The 3rd evolution of the echo dot by Amazon doesn't disappoint. its new design is simply stunning with fabric all around its body covering the 1.6-inch speaker. it comes in three colors i.e choco (Charcoal), heather grey and sandstone white. like its predecessor, it has a 3.5 mm audio output, four control buttons and the famous blue ring that indicates the use of Alexa voice service. the only thing that is common with all Alexa echo devices is Alexa app or Echo dot setup

Now in terms of its style, it significantly unique than its predecessor, the Echo dot 2nd generation. First of all, there is no big Amazon logo on the front of Echo dot 3rd generation like its predecessors which sometimes disliked by many users because it's like massive branding on products you spend money on. so that is good for all such users. in new echo dot 3, this amazon logo is replaced by a nice, lovely looking speaker cloth all the way around which gives it a marvelous look indeed. it is significantly heavier then Echo dot 2nd generation and the fact is that the speaker is all way round, not just on the bottom and makes a big difference to the sound. download alexa app

On the top, the buttons are slight with difference although they perform the same functions and the microphones have changed as well. the new Echo dot 3rd generation comes with four microphones. overall, the functionality seems similar but the design change is phenomenal. the most important thing is how does it sound and how does it performs against the Echo dot 2nd generation. the fact is, Alexa echo dot 3rd generation got 360-degree loudspeaker which is quiet impressive improvement in comparison to predecessors.the sound is not the best music in the entire world but if we consider the sound quality in comparison to speaker size, it is very good and the bass quality is better or best if we look around previous versions. Realistically speaking, most of the people have such devices on their bedside cabinet and they listen to the bit of internet radio in the morning to wake them up. so let us be one of them by setting up the new Amazon Alexa echo dot 3rd generation.

The Echo dot is quick and easy to setup:

First of all, you need a device and a working Wi-Fi connection. the device can be an android or Fore OS or IOS or web browser

Step 1: Plug in your Echo dot

A light would illuminate the Alexa echo dot, once you plug in your device.the light would turn to different color once it is in pairing mode.

Step 2: Connect Alexa app to the internet

Install the Alexa app on your device. once it is installed, you need to follow the instructions for set up and connecting Download Alexa app to your device. you would be in need to login in your Amazon account. if you don't have an amazon account then you need to create an account. after logging I n your account, pair your device to smartphone or can do it manually or by using an automated interface.

Step 3: start communicating with Alexa echo dot

Once setup is complete, you would be able to address Alexa using your voice. simply say Wake word "Alexa" and your device would respond to you.

Echo dot 3rd generation features:

- Listen to music

- Set a timer

- Set a reminder

- Set an alarm

- Real time weather, traffic updates

- Control compatible smart home devices

- Control Roomba, a robo Vaccum

- Change temperature with paired smart home thermostat

The above-stated features consist of a few of the work managed by our AI-enabled device. Explore more to find out how efficient our smart digital companion is. Share your experiences and let us all enjoy a wonderful smart digital world.