Waste Management, Incorporated is an American waste management firm, comprehensive waste management, and municipal waste management corporation in North America. Focused on customer needs and bottom-line results, Waste Management, Inc.'s waste management San Diego CA is designed to help the industry succeed by providing a comprehensive solution that meets all customer needs. The company has four main areas of focus: environmental management, transportation management, compliance and waste assessment & cleaning. In environmental management, Waste Management, Inc. helps the environment by managing waste disposal and ensuring that safe waste practices are implemented. They also ensure that the waste is recycled or otherwise used in an environmentally sound way.

Transportation Management involves the movement and storage of waste products through transport stations and facilities. This waste management includes solid waste, hazardous waste and hazardous liquid waste. In addition to landfills, Transportation Management requires the management of thousands of trailers and compactors throughout the country. In compliance and waste assessment/cleaning, the companies engage in projects to safely manage their massive stock of waste.

One area that Waste Management, Incorporated engages in is waste disposal and recycling. They have developed state of the art waste disposal and recycling technologies that meet or surpass federal and international standards for waste disposal. Among their waste disposal and recycling technologies are the Wheelabrator, Scrubder Catcher and the Rollup Backfill. The Wheelabrator is a mobile waste management equipment solution while Scrubber Catcher and the Rollup Backfill are fixed waste disposal equipment solutions.

Another area of focus for Waste Management, Incorporated is waste disposal and composting. They have several facilities including a processing and development plant in Houston, Texas, as well as a facility in Canada. In addition to these facilities, Waste Management, Incorporated develops, manufactures and markets a variety of composting bins, including a wide variety of sizes and types. They also manufacture other related products including the Heat Transfer Compost System, Natural Gas Recycling Collection Systems, Greenhouse Kits and Plant Tumblers. They also sell waste management software.

Waste Management, Incorporated collaborates with various other companies to promote waste disposal, recycling and composting and to improve the environment. They sponsor several workshops and seminars that educate the public on ways they can help conserve energy and water, protect the environment and recycle. They have created the Waste Management Research Lab, a division devoted entirely to environmental protection and waste management. They are also involved in many other community programs, such as planting tree seedlings in urban parks and providing clean-air air balloons to cities with large public garbage disposals.

If you are interested in learning more about waste disposal, recycling and composting, you might want to visit the Waste Management Center. The Waste Management Center is located at 9th Street Southeast in Washington, DC. Here you will see waste disposal equipment, information about how to recycle, and find out about local programs that involve these topics. You can also find out how to get financial support from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Other support services include a national hotline and national publications.

The Waste Solutions Corporation has developed an innovative technology called Geothermal Heating. This system uses natural gas and oil to heat up waste water. It can be used to heat pools, it can generate electricity, it can even be used to generate heat for your homes! Waste Management, Incorporated is now selling this technology across the country. Waste Solutions is now planning to build dozens of facilities that will convert waste water into electricity, water for heating and cooling, natural gas for fuel, natural gas for heating and cooling, and even to make bio-gas. All this and more from Waste Solutions.

The fact is that there are many great things being done in Washington D.C. with regards to waste disposal. These are all things that we as taxpayers can benefit from. If you live in or near any area of Washington D.C., let the government know what you think about municipal solid waste management. Let them know that you want to see waste disposal and waste management that are environmentally sound.