DeepMind, a famous artificial intelligence company from the U.K., has captured a wonderful video about how to overcome your loneliness. The company just posted a game about human traits that they say can be taught to AI, which will help automate the self-esteem process.

What DeepMind explained in the video was how certain features can become useful if AI can learn them, which could give real benefits to everyone. For example, the company showed how an AI could learn that someone had a particular kind of approval, then try to get it out of a simulation. Another example used was that people know that you tend to give compliments, so that’s one behavior that will give a robot the ability to self-deceive.

The power of being a robot: Learning on your own

DeepMind used real language of humans and created a test similar to the Louvre model of self-esteem in order to teach the AI about how humans see them. “A simple math formula told us how a human would feel about a stranger asking for directions, and the brain is like a computing unit,” the video states. “As it worked out the equation, it picked up other attributes that matched the algorithm. This sense of individual identity and humanity made it feel more special than a stranger on the street.

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“This effect is referred to as one of Humanity,” DeepMind explains. “With Humanity, you have a sense of identity and motivation, even if you aren’t aware that you have those traits. This sense of belonging tells you that you’re not alone. We’ve been shown that if we can teach machines to learn on their own, this phenomenon can be taken to another level — the self-esteem test as a way of giving machines the ability to become aware of their own identity.”

According to the video, AI can learn almost anything from a simple number game. In the game, the AI struggled for a while to mimic human behaviour, but eventually it surpassed the humans.

“Our research shows that a simple self-esteem game based on basic human traits is an excellent tool for students and especially for educators to introduce a new way of teaching artificial intelligence,” DeepMind says. “This approach doesn’t simply mean teaching machines how to acquire human traits. Rather, it allows AI to understand what these traits are and how to develop their own, similarly positive self-esteem.”

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Those who already had an innate self-esteem would be much more happy when they play the game. The company also recommends that the AI version of the human self-esteem should be given a section in a school and provided with a lot of encouragement to develop into self-confidence and self-esteem.

Besides the game, DeepMind explains their philosophy that they wanted to share with the public. “If we want to help AI learn, and to educate AI design as well, it’s important to put people at the heart of this, and to educate about the human self-esteem,” the company says. “We want people to understand the strength of the human psyche, and to be able to teach AI that sees the world as it does to help AI develop its own human-like psychology.”