ATT Login Errors on iPhone

One of the issues that the users of ATT email face while working on an iPhone is the issue of not being able to log in. It has been seen that the users of iPhone encounter this issue the most. There is nothing to be worried about if you come across this issue. This issue can easily be solved using effortless troubleshooting methods. The users can also connect with the ATT Tech Support Number to understand this issue in detail. You can also go through this blog, where the ideal steps to troubleshoot this login error has been stated. These are steps which can be undertaken even if you do not have much technical knowledge.

Reasons for ATT login error on iPhone

There could be several reasons for you not being able to access your ATT account using your iPhone. Some of the most common cases have been stated for you below:

  • The issue of your browser not being compatible with the iPhone.
  • Error faced because of entering incorrect email address and password.
  • Internet connectivity issues.
  • Incorrect setting of IMAP or POP settings.
  • The issue of anti-virus application causing malfunction.
  • The issue of your device missing flash player which is causing malfunction.

Ways to solve the issue of ATT Login Error

When you are facing the issue of ATT Login Error, the steps that you can use to solve this issue is as follows:

Check the server and port settings on your iPhone and ensure that they have been accurately set.

The IMAP settings that need to be configured on your iPhone are:

  • Incoming server hostname -
  • Incoming Server Port - 993
  • SSL (Incoming Server Security) - SSL
  • Outgoing Server Hostname –
  • Outgoing Server Port – 465
  • Authentication Required – Yes

Also if you are facing the issue because of incorrect password then the steps that you must undertake are as follows:

  • Visit the ATT account page
  • Now you would have to choose the option of forgot password
  • Now choose the option through which you would like to recover your password.
  • If you have chosen the option of answering the security question, then you would have to accurately answer all the questions
  • You can also choose the option getting a link to reset your password on your registered email or mobile number
  • Once this is done, you can then easily reset the password after which you won’t have to face the issue

If you face any issue while working these steps out then it would be ideal for you to connect with ATT Customer Care. They would provide you with the best alternative to solving this issue. Moreover, you can connect with this service at any hour and it is completely free of charge.

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