How many of you are using the gmail account currently? I am sure almost 80% of you will say yes. That’s all because of it’s popularity and uptime service. Gmail promises you to provide uptime service for all time, if you are unable to access your new emails the computer or any smartphone. 

This must occur due to the invalid mail filters, accounts or other issues, here in this blog, I am going to share the common effective techniques to troubleshoot the gmail not receiving emails problem. please follow them to get new mails on your account without any delay. 

  1. When you cannot access your new emails on your phone or computer, you should try to download another browser and access your account through it. let’s see if it allowing you access new mails or not? If it is allowing you to get new emails on your account, you can change these settings on your browser. 
  2. First of all, you should restore the browser, and turn off your computer for 20 minutes, now try to access your account again. 
  3. Sometimes, you can not get the new emails due to the mail filter issues, so you should trash all kind of email filters and spam listing from the account, now try to reload the inbox, let’s see what does it shows to you there? To change these settings, you can freely visit the gmail settings and click on the mail filters and blocked address. 
  4. As we all know, forwarding is the most obvious reason for not getting emails on the inbox or any folder, so again you should visit the gmai settings and check the forwarding settings and disable them if enabled. 
  5. Also, if your emails are not appearing on the mail software, you should enable the imap or pop settings from the gmail first and now try to load the program again. 

Right after using these techniques, you will start getting new emails, in case, if you are facing any kind of issues with your gmail account, please feel free to visit askprob blogs for more help.