Why exercise has little to do with weight loss

1. Every meal counts

Although exercise plays a vital role in our fitness, our daily meals play the most important role in determining our body’s fat percentage. Each and every morsel of food that we consume adds to the overall body mass index (BMI). Even if you exercise for an hour for 6 days a week, and do not ensure that you are mindful of your eating habits, you would not gain the benefits or the desired outcome of your exercise inputs. Hence, watch your daily diet carefully to obtain maximum advantage of your efforts in exercise along with a healthy meal plan.

2.  Exercise is for the long run

As is scientifically proven, the human body is meant to jump, run, squat, walk, push, pull, lift and move for most of the day. It’s endurance capacity is immense and in fact daily movements is what builds our muscles, strengthens our joints and ligaments and keeps us looking young. Even a minimum weekly workout of 45-60 minutes contributes towards better fitness. Also, there is no one best type of exercise that may suit everyone. Yoga, weight training, running, functional training, swimming, sports, martial arts or dancing, all improve our strength, flexibility and stamina. In fact, a combination of 2 or more fitness workouts will always ensure a holistic development of all these fitness parameters.

3. What you eat is what you look like

Even though the plethora of cosmetic products available in the market which promise to give a glowing skin, a slim body and lustrous hair, nothing substitutes for the food we intake. Organically grown fruits, vegetables, pulses and cereals are the main reasons behind our health and looks. A daily meal consisting of all the major food groups is the only way of looking beautiful, confident and your best. So make sure to include a healthy mix of proteins and carbohydrates along with vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables.

4. The 80 20 day show

If you follow a healthy diet combined with regular exercise over a period of few weeks you will notice that your energy levels and inches around your belly has more to do with what you eat than how much time you spend at the gym. In short exercise contributes 20% to your fat loss goals while food contributes a whopping 80%. This is not to say that exercise is not important if one aims to loose weight, however it is a good and consistent diet plan that will ultimately help you achieve your weight loss target.

5. A wholesome lifestyle

Besides a good diet and regular exercise our daily lifestyle is also a crucial factor which determines our mind and body wellness. A tired body and stressed mind can never reap the full benefits of even the best diet charts and toughest workouts. The body requires adequate rest to bounce back into action on a day to day basis. Regular sleep of minimum 6 to 7 hours is essential for an adult aiming to stay fit for long. Additionally, drinking enough water has far reaching benefits than one realizes.

6. Bad calories vs good calorie

Unlike what most dieticians would say the number of calories we consume does not necessarily determine our health and body wellness in life. A can of coke would have roughly the same number of calories as a cup of dry fruits. So, which do you think is more nutritious of the two? There is something called empty calories which essentially means calories that do not provide any nutrition and nourishment to the body. A burger or a pizza can never compensate for a wholesome meal of our traditional staple foods such as paratha, roti sabzi, daal chawal, curd rice, etc..

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