Physical activity: All physical activities help reduce the complications of depression, as physical exercise allows the body to release endorphins, which helps the body to relax and contributes to feeling comfortable after exercise.

Balanced diet: A lack of some nutrients in the food can cause some individuals to be depressed: a lack of magnesium, for example, causes physical and psychological stress.

The body needs some foods and vitamins to be able to produce neurotransmitters responsible for feeling happy, such as serotonin or dopamine, as it is known that some vitamins promote a sense of relief, relieve anxiety and stress, and affect brain regions associated with mood.
 And without forgetting the important role of water in getting rid of depression and anxiety, as water is the most important element when it comes to strengthening mood and does not like replacing water with other drinks such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and juices.

Outdoor sports: hiking, jogging, biking, tennis, skiing, climbing are many recreational activities that you can do with which they are very beneficial to your mood.
Exercise: help the body to relax, get rid of negative energy and give it high positive energy, and also help to control nerves and remove anxiety and tension in addition to achieving peace and inner peace.
Laughter Yoga and Laughter Clubs: Somewhat similar to traditional, Laughter Yoga is an exercise that combines breathing, yoga, and stretching techniques alongside laughter.
This exercise makes you feel more confident, hopeful and optimistic and changes your mood within minutes.

check in arabic: علاج الاكتئاب بدون دواء

check in english: treatment of depression without medication