Architecture Students - Ones, who can pull all-nighters, are innovative problem solvers, workaholics, love spaces and never give up trying! It goes without saying that studying architecture is a challenging task. 

As an aspiring architecture student, you will have to be well aware that your architectural degree life would be full of ups and downs, endless project deadlines and sleep deprivation. But regardless of how tough it is, it will surely be a lot of fun and will make you keen and confident to work in this exciting and flourishing career. 

You might be a little intimidated about how you will succeed on this long journey of getting an architecture degree or how hard the architecture degree is. However, here are some valuable tips to help you make the most out of your architectural degree.

Valuable Tips for Architecture Students

Manage Your Time 

How to study architecture by managing deadlines and having personal life of my own? Develop a habit of handling a daily planner every day! For an architecture student, their majority of the time goes by working in the studio. 

Plan out your daily schedule based on your assignment deadlines, classes or exams. By managing a daily schedule, you know what to do on priority and what can be done later on. Also, instil a habit of starting your day early so that you manage to have a sound sleep at night. 

Keep Growing Your Network 

Even though you have just started pursuing architecture or are about to start, don't overlook the power of networking. Begin networking with people in the architecture profession. Get some valuable insights from the professionals, learn something from them and widen your perspectives. 

By conversing with someone who is already in the field will help you improve and build influential and new perspectives. So, make sure you connect with architect professionals by approaching them on LinkedIn or industry sessions or visits. 

Attempt Increasing Your Focus and Productivity 

It's pretty tough to stay offline from social platforms at present times. But try doing that. Constantly attempt to increase your focus and productivity. While working, learn to leave your phone away from your sight. You will not see it, and so you can easily forget it for a while. 

Besides, to ensure creativity and good quality work, try taking a break every couple of hours. Meantime, you can check on your phone or simply relax for 10-15 minutes before you get back to work. Overall, make sure you don't let your focus divert somewhere else when you are studying. 

Don't Quit - Stick With It! 

As they say, when the going gets tough, tough get going. Needless to say, there would come times when you want to quit pursuing an architecture degree and go for some other career. But, your willingness to not give up will be worthwhile. 

Do not lose hope if you miss on achieving desired results. Work harder next time and surpass all the hurdles. Keep on continuing the hard work to achieve your goals and involve in lifelong learning and always remember that nothing is constant. 

Get Enough Sleep

When you talk about architecture student, sleep tends to stay away from them. They tend to beat sleep by consuming coffee or energy drinks or just by having the pressure of meeting the deadline. Well, that is not the right thing to do. 

Ideally, you must stay ahead of the project deadline and take out some time to sleep well. A good 8-9 hours of sleep is very well needed to keep self-healthy and fresh as a daisy. It's essential to manage your time rightly and adhere to a schedule. 

Take a Note of Everything

Whether you are in the middle of a lecture, presentation or simply having an interesting conversation with your professor, you must take notes. Notes will help you out when you would have forgotten the discussion that happened long back. 

Referring to notes will help you expand your knowledge. Besides that, many people feel that taking notes will help them remember the discussion. Moreover, writing would lead to clear communication and clarity of design ideas. 

Attend Classes Regularly

Obvious, but an essential one. Don't skip your classes because eventually, it is you who will suffer at the time of exams. Borrowed notes will help to some extent, but the learning you acquire in a class would be far better and beneficial. 

So, make sure you don't miss lectures when studying architecture because that will surely make things hard for you in the end. Also, your professors won't have compassion for you, considering you have been reckless enough to skip a lot of classes. 

Beyond that, you need to take up the B.Arch course from a reliable college only. You can check out the B.Arch. course of a reputed institute like Marwadi University - it offers high-grade learning to architecture students by exposing them to workshops and lab practising.