I am not writing this because of  one suicide. I am writing this because of hundred suicides which we see or hear about and still pretend to ignore the monster that eats them inside.


To every person suffering,
We understand all your pain. We understand your problems. Maybe they won't mean anything to others, maybe they wouldn't even be a problem for others; but you need to accept them.
Don't belittle yourself.
Don't make excuses.
Don't be afraid.
Don't wear a mask to hide your true feelings.
You are only human.
You have the right to feel everything deeply.
You have the liberty to express.
You have the potential to stand tall above all your issues.
You are supposed to live life in it own beautiful,colorful way. are restricted from thinking you are alone.
You are restricted from thinking that your life doesn't matter.
You are never alone.
You are not the only one.

Staying happy is difficult.
Staying strong is a tough choice.
You have to make those tough choices to see the other side. Trust me it's a lot happier there and you deserve it.
Introspect yourself.
Understand yourself.
Accept yourself.
Believe in yourself.

Do you remember first time you wrote the letter A??? Do you remember how difficult it was and seemed impossible??
Do you remember your first running race?? The adrenaline rush you felt made you feel so alive!!!
You felt you were the wind.
Do you remember the taste of that one slice of cake for which your taste buds were yearning for??
Do you remember the first raindrops touching your skin??
Do you remember those times when you were laughing with your friends!!!?
Or when u had a really embarrassing incident in front of your family and they teased you endlessly!!!??
The gleam in your eyes, the shy smile, the laughter... All these moments and feelings of your life are a reminder that you are loved.
You are valued.
You are a part of the universe.

If your heart instructs you, reach out to people whom you trust.
Pour your heart out.
Break all your walls.
Don't necessarily depend on them but make sure you leave no word unsaid.

To every person helping,
You cannot promise to be there for someone at all times, but make sure you are the person they look up to when they seek positivity.
Make sure to provide a listening ear without your own advice.

To every person suffering,
You will make it through. Don't give up. Push through it. Again, LOVE YOURSELF. Remind yourself of the times when your felt happier than ever.
Remember, this too shall pass.
Your life is much more beautiful than you know it to be.