Are you running a business website of your own? If yes, then you must go through the tips that we are going to share here in this post. When you create your website with the WP Page Builder plugin, then at that time, you need to focus on several different aspects which include web page layout, content production, and graphic design as all these factors positively contribute to improving the overall performance of your website. The Top 5 Tips that we are going to share here will boost the performance of your website while sparking the innovation. So, let’s get started!

Top 5 Tips to Build an Innovative Website Design with WordPress Page Builder

Tip 1 

Profile Your Web Pages to Find Out Flaws

When you are getting this feeling that your website is somewhere lacking to offer incredible performance and is not able to provide the performance as you expected it to. Then, the very first thing that we will suggest you to do is to profile the web pages of your website to find out flaws that can be corrected to bring back the excellent performance of your site. We are very sure that you will able to find out tons of mistakes those are affecting the overall performance of your site. You can use any tool to find the components that you don’t need or components that can be optimized. 

Tip 2

Incorporate Best Graphics and Visuals

No one loves a black and white website as every visitor wishes to take an exciting tour of any website from where they want to make a purchase or from where they want to read the content. So, we will strongly recommend you to incorporate the best graphics and visuals that will positively grab the attention of your site visitors at a very first glance. There is one more thing that you need to know, always save the image files in optimal format to reduce the size. 

Tip 3

Make Your Website Easy To Navigate

More than 94% of site visitors believe that websites need to be easy to navigate and then only they can offer the desired user experience to them. So, their expectation is really very clear that they really don’t want to waste their time on an unorganized website and this is the reason why they are demanding the websites to be easy to navigate. So, you need to create a clear menu structure of your website so that the visitors of your site can easily fond out what they are looking for. 

Tip 4

Add Attention-Grabbing Call To Action Button

Most probably, the Call To Action Button is available on the landing page of your website and the purpose of this button is to guide the visitors of your site towards your goal conversion. If you really want your site visitors to take action instantly, then you also need to bring the creativity to the Call To Action Button of your website so that it can positively grab the attention of your site visitors. And to make the CTA button strongly attractive, you can style and size depending on your goal conversion and website style. And don’t forget that the text of the button should be action-packed like “get,” “reserve,” and “try.” 

Tip 5

Reduce the Loading Time of Your Site

A slow loading site is also a major reason for which the website fails to offer the best performance of it. According to research, more than 83% of visitors expect a web page to load in 3 seconds or less and more than 40% of visitors abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. And this results in increasing the bounce rate of your site. If you don’t want this to happen with your website, then we will suggest you to reduce the loading time of your site by taking all required actions. To do so, you can Optimize Caches, Trim Down JavaScript Parsing, Minify JavaScript & Style Sheets, Minimize Image Size, and many more such actions can be taken to reduce average page load time. 

While creating your website with the WordPress Page Builder, Apply these 5 tips to your website and we are very sure that it will boost the overall performance of your site.