Education is one of the most important facets of our lives. There is not a more noble pursuit, than providing young children with this gift. Setting up a playschool franchise in India, thus makes for a good choice. Additionally, due to these businesses being in education, the scope of growth and revenue, both are high. However, you may be wondering why you should go for a franchise instead of an independent business. The reason is because the best school franchise in India will offer better opportunities. Let’s take a look at the benefits it has to offer. 

What are the benefits of joining this business?

  1. Nominal Investment and High returns: A Playschool franchise is the best way to launch a preschool because you make a very nominal investment on the same. Additionally, you get the brand value of the franchise that brings in a large number of enrollments. Thus, your cost-to-profit ratio is high. 
  2. Help and support from franchiser: When you franchise, you get financial and logistics support from the brand you’ve partnered with. Additionally, when you take up a franchise, you get the necessary administration and management support from the franchise’s backend management team in itself. 
  3. Reduced Impact of Economic Cycles: Getting a playschool franchise in India is a logical step forward because it is not affected severely global economic cycles. Due to the high demand for education, playschools will generate a steady stream of revenue for you across years to come. 
  4. Goodwill Benefits: Setting up your own playschool brand is quite time consuming. Parents’ are skeptical when it comes to trusting new school brands due to the lack of their experience in the domain of child education. However, tying up with a leading playschool franchise solves this problem for you. Their existing goodwill acts as a badge of trust for parents drawing them to enroll their children to your school.

Thus, as it can be seen, the benefits of franchising are numerous as compared to not. We suggest you search online, for the best school franchise in India right away. When selecting the business of your choice, we suggest you check out the goodwill the brand has in the market. Parents tend to trust brands with an already established track-record in the education sector. Thus, once you have completed this process we recommend you select and find yourself a franchise that does not put too many constraints on you and offers adequate autonomy. Offer young minds, a right to high quality education with your franchise today!  


1. Who should I ideally partner with?

A franchise that has extensive goodwill in the current market is a great partner to go for. Additionally, do check out the prices for franchising that they are offering. A good one will offer a low cost margin. 

2. How much does it cost?

Franchising is considerably less expensive than setting up your own school. However, the cost varies across different franchise partners. We suggest you to ideally target a cost of not above 15-20 lakhs.