Indian government barred new update feature of WhatsApp

The information technology (IT) department on Tuesday pointed Facebook-owned messaging deal WhatsApp to take suitable measures to limit the spread of fake and provoking messages over its platform.

This emanates against the background of a spate of homicides in the country over the last month, all linked to fake messages on social broadcasting, which have mainly blowout through WhatsApp.

Such occurrences have been stated from numerous states such as Assam, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tripura also West Bengal.

“Deep displeasure of such expansions has been taken to the senior administration of WhatsApp and they have been directed that essential remedial procedures should be taken to stop the explosion of these fake and at times inspired/ magnificent messages,” the IT ministry held on Tuesday.

Rendering to the report, the government is taking required steps to capture the offenders, nonetheless, the blowout of such messages should be closely limited over the application of suitable technology.

It has also been piercing out that such stands cannot dodge answerability and accountability especially when good technical creations are battered by some miscreants who recourse to provoking messages which lead to indulging of violence, the declaration augmented.

The previous month, the IT ministry elevated concerns associated with the rollout of the WhatsApp Payments in India looking for clearness on whether the newfangled UPI-based facility imitates to RBI’s security to privacy instructions.

As of March 2017, there were further than 300 million regular active WhatsApp users in India. There are more than 2.5 billion users across the world.

New WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp group chats can be extremely valuable — the flawless tool for establishing social events or possessing up to date by news from spaces like your children’s school. Nonetheless, everybody knows that groups can rapidly descend into confusion as everyone twitches, well, chatting with one extra. That’s why WhatsApp is presenting a new selection for group chats that lets only accepted administrators send messages.

It’s a modest change, however one that will style group chats further useful and tempting for certain use-cases. WhatsApp clearly sees group chats are a large part of its plea and has been gradually totalling more features. It newly presented group similes as well as anti-spam tools and a catch-up feature that demonstrations users reply and references. All this type the Facebook-owned WhatsApp more striking for the type of group forming and group declaration feature that might have otherwise been ended on Facebook itself.

As WhatsApp held in a post: “One way individuals use groups is to obtain important messages and data, counting parents and teachers at schools, communal centres, and non-profit administrations. We have presented this new setting so admins can have restored tools for these use gears.” To allow the setting, just open “Group Info” in a group chat, formerly go Group Settings > Send Messages and select “Only Admins.

First, Status is no stretched that uninteresting text-based thing, which no one troubled to read or care around, though people in India are recognized to update Status frequently.

Status works closely like Stories on Snapchat or Instagram. Nowadays on iOS, Status has its personal tab on the intense left at the lowest, tailed by Calls, then Camera in the mid, tracked by Chats and then Settings. On Android, the tabs are methodical like this: Camera, Chats, Status and then Calls.

WhatsApp lets you switch who can see your Status update as well. In WhatsApp’s Status tag on iOS, there’s a secrecy option right on top. You have three choices: “my contacts,” “contacts except…” also “only share with…” for your story. On Android, the Status Privacy selection is in the settings. Just click the three dots on top of WhatsApp homepage, and you’ll see Status Privacy selection on top. Once again, you can pick from the three options.

WhatsApp group be disposed to be quite exasperating sometimes with all participants replying at the similar time. Also, WhatsApp groups are confirmed to be a probable tool to spread rumours and fake newscast amongst a large number of operators. This feature is intended to tackle these subjects. While all group members will be adept to see these messages, only admins will be permitted to reply to these texts. Additional group members can only read them.

Its constant update stresses users and now people start using another social media platform which is more enhanced and restored than WhatsApp like India-owned Hike messenger. By offering quality features these platforms now outreaching and people start considering them on a large scale. Talking about the rivalry then Russia based messenger app Telegram which giving head to head competition to WhatsApp. Well, as far as users’ privacy concern above mentioned apps or platforms is much better than WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has newly proclaimed a new feature named ‘Dismiss As Admin,’ that lets one group administrator dismiss additional, short of removing him/her from the group. Formerly this feature, it was essential to eradicate the person from the group and adding them over, in order to cancel its group admin features. The rights relished by group admins, is that only they are permissible to add members to a prevailing chat. Likewise, only a group admin can eliminate people from group conversations.

Group admins now have switched to monitor who amongst the group participants can modify the group’s topic, icon, and explanation. WhatsApp has also announced new a feature with which operators can’t be frequently added to groups they have left.

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