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Share some Splunk Enterprise Architect SPLK-2002 exam questions and answers below.

When using the props.conf LINE_BREAKER attribute to delimit multi-line events, the SHOULD_LINEMERGE attribute should be set to what? 

A. Auto 

B. None 

C. True 

D. False 

Answer: C

Which of the following should be included in a deployment plan? 

A. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans. 

B. Current logging details and data source inventory. 

C. Current and future topology diagrams of the IT environment. 

D. A comprehensive list of stakeholders, either direct or indirect. 

Answer: D

Search dashboards in the Monitoring Console indicate that the distributed deployment is approaching its capacity. 

Which of the following options will provide the most search performance improvement? 

A. Replace the indexer storage to solid state drives (SSD). 

B. Add more search heads and redistribute users based on the search type. 

C. Look for slow searches and reschedule them to run during an off-peak time. 

D. Add more search peers and make sure forwarders distribute data evenly across all indexers. 

Answer: C

A Splunk architect has inherited the Splunk deployment at Buttercup Games and end users are complaining that the events are inconsistently formatted for a web sourcetype. Further investigation reveals that not all web logs flow through the same infrastructure: some of the data goes through heavy forwarders and some of the forwarders are managed by another department. 

Which of the following items might be the cause for this issue? 

A. The search head may have different configurations than the indexers. 

B. The data inputs are not properly configured across all the forwarders. 

C. The indexers may have different configurations than the heavy forwarders. 

D. The forwarders managed by the other department are an older version than the rest. 

Answer: C

A customer has installed a 500GB Enterprise license. They also purchased and installed a 300GB, no enforcement license on the same license master. 

How much data can the customer ingest before search is locked out? 

A. 300GB. After this limit, search is locked out. 

B. 500GB. After this limit, search is locked out. 

C. 800GB. After this limit, search is locked out. 

D. Search is not locked out. Violations are still recorded. 

Answer: D

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