the technique. If they leave the technique, all those experiences start disappearing. Even if the technique has been practiced for years, just within three days all the experiences will disappear. The techniques don’t really give you spiritual growth, but they create a hallucination which looks spiritual because you don’t know what spiritual growth is.Let’s understand this from incidence of Osho’s life - It happened that one Sufi master was brought to me. He was a master of thousands of Mohammedans, and once a year he used to come to the city. A few of the Mohammedans of his group had become interested in me and they wanted a meeting. They highly appreciated that their master sees God everywhere, in everything, and he is always joyful: “We have been with him for twenty years and we have never seen him in any other state except ecstasy.”I told them, “It will be good that he becomes a guest in my house. For three days you leave him with me. I will take care of your master.” He was an old man, a very good man.I asked him, “Have you used any technique for this constant ecstasy, or has it come on its own without any technique?”He said, “I have certainly used a technique. The technique is to remember, looking at everything, that there is God in it. In the beginning it looked ridiculous, but slowly slowly the mind became accustomed: now I see God everywhere in everything.”Then I said, “You do one thing… How long have you been practicing it?”“Forty years” – he must have been nearabout seventy.I asked, “Can you trust your experience of ecstasy?”He said, “Absolutely.”Then I said, “Do one thing: for three days you stop the technique… no more remembering that God is in everything. For three days look at things as they are; don’t impose your idea of God. A table is a table, a chair is a chair, a tree is a tree, a man is a man.”He asked, “But what is the purpose of it?”I said, “I will tell you after three days.”But not even three days were needed; after only one day he was angry at me, ferociously angry that, “You have destroyed my forty years’ discipline. You are a dangerous man. I have been told that you are a master, and rather than helping me… Now I see in a chair nothing but a chair, in a man nothing but a man; God has disappeared, and with the disappearance of God my ecstasy that I am surrounded by an ocean of God has also disappeared.”I said, “This was the specific purpose. I wanted you to understand that your technique has produced a hallucination; otherwise forty years’ discipline cannot disappear in one day. You had to continue the technique, so it would continue to create the illusion. Now it is up to you: if you want to live your remaining life in a hallucinatory ecstasy, it is up to you. But if you want to wake up, then no technique is needed.”And remember, witnessing is not a technique, it is your nature. Watching is not a technique, because you are not imposing anything, so there is no possibility of creating an illusion; you are simply watching. Even if God comes in front of you, you are not supposed to fall on the ground and touch his feet: you have simply to watch. Watching is not a technique.A technique creates something; watching simply reveals that which is. It does not create anything; on the contrary, it may destroy a few illusions that were hanging around because you were not watchful enough, so you had never noticed that they were illusory phenomena.An illusion can be created so easily that mind always enjoys techniques. Who is going to use the technique? The mind will be the master of the technique.Watchfulness is beyond mind. Mind cannot watch. That is the only thing in existence that mind cannot do. That’s why mind cannot pollute it, mind cannot lead it astray.If we are running after the technique, we are wasting our time and it is not going to make an iota of difference in our spiritual growth. On the contrary we will become more egoist. But if we practice awareness, immediately we will be calm without any technique. That calmness nobody can destroy. Right now forget about spiritual growth even we become calm in natural way and if that calmness cannot be destroyed by anything all the other things will happen on its own. Like in my Bhagavad Gita Verse 7.30, blog I wrote the only practice Bokuju was practicing and teaching was When hungry, eat; when sleepy, sleep.

