You can create ambiance in your home while muffling noise and providing comfort by choosing the appropriate carpet. Whether you choose Berber, level loop, or shag, the right carpet can provide a beautiful covering to ugly floors while providing style and gorgeous color. However, people who aren't naturally talented interior decorators can often make the wrong choice. This article provides four useful tips for decorating with this home flooring.

Dark carpet can make a room seem smaller than lighter flooring. Depending on the mood you want to create, it may be the best choice. For example, a dark wine color can provide a cozy feeling and dark blue gives a formal feel while a dark brown or dark green can produce a more rustic feeling in a room, especially in a room with a fireplace. If making a room seem bigger is more important to you, consider lighter carpeting, especially one that matches your wall color.

Using patterned flooring can make a room feel active and alive. This type of carpet also helps in hiding imperfections and stains as they occur. Patterns can disguise dirt and stains that naturally happen in the highest traffic areas of your home. When choosing a patterned, consider the furniture in the room so you can provide a decorator balance to the space. Many decorators choose more geometric patterns for rooms with curvy furniture and curvy patterns for rooms with more angular furniture to create balance in a room.

When choosing the carpet for a high traffic area like a hallway or entryway, consider styles with dense threading. Patterns are an excellent choice for these areas, but other great choices include those with a loose twist like Berber. Berber can withstand constant traffic and is a durable choice that will last for years. While not as plush as level loop carpeting, it is an excellent choice for higher traffic areas.