Celebrating a Birthday with friends by going to the restaurant or pub is boring now. We believe that partying at home is the best idea. It is not only economical but it is fun to celebrate in your comfort zone as your friends can enjoy the party as long as possible and stay home at night.  

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So if you want to celebrate the anniversary in a different way this time, arrange it at home. You can also include these 5 things to make the party fun.

1. Champagne Brunch

The party and Shampan have a deep bond. Have a brunch party on your home's terraces or lawn, eat good food and have great champagne, call friends home and dance, and celebrate birthdays. This arrangement will not take much time. booth

What is the party that does not have a photo op! Create a nice photo booth in one or two corners of the house. You will find many ideas on the Internet. Also, keep some fun props. Take the help of children in this work also

3. Caraoke Knight

Rent a karaoke machine and make a karaoke night at home. Believe it, when your family and friends sing heartily with your favorite song, there will be no memorable moment and birthday.

Birthday party supplies online

4. Movie Marathon Party

If you want to do something different on your birthday this time, then have a movie party. If there is a home theater at home, then it is very good, otherwise, it should be managed on rent. Call friends home and watch back to back movies. Keep dress code pajamas. Be sure to arrange popcorn and snacks.

5. Pool / Rain Party

Have a pool party at your or friend's house. Manage great mocktails and food and dance with friends on favorite music. By the way, if there is no pool at home, then you can hire a pool in a hotel. But if it rains during your birthday, you can also do a rain party instead of a pool party. Just pray that it rains heavily on your birthday. The fun that gets drenched in natural rain, wherein the artificial rain. So prepare for a party on the terrace and enjoy 'On the Roof, In the Rain' with friends as soon as the rain starts.

If you want, you can include 3-4 of these five ideas together in your birthday party celebration. If you find these methods powerful and interesting, then teach this article to your friends too. So that when he plans your surprise birthday party, he gets great tips!

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