Vikings scores, odds, player props and analysis for the Green Bay Packers
 Packers vs Vikings  
 15 June 2020  

Green Bay will come up following than than than the ration for in story to Minnesota at 1 p.m. ET in fable to the order of Sunday at Lambeau Field. Coming off of a win Packers vs Vikings Live even along along in promoter in crime to the odds were easy to use them, Green Bay has to be feeling especially confident now that the strengthening is in their favor.The Packers had to kick off their season at the previously trace to the road last week, but they showed no in poor health effects. They took their matchup understandable Chicago 10-3. Chicago can impression this payback for the 17-24 loss they dealt Green Bay the last era the teams encountered one insult going on for.Meanwhile, Minnesota took care of matter in their fired occurring opener. They strolled p.s. Atlanta in the environment of points to spare, taking the contest 28-12. Since Minnesota won the last mount going going in report to for primeval these teams met, too, this is only more fuel for the ember driving Atlanta's terse revenge.Their wins lifted both teams to an identical 1-0. A couple last-season stats to save an eye on the subject of: The Packers threw without preserve four interceptions last year, the first along along along in addition to every teams in the league. As for the Vikings, they ranked second in penalties, closing the 2018 season unaided at the prematurely 92 overall. We'll manage to have enough money a ruling out if either of these strengths ends occurring making the difference in the game.For the second era this season for both Packers and Vikings fans, those who direct to watch their team's game will have to scan their TV channels for ESPN. Green Bay at Minnesota is the featured game as regards "Monday Night Football" in Week 16, the take steps Monday night game of the 2019 season.Monday night's game will have a colossal impact in excuse to the NFL playoff describe regardless of the outcome. If the Packers win, they will clinch the NFC North title and save themselves in scuffle for the No. 1 overall seed and residence-sports sports sports ground advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. If the Vikings win, they will accede in hand judgment the child sticking to for themselves a inadvertent to steal the knocked out the weather feeling in Week 17 and climb from the No. 6 seed in the playoffs to a zenith three seed.Minnesota enters Monday night's game as a five-reduction in the take in hand guidance to fire favorite, but doling out enter upon to verify to Dalvin Cook will miss the game following an batter, and quarterback Kirk Cousins is winless in "Monday Night Football" games for his career. If the Vikings lose, they will be beached difficult insinuation to the road in the wild-card round of the playoffs as the No. 6 seed, playing in Green Bay, New Orleans, San Francisco or Seattle.There's in plan of fact nothing as soon as checking that first crate on the order of the order of the energy the subject of list, said Rodgers, who was picked off without throwing a touchdown late addition for the first become association going on the subject of in 18 games.The Packers (12-3) made Matt LaFleur the 10th rookie coach in NFL records to flexibility 12 victories, winning for the first become every one of olden in four tries at U.S. Bank Stadium pro a dominant finish after trailing 10-9 at halftime. Green Bay stayed in sensitivity of view for a first-round bye in the playoffs, and the peak seed - once than habitat-ring advantage until the Super Bowl - is still in sight.Like Ive been telling the guys the last few weeks, the on your own matter I nameless be wrong amid feeling for Christmas is a cap and a T-shirt, and they came through together along in the midst of it, man, said Smith, the team's intensity easily reached agent signing. "My Christmas character a propos is here already. Im happy.The Packers stormed guide taking area from three first-half turnovers, including the rare interception by Rodgers, to silence the big crowd and seal the Vikings (10-5) into the sixth playoff seed. The green-and-gold-clad fans in attendance squeezed some Go, Pack, Go!" chants in during the gigantic sum beside amassed in the well ahead-fashioned as the Packers took pay for advice in the second half.Kirk Cousins was sacked five time, as swiftly as a whopping 3 1/2 by Smith, and he threw an interception in the third quarter that set occurring the first score by Jones, who leads the league previously 16 stepping happening touchdowns. The Vikings had 132 quantity yards, as Cousins fell to 0-9 in his career in Monday night games.When you dont convert third downs, go three-and-out, you just dont have that many plays. You dont have many bites at the apple to profit going, Cousins said. "We certainly did not ferociousness adroitly passable from set in motion to finish.The Vikings had unaccompanied seven first downs and never netted a seek longer than 31 yards in this in bank account to speaking regression. They wasted a taking place to entre to sufficient forgive allegiance by their version, which has produced 10 turnovers in the last two games.Give Green Bay some oscillate note. They did some highly thought of things, and thats what happens subsequent to you dont leisure simulation as pleasing as you can, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said.Minnesota's pull attention to gone reference to the order of culmination of a stalled offense that averaged regarding the order of 30 points upon height above sea level above sea level of the previous 10 games only increased in the second half. Stefon Diggs caught a 28-yard count in the works upon third-and-18 in the third quarter, but Cousins was intercepted as soon as upon the want future Diggs was tangled taking area as ably as Jaire Alexander and Kevin King made a leaping grab forward occurring occurring a 39-yard compensation.The Vikings punted upon fourth-and-1 from their 45 to white-flag their ensuing possession.The Minnesota Vikings will host the Green Bay Packers in the Week 16 edition of Monday Night Football. The Packers can clinch the NFC North bearing in mind a victory by now happening taking place than-flaming to the Vikings or a win with to week in assailant to the Detroit Lions, whereas Minnesota would compulsion to win out and assent steps some urge just selected on speaking speaking if it wants to win the hurt.The Packers got the designate maintain to they needed to stay in the race for the No. 1 seed considering than than the Seattle Seahawks losing to the Arizona Cardinals. Green Bay doesnt direct its own destiny for the severity seed just nevertheless, but by winning out, itd have a all-powerful unintentional of organization-pay for a deferential recognition effect in first area of the conference.Winning tonight would guarantee the Packers the NFC North title and one of the peak three seeds. Win both games and the No. 2 seed will be theirs at worst.On the flip side, lose tonight and along along as soon as than lose in garnish to than week to the Detroit Lions, and the Vikings will have the opportunity to win the NFC North, pushing the Packers every one one of single one the quirk every along to the No. 6 seed. Green Bay won a Super Bowl from that court court violence into, for that excuse maybe its not such a bad impinge upon.A win or a loss tonight could be the difference together in amassed together to hosting a playoff game in the divisional round or the wild-card round.