What are the Best Tips for Headshot Photography

Headshot photographs are easy to take but they still require a specific set of skills and approaches in order to get the best photograph. It is a portrait image of a single person, which mainly focuses on the person and no one else should be in the shot. They are used by professionals on their websites, brochures, advertising, marketing materials, annual reports, social media profiles, etc. Violet Gorgi is an experienced Corporate headshot photographer in Indianapolis. She mainly focuses on creating eye-catching portraits of the subject without losing their authentic expressions.

Best Tips for Headshot Photography:

The following are some of the best tips for this type of photography in order to gain a hugely beneficial to your career as a professional photographer.

Understand the Client Requirements:

Understanding the requirements of your client is an important tip for this photography type. If you don’t understand the headshot type as per your client's requirements, it will result in getting a bad photograph. Before you start, make sure to have contact with your client and obtain all the important information from them. Ensure that they will have a clear answer to the questions, which include what is the purpose of the image, what color format they want, what type of background they want to take and clear about what kind of picture style they want. Gathering all the answers to the above-mentioned question will be helpful in getting a perfect close-up photograph.

Choosing the Correct Camera Lens:

The quality of your headshot photograph depends on the camera lens you choose for taking a photograph. There are several DSLR cameras are available, but in that, a specialized portrait lens and fixed zoom lenses are a greater option and provide better results. These lenses usually give higher apertures, and they invite creativity as you have to think about the positioning and composition. 50mm fixed, 80 mm fixed, 135 mm fixed, 24-70 mm zoom and 75-200mmm zoom are the most popular lens types, which are suitable for taking good quality close-up photographs. When choosing a lens, it is important to check the aperture. This will allow you to create an excellent out-of-focus background. An aperture of f/1.2 to f/2.8 will be helpful in providing the best headshot photos.

Consider the Location:

Location is one of the important things to consider in order to achieve the best photographs. Depending on your client's requirement you can take the headshot in different locations wherever they like. Also, you can also give the list of locations to your clients that includes, outdoors in a public park, within an office setting, in a doorway, within the home, in front of any building, etc. Make sure the location will match the purpose of your close-up image.


Apart from the above, lighting is also an important thing to consider when you are looking for the best headshot photograph. Always try to use natural light for the photograph in order to create a more appealing result of the image.

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