Five Things Only 90s Born will Understand

 "I am blessed that my childhood was not corrupted by technological innovations"- this is what cross my mind every time I see kids engrossed in smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet. In the following write-up, let us try exploring a few things, whose value only people born in 90s would understand. 

1) Landline- I still remember running back from school, and talking to my best friend on landline phone. Our number was 25374923. 

2) Cartoon Network- How I miss Scooby Doo, Dexter's Laboratory, Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, etc. Shows in recent times, which I would like to describe as crappy, can never match their level of popularity. 

3) Emergency Light- Power cuts were rampant during when I was growing up, which hampered studies a lot. My father bought an emergency light so that his daughters can complete homework seamlessly. 

4) Go As You Like Competition- I am not sure if such an event is still arranged but to dress up, and act used to excite me a lot. Once I went as "রানার" or somebody who collected mails from post offices and delivered them to villages and towns by running for a prolonged period. 

5) Outdoor Games- Kids nowadays do not like playing outside or they do not get much time, thanks to tremendous pressure imposed by schools. Now even if they do visit a playground, their games are quite different from ours. "ছোঁয়াছুঁয়ি", "লুকোচুরি", "কুমির ডাঙ্গা", are nowhere to be found. 

I am utterly proud that I belong to 90s, which was truly a much simpler time. We did not ask for expensive hi-tech gadgets or watch movies in air-conditioned multiplexes every other week. For us, two minute maggi noodles in evening, planning for an annual vacation, gossiping with aunties of neighbourhood, etc. were more than enough. 

Okay, so the ones I have mentioned were on top of my head. Please feel free to share your nostalgic experiences about 90s. If you enjoyed reading my piece, give it a thumbs-up.

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