Accidents on the roads are inevitable. So, what can we do to reduce the damage in these accidents as much as possible? The answer is to adopt all the protective measures including wearing the protective gear in men and women biker apparel. Jeans are one of the most stylish items in men’s and women’s wardrobes. It can be styled with any kind of top be it a t-shirt, comfy hoodies, some cool leather jacket, or some formal coat. So, why not add jeans in the men’s motorcycle jeans and women's biker apparel.

Jeans are made for both men and women. According to some research, legs are the most vulnerable parts of the body during a motorcycle accident. So, it is important that a rider be it a woman or men must invest in some top-quality men’s motorcycle jeans and jeans in women’s biker apparel.

Men’s motorcycle jeans cover all around the legs of the rider. They are abrasion-resistant and provide protection to the rider. They are also shock absorbent so they prevent the muscles of the legs from getting cramped. But for this action, it is necessary that the men’s motorcycle jeans fit perfectly around the legs of the rider.

Jeans in women's biker apparel are somewhat different from men’s motorcycle jeans in certain ways. This due to the fact that from waist down to the calves, the female form differs from males. That’s why certain aspects of jeans in women's biker apparel should be designed differently.

Now coming to the material for the men’s motorcycle jeans and women biker apparel we have got a variety of fabrics and textile materials to choose from.

Motorcycle riding pants

·         Denim:

Denim is one the traditional materials to manufacture jeans. But they are not a very good option to produce men’s motorcycle jeans. It will only protect you from major injuries if you meet an accident at lower speeds.

·         Leather:

Leather is one of the oldest materials to produce protective men’s motorcycle jeans and women's biker apparel. It is still in trend and fashion and it also provides protection and insulation. But since the synthetic materials like Kevlar have come on the market, it is mostly used as a fashion statement.

·         Kevlar:

Kevlar is a synthetic material made up of tightly wound fibers that provide it with high tensile strength. It provides maximum abrasion resistance and protection against cuts and bruises. It is also very light in weight and flame resistant. It is one of the best materials to make men’s motorcycle jeans.

·         Cordura

Cordura is a nylon-based elastic material. It is a synthetic textile fiber used for women's biker apparel. It is elastic in nature that makes it excellent abrasion-resistant material for motorcycle pants.

·         Armalith:

This is actually a replacement for the heavy and hot nature of Kevlar lined denim. It is designed in a way to provide abrasion while keeping the riders’ legs cool.


In this article different types of materials for men’s motorcycle jeans and women,s biker apparel are listed.