If students come from simple backgrounds they might have doubts.They might ask management.If at that point they are rebuked and insulted how will they muster courage to ask more doubts.I have this one request to the management.Since we don't know content marketing we are coming to your office to learn and work.Sometimes we might not have knowledge like the wizards who run the company.So we must be given benefit of doubt and treated equally.

I would request management to please give small oneliners,blogs to me also and treat me like my other counterparts.My entire office works as team.I would request management to please give chance to newcomers like me.If you guys don't like my work please tell me straight on my face.I will search some other job.Rebuking or humiliating someone is not a good sign.

Since this is my grievance I posted it as Blog.Please assign me work daily  like my OpenDG company.There we used to work as team.Daily my team used to assign me work.I felt a sense of accomplishment.Daily oneliners they used to give me.I know every company has different working style.But when we work together as team we feel good.We were never scolded there.We used to work together.I still miss that team.

Thank you dear friends.