Sleeping, Dreaming & Awakening

Sleeping, dreaming and Awakening.

He was with a very beautiful girl. He could not believe that such a pretty girl was in love with him. He was playing with her ear lobes and she was screaming, partly out of delight and partly because she knew that her screaming would excite him. If she masssaged his ego,  he could give her more pleasure.  Its strange that he knew every thought behind everything she did. His intuition was heightened. The sensation felt by his five senses were also in a heightened state of awareness and ecstasy. He did not know her name, atleast he did not remember her name. But she looked familiar and he knew that she was a big fan of his writing. Her kiss on his lips was juicy and delightful. Her lips were so full as if moth bitten, he thought. He could feel so much in that state that it seemed that he was in an enlightened state. In heaven, like the devas.
But he did not know that it was a dream. He woke up.
Suddenly he was in his shabby bedroom. His wife of seven years was sleeping next to him. He was an out of work writer.
How he wished that the dream should  have continued a little longer, so that he could have escaped his nightmarish reality for some more time.
A beautiful dream covers up our nightmarish life. Arent both states of sleep ? The dream and the nightmare ? One with  eyes closed and the other when we think that we are awake. We wake up from one dream and jump right in to another. From a beautiful dream in to a nightmare!

Success is a dream and so is failure. One you call a dream and the other, a nightmare. But both are illusionary.

Time is illusionary.

Its like you are in a running train which never stops, has no destination and every passing field, rock and earth is only transitory. By the time you say that you are in ‘so in so’ place, you have passed it.  The train has moved on. So what is our reality ? The train is not going to stop. We cannot grasp reality in a moving train. We can only enjoy the journey when its good and curse or bear the journey when its bad. But we cannot find the stillness, the peace and the silence...ever.

To feel the above we need to wake up. Once we wake up we will have stepped out of the train. Because we shall realise that the train was never moving, in fact there was no train, nor time. It was all a dream, an illusion, whatever you may choose to call it. They are mere words.
In fact words are a big part of this illusionary world. They make sure that we are not able to know the truth of this existence. They become a wall. Like the mind, which tells us our limits. That we are limited in every which way.
Silence is better. It is a better tool in knowing the eternal, the boundless and the limitless.

Whats the solution?

Do whatever you are doing in life, but while doing it just be aware that you are in a dream. Whether working, partying or relaxing, just be aware at the back of your mind that its only a play. ‘Leela’. All are playing different roles. Someone is now in the role of the Prime minister, someone in the role of the subject. Someone is playing the boss,  with too much seriousness ( he has taken his ego and role too seriously) and someone is in the role of an employee. All are roles played in a moving train. The roles are as illusionary and transitory, like the train is. 

When you constantly see this passing life like a dream, you are bound to wake up at some point or the other. You are bound to step out of this illusionary train. Because you will know that the speed is also illusionary. That you cant get hurt stepping out of an illusionary train. ( Remember all this is happening in the mind. The time, the train and the speed.) By saying that you will step out of the train, i mean you will step out of your mind. Until now the mind was your master and thus the illusionary life had you in a trance. But once you have stepped out, the trance breaks.
You realise that you are not just your body and mind.You are not just a drop, you are the ocean. You will see that there is no sky above. Its just boundless space. The limits of your eyes does not allow you to see beyond a certain point, so you see blue. And that is what has been named the sky.
You begin to remember who you are.
We all are here for a different purpose, which only we can remember. No one can tell us that. We had set out on this purpose and by the time we reached the good earth we fell in to a trance. Because the ‘Maya’ is very powerful and exciting. No man can escape it.
Tantrics worship the devi, ‘ Ma Kali’ She helps break the illusion created by ‘Maya jaal.’
She can help because she knows that one of  her sister forms of Shakti has created the ‘Maya ‘. This is the reason that Ma kali is worshipped, because the one who knows how is the illusion has been created, can help in breaking it too.

The main thing is not waking up. We wake up every morning. But we are still in deep sleep.
The main thing is Awakening.
That is truly waking up and realising the eternal truth in this short life which is only a dream. In reality there is only life, no death. Eternal life.

But for that you need to awaken.  

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