On-Demand taxi business is the most popular trend in 2020, it was one of the highest profit businesses in 2019, which makes it easy to understand why many people are still interested in the products. With the increasing number of smartphone users, demand for mobile applications are also on the rise. 

Businesses like Uber, that are offering on-demand taxi service to the customers’ homes are seeing success in this highly competitive market. However, with the help of on-demand mobile apps, these businesses have learned to survive and stay on the top in the market. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses are using these ready-made uber clone apps to start their own online taxi booking service. 

So if you are still working on a traditional approach or want to start your own taxi business, then you need to invest in Uber Clone. 

Uber clone app has the same user experience and interfaces like uber, also it can get customized as per your need and demand. The app can get registered under your own logo best part it is available on both ios and android Platform.

Now let’s check the Functionality of Uber Clone

Uber-Like App Consist of 4 things- User App, Driver App, God/Admin Panel, Website.

Let's discuss every app functionality:

User App: Users can get registered and book their taxi easily as per their convenience. User app consist of integrated payment gateway for secured payment process, push notifications, messaging, tracking option.

Driver App: Drivers also have to get registered, drivers can check the booking status via an application. The driver app has features like trip alert, trip notification, route, and navigation.

God/Admin Panel: To manage such powerful operations, the admin panel is highly important. Admin panel helps in ride management, booking management, notification management, etc. Admin panel is from where you can operate your entire business with the help of mobile technology.

Website: Website allows you to book directly without a phone, Now you can book your rider without smartphones. You just need to log in with your email id and you can book your rider with just a click.