First, let’s see about online space rental business. In this digital world, getting and offering services ondemand are feasible. With the connected core, many have started their business and have succeeded in it. 

  • Airbnb – For space rentals
  • Uber- Ride Hailing services 
  • TaskRabbit – On-demand service & much more are the populous examples. They connect the demand & supply chain and get commission as pay.

Coming back to online space rental business, large stats from reliable report states demand for business.”The global market value of flexible workspaces is estimated at an approximate $26 billion”. Inspired!!. Urging to start business on online space rentals, you will need an online presence to reach more people show off your reliability. An online space rental script enhances your business with best services

If you are an entrepreneur who wish to start business on space rentals, then this blog is for you.

What Is The Best Online Space Rental Script?

An online space rental script acts as an interface between space provider and event organisers. Business visionaries can start business instantly with the script. It is an online marketplace that enables people to list, find, then rent space for a processing fee. The space includes individual houses, apartments, storeys, multiple rooms hotels or a shared room. The space can be for accommodations, to conduct, event or parties etc.

Trioangle’s Rental Softwares, satisfies every demand of users with features, functions and quality of the software & be a helping hand for the space rental business.

Why Online Space Rental Script From Trioangle?

Powerful Module System: 

Makent Space has the powerful module system and with this we can extend the product by using third party tools. This is one of the main features helps us to change the requirement by yourself without any source.

Control on your data: 

Makent Space is a highly secure system with the concept of Your Server, Your Data and Your Rules. It is self hosted solution and runs on almost every server.

Interactions from all over the world : 

Using our Geolocation system we can help to interact the user the host in the business from all over the world.

Support for your product: 

We are here to help you and guide in all your need and won’t leave you alone.

Get your Free Product: 

We are not money oriented that’s the main reason we differs from others! In order to prove this we give you the product for free with the basic functionalities to trial our features.

Multiple Currencies & Languages: 

Our best clone features helps in reach the people from various countries in their languages for that we have increased our language option to 19 and currency facility to 31.

Reliable : 

One of the trustworthy clone script, with lively pages required for the immediate start of your business. Undoubtedly our Space Rental script meets all requirements need for future business.


The script should be customizable and that is a primary feature. Here the script allows you to add your business ideas and run in the real world. It is easily customized if you need to make small changes that can be done for sure and executed fast and clear. 

How Does The Script Works?

The space booking script includes space providers, event organisers and admin.

Space providers are the space lender, who offer empty space to stay, setup event parties or a work space. Here they can list their space clearly with minute details included. To an interested event organisers they can start the convo and make them feel reliable and warm about booking.

Event Organisers can book space for their needs. Using advanced search filters, the skim through the listing and pick out the perfect one as per their need. Further with multiple booking system they can book the space seamlessly.

Admin can manage the process easily and generates needed reports for the enhancement of the business. They connect people and earn through it.

What Trioangle Offers?

Trioangle is one of the best app and web development companies in the industry. They deliver you with best mobile app, web apps as well as clone scripts for your business.

They offer the best space rental script – Makent Space with a Web panel, Admin panel, Android App, iOS App.

That are built using cutting-edge technology like, 

  • Laravel – Widely used Open-Source PHP Web Framework.
  • AngularJS.
  • MySql – For Backend
  • Bootstrap.
  • Sass.
  • Swift For iOS Application.
  • Java For Android Application.

If your are interest to be a part of entrepreneur society by starting a online space rental  business then contact For more information visit