What is the Best Motorcycle Safety Gear?

If the mandatory helmet has saved so many lives, Italian legislation has not paid the same attention to gloves, which have remained a "minor" accessory in motorcycle safety. But for us at EndoGear. Its gloves are very important: let's talk about it together.

Since last November a friend of motorcyclists has made it compulsory to use Kevlar motorcycle gloves, necessary to save the useful, sophisticated and very delicate instrument that our hands are: often the first part of the body to suffer an impact in case of an accident. But if gloves cost little, do not bother them and are not even uncomfortable to carry around, because so many motorcyclists and scooter riders do not consider them the least useful?

Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are sophisticated and specialized accessories, very different from snow or cold gloves that the most unprepared use in winter. Let us immediately say that the Kevlar motorcycle glove is always performed, that is, it has a slightly bent shape to be more comfortable in the position in which it is to be used. The materials used are all designed to resist slipping on asphalt (a very dangerous possibility for the hands), while the level of protection varies a lot. They range from the shells on the knuckles to a myriad of plaques and sliders designed for the most frequent traumas of the hand.

EndoGear Motorcycle Safety Gear

The Gloves For Every Day

Scooter or city gloves may not even have protections, but if they are equipped with a knuckle shell, they elegantly hide it. They are thicker in Gore-Tex than leather, for a matter of wearability and very often they are also waterproof. The latest models incorporate some clever, like a rubber tongue to clean the helmet visor or a capacitive insert on the tip of the index, for the touch screen of the Smartphone.

 Needless to specify that if we have summer and winter clothes in the wardrobe, even Kevlar motorcycle gloves can not go well all year round, but don't crucify yourself: a decent pair of summer gloves cost a few tens of dollar and lasts for years and years. The latest generation of high airflow fabrics ( Mesh or Airflow ) are not nearly as resistant to the passage of air, but resist tearing and abrasion almost as much as the best Kevlar motorcycle gloves. (To learn more about safety approvals for gloves.

Kevlar Motorcycle Gloves

In conclusion

Hands are a very important tool in everyday life and, as we have said, a pair of Kevlar motorcycle gloves costs relatively little, is not cluttered and even without dramatic events, it can preserve hands from dirt and strong cold. No contraindication, therefore, for this important life-saving garment, except the habit of wearing it, which however can also change and become a habit of driving always and only with gloves.

Stay safe by buying EndoGear’s motorcycle safety gear such as Kevlar Motorcycle Glove, jeans, shirts, etc. Our first need is ensuring your hands and this is the reason we offer a wide choice of motorcycle Gloves that give all-round assurance from the hazardous components out and about.

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