Tanzania is a country in eastern Africa that impresses with its exoticism, variety of natural attractions, and the number of “tallest” ones - the highest, deepest, and widest of them. This is the island of Zanzibar with beautiful coral reefs and, concurrently, the birthplace of Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury. Should I go here? Reasonable question.

In this article, I will analyze here and give the most compelling 7 reasons why this country deserves the attention of everyone.

12 national parks and 38 conservation areas

These natural attractions occupy neither more nor less - 30% of the territory.

So if you adore everything connected with nature, the dream of seeing just a few meters a lion or a giraffe, or just imagine yourself as a hero “Timon and Pumbaa”, this place is ideal for you.


Arriving in Tanzania, you can not visit a safari! Be sure to take a trip to the Serengeti National Park (the largest in Africa) and take a camera with you.

Zanzibar Island and its natural wealth

The island has some of the most beautiful beaches with turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and white sand. Also, the coral reefs of this place will not leave anyone indifferent - visibility reaches 20-60 m, and the water temperature + 27C remains throughout the year.

Architecture Lovers - Stone Town

Stone Town is the only city on the island. For a long time, residents have preserved the tradition of acquiring expensive and chic doors that amaze with their architecture. It was believed and is still believed that in this way the inhabitants protect themselves from animals - elephants, for example.

All the most

The highest point in Africa and, in combination, the highest free-standing peak in the world. It's about Kilimanjaro, of course. Also, the second deepest lake in the world is Tanganyika; the only place in the world where African wild violets grow; the most unique national park in tropical Africa - Kitulo; the largest lake in Africa is Victoria. Next to list? 


If you have the opportunity - fly on a helicopter to see this peak! It is very mesmerizing - snow in hot Africa

Homeland Freddie Mercury

Yes, yes, you will have the opportunity to visit the island, where on September 5, 1946, the famous vocalist of Queen was born. I already wrote about this place above - O. Zanzibar, the city of Stone Town.

The most ancient tribes in Africa - Hadzabe and Masai.

A unique opportunity to see the long history here and now. The Masai tribe is famous for its neck rings, which, according to the locals, lengthen the neck. The locals of this tribe wear long earrings and decorate their faces and body with sacred tattoos.

National cuisine

Despite a large number of dishes of Asian and European cuisine, Tanzanians have their dishes, unique to the peoples of the African continent. The main dishes in African restaurants are considered based on bananas and meat. And of course, there are plenty of fruits here!

Luxurious beaches

By their beauty, they are not inferior to the beaches of the Maldives. Just imagine - turquoise water, white sand, and palm trees ... The best Tanzanian beaches are on the island of Zanzibar. However, there may be low tides, during which the ocean can retreat up to two kilometers.


The highest mountain in Africa is also located in Tanzania. You can climb it. And although special preparation is not required, climbing can take from five to eight days.

Great animal migration

Every year, from December to July, thousands of African animals migrate in search of new pastures. Following the gazelles, antelopes and zebras on the heels are lions, leopards, and hyenas. And this spectacle is really exciting. 

Masai tribe

People from this tribe do not change their habits and live like centuries ago - in thatched houses, without electricity and sewage. Traditions here are revered steadily. For example, to get married, the groom must present the cow to the bride's family.

Ngorongoro Crater

This unique place is home to thousands of animals of various species, from lions and leopards to rhinos and buffalos. It is no coincidence that animals live side by side in such a dense concentration - because of the steep walls of the crater, rare ones can leave their habitat zone.

Whale sharks

These gigantic creatures are not at all dangerous to humans. To swim with whale sharks, you need to go to the island of Mafia from November to February.