Who does not like to celebrate birthday Children especially like to celebrate their birthday. Celebrating birthdays is very trend nowadays and since social sites have come, celebrating birthdays has become more fashionable.

Because it is a happy moment for everyone. People express their happiness by uploading birthday photos on social media. Birthday is also known as the best part of our life to collect more memories.

Actually, celebrating birthday brings a feeling of harmony in the mind as many activities are done in it - like spending a happy time with your family members, presenting gifts or receiving gifts by others, visiting temples, gifts for the poor and children. Offering gifts, Surprising people, going to restaurants for birthday party and giving friends a party etc.

So friends, now we know the birthday party in detail -

  • Preparations for birthday

I remember how I celebrated my birthday when I was 12 years old. By the way, a birthday does not pass that they start planning for the birthday coming next year. My birthday comes on 31 July.

I invited my friends and relatives following my family's advice. Advance booking of party hall was made for the birthday party. Did a lot of shopping. I was very excited to celebrate my birthday from several months ago. Because I wanted to make a cake of Superman's design on my birthday and also wanted to give a return gift to my dear friends.

Moreover, I touched the feet of all the teachers in my school, took their blessings and distributed sweets. What I did for my birthday party - what preparations, how - how I will tell you in detail -

  • Invite relatives and friends

To invite guests and friends to the birthday party, a list should be made in advance so that no relative or friend remains. I too had prepared a list of my loved ones with the help of my family and had already invited them.

By the way, some people invite invitation cards, but everyone was called for my birthday party. Believe it or not, my friends were waiting to come to my birthday party since so many months ago. So friends, you should also remember to give invitations for the birthday party in advance so that guests can make time for your birthday party.

  • Pre-booking

Celebrate the birthday in small or big form, pre-booking has to be done. For example, booking a cake, booking a Banquet hall in Sohna Road Gurgaon (if you are giving a party in a restaurant, it is better to book in advance), for booking a restaurant, you have to tell how many people will come to the party and the food menu is also in advance.

There will also have to be told for birthday party decorations and stage. Sometimes people keep a theme based party, so they have to organize it in the same way. For which it is very important to prepare in advance. By the way, my birthday was celebrated in my house because there is a big garden in my house. My garden was decorated with lighting very well. My parents also booked a photographer.

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