Loyalty... fairly a term in contention in each and every relationship, isn't it? The first and foremost condition in every relationship is whether two individuals are loyal to each other...whether they trust each other...with all their heart...whether they mean the words that they say...or whether they just play along.

The concrete foundation on which a relationship is built upon is trust and loyalty. When two individuals who are in relationship , affirms a notion, the other individual might support it, or provide constructive criticism but never question their choices. Because, admit it, as human, we unknowingly make many mistakes, faults which are uncalled for, but questioning their present state of mind on basis of past is simply a paradox of love. A healthy relationship is based on respecting a individual's choices, or provide feedback on basis of mistakes committed in past , but questioning one's commitment in present relationship  based on some past choices is dismal.

A man who is fiercely loyal, would go any extent to make her gal happy. The girls means the world to him. She is his source of happiness, his Oasis in desert, rainfall in schorching summer heat, warm blanket in winter. She is literally Monica to CHANDLER or as Ross says She is her lobster.
So when that man is questioned on not being trustworthy, doesn't that hurt?
Doesn't he feel disrespected? He has given his all to make her feel like a beautiful pearl in his ocean of love, but still is she doesn't completely trust him, just because of some past non trivial mistakes, what can he do? He didn't invitingly dragged himself into it, it's just some part and parcel of life..or horns of dillema ..he also doesn't know what to define that? Or why should he define or defend that?

After all, it's a divine partnership..not a  ownership,is not it?