What Hashtags Do the Best Twitter Marketers Use?
Twitter is one of the most incredibly useful tools for marketers. Engagement, reach, and unique features allow marketers to address their audience, create a dialogue, and build a strong relationship with their existing or prospect customers.
twitter marketing is quite straightforward and the basic rules are: commitment and honesty.
Once you become familiar with the platform, it’s time to learn how to quickly grow your follower base and how to target your focus group. The quality of your followers depends on the content you share.
It doesn’t matter if you focus on content curation or if you prefer to share thoughts or ideas. Good content is always well-received. You can share your own content or share interesting Tweets, concentrate on quotes or infographics….Twitter is extremely versatile and now offers plenty of opportunities to share valuable media that include text, videos, moments, live streams and pictures.
The right content, together with consistency, will allow you to quickly gain momentum and create a loyal audience you can talk to. But what about hashtags?
Why You Should Use Twitter Hashtags
Hashtags were introduced to categorize conversations and they’re extremely powerful tools for searching relevant Tweets or accounts and targeting the right audience.
Using the right hashtags means joining a conversation and adding your point of view. At the same time, though, hashtags can be used to stand out and be found.
As many other social media channels, Twitter is becoming pretty crowded. When following thousands of interesting accounts, your feed soon becomes jammed with information. Every minute that goes by you’ll see hundreds of new Tweets added to your list.
Twitter can’t show ALL the Tweets that the accounts you follow post. People on Twitter like to tweet a lot. And frequency is one of the keys in Twitter Marketing as well!
Twitter’s algorithm selects the most relevant information for you based on interactions, topic, engagement…pretty much the same recipe that Facebook adopts to choose what content ends up in your newsfeed.
Recently, though, many marketers on Twitter noticed a little drop in number of organic impressions of their Tweets. And that’s okay! It’s a natural development that derives from the fact that more people are joining the Twitter family and from recent changes in the algorithm which are aimed at improving the quality of your feed.
Additionally, more and more people are using automation for their social media channels and steering their Twitter accounts in autopilot. Again, that’s not a bad thing either! Considering that Twitter Marketers should be tweeting approximately twice an hour to be noticed and increase their number of followers, some form of automation is obviously necessary.
But good marketers know that social interaction is one of the key steps in Twitter marketing. Therefore, your content is not lost even though fewer people tend to access their feeds.
Twitter search is a the best way to discover relevant information and accounts. And since more and more people are using it, your keywords and the kinds of tweets you post will help you stand out anyway.
That’s why hashtags are becoming even more relevant now than when they were first introduced!
Besides, people often add Tweeps to lists according to the hashtags they use. And being mentioned in several lists increases you popularity and number of followers.
What Hashtags You Need To Use
Knowing what hashtags you should use will help you address the right audience and start a dialogue with your leads or potential business partners. But you have to learn how to use them wisely.
Some hashtags are overused, and in this kind of hyper-competitive environment your messages can easily go unnoticed. Creating your own hashtags is awesome and if they catch on you can create a whole bubble to talk about your product or service.
The first step is learning how to deal with common hashtags that gurus in your industry use and try to create original combinations. A tag like #marketing is very popular but if your account is just growing, chances are that your Tweets will not be listed in the search results for that hashtags.
Try to use more specific hashtags and vary from time to time to see what happens. Research, testing and monitoring, focus and variety are the most important elements of Twitter Marketing.
The most used Hashtags by Twitter Rockstars
Our word cloud includes some of the most popular hashtags that great Twitter marketers continuously use. The larger the word, the more often the hashtag is used by different social media gurus.

To generate the list, I concentrated on some of the most popular Twitter Marketing accounts I follow using different analytic tools such as Scraawl. These are all great people who happen to be extremely good at using Twitter for marketing purposes. if you need inspiration and if you love great content, you should definitely follow all the accounts reported below as well.
After selecting some of the most popular Twitter marketing accounts, we checked what hashtags each of these marketers use more often. To be in the list, a hashtags must have been used a few times by that person. Specific hashtags that were created around their brand or products were omitted because they’re uniquely relevant to that person and can’t be generally used by others.
It’s worth noticing that not all successful social media marketers use a lot of hashtags. If on the one hand, you see people like Jeff Bullas that constantly implements lots of very different keywords, on the other hand, some people concentrate their attention on one or two specific tags (like Melonie Dodaro) and others simply ignore hashtags altogether.