Why diets are the worst idea!

The absolute worst you can do to your body is to do a crash diet. They never work, at least not permanently. Such fad diet plans that rip the body off essential nutrients only make it weak and susceptible to diseases, fatigue, stress and what not. Carbohydrates and fats are considered to be our enemies. But, few people realise the crucial roles these two play in our health and overall wellness.

Those who have desk jobs think that they don’t need to consume carbohydrates at all since they are hardly moving during the day. But, do you know that even our brain needs energy to function? And that that fuel comes from carbohydrates? So essentially, you can not even do your desk job well, if you don’t eat well.

All food groups are important for a balanced diet, including carbs and the highly uncelebrated fats. Fats give us energy, provides insulation to our body and help in absorption of essential vitamins. In fact, fats are vital for a woman – their health can vastly deteriorate if the fat levels dip too low. But, beware of the source of your nutrients – junk food and packaged products are not the answer. They will only damage your health without adding any value to your diet at all.

Be mindful of your meals. Eat when hungry, eat healthy and at regular intervals. Our staple Indian breakfasts (that vary according to your roots) and meals are wholesome in nature and the immense variety easily cater to all our body’s nutrient needs. So, you don’t need to copy the west or follow fancy diet charts in the effort to become fit. Stick to basics, eat in moderation and respect your body’s limits. Indulge in your favorite sweets and desserts, but keep them for special occasions, not an everyday occurrence. Avoid late night binging and drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay well hydrated – it will also keep you away from unnecessary munching.

And lastly, know the sources of your knowledge on diets, nutrients and general health. The plethora of information available can lead to a lot of confusion and wrong habits – a vast majority of the statistics and claims are not even true, or only partially true. Therefore, listen to your grandmother’s advice on food, and don’t forget to exercise for at least sixty minutes every week. Cheers!

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