Good Movies are source of learning life and gaining experience. 

Sometimes they take us to fantasy, 

Sometimes they portrait reality,

at other times they just entertain us to keep us going in life.

I have compiled a list if movies which I felt gave me a learning experience.

Do try checking these movies if possible in Amazon prime or Netflix when possible, some of them are available in youtube as well.

I have shared the link to trailer as well so you will get an glimpse of them. 

With subtitles in place you will have a food for the thought they do teach us emotions, culture awareness moreover be it any language colour or race we are same and these movies just confirms the same.

Do share the movies that changed your thought and life.


Kalloori (college life is the best period, we see friends of various character from various culture and background a simple movie that directs the reality.)

Katrathu Tamil ( qualification Tamil M.A. Struggle of M.A tamil student how the life has built a wall with status of money)

Anbe Sivam (Love is nothing more than a God, which we need to find within us)

Mayyakam Enna (Addicted to Photography. How a struggling person wins in life when he has a passion, photography is beyond pixels they bring in emotion and life in a frame. Life is a struggle but only a loved one stays with your low time)

Cuckoo (Sound of the Clock, love story of two blind people)

Abhiyum Naanum (Story about Brave Daughter and Concerned Father)

Katrin Molzhi (The voice of the air, What goes in mind of a Dumb girl her insecurities and love of a music director with her)


Leader [Young leaders can change the nation when experience freedom fighting politicians guides them, each of the dialogue is an epic in this movie]

Godavari [Story of 4 people their choices and personality while travelling to a temple]

Happy days [Story of true friendship and how college grooms us in life]

Kerintha [Story of a five friends with distinct personalities that scripts the movie]


Eng medium [Problem faced by parents while a child joins a international school]

Jhoota hi sahi [Love is not about words, its bringing the best in a person, but at time true love makes you tell lies, at the end lie doesn't hurt anyone]

Talvar (movie on arushi murder case who is the right!)

Lunch box [ When a widower gets a wrongly delivered lunch box]


Silent Hill [When innocents gets sacrificed in the name of religion, the devil raises by burring the god within the innocents a visual treat with a music score]

Split (multiple personality disorder based movie)

V for vendetta [A masked anti-hero who revolts the govt by shedding blood of many, but the less known truth about the govt is they are not innocents.]

Pursuit of happiness [struggle of a man to achieve in life a real story]

Sam I am [story of a mentally restarted father and his intelligent daughter]

Matrix reloaded [ The world created by oracle the cyber world where neo rules and others tries to hack him. It is a series but this movies visuals are very appealing.]

Dark Knight [ Credit should be given to portrait of a Bat man movie in a different way, with Joker seems to be the lead character. Heath ledger's(Played Joker character in this movie) last movie, he died few weeks before the movie was released the music score and visualization are excellent]

The Curious case of Benjamin Button [Story of a man who born old and dies as an infant the reverse lifecycle of human life]

Beautiful mind [Real Story of a mathematician John Nash]

Interstellar [Science fiction, crew who goes in search of a land for survival of mankind when we are meant to leave earth]

Mad Max Fury [Apocalyptic movie, a visual treat]

AI [ The future where machines becomes a member of a family]

Rudy [Inspiration of a ordinary boy, whose fire within to become a football player]

Mary and Max (Australian movie) [Friendship between a 6 year old and 60 years old]

Inside out [personified emotions the anger, sad, happiness, fear the characters of life]

Inception [ Hack the subconscious mind through dream, a new age of crime with visual treat]

Shutter Island. [ A mysterious asylum island]

Forrest Gump [ Story of a below average boy, how he raises in life]

Vertical limit [ The adventures of mountain climbers, and their life]

Kick-Ass [How an ordinary teen portraits to be a superhero]

1408 [ A man challenges the paranormal force in a haunted hotel room who wins with stack of twist]

Perfect storm [Story of fishermen, their fight with poverty and nature]

Twister [ Story on hurricane chasers]

Train to Busan (Korean) [ A zombie movie, and how mankind responds]

Up [Adventure of a old man, who finally goes on a trip that keeps postponed due to responsibility and a kid]

The happening [Fury of nature on mankind, and it decides to punish people, we are nothing before nature, if it reacts to our deeds]

Sixth sense. [ The boy who sees the dead, and a psychologist who treats him with lot of twist and turn.]

Wall-e [ A story of a robot when left alone in earth as people migrate to other planet]

Up in the air (18+) 

[Life of a person who does the job of firing people and the intern who learns from him. A movie that teaches a lot about life.]

The devil (18+) [ Devil just gives judgement for our sins, don't expect pardon as we get from god]

Amelia (18+ French) [Simple actions of self love does wonder in life]


The Omen (Orginal must watch better than 2006) The truth about devil many of the pointers in this movie are true as per bible.

Kick Boxer [ How the fire in you gets you the skill you want, Mind games are the reality not the KickBoxing]

Big trouble in little china [ Fun filled movie on black magic with essence of American punches]