The Dragonrest Tavern started out built from an old, moldering magical warehouse, only two weeks prior to the end of the Fourth War. Eager to begin life again, it hastily built a beleaguered, darkly named bar and strange, yet familiar staff. As it became more popular, word-of-mouth increased and word-of-mouth soon spread about the strange new tavern. Legend has it that King Valgard threw a great party there, which was to drown out his thoughts of war with Germany.

The tavern, or Dragonrest as it is known today, quickly grew in reputation to become the most sought after stop for travelers across all of Europe. When news of the strange, yet well-known establishment reached America, it immediately captured every heart. It became the ultimate destination for anyone interested in fantasy literature, mystery, swords, and tales of dragons. It's reputation only began to grow, however, as word-of-mouth began to spread that hundreds of thousands of people each year visited the once-hidden, but now famous Dragonrest.

History has it that King Valgard decided to create a refuge to guard against threats, so dragons were created to guard the secrets of the realm. Many different kinds of dragon exist, including the blue tongue skink, green upon gold, the bronze colossus, and, of course, the dragon. Each different type represented a king who desired the obedience of a dragon.

Dragonrest is a favorite among gamers and is, in fact, one of the very first online role-playing games to use a dragon. In the early days of dragonrest, dragons roamed free and were common sights. It was not until a young woman, Princess Aslina, was bitten by a dragon that she realized her destiny. Using her magical powers, Aslina lured the dragon away from her home and locked him within the city of Dragonrest. From thereon, the dragon served Aslina and her family for many years. Then, when Aslina the queen came to power and sought to tame a dragon, the old dragons took on the form of a young woman and began a quest to seek out a worthy king to tame.

It was this search that would eventually link Aslina to the game of dragonrest. In this game, Aslina's father, Bork, needed to find her so she could continue her studies. He gathered a small group of followers, went into search of his daughter, and set up an inn in the woods near the forest of Dragonrest. Aslina spent her days at the inn, learning the ways of the dragon, until Bork decided that he would like to see his daughter again.

However, upon arriving, Aslina discovered that the king, Jorg, had been away on business. He was being treated well at the finest of the land, and so Aslina left to find her own way home. Jorg however, did not believe Aslina to be a worthy female. Not wanting to risk losing all of his power, Jorg formed a plan to test Aslina's loyalty. Jorg called upon all of his friends, to assist him in capturing Aslina, but none of them were willing to go into battle against the dragon.

The next several nights passed Aslina slept soundly, while her companions battled the dragon. At dawn, Aslina was teleported to the Dragonrest Hold, where the dragon started to tame her. She was now Bork's wife, and his mate. The two loved each other, and so the innkeeper assured them that they would have a place to sleep for the night. Bork left to prepare breakfast while Aslina, with the help of her new friends, prepared to fight off the dragon. When Bork and Aslina began a battle with the dragon, the beast took them captive.

The next morning Aslina was teleported back to her own inn, where she met Maltha. Maltha offered to help her escape from Dragonrest, and promised to find her a good warrior to marry. They were married soon after, and Maltha took on Aslina as her first mate. Maltha and Aslina loved each other, and the rest of their household was safe for another seven years. Finally, the dragon, Bork, decided it was time to test out Aslina's skills. Aslina entered in to a battle, and although she lost the battle, she was able to use her knowledge to help the kingdom.