In this section of real estate experts we have counted with leading figures, who have contributed their privileged vision as trainers of other real estate professionals. This is the case of Miguel Ángel Herrera, CEO of Mahsteam System, real estate trainer, training consultancy and selection of real estate professionals.

Interview with Miguel Ángel Herrera Santana

Welcome to our real estate blog , Miguel Ángel. The first thing we want to ask you about is your exclusive method, the "Mahsteam System". We know that it arises from a new conception of the market. What makes the current situation different from the one before the crisis?

I would say that we are experiencing the last phase of that crisis and that it is clear that we are coming out of it. The "joy" has returned to the market and everyone speaks of an influx of a "contained" demand, an increase in the number of transactions, more accessibility to loans, growth plans, creation of new projects ... I have detected that those with more time and experience in the market have taken good note of this crisis and are willing to take the measures that the hard learning they have experienced has meant.

On the other hand, with the crisis, concepts and initiatives imported from the North American market have emerged in the Spanish market and we must not forget that in the United States most of them are born as a result of meeting a consumer need and as a result of a clear marketing orientation. . In Spain, and not all, respond to a failure of the agencies in the face of the crisis and with an orientation towards production. With the market change we will see those that remain and prosper and those that will simply disappear. Mahsteam System was born with the idea of applying the most advanced  North American real estate sales techniques taking into account the “Spanish reality” to adapt to it.

Based on your extensive experience, being a real estate agent requires a number of skills. Which do you think are the most necessary?

If we divide the skills of an agent into two large blocks: technical and personal, in the previous stage much importance was placed on the former due to the dynamism that the market had, based on crossing supply and demand. In the current situation, the personal skills of the agent play a fundamental role when it comes to being successful in the profession. Especially in the residential market, the emotional situation of the selling client must be taken into account, who generally experiences a situation of "loss" when selling their house, unlike in the previous stage when the property was sold to "Improve" and access another that covered higher needs.

Now real estate agents must be able to identify and manage the emotions of selling and buying clients in order to understand their personal situation and be able to carry out the transaction in a satisfactory way for all parties. These skills are related to the ability to communicate, empathy and all those that have to do with human relationships.

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As a professional in the sector, you know the importance of marketing to publicize a real estate business. What is your opinion of social media and online marketing?

Undoubtedly, networks and web pages for real estate are the new, most direct means of communication between company and client, between the product-service and the end client. But we should not stop at that alone, because they are also the means for the general public to know more and better the values of the company and thus achieve an approach to the brand, which will go beyond the purely commercial, and associate and incorporate it to our life as part of our way of being and to display it as part of our personal values.

The Internet has made corporate reputation no longer dependent on companies and the end customer, but on the general public. In this section we can distinguish two trends in Spain: real estate companies that carry out corporate campaigns that seek to achieve an emotional approach to the brand, and real estate companies that base their advertising on commercial campaigns (sale of properties) and whose only link with the client is the product.

One of the services in which you are specialized is the formation of work teams and the selection of agents. What qualities should a leader have who wants to advance his business?

Transparency, honesty, perseverance and an attitude of service towards his work team. The new leaders must become aware that the first customers are the components of their team and they must put a service policy on them so that they can extrapolate it to the end customers.

The person in charge must be clear about the mission and vision of their business and lead by means of principles and values that provide both employees, clients and society in general an ethical and more humane treatment. The financial achievements of companies should not be at odds with the personal growth of their members.

Finally, we want to ask you for some predictions for the year that begins. What do you think real estate agents have to take into account for 2016?

In my opinion, the market is crying out for a new type of real estate agent that, among other things, begins to apply the concept of representation versus intermediation, that abandons the role of figure that is limited to crossing supply and demand to become an advisor specialized in real estate marketing capable of highlighting the client's property over the other properties that make up its competition and that as a result of these actions generates demand for the property.

On the other hand, he must define himself as an expert, whether in a geographical area, a type of product or a specific client profile and finally I dare to launch the idea that fees should not be linked to the price of the property but to the services provided to achieve the final sale.

This will lead us to a new type of agents that will go from being mere "communicators-marketers" to "communicators-marketers-producers-executors" of the services and achieve a high degree of personalization of these for their clients.

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