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In this article we explain what maintenance and cleaning of rugs  and  carpets you can do at your home or company daily until the day comes to hire a specialized carpet cleaning company like ours to obtain professional and satisfactory results.

These highly decorative rugs or carpets both in your homes, companies, offices, restaurants, commercial stores, cinemas, theaters and in a myriad of places.

Giving that decorative, warm and full of life and comfort aspect to all these places and improving the room and habitability.

But with a problem that they get dirty quickly with the transit of people when stepping on them or when supporting objects besides that they suffer a lot from pollution and are not easy to clean or when washing any type of stain.

But if we can give them the correct maintenance that they deserve by learning what material or fabric we are talking about, that is why people send the rugs to specialized cleaning and disinfection companies to carry out this process.

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Meditate and value what we have

Actually, the maintenance that you can do is not only aesthetically, but it is very important for health since living with hall rugs or carpets full of dust, favor the appearance of the first mites, fungi, viruses and other very harmful pathogens for health that in the end can lead to multiple diseases, and if we live with allergy sufferers at home, it can be a real martyrdom for them day after day, without us noticing it.

Regarding these upholstery such as carpets or Carpet Cleaning Services in West Midlands that have a massive daily traffic, they lead to them getting dirty more quickly, creating that neglected and deteriorated appearance, giving a bad image to your company or business.

Remember that it is a great economic advantage to hire the service of a professional company annually rather than do it promptly every three years since the dirty fabric loses its qualities and its color tones.

In the end we will have to get rid of that carpet or carpet to replace it with another, causing a greater expense in the family or company.

  • We eliminate those unpleasant odors that create bad people.
  • We get rid of those mites, bacteria, fungi and diseases.
  • The sooner the Carpets or Carpets are cleaned, the easier it will be for the specialized company to remove those stains that over time will be impossible to remove.
  • Therefore we always think that a timely cleaning will extend the life of your upholstery.

Sofas, mattresses and carpets are the upholstery that suffer the most from day to day without us noticing.

It does not cost much that when we do the cleaning work to vacuum this type of upholstery and they will thank you.

We will eliminate happy micro particles of dust and dead skin that are the main food of mites.

When we have stains of coffee, fruit, milk or derivatives, we can apply with a cloth impregnated with a little white vinegar previously diluted in warm water (avoid very hot water since it can fix the stain on your fabrics and it would not come out in any way)

If we find ink stains, nail polish, paint, we can apply some type of solvent or acetone.

If in doubt, call a company specialized in upholstery cleaning by clicking here, you can request a free quote. Nowadays you can find cleaning companies in Coventry or the place where you are, that is, you can find cleaning services near where you are located.

When we enter the house and we have mud on our shoes and without realizing it we stain the carpet or Carpet Cleaners "we will always let it dry before doing anything" and when it is very dry we can brush it with a brush with not very hard bristles so as not to generate wear in the affected tissue.

And if any remaining mud remains, we will prepare it in a bowl or bucket with a liter of water with 200 milliliters of ammonia and brush it again, when the stain disappears we let it dry and avoid any contact in the drying process.

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