How do I set receiving and reading AOL Mail?

AOL is a webmail which can be accessed from anywhere because webmail saves their data online. Some user of AOL mail doesn’t know how to set receiving or reading AOL mail. To help such users’ third-party technical support team has provided its aol email technical support number which is always reachable. Here some steps are also described by which you can learn and change the setting of receiving mail as you want. You use notification, preview option, and features.  

How to turn on new mail notification in AOL mail?

To set the notification when new mail reaches you follow the steps given here. 

  1. Open your mail and just in the upper right near username, click on options to open mail setting. 

  1. In mail, setting click on general at the left panel.
  2. Here you will find “New Mail” section where click to “Play a sound when new mail arrives” and save it. 

How to preview mail before opening it?

Email preview option help reader to check mail easily. You can set it by which you can read the email in same windows. 

Enable the reading pane view:

  1. Open the mail setting which is located below the username. 
  2. In setting page you will find reading section, click on “Enable reading pane to preview mail”. 
  3. Now at the bottom, you will find the option to save the setting. Click here and save.

How to hide images from an unknown source?

To protect your device from computer virus hide images from unknown senders. 

  1. Open mail setting by click on Options.
  2. Again click to general in the left panel.
  3. In the reading section, you will find the option to “Hide images in mail from unknown senders.” Now save it. 

These steps will help to reset or change email receive or reading setting according to your requirement. If you want to change something more then take help customer support experts through aol email customer support number which is always available to answer and resolve your trouble. Customers will get a proper solution to every trouble. 

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