Since ancient times, masturbation has been viewed as shameful and degrading in human culture. Although men and women have masturbated at all ages, Khajuraho rock paintings in India and ancient works of art in Japan are perfect examples; the problem has never been addressed from the outside. This led to a kind of taboo on the subject of masturbation or use of masturbators. But let's be honest. Almost every man in the world masturbates. Since they cannot do that in public, they do so in the privacy of their rooms and bathrooms. Since masturbation was, until recently, a very individual act, almost all men have developed their techniques for masturbating and obtaining pleasure.

A boy begins to masturbate using masturbators for men almost as soon as he enters puberty. It is a time when he is intrigued by the development of his penis and testicles and never discovers before the pleasure that affects his genitals. The journey of discovery begins early when the boy begins to touch his penis in different ways and to compare the feelings produced by each contact. The "other sex" is also discovered at this age, through peers or pornography. He understands what can excite him and what he can do to satisfy that emotion. This is where masturbation and the use of masturbators begins.

The first masturbation can take place in a bathroom where the boy has learned to pamper and enjoy the pleasure of his organs. When a seminal discharge occurs, it may initially be a source of fear, but later it becomes the greatest pleasure you can discover. Whether you accept or not, the fact remains that masturbation helps a child in building a solid and constructive relationship with the private part if masturbation starts as an early technique. 

Throughout the year, children learn more and more masturbation techniques but stick to one type of technique. However, different men may use different techniques. Here are some of the very popular masturbation techniques used by men to masturbate their genitals.

Fisting is one of the most popular means. In doing so, the man holds his erect penis in one fist and peels the fist back and forth. The extent to which pressure is exerted varies from person to person and also the type of palm rest used. Some men prefer to keep their palms up, but the usual attitude is to keep their palms pressed and their fingers toward the sky. It's a technique called popping, kicking, or playing with Rosie's five jargon.

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